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 +====== Morituri Nolumus Mori======
 +My incredibly detailed swordfighting rules.  Apologies to Terry Pratchett for stealing his Latin phrase "we who are about to die don't want to" These rules are about as realistic as I can get them and still be playable.  They're meant to be a replacement for whatever roleplaying game you're using so you'll need to adapt them to whatever abstractions are used in your system
 +This game is a sequel to {{|Skirmish}} which was just a medieval version of Lunch Money :)
 +===== Inspired by =====
 +  * [[|The Ancient Arts Fellowship]] re-enactment group
 +  * [[|Rudis]] by Ian Beck (armoured locations, flow of weapon swings and hit locations
 +  * [[|Riddle of Steel]] by Jacob Norwood (weapons and hit location damabe)
 +  * [[|Blood & Steel]] by Bryan Nystul (weapons and cards)
 +  * [[|Phoenix Command]] by David McKenzie (weapon speeds, hit locations and trauma)
 +  * [[|Incursion]] by Richard Tucholka (hit locations)
 +  * [[|Morituri Te Salutant]] by Bill Lucas (simultaneous movement)
 +==== How are these rules different? ====
 +  * **Fatigue** \\ Combat is tiring - holding up a shield for extended periods and swinging a sword is tiring.  That and general exhaustion haven't been adequately factored into combat.  
 +  * **Limb damage** \\ Most of the rules above have skill levels for combatants - they generally don't take into account how taking wounds (and fatigue) really lowers your skill levels - you just can't parry the same if it hurts to do so (adrenaline will only cover so much).  Not to mention bloodloss...
 +  * **Less numbers** \\ There's far too much number crunching in all the detailed rules when some properly designed play aids would work wonders :)
 +  * **Status sheet** \\ One sheet to represent you - covers tiredness and damage to your body.  Think Battletech - but with more detail than using hit points/dots
 +  * **Cards** \\ Build a deck of moves based on skill level.  Plus a deck for hit locations to simulate the flow weapon swings.
 +===== Sections =====
 +  * [[mnmWeapons]] - the kinds of damage they inflict, how they are wielded and their speeds
 +  * [[mnmShields]] - the kinds of damage they prevent, how they are wielded and their speeds
 +  * [[mnmStances]] - how it effects reach and areas defendable
 +  * [[mnmMoves]] - getting around the battlefield
 +  * [[mnmStrikes]] - how they effect hit locations and where you can strike next 
 +  * [[mnmDamage]] - how it decreases combat ability
 +  * [[mnmPlayAids]] - consolidated downloads
 +===== Feedback =====
 +If you have ideas or disagree with some rule - let me know.  I'm on curufea at yahoo dot com
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