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 [[ParadoxDiasporaNotes|Notes for the game]] [[ParadoxDiasporaNotes|Notes for the game]]
 =====DWAITAS Forum posts (in order)===== =====DWAITAS Forum posts (in order)=====
-%% +
-[size=4][b]David'​s Story[/​b][/​size] +
-[b]What happened?​[/​b] +
-Noise, confusion, a glowing gate, an angry woman and the sky falling. This is all David remember since getting in his car to leave for work. He canGÇÖt even remember which day it was. +
-And now this: some dank dark room. It smells of ozone, mildew and rotten wood. It could be a church, there arenGÇÖt many stone buildings around that heGÇÖs aware of. ItGÇÖs not recognisable though, at least not from his current vantage point. On the floor. Unable to move his head. +
-The city outside seems quiet, thereGÇÖs no noise of traffic GÇô or anyone else for that matter. The only sounds are of shifting shards of masonry when he moves an arm or a leg in the rubble, and the settling of the building around him. ItGÇÖs obviously had structural damage of some sort GÇô bits of it fell on him. +
-Through the hole in the roof can be seen the night sky, although there apparently arenGÇÖt any stars in it. +
-GÇ£Well this is lovely.GÇ¥ He says out loud to nobody in particular, as heGÇÖs lying on the ground. David tries to see about pulling whatever restraint is on him off so he can get up. HeGÇÖs been keeping his eyes closed for the most part after the 3rd bit of stuff fell on top of his face earlier, only keeping them open when he felt like trying to see what was around him. GÇ£I wonder if this is that church with the bells that are always going off, looks old enough around here to be that. CanGÇÖt imagine why nobody is here at all though. IsnGÇÖt there usually at least a secretary doing stuff here during the week?GÇ¥ Besides pulling at the restraing at his head, he tries moving around a bit to make sure nothing else is restrained. +
-Not being sure what parts of what he saw was him daydreaming,​ and what parts had to do with him getting here are which, David is not really sure how he even got here in the first place. If someone had actually kidnapped him or something, where the heck did they go anyways? Maybe they didnGÇÖt know he was awake? What the heck is going on here? +
-%% +
-%% +
-[size=4][b]Jim'​s Story[/​b][/​size] +
-[b]ItGÇÖs not as it should be GÇô where are the people?​[/​b] +
-It was a bad choice, in the end. As a homunculus race, blending in as yet another of the countless clones was not a problem. It seemed wise as the rumours had already well established their next destination as the ideal location to go for a emotovore: A huge pre-industrial metropolis without any kind of organised policing force. Teeming millions in close proximity, an ideal location for strong emotions. +
-They had extensive research in their computer archives, and it was fairly easy to access. The military mind: once part of the hive, you are mistaken as a legitimate drone. +
-Jim was able to learn all about the Earth, and in particular the British Empire, as though he had actually been born there. +
-Circumstances and a native precaution kept him away from the command and control areas of the ship during the journey. In hindsight GÇô safety was not the best priority to go with, as he was not then aware that the ship became part of a fleet, nor that it was part of an invasion force. Sontarans send one or two as scouts usually and have no interest in actually invading backwater planets that have no strategic value. On the face of it, Jim was sure it would only be a scouting mission from which he could easily wander away from: the ship he was on, was a scout ship, the planet a backwater. +
-The good news about the invasion was, Jim was able to get away. The Sontarans did send their scouts in first before the fighting began and he was able to slip away into the shadows. +
-The bad news is GÇô this isnGÇÖt the London he was expecting. It doesnGÇÖt smell as bad, there isnGÇÖt as much fog, some of the buildings look more modern than they should. Worst of all GÇô there seems to be no one living there! No hordes of uneducated Humans lining the streets or cowering in buildings. The scout ship landed far from the city centre, certainly GÇô but still there should be some humans about. +
-The sky went wrong GÇô it should be blue, the Sontaran invasion fleet was driven off by flying machines and strange energies that the Humans should certainly not have had. Then the universe turned inside out and he lost consciousness. +
-GǪ sometime later GǪ +
-Another weird noise wakes Jim up. It sounds like a vibrating sword through water. Very unnatural. Jim, half-conscious,​ is unfortunately not coherent enough to be able to tell where the sound comes from. However the noise of the collapsing building that occurs shortly there after is very easy to locate. ItGÇÖs nearby. Jim pauses and listens, it continues for a few minutes and then stops. The world is now quiet, very quiet. +
-Jim scrambles to his feet, and backs away into the closest shelter. This isnGÇÖt how things were supposed to beGǪ he has two options. One is to try and relocate the ship, the other is to look about and attempt to work out what was going on in this city. After a moments thought, he decides the safest thing, in the meantime anyway, is to rejoin those who he came here with. +
-Taking a moment more to clear his head, he sets off in the direction that feels like its right (though really this is just a guess) GÇô he keeps to cover, trying to make it hard for any to casually observe his movement and begins his search. +
-%% +
-%% +
-[size=4][b]Sylar'​s Story[/​b][/​size] +
-[b]It was an honour[/​b] +
-Being an emmissary for the [i]Komvos Banausic[/​i] to the Great Houses of Gallifrey is both an honour and a terror. Terror that it should come to this. There should have been specific diplomatic class mechanicals for this task, not just Gimcracks like Sylar. There should have been many castes of mechanical, each specialising in areas needed by the society as a whole in order to fulfil the tasks assigned to them by their masters. +
-There should have been missions from their masters that succeeded. There should have been more missions. +
-Someone had been altering the past of the Komvos Banausic. Their masters were baffled GÇô they made it a point of never approaching anywhere close to time capable technology or they would incur the wrath of the House Military. But someone had been maliciously altering the Banausic timeline. +
-The Time Lords themselves, or at least a representative from a House (probably not a Great, but a Minor or even one of their so called GÇ£New BloodGÇ¥ Houses) had communicated and the provided irrefutable proof that the Banausic were greater than they currently were, that all their many successful missions had been retro-actively removed from history. +
-And so, Sylar is here, deep in the bowels of the GÇ£HomeworldGÇ¥,​ Gallifrey to plead their leader to come to a meeting with the Great Intelligences that rule the Banausic. He doesnGÇÖt know much about the politics occurring around the Gallifreyans,​ but just from the names of the levels the elevator passes down through he can tell they are on a war footing: +
-[blockquote] ​   Going downGǪ +
-4th Circle +
-Tactical envisioning and clairaudient intelligence GÇô change to elevator B for perceptual warfare and extra-sensory camouflage +
-Going downGǪ +
-7th Circle +
-Hyper-evolutionary and terralogical research GÇô unregistered biological weapons must be kept under supervision at all times +
-Going downGǪ +
-8th Circle +
-Deep level Conference Chamber and bunker facilities[/​blockquote] +
-Stepping out of the elevator, still under minimal escort by the Chancellery Guard (primarily just for show as a lesser species is regarded as no threat), Sylar is escorted into the waiting room next to the Conference Chamber. From inside he overhears something odd. A male and female voice: +
-[blockquote] ​   ..That girl is not OsirisGǪ +
-..then she beat Sutekh because?​GǪ +
-..I want to control the CourtGǪ +
-..Oh look, comprehension at lastGǪ +
-..but here, Lolita?​GǪ +
-..thin airGǪ + with the body?​GǪ +
-..happened to the FactionGÇÖs homeworldGǪ[/​blockquote] +
-There is a build up of energy, a sound unlike anything Sylar has heard before GÇô as though space were being ripped open. +
-And then the doors open and there is a woman, imperious, triumphant, commanding. +
-GÇ£This simply will not doGÇ¥, she says. +
-The noise occurs again, Sylars sensors overload and it is sometime later, somewhere else, pitch black that he regains consciousness. His clockwork workings had stopped, completely but now inexplicably had started again. +
-The buildings around Sylar were old, older that anything heGÇÖd seen before. The sky GÇô where is the sky? There are no stars, just a black emptiness. +
-Reasonably intact, Sylar steps forward to investigate,​ discovering a crashes spaceship amongst what appears to be the abandoned ruins of a pre-industrial human city. The spaceship seemed vaguely familiar, and could lead to answers. He climbs through the sizable rent in its side, from which such torrents of smoke poured no breathing creature could withstand. +
-Past the bisected corpses of Sontaran soldiers and sliced computers, eventually Sylar is able to find a working terminal, still surviving on the last dregs of energy left in the engines. They have extensive research in their computer archives, and it was accessible. +
-Sylar spent the next few hours learning all about the Earth, and in particular the British Empire, as though he had actually been born there. Then the warship of the Sontarans finally grew still. +
 [[ParadoxDiaspora2]] [[ParadoxDiaspora2]]
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