The Western Shores Campaign


Magic - College of Water Wizards

Name (description) Cost

Detect Magic, 1
Dispel (magic), 5
Water Balls (low level attack) 5
Acid Cloud (nasty attack) 14
Body of Water (turn into puddle) 9
Drown (attack spell) 13
Dowsing (find water) 1
Flood (attack) 16
Insatiable Thirst (cause thirst) 10
Maelstrom (hurl things about) 19
Part Water (duh) 10
Poison Well (large bodies of water) 10
Shape Water (make walls etc) 3
Stay Dry (stops rain etc.) 4
Summon Water Elemental 12
Summon Water Weird 10
Syrupy Liquid (slow swimmers) 8
Waterjet (attack) 12
Water Sense (see stuff underwater) 6
Swimming (+to speed and breathe water) 1
Water Fist (better attack, needs water nearby) 10
Create Water (cubic foot) 11
Purify Water 11
Change Water Temperature 8
Far Sight (scrying) 5
Dehydrate (an attack that stuns) 11
Steam Cloud (nasty attack) 10
Mist Form (like vampires) 8
Water Walking 2
Fog Bank (18 foot radius) 7
Breathe Underwater (including pressure&temperature) 9
Water Spout (mega attack) 24
Tsunami (guess) 34
You need at least 10 pts worth for Basic/College or at least 30 pts
to be able to get a Unique. I recommend less than 40 pts otherwise
you will be quite weak in other areas.

Magic - Mages

Also - Three colleges are likely to mean a weak character, as you will need at least 3 Basic spells (one from each college), which leaves less points for characteristic increases and skills. Elves have a natural potential for magic, so may develop the magic skill later in life. Other races must have it inborn. Magic tends towards hereditary stereotypes - Human mages tend to have green eyes, red hair and pale skin. Felines tend to be albino (white tigers etc...) Lizardmen tend to have smaller scales and red eyes. Halflings tend to have hairy feet. Dwarfs tend to have silver white hair and black eyes.
17 September, 1996
Peter Cobcroft
The Western Shores Campaign