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07 Doctor Who

Ever since there were creative differences after the first 4-5 books that had Faction Paradox in them, official media for the Faction has not had a Doctor Who license from the BBC. So apart from the Sontarans (because the creator of that race also writes for the Faction) - all trademarked phrases have been dropped from FP material. I lapse between FP terms and DW terms throughout these rules, so a short translation table will help. If this ever becomes an “official” Faction Paradox RPG, the rules will all be edited to remove Doctor Who references.


Faction Paradox Doctor Who
Breeding Engines Looms
Caldera Eye of Harmony
Casts N-Forms and/or Shaydes
Celestis CIA1)
Eremites Followers of the Pythia??
Evil Renegade The Doctor
Great Houses Time Lords
Hall of Addresses Panoptican??
HEM Skin of the Cold
Homeworld Gallifrey (or Gallifrey VIII)
Interventionists CIA
Imperator Presidency Morbius
Mal'akh Vampires
Matter Altering Equations Block Transfer Equations
Archemathics Block Transfer Mathematics
Prison Planet Shada
Protocols of the Great Houses Laws of Time
Ruling Houses High Council
Timeship TARDIS
War King The Master
War Queen President Romana Lolita
Yssgaroth War Vampire War / Eternal War
#-Form Timeship Type # TARDIS

The Doctor

For more information on the relationship between the Doctor themself and the Faction, please see The Faction and the Doctor

The Celestial Intervention Agency, not the sinister organisation
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