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 +{{parent page=GamesRpg}}
 +**Thief**: John Todd, 15 years old (Dante Raylon)
 +John, young, nice , polite well brought up and a kleptomaniac.
 +His parents are ex corporates in exile who have been hiding in this slum for the last 5 years after being too honest. ​ They make a Ok living doing financial, legal and net stuff for people
 +Has been as well brought up and educated as you can in slum night city.  Likes excitement and thrills and stealing stuff. ​ He Prefers big heists etc but finds himself stealing little stuff. ​ Tries not to nick from his mates and returns stuff when he does.
 +Is just a keen 15 year old surprisingly up and enthusiastic just has a little problem nicking things. ​ Probably stemming from a yearning for his more opulent toddler years. ​ Also has a hidden desire to revenge his parents. ​ Loves, trusts and respects the others as only a 15 year old can.
 +The rest of the gang has been teaching him how to look after himself on the streets while he has studying up on electronic security skills. ​ He is really enjoying being in this game.
 +His parents flat is high in the building and well secured with hidden cameras locks & alarms etc.  Both John and his parents original lifeGÇÖs are well documented but their current lives are very well crafted fake Ids.
 +====Life so far====
 +Has made a few connections notably the net runner whirlwind.
 +Has also been shot at, shot somebody got drunk been to a few parties . Otherwise is still enjoying the game and likes that he is hurting corporations.  ​
 +Is still a kid, could become a edge runner, anti corp ganger or a EMO victim.
 +You have worked out that your parents worked for DNA.  A company who specialises in news advertising. The company was founded and kept private by Lurien Gail.  The company did very and resisted many take over attempts till suddenly he sold out to WNS (World News Service). ​ This was about the same time your parents went into hiding. ​ Lurien went over to WNS and they have had much better ratting since.
 +Security Scanner, B&E Toolkit, Adv Alarm Removal Kit, Decent Computer and Deck,  Decent phone with camera etc.
 +Several sets of cheap dark street cloths with hidden pockets etc. and a couple sets of Urban flash ware,  Quite a bit of shiny stuff
 +SafetyWare brand Sp 10 long under shirt and pants
 +$800 cash $1790 on various credit chips & 2 bars of Gold
 +Thermite in a tube 
 +Pressure Trigger 4 ft2
 +Echolocation Goggles
 +Enertex Power Squirt with Bio toxin & Acid
 +=====Character Sheet=====
 +<table border=1"​ cellpadding="​3"​ cellspacing="​0">"​
 +<​tr><​th colspan=12>​Stats</​th></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Int </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td>​Ref </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td>​Tech </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td>​Cool </​td><​td>​4</​td><​td>​EMP </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Attr </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td>​Luck </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​MA </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Body </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td>​Run </​td><​td>​18</​td><​td>​Leap </​td><​td>​4</​td><​td>​Lift </​td><​td>​240</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th colspan=12>​Skills</​th></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th colspan=2>​Special</​th><​th colspan=2>​Reflex</​th><​th colspan=2>​Tech</​th><​th colspan=2>​Intelligence</​th><​th colspan=2>​Cool</​th><​th colspan=2></​th></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Interface</​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​Handgun </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​Pick Lock</​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Hide/​Evade </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Resist Torture </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td>​Brawling</​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​Pick Pocket </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​Awareness/​Notice</​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Streetwise </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td>​Melee </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​Electronic Security </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Shadow Track </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td>​Stealth </​td><​td>​3</​td><​td>​Disguise </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td>​Edu & Gen Knowledge </​td><​td>​2</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td>​Forgery </​td><​td>​1</​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​th colspan=12>​Weapons</​th></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td colspan=12>​Federated Arms Impact, with laser sight, his parents brought it for him, it is legal and registered too and has a hidden holster. </​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td colspan=12>​Budget Arms Auto 3, </​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td colspan=12>​Mitsubishi Taser, </​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td colspan=12>​Enertex Power Squirt with Bio toxin & Acid.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Power Squirt</​td><​td>​Jacket</​td><​td>​-3</​td><​td>​-1</​td><​td>​SP</​td><​td>​-</​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​SP</​td><​td>​1</​td><​td>​50</​td><​td>​VR</​td><​td>​18m</​td></​tr>​
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