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Coterie Playbooks

These are used as a collective playbook accessible by all players, and often able to supply replacement characters. The kind of coterie playbook chosen also determines the kind of campaign you will be playing.

Breakdown of a Playbook

  • Mission Types - The kinds of missions best suited for this playbook
  • Metatime - Your current stats for its use which include:
    • Width
    • Length
    • Lag
  • Paradox - a flag to remind everyone in the coterie that they have an unfinished paradox usually created with an untethered flashback. If the untethered flashback is resolved, clear this flag. If a second one is made wlie this flag is checked - everyone in the coterie receives a mark of Completion and then the flag is cleared.
    • While Paradox is checked - you have no access to Metatime which means everyone must be in the same time period.
  • Moves - Every playbook starts with the moves
    • Base - the signature advantage of using this as a base
    • Travel - how you travel in time and space
    • Recruitment - how you get replacement characters
  • Advances - Flux earned through completing scenarios can be spent to improve this playbook


  • Stolen Timeship - Missions are mostly be related to who they stole it from and the reasons why you did it
  • Faction Shrine - the official most often used method of travel/base. It’s there for specific espionage missions with an end goal in mind.
  • Faction Embassy - Unlike the first two this is usually stationary. This is for more diplomatic and clandestine missions with lower profiles, often in civilisations of lower Tier.
  • A Minute in London - this is inside the main Faction base. Again stationary, but with a lot more access to resources - and the missions are more dangerous and often involving the destiny of the Faction itself.
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