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 +======Knight Cards======
 +{{parent page=Joust}}
 +<table border=2">"​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Parry</​td><​td>​Attempt to knock aside opponent'​s lance with your own.</​td><​td>​Range of 1 to  3, If opponent'​s aim is orthogonally adjacent or on top of yours, move both aims one square orthogonally.</​td><​td>​ if not, move your aim 1 towards opponent'​s (may be diagonal).</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Set Lance</​td><​td>​Couch your lance and steady your aim</​td><​td>​+1 Impact</​td><​td>​You may no longer move your aim</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Lean</​td><​td>​Lean to one side to avoid blows</​td><​td>​Choose left or right, -1 Impact to opponent if aiming at that side</​td><​td>​+1 Impact if different, does not affect head hits.</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Rise</​td><​td>​Move into the impact</​td><​td>​+1 Impact</​td><​td>​-1 Balance, cancels Sit Forward</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Sit Forward</​td><​td>​Steady your seat</​td><​td>​+1 Balance</​td><​td>​cancels Rise</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Move Shield</​td><​td>​Adjust your shield</​td><​td>​Choose Up, Down, Inward or Outward</​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Brace Shield</​td><​td>​Steady your shield</​td><​td>​+1 Balance</​td><​td>​You may no longer play the Move Shield card</​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Steady</​td><​td>​Stay as you are</​td><​td>​No effect</​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +<​tr><​td>​Knight</​td><​td>​Steady</​td><​td>​Stay as you are</​td><​td>​No effect</​td><​td></​td></​tr>​
 +====Card Details====
 +The parry only occurs in the phase of the turn where Knight Cards are resolved. ​ This phase is AFTER the Horse Card resolution and the Aim Card resolution phases. ​ A knight may well have moved to impact the other knight before the Parry card can take effect. ​ Parry cards are range 1-3 and do not function at range 0 or less.
 +**If your aim is**:
 +  *  __next to__ your opponent'​s aim, move your aim into that square and move your opponent'​s aim into the next square adjacent to it.
 +  *  __in the same square__ as your opponent'​s,​ move your opponent'​s aim one square in any direction, and move your own aim one square in the opposite direction.
 +  *  __not adjacent__ to your opponent'​s aim, move your aim one square towards your opponent'​s aim. If this would be diagonal, move diagonal. ​ If there is a choice of squares, opponent chooses.
 +**Hitting the outside of the hit location table**
 +If an aim counter needs to be moved outside the hit location table, move it as follows instead :-
 +  * A1, A5, D1, D5 - Stay
 +  * A2, A3, D2,D3 - Move left
 +  * A4, D4 - Move right
 +  * B1, B4 - Move up
 +  * C1, C4 - Move down
 +{{gallery showalbum=JoustKnight"​}}"​
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