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 +======3:16 Carnage amongst the Stars======
 +{{parent page=GamesRpg}}
 +  * [[http://​​boxninja/​threesixteen/​index.html BoxNinja]] - Publishers of the game
 +  *  [[http://​​projects/​316/​planets.php Random Planet Generator]]
 +  * [[http://​​ Carnage Amongst the Web]]
 +Useful location maps for the [[http://​​2009/​10/​21/​campaign-rules-by-madcow/​ campaign system]] by MadCow. ​ Or if you just want a printout you can point at in play.  Shamelessly stolen from various variant Diplomacy maps found on the web, and then modified in photoshop.
 +  * [[FantasyPlanets316|Fantasy Planets]] - for fantasy variants of the game (Conan, Warhammer etc)
 +  * [[Planets316|Science Fiction Planets]] - for the basic game and Starwars etc..
 +    * [[Galaxy316|Galactic maps]] ​
 +  * [[DipMaps|Original maps]] - for the completists amongst you who want to try your own modifications.
 + ​{{files}}
 +CategoryGames CategoryCampaigns Category316
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