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  01 The Basics Because… there are monsters in the world, Justine. They can walk the Earth without seeming any more real than fairy-stories. They make their plan… ,
  01 The Setting Imagine all of time and space, the entire universe and everything in it. Imagine multiple dimensions, alternate realities, alternate Earths whe… , ,
  02 It's Magic Yes and no. It's all a matter of sophistry. Is technobabble in Star Trek magic? Are they performing rituals to have things work? People are d… , ,
  02 Players players index rules players ,
  03 How to Play play index rules
  03 The Players As a player in the game you are creating a fiction with other players in the game. The fiction is the imaginary story that you collaborate on w… , ,
  04 The Characters The players other than the Grandfather play the protagonists of the game. They are all members of Faction Paradox. * Have a look at the C… , ,
  05 Running the Game running index rules grandfather ,
  05 The Coterie The coterie is the collection of protagonists that includes the player characters. They all share a common Coterie Playbook which tracks collec… , ,
  06 The Grandfather The premise of the Faction and its founding is the Grandfather Paradox - so named for the time travel paradox of killing your own Grandfathe… , ,
  07 Doctor Who Ever since there were creative differences after the first 4-5 books that had Faction Paradox in them, official media for the Faction has not had… , ,
  Accrue Malevolence rules downtime malevolence , ,
  Advancement Whenever you roll a 6- (after all modifiers) and miss on a move, you gain 1 experience point. Mark it on your playbook in the group XP track for t… , ,
  Agenda and Principles Players and the Grandfather have agendas and principles to follow. They help enable this game to played in the manner it is intended and … , , ,
  Agenda and Principles Players and the Grandfather have agendas and principles to follow. They help enable this game to played in the manner it is intended and … , , ,
  Character Backgrounds The characters played by everyone other the Grandfather all come from one of the backgrounds which set up the time before they were Facti… ,
  Character Playbooks Playbooks are short (usually 2 page) character sheets that are archetypes specific to the setting and genre. Usually every player must choo… ,
  Clocks Progress clocks are a method of tracking detailed, long, tricky or complicated tasks in an easily manageable abstract manner. Filling in a clock visual… ,
  Completion Bloodline to bloodline in constant transition. Our pattern, our flesh, and our one restoration. Conception, completion, the will of the City. … ,
  Downtime After the protagonists have finished their activities and returned to their base to relax and count how many limbs they have remaining, it's Downtime.… ,
  Downtime Activities rules downtime activities , ,
  Entanglements rules downtime entanglements , ,
  Flashbacks The character you play in the game is native to the fiction you are creating, but you as a player are not. It is safe to assume characters are comp… , , ,
  Flux rules downtime flux , ,
  Harm When you suffer harm you record the injury on your character sheet equal to the level suffered. Harm may be of any type - it can be a physical injury, a … ,
  Magnitude Each difference in magnitude between the player rolling the dice for a Move and the target counts as a +1 or -1 depending on whether you are scaling … ,
  Malevolence Any character with Malevolence will occasionally experience the difficulties associated with ill fortune. This is an on-again, off-again kind of th… ,
  Moves Moves are rule guided outcomes to what players may do in the fiction. If the actions a player describes don't fit with a Move, the Grandfather, with the… , , , ,
  Stress Stress is marked: * when the Grandfather tells you to * if a Move tells you to. The following moves cost some stress: * if you wish to Push yo… , ,
  Tags A taxonomy of keywords which are shortcuts to definitions that help mold the fiction. * Messy - it's particularly destructive, creating a mess, often r… ,
  The Basics of using Moves When not to use Moves When to use Moves rules basic moves , ,
  Touchstones Here's a list of recommended media that this game is based on and will help any players understand what it's about. Television Doctor Who in gene…
  Trauma When a PC marks their last Stress box, they suffer a level of trauma in addition to a Completion. When you take trauma, circle one of your trauma condi… , ,
  What you need to play This game works best with three to five people, with one of you playing the Grandfather. If you read the entirety of this book and are f…