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-18/11/2012 3:18:33 PM +
 ======Space Empires 4X====== ======Space Empires 4X======
-{{parent page=GamesWar}} + 
- by [[http://​​p-317-space-empires.aspx GMT Games]]+ by [[http://​​p-317-space-empires.aspx|GMT Games]] 
 Work in progress! Work in progress!
-[[http://​​Wikka/​uploads/​WarSe4/​hexgrid.html ​HTML5 Map Generator]] (modified from original code by [[http://​​2010/​05/​html5-hex-grid-with-mouse-mapping.html Nicu Pavel]]) + 
-{{files}} +HTML5 Map Generator (modified from original code by [[http://​​2010/​05/​html5-hex-grid-with-mouse-mapping.html|Nicu Pavel]]) 
-CategoryGames ​+ 
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