New Crobuzon Hero

New Crobuzon is the largest city of Bas-Lag, and the setting for most of two novels by China Miéville.
The genre is New Weird and can be thought of as a darker, more grotesque version of Steampunk in this case. It has also been remarked that these books could be classed as "Fantasy Cyberpunk".

Recommended reading-
The works of China Miéville set in or around New Crobuzon:
Perdido Street Station (ISBN 0-330-39289-1)
The Scar (ISBN 0-330-39290-5)
Iron Council (ISBN 0-333-98973-2)

Discussion of these books-

Interview with the author-

Brief overview of the city of New Crobuzon

Related material (good for mood/general setting ideas)-
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Cyberpunk - anything to do with the genre
Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis graphic novels/comics
Discworld - specifically anything about Ankh-Morpork, by Terry Pratchett (but ignore the comedy)
Thief, Thief 2, Thief 3 - computer games.

Warning - this website contains spoilers for the books. If you haven't read them yet but intend to - be aware you will be spoilt.

This is a fansite constructed in hommage to the work of China Miéville in order to bring his work to a different audience. All material on this website is obtained from books that I own or from websites about these books that are freely accessable to the public. I have merely compiled them together, sliced off bits and moved them to fit. Adding rules where necessary. I have not as yet added any non-canon information, although I have extrapolated some of the implications in the books.