Cute things for fans of Warpspawn!

The Big Book O'Games (30/9/04)

Here I've compiled together all the games on the Warpspawn website into a single document - every gam published there up until today. However, this is a rather large file - so I've created a version with the inline graphics and a version without

Big Book O'Games with graphics
Microsoft Word version in a ZIP file 8mb (20mb unzipped)
PDF version 10mb
Big Book O'Games without graphics
Microsoft Word version in a ZIP file 2mb (14mb unzipped)
PDF version 4mb

Skirmish, the AAF Combat Card Game (21/12/04)

This is a card randomizer similar to others - useful(ish) for online play.

Hyborian Gates Empires Map Maker (15/12/04)

This does not yet link the gates togethor, but it's a start :)

Farscape the Card Game (30/4/04)

Okay, finally have created a game, and now have made the cards for it too. Same kind of card randomiser as I've previously written. but now with a nifty background

Map Generator for Archimage (8/4/04)

I experimented with creating a text only map for this one. And hex-based made it challenging

Card Randomiser for Tournament(17/2/04)

Card Randomiser for Conquest of Demara (13/2/04)

Map Generator for DarkSun Adventures (12/2/04)

Now with a card deck randomiser as well.

Map Generator for Underdark Adventures (12/2/04)

Now with a card deck randomiser as well.

Warspawn PHP Parser (28/06/04)

First written (13/11/2003)

New - Now offers a separate PDF or HTML display for cards

Here is a couple of PHP parsers I wrote which takes Lloyd's wonderful games site, which is unfortunately hosted on a adware website, and remove the annoying popup adds and javascript. I've also attempted to detect where in the game text the cards deck is listed and create a table out of the data, so it can be printed out and cut up easily. There is some minor formating too.

PHP is a bit like Word macros - you have to search for a keyword in a sentence, and replace it. So it is occasionally hit and miss. Here's the specifics :-


Checks for a blank line, and if the next line is in capitals, puts the <h2> tags around it. Also ends any <p> and starts a new paragraph afterwards.

Card tables

The key phrase it looks for is "CARD LIST" without "NOTATION" or the word "DECK" appearing at the end of the line without "THE" in the line.


Golems Card Game (21/1/2004)

Using Poser 5, Adobe Photoshop 7, and the occasional Google search for landscapes, I've created cards for this game. Please note that being Australian, I use different spelling for some words than the original rules do, but where possible I cut and pasted straight from Lloyd's page.

Here are the zip files of the cards with thumbnails :-

Board tiles Board tiles 1.21mb Zip file

Event cards Event cards 1.20mb Zip file

Golem cards Golem cards 1.04mb Zip file

Here are the images and documents necessary to print a playable colour version of the game:-

If you are able to print double sided, I've included card backs as well. These are meant for 300 DPI A4 paper/card so the files are huge.

Board Back
617k JPG
Board Sheet 1 Board Sheet 2 Board Sheet 3 Board Sheet 4 Board Sheet 5 Board Sheet 6
696k JPG 725k JPG 805k JPG 805k JPG 798k JPG 322k JPG
Event Back
1024k JPG
Event Sheet 1 Event Sheet 2 Event Sheet 3 Event Sheet 4 Event Sheet 5 Event Sheet 6
600k JPG 517k JPG 522k JPG 580k JPG 515k JPG 138k JPG
Golem Back
840k JPG
Golem Sheet 1 Golem Sheet 2 Golem Sheet 3 Golem Sheet 4 Golem Sheet 5 Golem Sheet 6
512k JPG 422k JPG 383k JPG 429k JPG 592k JPG 301k JPG
Counters Wizards 1 Wizards 2
446k JPG 493k JPG 493k JPG
Golem Status 1 Golem Status 2 Golem Status 3 Golem Status 4 Golem Status 5 Golem Status 6
595k JPG 595k JPG 595k JPG 595k JPG 595k JPG 595k JPG

Here is a colour version of the rules :-

742k Word Doc