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 +====== Treasures ======
 +| Back to [[hiddenmovement]] |
 +Each treasure has its own difficulties in retrieving.  Treasure cards are kept hidden until you reach the **Vault Hex**.  The text written on a Treasure Card comes into effect as soon as you leave the Vault Hex.
 +===== Advanced Treasures =====
 +The Fake is only revealed when you steal someone else's treasure.
 +===== Cards =====
 +^ **The Armour** \\ {{:games:board:armour.png?100|The Armour}} | It's noisy.  Every time you use a movement Thief card (e.g. **Nor-East** etc), all **Distracted**, **Bored** or **Interested** guards on your map tile change to **Alert** status. |
 +^ **The Eye** \\ {{:games:board:eye.png?100|The Eye}} | While carrying this treasure, you lose all depth perception and are unable to play any **Arrow** cards  (Guard or Thief Cards). |
 +^ **The Hammer** \\ {{:games:board:hammer.png?100|The Hammer}} | It's big and heavy.  You cannot play the **Run** or **Hide** Thief Cards while carrying this treasure. |
 +^ **The Lantern** \\ {{:games:board:lantern.png?100|The Lantern}} | It shines out, attracting attention.  If a guard is **Bored**, **Interested** or **Alert** on your map tile, after each **Guards Movement Phase** they turn to face you. |
 +^ **The Sword** \\ {{:games:board:sword.png?100|The Sword}} | It's magical and glows when you move, giving away your location.  Always place your **Thief Marker** at your current location.  |
 +==== Advanced Cards ====
 +^ **The Fake** \\ {{:games:board:fake.png?100|The Fake}} | It isn't a treasure.  The only way to make this night profitable is to steal another thief's treasure.  If you move next to another **Thief Marker**, the thief is at that location and carrying treasure, you may exchange this card for their treasure card.  |
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