The Western Shores Campaign


Races - Childbirth

Percentage of Males
Human 55%
Elven 50%
Hobbit 70%
Dwarf 80%
Lizardman 55%
Feline 30%
Infant Mortality
Human Male 5% Female 3%
Elf 2% 2%
Hobbit 4% 2%
Dwarf 1% 1%
Lizardman 20% (practicing Eugenics) 20% (practicing Eugenics)
Feline 3% 5%
Percentage of Complications (Mother having a birth injury/problem)
Human 40%
Elf 25%
Hobbit 35%
Dwarf 33%
Lizardman 10% (egg laying)
Feline 33%
Number of Conceptions
average (record)
Human 0-8 (max 16)
Elf 0-5 (max 10)
Hobbit 0-6 (max 12)
Dwarf 0-4 (max 7)
Lizardman 0-3 (max 7)
Feline 0-7 (max 14)
Number of Children per Conception
Human 1-2 (max 8)
Elf 1 (max 5)
Hobbit 1-2 (max 6)
Dwarf 1-2 (max 7)
Lizardman 1-5 (max 15)
Feline 1-10 (max 20)

Races - Religion

Halflings follow Human religion.
Hill Dwarfs follow Human or Mountain Dwarf religion.
Mountains Dwarfs worship elements, workmanship and renowned heroes.
Half Giants usually follow Human religion.
Orcs and Trolls worship their creator.
Ogres worship a nature pantheon.
Dragons worship The Great Dragon (spot the plot device) (good name for a dog, actually)
Demons worship something not yet known.

Races - Summary

High Elves live in a city (yes only one) in a forest called The Forest of the Moon. The name of the city is Moondeep. They are basically a very neutral, aesthetic, academic race. The have fewer numbers than all other Elves except for Dark Elves. The King/Queen is elected and is always one of the most powerful Magic users. As magic tends towards being hereditory, there is a kind of Royal Family who are the most likely candidates to succeed the Monarch. The current Royal Family name is Edra. I haven't decided on what the construction of the city yet, so the most flamboyent ideas would be appreciated. Elves are not subject to aging and would live forever barring accidents, disease, war, and ennui. Most Humans admire Elves. Human religions dislike Elves and claim they have no soul.

Wood Elves live in the forest called The Great Wood. They are basically Chaotic Good in D and D terms. They are the most numerous Elves. They are ruled by their own hereditory Queen/King who is ruled by the High Elf Monarch. Like all Elves, inter-Elf disputes are handled by the Elven council which has jurisdiction above all Monarchs. The Royal Family name I haven't decided on, suggestions? Must be Tolkein-like.

Dark Elves live wherever they want.

Sea Elves naturally live on the coast, they tend to wander the seas in family groups.

All Elves are tall, thin, and not as strong as Humans. High Elves have gold tinged skin, Wood Elves tan, Sea Elves olive and Dark Elves are pale. The Elven Council is made of a mixture of Elven races.

Human live in a standard Feudal system and live for approximately 60 years. The King of the Humans lives in Kalinadae. I do not remember his name offhand. As usual Humans are the most numerous race likely to be encountered unless you travel to Kartar or Zylistan.

Hobbits (or Halflings) live in Thimblebark Forest and are very much like Tolkein.

Orcs are twisted Elves, they do not reproduce (hence do not rape). There are no half-orcs.

Trolls are twisted Giants, they do not reproduce.

Ogres are more intelligent versions of Trolls, they do not regenerate like Trolls, but they can reproduce.

Giants have their own society somewhere in the north, they occasionally send raiding parties south to rape and pillage. They live in a kind of Viking society.

Half Giants are not generally accepted by the populace, spend their time wandering and doing odd-jobs.

Mountain Dwarfs are straight out of Tolkein. They mainly live in the Drakor mountains.

Hill Dwarfs are more popular with Humans and have their own towns, as well as living with Humans.

Felines have their own empire called Kartar. There are a number of breeds, naturally the best soldiers are lionesses, the best warriors are tigers and the best scouts are cheetahs and panthers. They have a Samurai type society. There is a fair amount of inbreeding, especially in the noble houses. Felines hate magical healing, as it leaves no scars. Felines are lighter of build than Elves but faster (in general, some breeds differ). Noted for their ferocity, temper and honour. Because the Human empire is trading with Kartar (after forcing a peace treaty centuries ago) Felines are tolerated, they are trusted because of their honour system, but carefully because of their temper. Feline religion is ancestor worship plus usually some form of pantheon.

Lizardmen have an empire called Zylistan. They have two breeds, cold and warm blooded. The cold blooded are less intelligent and treated as slaves. Zylistan is mainly a desert and water is precious. Lizardmen have an Aztec-like religion and a Fremen/Arab/Klingon society. Sacrifices are always the weakest. Honour is also prized by the Lizardmen. For instance, Lizarman sacrifices consist of putting the victim in a large black ovoid in the sun. It's a solar still. The longer the victim can survive inside, the more honour it has and its family. 2 bangs if average, the highest recorded was 6 bangs (meaning banging on the metal shell for 6 days). Lizardmen honour strength and prefer to make armour and weapons out of the remains of their most powerful enemy(ies), naturally this tends to be some form of hide armour and bone weapons. Lizardmen have special armouring technology. Lizardmen do trade slaves. They are generally shunned by the Humans. The Human empire is close to declaring war on Zylistan. There are two cities known in Zylistan, the capital Zylibul, and Halay. Lizardmen rituals are always practised in private. Like Elves and Mages, the churches claim Lizardmen have no souls.

17 September, 1996
Peter Cobcroft
The Western Shores Campaign