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 +====== Judge Dredd Miniatures Campaign ======
 +|  Go back to ^ [[warjd]] |
 +===== Starting Force=====
 +Every player has 500 credits to buy their initial force.  A force must be from a valid force list and include one Hero.  Note - Some force lists I don't have miniatures for and you'll need to either buy them or we can substitute similar miniatures.  Also - I've decided I'm going Justice Department: I am the law :)
 +  * **Force Lists**
 +    * THE CITI-DEF {Legal}
 +    * STREET GANG * - **PAINTED**
 +    * APE GANG * - **PAINTED** 
 +    * __MOBSTERS__ * - **BASE PAINTED**
 +    * **FATTIE STAMPEDE** *
 +    * EAST MEG INVASION FORCE (I have 2 of these)
 +    * **SKY SURFER GANG** *
 +    * __LONE VIGILANTE__ *
 +    * THE ANGEL GANG *
 +    * THE DARK JUDGES (special rules)
 +    * __ZOMBIE HORDE__ * - **BASE PAINTED**
 +**Bold Text** = I don't have \\
 +__Underlined Text__ = I don't have but may have something that works as substitutes \\
 +* = The force is also listed in the [[|free rules primer]] \\
 +{Legal} = The campaign rules are written for the majority of the force lists, which are criminal in nature.  For law abiding forces (marked {Legal}) regard credits as “citizens unharassed and able to support their local sector house” and it helps requisitioning. Also mercenaries are allies and reinforcements. Legal forces cannot trade with non-legal forces.
 +You also start with an initial Territory (which can never be taken away) 
 +==== Initial Territory ====
 +Income: +100 Credits \\ 
 +This is a city block, an underground bunker, a cursed earth town, a restaurant or even a Sector House. This is the force’s home Territory. Income is steady due to constant operations run with the knowledge that little will threaten their safety.
 +==== Other Territories ====
 +A force can own up to 10 territories.  If you wish to receive income from territories, you must also have enough members in your force to work/police the territories (2-15 members for 4-10 territories).  If you win in a battle, you have a chance of gaining a new random territory (6+).  There is also a specific scenario to take a territory from another player (Turf Grab).
 +  * [[warjdterritories]]
 +===== Mercenaries =====
 +If there is a big enough disparity in the credit values of opposing forces, the difference can be made up with mercenaries.  For the purposes of that battle, the mercenaries' reputation is added to your force.  After the battle is concluded, the mercenaries disappear.  They do not get any experience.  10% of the credit cost for mercenaries is deducted from your income (e.g Using Dredd would cost 63 credits).  Using mercenaries is optional - you can fight battles between sides that have huge differences if you want to.
 +===== Reputation =====
 +This is used to measure good players vs bad players - another mechanic to help even out the campaign.  
 +==== Initial Reputation ====
 +For every Minion in your force, you get 1 Rep.  \\
 +For every Hero in your force you get 1 Rep +1 Rep/level (including the first level)
 +==== Changing Reputation ====
 +Winning a fight is +1 Rep.  If you win against an opposing force that has a higher Rep, you also gain half the difference, rounded down.  \\
 +Losing is -1 Rep.  If you lose gainst an opposing force that has at least double your Rep, you don't lose that -1: Instead you gain d10/2 Rep. \\
 +If you capture a hostage worth at least 10 Rep, you gain 1 Rep for not killing them.  \\
 +Some territories are also worth Rep.
 +==== Effects of Reputation ====
 +If you fought against an opponent with a higher Rep, you receive a 10% bonus in credits from your territories.
 +If your opponent had 50% more Rep than you, you receive an additional 10% bonus as well.  There is mention in the rulebook about how Reputation helps you get more specialised force members and better equipment from the Black Market - but that isn't implemented anywhere yet (possibly in later errata?)
 +===== Scenarios =====
 +I'll be judiciously adapting Necromunda scenarios, especially those found at [[|Yakromunda]] (a wonderful online Necromunda campaign management website) - to fill in the gaps in the JD rules (notably hostage rescue).
 +  * [[warjdscenarios]]
 +===== House Rules =====
 +Basically bits from Necromunda I've converted over, optional rules forum members have made, stuff from Mongoose that's a variant or anything we come up with during the campaign
 +  * [[warjdspecial]] - discussed but not playtested yet
 +  * [[warjdhouse]] - not discussed or playtested yet
 +  * [[warjdgang]] - not discussed or playtested yet
 +  * [[|Random Scenario Events]] - 1 in 10 chance of happening when triggered in a scenario  - not discussed or playtested yet
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