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  01 The Basics Because… there are monsters in the world, Justine. They can walk the Earth without seeming any more real than fairy-stories. They make their plan… ,
  01 The Setting Imagine all of time and space, the entire universe and everything in it. Imagine multiple dimensions, alternate realities, alternate Earths whe… , ,
  02 It's Magic Yes and no. It's all a matter of sophistry. Is technobabble in Star Trek magic? Are they performing rituals to have things work? People are d… , ,
  03 The Players As a player in the game you are creating a fiction with other players in the game. The fiction is the imaginary story that you collaborate on w… , ,
  04 The Characters The players other than the Grandfather play the protagonists of the game. They are all members of Faction Paradox. * Have a look at the C… , ,
  05 The Coterie The coterie is the collection of protagonists that includes the player characters. They all share a common Coterie Playbook which tracks collec… , ,
  06 The Grandfather The premise of the Faction and its founding is the Grandfather Paradox - so named for the time travel paradox of killing your own Grandfathe… , ,
  07 Doctor Who Ever since there were creative differences after the first 4-5 books that had Faction Paradox in them, official media for the Faction has not had… , ,