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The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
(Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie, Scream of the Shalka)
information from the Novels
(Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
(I put The Infinity Doctors as an 8th Doctor sidetrip. I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
(The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time)
information from 'licensed' reference sources
(The Technical Manual, Monsters, The Doctor Who Cookbook and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
( Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

They that Walk in Shadows

“Can you imagine silver leaves waving above a pool of liquid gold containing singing fish? Twin suns that circle and fall in a rainbow heaven, another world in another sky? If you’d like to come with me, I’ll show you all this - and it will be, I promise you, the dullest part of all. Come with me and you will see wonders that no Human has ever dreamt possible. Or stay behind and regret your staying until the day you die.”
- The Doctor

The Minyan Constellation of Kasterborus
In the Kasterborus Sector. The centermost star is Gallifrey's sun.
(seen on the back of the 3rd/4th/8th Doctor's TARDIS key)

Gallifrey is in the seventh system at the heart of the Home Constellation (a Gallifreyan "constellation" refers to elements of time/relativity/location) - which is known to the Lesser Species as the Minyan constellation of Kasterborus (also known as the Kasterborus Sector). It is named for an astrologist who also wrote Our Destiny is in the Stars. Later myths will claim that the gods yolked him to a chariot of silver fire. His beliefs have infiltrated the cultures of the Delphons, Phreni, and Sirians. The Constellation of Kasterborus is located at the center (or the edge) of the Mutter's Stellian (or Stellarian) Spiral Galaxy (The Milky Way, Galaxia Kyklos) on the edge of the Capricorn Tract. This is a close to the center of the galaxy as its possible to be without drawn into the black hole. The Kasterborus Ice Ring, and Kasterborus Borealis are in the same sector as Gallifrey's system, but the other systems of the Kasterborus sector have no significant populations. One of the stars on the outer edge of the constellation is a red giant which contains the storm belt (filled with ruined spaceships). The Nebula of Cyclops is near enough to Gallifrey to be faintly visible. The Kasterborus Constellation might be in the Sagittarius constellation (center of the galaxy) in the Earth skies. In this area of space stars would be clustered so tightly that they would only be about 1/10th of a lightyear apart. During the Rassilon Era Gallifrey is 29,000 light years from Sol III. However by the time of the Humanian Era the planet is 250,000,000 light years away (it was probably moved there during the Time War or perhapse it was the only Gallifrey to physically survive the Time War). During the Rassilon Era its binary coordinates are 10-0-11-0-0 by 02 from galactic 0 center.
Gallifrey's Dominions include several planets that would be valuable if mined (Could they contain Taranium?)
Time Lord traffic control monitor any vessels that pass near Gallifrey's space-time location. Traffic Control's temporal scans will detect an unschedualed Timeship about 2 minutes before it materializes and identify whether it is Gallifreyan from its molecular patina. Space vessel must request pemission to pass through Gallifrey's space-time. The Sisterhood of Karn draws a significant number of space vessels (probably to steal the Elixir), causing them to crash on Karn.

The Planet Gallifrey (Earth provided for scale in the second picture)

Gallifrey's primary star has no name. It is a GV (yellow dwarf) star which has been re-engineered by solar engineers to remain main sequence.
In order to protect Gallifrey from Vampires, the solar engineer, Omega, constructed a new Second Sun, which he added to Gallifrey's system. This Second Sun is probably a small artificial one for Gallifrey is usually described as having only one sun. The star is visible from Gallifrey and named Pogar. Because of the twin suns the planets in system have very short nights.
The Gallifrey system has six planets: Gallifrey, Karn,
a frozen gas giant named Polarfrey, Kasterborus the Fibster (an asteroid) and another unknown planet (possibly Demos). Gallifrey and Karn might be the second and third planets in the system. Karn is located a few billion miles (could be SI or European "billion") from Gallifrey and appears to have population of no more then a few million. Parts of Karn are covered in hexagonal crytaline rock formation. If Gallifrey had similary rock formations it could explain the importance of hexegons in their mythology.
Gallifrey is known as the Shining World of the Seventh System. On Gallifrey the second sun rose in the south. Gallifrey's diameter is about 3 times that of Sol III (Earth). Despite this the gravity, orbital radius, star type, pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels are the same as Earth. As Gallifrey appears to have the same orbit as Alzarius it might be draw farther from the sun every 50 years by other planets in the system. It is the only place in the cosmos where one can find white star diamonds. The planet also has a significant amount of Gallifreyan Zinc which is one of the strongest metals in the universe. Gallifrey has a moon called Pazithi Gallifreya which orbits Gallifrey every 27 days. It exerts a much stronger tidal force on the planet. In ancient times it was known as the Virgin Moon Goddess. Depending on conditions the moon appears to be copper or ivory or heileotrope colored and shines even in the sunlight. This moon has a large supply of Taranium which was mined during the Dark Time. Like most places that are shifted out of time, one can still see constellations of stars in the night skies of Gallifrey, but an observer can see a billions of years of star movment in just a few minutes. Some wisps of nebula can be seen in the night sky of Gallifrey. There are also several artificial satellites that can be seen from the surface, even during the day. By the time of Death Comes to Time the constellations around Gallifrey appear similar to the constellations around Sol III.

Outer Gallifrey

Because it located in Inner Time, Gallifrey (or maybe just the Death Zone) shows up as no time and no place on TARDIS insturments. Despite the fact that Gallifrey has been primed to resist the effects of entropy, the planet is very old and appears quite ancient. From orbit Gallifrey is the color of rust, with brown lakes and dust-grey clouds. There are three small oceans (which were once quite large) and several seas but less then half its surface is water. Many of the lakes are gold colored (reflecting light from the burnt orange sky?) Due to the transduction barrier the sky is burnt orange at night and pearly orange in the day. In addition the sky is often filled with filled with purple, green, and yellow lights. Under certain circumstances the sky will also appear blue. Millions of years after the installation of the Eye of Harmony, very little of Gallifrey’s original biosphere survives. Despite this no animal ever became completely extinct (They are probably preserved in zoos).
Gallifrey has more then 24 seasons - but they are similar (and dry) enough that many claim Gallifrey has no seasons.
The Autumn breezes would blow through the silver leafed trees, creating a musical effect. At one point the planet might have been very much like Alzarius from E-Space and possibly had a Mistfall every 50 years caused by another planet pulling Gallifrey farther from its sun. The planet is currently in the midst of an ice age, but in the summer, Gallifrey's sun is still intense enough to cause sunburn on a human. Despite the ice age Gallifrey's ice caps are quite tiny (probably due to the overall lack of water). Thougn most Gallifreyans never venture outside the Gallifreyans do make extensive use of weather control. There is no argon in the atmosphere. Cloud color ranges from dust-grey to violet. Most of Gallifrey is burnt red deserts (with orange sand) and mountains. Many of the river beds are dry. There are some green forests, and golden fields strewn with ruble - but they make up a minority of the terrain. In the modern era there are only between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans, which leaves many settlements and roads competely abandoned.
Gallifrey's surface is divided up into sectors.
Southern Gallifrey often experiances warm nights where the stars shine. But there are occationally blizzards. Southern Gallifrey is filled with arid planes and is considered quite wild and beautiful. The River Lethe is located within walking distance of Mount Cadon. The river Cadonflood is located near Lungbarrow and (as its name implies) is know to flood from time to time. Mount Lung is located in Southern Gallifrey. The planet's highest mountain, Mount Cadon (from which flows the river Cadonflood?) is found in the southern half of the planet near the equator. This snow topped gray-green mountain is located on the continent of Wild Endeavor and extends to the fringes of Gallifrey's atmosphere (beyond even the transduction barrier). At some times of the year its slopes are covered in little blue flowers. It is located within visual sight of the Capitol which is also found on the continent of Wild Endeavor but in the nothern hemisphere. The bulk of mount Cadon dwarfs the Capitol. The Soonwell Valley is 500 leagues (~3000 km) from the Capitol. Another important mountain is Mount Plutarch which is near the Lune Forest and the inland sea. Lake Abydos might be near House Heartshaven (or Dvora).


Memento Mori
The Gallifreyan Flower of Remembrance

Plants: The leaves of the plant life come in the following colors: red green, blue, bronze, silver, and some are transparent. There are Kaden-Wood trees (with silver leaves), Maldor Trees, Cerub Trees (with hallucinogenic truffle-flavored nuts), Magentas (fruit tree), and Oaks.
Flowering plants include
Sarlain (a yellow flower that resembles a Terran Daisy, Daffodil or Rose), Gallifreyan Flowers of Remembrance (Memento Mori - 6 yellow petals), Schlenk Blossoms, Arkytior (a Gallifreyan rose) and red-petaled orchids. Some flowers glow in the dark and some might be as tall as trees. Others flowering plants are small and blue with long stamens that eat lizards. There are Trumpberries, Lushberries (probably edible), Molten Rushes (with zinc hawthorns), and Grass (both in deep red and probably purple). Biotrophic fungi include Feathergills, pogsquats, skullcaps, and Cardinal's collars.
Other plants include Madevinia Aridosa (small desert plants that have an incredibly rapid life cycle), Hefzi Moss, Grockel Root (a type of plant that is eaten and used to make alcohol), Nitvil (a slimy plant with healing properties)

An Owl - The Symbol of Rassilon

Animals: Invertabrates: Beatitude Flies (with golden wings), Butterflies, Bees, Gullet Grubs, Blossom Thieves, Scrubblers, Neversuch Beetles, Sandbeetles, Waspbeatles, Dustworms, Scissors Bugs, Flutterwings (3 meters by 25 meters, never land), web spinning insects, Snails, and Water-Sligs. There are really nasty creatures that live beneath big stones.
Marine life: Singing Fish
, Kittensharks (are hatched from eggs and presumably grow up to be Catsharks),
Elapids include Taipan (10 meters long and venomous snake), Venal Snakes, Bat-Snakes
Owls (the symbol of Rassilon), Flurry Birds, air diamonds, song birds,
Mammels: Plungbolls (thumbnail sized furry creatures, live in mountains, attatch enmass to warm objects),
Taffelshrews, Fledershrews, Cobblemice (which sprout wings), Rovie Mice (live in fields, long lived if they are not killed, sometimes kept as pets), Vex (burrowing animal), Gallifreyan Womprats (1 meter long rats with fifteen legs), Pig-Rats, Flubbles (small six-legged koalas), Horse-Cats, Elephants, Pig-Bears, Baanjxx (arboreal browser, eats cerub nuts), and probably walrus. The Doctor and Ruath re-introduced cats into the eco-system (at a point before The Infinity Doctors).

Ancient Gallifreyan Biology: Ancient Gallifreyans didn't evolve from apes (they do not believe they evolved from monkeys either). Early Gallifreyans had only one heart. Most deaths were a result of heart failure. Ancient Gallifreyans have a bypass respiratory system. When used, the bypass system makes them very resistant to most forms of anaesthetic (but not chloroform) and stragulation. With warning a Gallifrey can store enough oxygen in their system to be active for 20 minutes. They can hold their breath for hours if they don't move much. Their blood, hormones and pheremones have distinct differences from modern Gallifreyan. They usualy can't interbreed with humans. Their children have milk teeth. Their children aged slower then Humans and it might take hundreds of years for a Gallifreyan to mature into an adult. An 11 year old would look like an 8 or 9 year old human, but a 16 year old would look like an earth teenager. At around this point their aging slows dramaticly - a 48 year old would look like an 18 year old human. Gallifreyans in their teens need as much food as a human teenager if not more. Adult Gallifreyans eat about as much as human. Young Gallifreyans need to sleep a little more then most humans, but after they pass First Maturation and learn to control their bodies, they only need 1-2 hours a day. They live to be about 300 years old - or possibly forever. They might have had the telepathic, adaptive, and regenerative abbilites similare to the Marshmen in Full Circle. By human standards ancient Gallifreyans were taller, stronger, and more athletic. The Gallifreyan women tended to be much taller then Gallifreyan males (this changed after when the looms were created). The women also tended to have well developed muscels. While a young (around 16) Gallifreyan’s telepathic powers are still developing they are vulnerable to experiencing strong emotions from large groups. Sometimes this causes a psychic feedback where the Gallifreyan ends up reinforcing the emotions of a group. All the adult minds of the planet were in constant telepathic entrelacement due to an organ located in their hypothalamus. This was thought to be the greatest curse of Gallifreyan civilization. One Gallifreyan every 1,000 years was born an Individual. Individuals could shield their minds from telepathy and had other psionic powers. When young, Individuals also made good time pilots. Because of their abbility to focus older Individuals often became great philosophers, scientists, and explorers. Many became Heros. Ancient Gallifreyans were sensitive to time and its movement.

Modern Gallifreyan Biology

GENETICS - Gallifreyans have Triple Helix DNA as well as TNA. The extra third strand was added by Rassilon to make Regeneration possible. Hidden in Gallifreyan DNA are 'killing lessons' to destroy Cacophony should she ever appear. Time Lords share 98% of their genes with Vampires. The DNA of every previous incarnation lies dormant inside a Gallifreyan's body. By the time he had regenerated 7 times the Doctor (and presumably other Gallifreyans) have 69 chromosomes divided into 23 homogeneous triads. They are vunerable to some earth viruses, like influenza, fevers, and the common cold. They can also suffer from rheumatism. Before the curse fades almost all Gallifreyans are sterile. Every Gallifreyan has a Bio-Data Extract (aka biog-data extract, or D-E) sample removed and stored by Coordinator of the Matrix and veiwable only by the Coordinator, the Castellan, and members of the High Council. Losing one's virginity makes it much more difficult (if not impossible) for Gallifreyan technology to read ancestral memories from the subjects biodata. Transmission of an extract is considered treason. There are millions of Time Lord extracts stored in the Archival Office (implying that Gallifrey has had more then 1000 Time Lords for much of it history), but as of The Ancestor Cell a total of only 153,846 Time Lord mindes have been uploaded into the Matrix. Exctracts of Time Lords are color coded by chapter. Time Lord D-Es can only be accessed by the High Council or the Castellan and all accesses are logged. Also see this site

NERVOUS SYSTEM - Gallifreyan brains are green in color and larger then a human's. They have Superganglion which allows them to re-order and re-program their neural pathways at will. Among other things this allows them to separate the operation of the two hemispheres of their brains and makes them immune to some types of interrogation technology. They can also switch off the parts of their brain that process input from various senses, allowing them to limit their vast number of senses to the same range as a human. They have perfect memory of everything they experiance (in that incarnation) and an over greater memory storage capacity than a human. A dormant throwback organ in their brains can allow them to sense higher dimensions (with training). They are much more vunerable to changing magnetic fields then most humanoids are. Depending on how their brain is currently configured, and how "off" their biorythems are it can sometimes take them a while to notice the blindingly obvious. At the base of their brains is a seperate tertiary lobe called the Autonomic Brain that handles all body and motor functions. This frees the rest of the brain for purely intellectual pursuits allowing them to think of over 7,432 ideas in a few minutes. An electroencephalograph of a Gallifreyan brain will show a type of activity unlike any human brain. While human alpha waves are generated by the occipital lobe, Gallifreyan Alpha Waves are generated by the hypothalamus. If all other forms of communcation have been disabled they can communicate via reduced-frequency alpha waves. Because of their extended life span Gallifreyans need to clear out some of their memories every few thousand years. They usually store the more important memories useing telepathic circuits. Gallifreyans have a nerve cluster of major ganglion along their left collar bone beneath the left clavicle that allows them complete control over their own metabolism . A blow at this cluster will render them unconscious. Their retinas are so sophisticated that they can almost think on their own. In addition to rods and cones their eyes are equipped with octagons, gives them amazing night vision. They can shift their vision outside the normal visual spectrum allowing them to see a total of 170 different levels of the electromagnetic specturm, including in some shades of ultraviolet. There's a lot of evidence that their eye color can change depending on mood. Their pupil response is very different from humans and can resist super intense photo-emissions that would permanenlty blind a human. (If they remember to check) they can tell whether a humanoid is Gallifrey just by looking at them. A regenerated Gallifreyan's, hearing and smell is better than human's and some Gallifreyans can perform biochemical analysises of what they eat including identifying blood type. Unconcious Gallifreyans can often be awakened with a heated infusion of free radicals, antioxidants, and tannin (aka boiling tea vapor). The scent of Celery is considered to be another powerful restorative on Gallifrey. Many Gallifreyans are capable of amazing voice imatation. Thus locks with voice prints are not in common use.

Most Gallifreans are loomed with one heart. When they regnerate they aquire a second heart that is a mirror image of the first.
Newblood Gallifreyans are loomed with 2 hearts and have excellent control over their appearance when regenerating. Their hearts are bivalved and each heart produces two distinct beats per cycle. After regeneration, most Gallifreyans have two hearts (a primary and a secondary) each of which usually beat 60 times per minute and normally fibrillate at a rate of 300. A double pulse of 170 is considered more or less normal. The electical activity of the hearts is much greater then a humans and the beats are quite powerful making it difficult for the hearts to be exactly located with a sethoscope. The speed of each heart can vary and they can survive with only 1 heart beating. Gallifreyans are trained to stop both their hearts and feign death for several hours. Both hearts are supported by a binary vascular system. The removal of one heart results in the temporay loss of many Gallifreyan enhancements whiile a new heart is grown. If someone has a Gallifreyan heart transplanted into their body they will be linked to the doner Gallifreyan and it will be very difficult to kill the doner without killing the receiver as well. A
Gallifreyan's blood pressure is typically 70/70 millimeters of mercury.
Gallifreyan blood
is darker than human blood and redish-orange. It doesn't conform with any form of human blood because it has a different pathological state and lots of unusual acids. The respiratory pigment doesn't use hemoglobin but does share some of structural characteristics of human hemoglobin. Their blood carries a uniquie artron energy signaturs and the temporal platelets cluster around any wound, accelerating time in that area to speed the healing. These advanced platelets detect even tiny amounts of toxins. Time Lord Phagocytes can resist Grell space time altering Viral Particles that would easily influence humans. If a Gallifreyan is injected with a sample of genetically contaminated blood their immune systems can create anti-bodies of such sophistication that when injected back into the original donor they ‘teach’ the victim’s white corpuscles how to break down the hostile DNA. Their blood doesn't have a type and (due to its regenerative properties) it is in a constant state of genetic flux. Not surprisingly doesn't smell like human blood. Because of its unique nature it can be transfused into any human without complications. A human recipient will feel rather energized, probably because it carries oxygen (and other gases) vastly better than human blood.
Gallifreyan lungs can absorb every single molecule of oxygen inhaled.
They need less (only 1/4) oxygen as a human to function normally and thus they normally take only 4 breaths a minute. Gallifreyans have a bypass respiratory system and a secondary cardiovascular system. When conciously triggered, the bypass system contracts, closing off their primary respiratory passages making them very resistant to most forms of anaesthetic, ether, cyanide, stragulation, hanging, and the squeaky voice caused by helium. Gallifreyans are also much more resistant to mercury poisoning than Humans. Mustard Gas is still deadly however. They lose their sense of smell when they rely on their Bypass respitory system. The bypass respitory systems also allows them to hold their breath for several minutes and, with warning, a Gallifrey can store enough oxygen in their system to be active for 20 minutes. If this is insuficient they can enter a trance to reduce their oxygen intake even futher allowing them to hold their breath for hours. As Gallifreyans pass 1000 years of age their bypass respiratory system becomes less reliable and there is a chance that they won't be able to awaken from its use. Some Gallifreyans (such as the Rani) have some trouble breathing in humid environments. Also see this site and this site.

Whenever two Gallifreyans meet there is a courtesy mind-touch to identify and aknowledge each other. This allows them to recognize each other even if they are wearing a new body. There are also able to tell if humans are telepathic or not. Gallifreyans suffer psychic feedback, fever and headaches as their telepathic abilities mature.
Gallifreyans can use touch telepathy to form entrelacement (Contact). If they are trying to telepathically contact one of their own incarnations they don't even need to be touching. Indeed such contact can be made over the astral plane (the 4th Dimension) over galactic distances. Some of them can telepathically block a person's memories back to an arbitrary point in their life. They can also implant post-hypnotic suggestions in people who are trying to read their minds. The Matrix also enhances the Time Lord telepathic powers. Every Time Lord possesses a quantum of Artron Energy which gives them a unique artron energy signature. This is significantly more life-energy than a human has. It's possible that females might be more gifted with telepathic abbilites. They generate Artron Energy traces that can be used by others to determine their age and identity. The energy they possess increases by a minute amount every time they pass through the Vortex. They are capable of absorbing lethal amounts of energy from another humanoid. After doing so a regneration will be nessecary to eliminate the energy. They can also donate some of their energy to recharge a TARDIS Power Cell but doing so consumes 10 years of their total lifespan. Gallifreyans can uses a process called Soul Catching to absorb a dying Gallifreyan's memories.
Mindbending (aka Time Lord Wrestling) is a Time Lord game that involves a telepathic battle between two contestants. They try to regress each other mentaly through their previous incarnations. Its just a game but it can end in deathlock if a contenstant is pushed back to the point of death.

GENERAL BIOLOGY - Despite looking like humans from Sol III, biologically speaking Gallifreyans have much more in common with Chelonians. Gallifreyans have got multiple organs of virtually everything including two more ribs (than humans). They have 2 of most of the organs that humans have only one of, and 4 of the organs that humans have only two of. Asside from the extra ribs a Gallifreyan's skeleton is almost identical to a humans. They can have fillings inserted in their teeth that are supposed to regenerate when their body regenerates (though this process isn't perfect). They have only one liver. Their internal body temperature is 15-16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit) however their skin temperature is only a little below the human norm. Gallifreyans tend to find a room temp of 20 C to be uncomfortably hot. Despite this, adult Gallifreyans are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures at both ends of the scales. They can remain concious in the -270 C cold of space for 6 minutes and can withstand 200 degreec C for up to 3 minutes. At body temperatures of several hundred degrees below 0 C a Gallifreyan will lose complete control of their body and appear dead. Despite this their mind is infact very active.
Gallifreyan probably have tonsils and its not probably not unknown for them to have to be removed.
Gallifreyans have more than one stomach and are not as vulnerable to malnutrition as Humans are. Some (if not all) believe that only one meal a day is perfectly normal. Despite this their metabolism is relitively close to a humans and they can eat the same foods. Some Gallifreyans can use their stomachs to interpret human memory RNA and producing the Gallifreyan equivalent. They and can easily go two days without water and a week without food is not a major strain. Infact they sometimes sit in thought for days without food or water. However 40 days without food or water will make a Gallifreyan delirious. Gallifreyans metabolize alcohol very quickly so it is almost impossible for them to become drunk or suffer the effects of hallucinogens. Thus can easily drink 10 pints of beer without showing any ill effects. Some Gallifreyans can use special meditations to regulate their metabolism. This gives them a very fine control over the rate at which they metabolize alcohol, making inebriation or hallucinations possible. However Ginger pop has a severely deleterious effect on any Gallifreyan metabolism. This allows them to be easily effected by any alcohol they might have consumed. They need to urinate every few days.
Arsenic is toxic to Gallifreyans and will inhibit their enzymes. If a large source of protein, salt, and other chemicals (found in ginger beer) are availible a Gallifreyan who has been poisoned with arsenic can use a major shock or surprise to trigger Detox. This detoxification allows their stomach to stimulate inhibited enzymes to reverse and release all toxins a gas that can be exhaled. Aspirin is incredibly toxic to Gallifreyans. The allergic reactions that occur when aspirin begins to interfer with their genetic struture causes massive a pulmonary and cerebral embolism severe enough to prevent regeneration. Even touching it can be dangerous. Detox can be used to negate aspirin poisoning if the Gallifreyan can consume some chocolate. The simple triglycerides in the chocolate combats the anti-platelets effect of the aspirin.
The Detox procedure doesn't work for all toxins.
Gallifreyans don't have prostate glands.
When trained they can control their adrenaline, blood-suger levels, heart rate, respiration, and presperation to the point where they can fool 23rd century medical diagnotics into thinking they are human. They can even switch off any of their organs at will. They also have control over the speed and location of their hair growth. They can grow hair faster then humans or stop the growth compleatly. Despite this some Gallifreyans still shave their faces.
Their skin
smells like honey and has extra subdural and subcutaneous layers.
This makes their skin very resistant to radiation, physical damage, poison ivy, sunburns, and tanning. Gallifreyans can resist radiation that will kill a human in 4 minutes for 2-12 minutes before they start to take noticable damage. They can easily absorbe 50 times the output of a 21st century medical X-ray machine (approximately 50 rems of Roentgen (aka X-Ray) radiation) and them expel it into any object they they can touch. Incarnations which appear to be physically younger are significantly more resistant to radiation then older bodies. Gallifreyans can erect non porous barriers around their noses, ears and eyeballs that prevent any intrusion on the molecular level. This allows them to remain concious for 6 minutes and survive up to 20 minutes in space unprotected. Gallifrreyans have incredible strength for their size. They can remain concious when exposed to G-forces that would kill a human.
They can enter self-induced sleep trance in which breathing, heart beat, and brain activity are all reduced to an absolute minimum. While in this trance a Time Lord can ponder complex ideas without any outside distractions. 20 minutes in this state is equivalant to 8 hours of sleep for a human. Thus they only need about 1-6 hours of sleep every 2 days and some Gallifreyans can get by on a decade of sleep every 100 years. Others become tired after only being awake for only 4 days. Most prefer 1 hour of sleep a day. Gallifreyans rarely dream, but when they do, they sometimes dream of choosing their next bodies, being able to fly, becoming the opposite sex, and bearing children. Gallifreyan who have regenerated in that last few days will require a lot of sleep, even by human standards.

There are between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans and just over 10% of them are female. Because of their history, Gallifreyan culture tends to view the female gender as a symbol of the unlike and the outside. The Curse of the Pythia rendered almost all Gallifreyans are sterile. Though they are physicaly capable of sex most have almost no sex drive. Losing one's virginity makes it much more difficult (if not impossible) for Gallifreyan technology to read ancestral memories from the subjects biodata. While some Gallifreyans will enjoy erotic dancers actual prostitution is very rare. Low Town does support a few brothels. Despite all this, some Gallifreyans fall in 'love' and some undergo marriage. However Gallifreyan Marriages are almost always undertaken to maintain the power of the Chapters by strengthening the political power of the Houses involved. A Gallifreyan generation is 10,000 years.
Each Chapterhouse has a loomshed, which holds the House’s Loom.
The Honorable Central Population Directory defines the quota of cousins for each House's Loom. This dierectory is directly controled by the High Council. A loom consists of millions of fine cords which weave matter (probably Rapid Growth Biomass) and biodata together. For several days spirals of data flow down these cords and are woven into a mesh. From this mesh a Gallifreyan Childe is formed. During this time Loom-Tenders's supervise and occationally sing traditional rhymes. The Looms are complex anchors in time designed to link the Gallifreyan to Gallifrey and, by extension, the Web of Time. As such they have limited knowledge of the future of every loomling. They probalby weave not only DNA but also give each loomling a distinct future.
Depending on the Loom, some loomlings (or childes) produce offspring as small childes (reminicent of a human child) other looms produce them as full grown adults.
The childeren have milk teeth. A loomling will have trouble using proper grammar, but can walk right after Looming.

A Novice, The Seal of the Prydonian Chapter, The Untempered Schism

DEVELOPMENT - A Gallifreyan childe ages slower then Humans and it takes hundreds of years for them to mature into what a Gallifreyan would consider an adult. At 5 years old, loomlings are amazingly intelligent. An 11 year old would look like an 8 or 9 year old human, but a 16 year old would look like an earth teenager. At around this point their aging slows dramaticly - a 48 year old would look like an 18 year old human. Some one around 60 would still still look like young adult but would still considered to be a very young childe. Gallifreyans in their teens need as much food as a human teenager if not more. Adult Gallifreyans eat about as much as human. They are still considered kids at age 90. Young Gallifreyans need to sleep a little more then most humans, but after they pass First Maturation and learn to control their bodies, they only need 1-2 hours a day.
Childes spend several decades undergoing Brainbuffing both at home and at school. Many Childeren recite prayers to the Time and her Sisters. The spend almost all of their childhood learning focused on their life of duty. Most (if not all) children are taken from their families at the age of 8 to attend their Chapter's Academy. At some points in history some aliens (such as Gresaurus) are allowed to take classes at the Academies. These aliens are not allowed to learn any Temporal Engineering skills. One of these races was the War Lord Aliens. They were expelled for trying to learn how to build TTCs (TARDISes). The Prydon Chapter has its own Time Academy and the Patrex Chapter has its own Acadmey as does each of the other Chapters. The Prydon Academy is open to the air and located on the slopes of Mount Cadon (Gallifrey's highest mountain). Cadon is often covered with little blue flowers. Prefectly groomed lawns surround the ebony buildings, which are accessed by sand filled pathways Those taking the mystic studies course spend a great deal of time meditating and dark secrets are taught to the monks in the upper levels of its towers. The Lodge of the Patrexes Academy is located in the Capitol. It has a gate of solid light with a sphere of the first gold ever formed in the Universe.
The same year they enroll in the Academy each Novice is taken outside the Capitol to the Untempered Schism for their initiation. They gaze into this gap in reality and stare at the raw power of the entire Space-Time Vortex. When confronted with eternity some Novices are inspired, some run away, and a very few go mad. Gallifreyans who pass are know as Time Tots (aka Time Toddlers) and are given the rank of Novice. Some (if not all) students receive a new official name while attending their Academy. All Gallifreyans receive single names (though they are usually very long). The long version of a Gallifreyan's name is writen in Old High Gallifreyan. The length of a Time Lord's name grows as his social and political stature increase. They also receive a nickname using Greek letters that identifies them uniquely and relates to the location their mind will occupy in the Matrix, based off their physical and mental abilites. The closer to alpha their names is the greater their preceived abilities. These names are listed on the Academy Roll in a bronze Records Building.
Gallifreyans are force-educated using Neural Training, which on high-intensity level, can teach someone to speak, read, write, count, and play an instrument in one hour. Despite this, there are a number of major similarites between the Prydon Academy and the schools on Earth in the 20th century. Novices learn quantum mechanics in Infant School and even the simplest geometry problem is solved using the first 5 dimensions. While still Time Tots they read 4 dimensional pop-up books like Our Planet's Story and Every Gallifreyan Child's Pop-Up Book of Nasty Creatures From Other Dimensions. They are also taught to recite their 2337 times tables. They attend Temporal Protocol classes. Some of the games the children play might involve extra-galactic space travel. They are taught how to live and act in society and that all life is sacrosanct and that Gallifreyans need to be dedicated to a life of service to Time. They also study supralogic. At around 60 they are taught Tri-bio-physics. Novices take the entrance examination for the Time Academy while still in brain buffing. If they are accepted then, after 12 years with their Chapter's Academy, they are enrolled in the Time Academy. If they don't pass they remain at their Chapter's Academy.
Gallifreyans are not considered legal adults untill they are 200 years old A Gallifreyan who is almost 400 years old is a legal adult, but they are viewed as being an adolescent but his elders until he can taste his own tongue. 750-850 years old is considered to be analogus to "approaching middle age."

REGENERATION (aka Face-Lift, Telebiogenesis) -
Several sources claim that Time Lords are the only Gallifreyans who are capable of regeneration. But several other sources show normal (ie non-Time Lord) Gallifreyans regenerating without anyone considering it unusual. Regeneration was created to extend the already amazing Gallifreyan lifespan. Gallifreyan bodies are filled with self-replicating biogenic molecules (sometimes known as the Immortality Virus, the Legacy of Rassilon or nanites) that work ceaselessly to repair and prune damaged and malformed cells. Because of this it takes hundreds of years for a Gallifreyan to show signs of aging. These biogenic molecules are a variation of symbiotic nuclei and (probably using sonic waves) gives all Gallifreyans a symbiotic self-renewing cell structure. Time Lords actually use their symbiotic nuclie to govern regeneration. If a Gallifreyan's symbiotic cell structure was ever deactivated they will not be able to regenerate. The biogenic molecules allow the body to dispose of foreign objects and implants fairly quickly. They usually recover from unconciousness faster than humans.
By "retreating" into a healing
trance most injuries (such as burns and diseases) can be healed in a day. While extreame pain or a sufficiently strong audio-visual barrage will automatically induce a healing trance some training is required to enter one voluntarily. The biogenic molecules are aided by temporal platelets which cluster around any wound, accelerating time in that area to speed the healing. A broken leg can heal in anywhere from a few hours to 4 days depending of the severity of the break. Most nonlethal bullet wounds heal in a day (the bullet is ejected from the body). Bullet grazes heal in a few hours. A combination of a bullet hole through the frontal lobe, a broken nose, jaw, femur, and collarbone will take a Gallifreyan 6 months to heal.
These rates of healing can be enhanced if the Gallifreyan is kept near (or inside) a TARDIS.
While in the healing trance, they will appear dead to most humanoids, but other Gallifreyans can tell they're alive. Their body temperature will drop so far below zero that that frost sometimes forms on the body and the mind will essentially switch off. Despite this one heart will continue to beat about once every 10 seconds. While in the trance they can metabolize many types of poisons and drugs using Detox.
Using the trance, a fall from over 200 feet can be survived without losing conciousness or seriously breaking any bones. This is accomplished by a combination of bone relaxation and cellular break down and regeneration (similar to what happens in larval pupa). Gallifreyans have even been know to survive lightning strikes. They can selectively regenerate specific organs while in the trance and (given several months) a Gallifreyan can grow a new heart (should one of their originals be removed). It might be possible for them to grow new limbs. If kept alive, a Gallifreyan’s severed body part can be used to detect whether that specific Gallifreyan is in the area.
If the body is subjected to great stress such as a severed limb, extream illness, (or perhaps extreme boredom)
the the Limbic (or Lindal) Gland releases the hormone Lindos to trigger Regeneration. As the hormone travels throughout the Gallifreyan's body will begin to feel weak (especially if this is his first regeneration) As the body prepares to lose solidity the Gallifreyan there will always be a moment of hallucination. Ideally all regenerations should take place within a low-grade telepathic field (like the inside of a TARDIS).
At this point the permanently carried self-replicated biogenic molecules heal the body of its wounds. Gallifreyans who are exposed to the vacuum of space for several minutes, have had both their hearts punctured, or suffer a direct hit by a Dalek Neutraliser can not regenerate. It is possible to regenerate from a glancing hit by a Dalek Neutraliser.
Gallifreyans are educated in how to control their regenerations at their chapter's academy. It is also possible for some (all?) Time Lords to will their own regeneration without stress or injury. Chemical and telepathic signals can be used to force regenerate someone who is badly wounded (but not somebody who is concious and refuses to regenerate). In most cases, once all the cells have been healed, the regeneration of the body will proceed. However, by enacting the proper meditative techniques a Gallifreyan can temporarily delay the completion of their regeneration for several hours and (if their will is great enough) several days. This assumes they don't die first. If a Gallifrey the regeneration was triggered by an injury, and a suitble bio-matching receptacle (a spare hand that had been amputated for example) is availible, they can abort the Regeneration after the healing process is complete by siphoning off all the extra energy into the receptcal. This is a rare occurance as regeneration was never intened to be used to heal injuries (and bio-matching recepticles are rarely availble).
After healing, the regeneration proceeds and the subject's body (and to a lesser degree the mind) will be completely restructured. The extra third strand of Gallifreyan DNA was added by Rassilon to make Regeneration possible. This strand stores the regenerative information within the Gallifreyan's Bio-plasmic Fields that surrounds their bodies. With out these feilds of cronon energy regeneration would be impossible and a Gallifreyan would age and die. These fields of chronon energy also protect a Time Lord as they travel from one time stream to another. These fields have to be very active to adapt to the trauma of Regeneration. So much so that if a member of a lesser speices is exposed to a Gallifreyan for several months the bio-fields will 'infect' them providing the same protection from the timestream, rejuvinating their cells, and replace their telemeres. As a result the primitive will age very slowly and live for centuries. If this alien was to leave Gallifrey they will start to age at the rate of a year for every day. During regeneration this information is conveyed from these fields to the biogenic molecules via a bio-language called Nucleolingua Symbiotica.
When a regeneration does occur the permanently carried self-replicated biogenic molecules rebuild the body in a violent biological eruption of Artron Energy. Normaly this energy comes from the Lindos hormone, though other sources of artron energy can be used as well. Using this energy every molecule in every cell is adjusted, displaced, rearranged causing a complete renewal and healing and consuming the rest of the Energy. Regeneration also restructures the biodata of the subject, thus it could affect the subjects past as well as its future. Regeneration is an exihilerating experiance akin to driving a car very very fast. A blinded Gallifreyan will regain their sight after after a regeneration if the neural pathways controlling his sight are intact. Even damaged synapses are repaired and a Gallifreyan who regenerates after decapitation will grow a new head (that will probably have the same memories as the original). At the first regeneration the nanomachines are programmed to build into the new body a number of improvements and backup systems including a new heart. For this reason the first regeneration is usually the most painful. At the end of the regeneration the comatos Gallifreyan is awakened with by an automatically triggered electroencephallic shock.
It takes about 10-60 minutes for the body to "gel" completely which allows Gallifreyans of New Blood Houses some time to try various forms.
Occasionally two Gallifreyans will end up with bodies that look the same. This has been witnessed on at least 1 (or 2, or 3) occations. This could mean that the looms have only a limited number of bodies stored in their data spirals. The new body will often have a different personality that expresses a different aspect of their fundemental personality. A copy of the previous personality is stored in the memory space for eventual transfer into the Matrix. Each copy is kept "sleeping" in a "room with no doors." The past incarnations often resent being locked away and wish they could have lived longer. Some Time Lords of the first rank can achieve Retro-Regeneration and temporarily summon the skills and personality of a former incarnation. A TARDIS's Telepathic Circuits can help a Time Lord acheive this. While Regeneration often causes temporary memory gaps the new body does have the same memories. However, because of the new personality, he will tend to draw different conclusions from those remembered experiences. While many skills remain the same, it appears that many dexterity based skills need to be "relearned" (at a fairly quick rate) due to the differance in body design. A Gallifreyan's handwriting remains more or less the same throughout all of their incarnations.
Until recently Regeneration was still a relatively risky procedure. While regenerating a Gallifreyan's body might incorporate any foreign biodata it comes in contact with allowing them to change species. Thus a Gallifreyan could regenerate and find himself to be half human. This problem was only corrected within the last several thousand years. Gallifreyans from Newblood Houses have amazing control over there regenerations. This allows them to try on several different genetic templates (and appearances) during a regeneration. This techniquie can be taught with some success to other Gallifreyans. Some are even capable of temporarily shifting their genetic makeup enough to fool some types of gene scanners without inducing a regeneration. It is possible for a Gallifreyan's gender to change during regeneration if they regenerate by commiting sucide. This illegal procedure is known as a Sex Change Regeneration. It is also possible for them to regenerated in an animal like a dog.
Within the first 15 hours of regeneration a Gallifreyan will still have enough risidual cellular energy to regrow a severed body part, such as a hand. The new body part might be designed to prevent what ever caused the loss of the original. Shortly after regeneration Gallifreyans will often experience bursts of superhuman strength and speed while the new body stabilizes. They can also experiance Ambient Complexity which causes erratic and volatile mood changes. Its worth knowning that extreame heat combined with adrenalin can temporaily stabize a newly regenerated mind. In most cases the Gallifreyan's mind will synchroniz properly within 4 days returning their strenght, reflexes, and personality to normal (for their new incarnation). In some cases Post-Regenerative Trauma can cause severe personality instability. Some times in the absence of a Zero Room the subject never sychronizes properly. Both Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerators and Zero Rooms can assist with regenerative trauma and ambient complexity. Anaesthetic can delay or destroy the regenerative process and cause amnesia.
For all these reasons regenerations are usually planned months to years before the actual event. Gallifreyan technology (such as a TARDIS) or assistance is essential to ensure survival during a regeneration especially if the subject has suffered radiation damage. Without technological assistance (such as a TARDIS) a Gallifrey runs the risk of the rengeneration aborting halfway through leaving the subject looking like some sort of multi-limbed monster. It is very dangerous for Gallifreyans who haven't passed First Maturation (ie teenagers) to regenerate. For this reason it is usually forbidden for Gallifreyans to regenerate until they are 500 years old. Some seedy Gallifreyan Cardinals hang themselves to get rid of extra regenerations. This is considered to be a dangerous hobby. For these reasons their's a fair amount of "regeneration politics" among certain factions on Gallifrey. These focus on issues of class, gender, and species. A “Sex Change Regeneration” is forbidden and is considered to be a worse crime then stealing a TARDIS and interfering in other time zones. The standard punishment is for the Time Lord to be locked inside their TARDIS forever. Their only escape is to activate the de-materialization switch with will remove them from History turning them into a neverperson. Public discussions of regeneration among Gallifreyans appears to be similar to sex amongst humans (i.e. not good table manners).
A single body can last over 1000 years but the subject's body will atrophie until he's only a few feet tall and he will require a wheelchair for mobility. Each body is refered to as an "incarnation" or a "life-span." After 12 regenerations the biogenic molecules begin to decay naturally. Gallifreyans are limited to 13 bodies because their minds and bodies can only withstand the strain of twelve regenerations. Each body can last centuries and Gallifreyans only need to regenerated every thousand years or so. However the last few incarnations generally don't last as long as the earlier bodies. If a Gallifreyan suffers a severe enough injury in his 13th body a regeneration will be triggered, but its inevitable failure will kill the subject. Triggering a 13th Regeneration might be the accepted way that Gallifreyan's end their lives. It is possible to "recharge" a regeneration cycle, but this can only be done with the permission of the High Council and requires a massive amount of Artron Energy. It probably involves a Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator. Occasionally a Gallifreyan renews his regenerative cycle by "Jumping Looms" (being reborn into a new Family).
A Sonic Micro-Field Manipulator appears to use the same principles of regeneration only the technology is external to the subject. It can use hypersonic sound waves to create a state of resonance which destablizes the subjects cell structure. A metegenic program can then hack into the subjects genese, manipulate the coding in the protein strands, and program them to regenerate. This technology can also be used to prevent regeneration hyper age a Gallifreyan. It can be built into a Laser Screwdriver to be used as a weapon.
A Distillation Chamber can be used to collect up a Gallifreyan’s lifeforce (and thus steal their future regenerations) if it is applies as soon as the Gallifreyan begin to regenerate.

Technically Gallifreyans are immortal except for accidents.
In practice they choose there final Death Day between 7,000 and 12,000 (usualy at about age 10,000). They often spend the last years leading up to their final Deathday in meditation. All Gallifreyans can force themselves to stay alive indefinitely. When they choose their Deathday, many Gallifreyans have massive ceremonial funnerals (with lots of Remembrance Flowers). Legally all deceased consciousness must be interned in the Amplified Panatropic Computations Network (sometimes known as the Remembrance Garden) of the Matrix. This is done either directly using electrical scans of the brain pattern at the moment of death (or no more then an hour afterwards) or after the fact in cinerary urns. Because of the risk of psychosomatic feedback living brains are never hooked directly into the Matrix. The Lord President is an exception to this but he spends years training for such contact. Gallifreyans can also use 'Soul Catching' to take the 'mind' of someone who is dying. Once in the APC they live on forever. The deceased Gallifreyan's body is entombed in the vaults beneath their Houses where they quickly break down into degenerate matter and then into random molecules. Sometimes this breakdown occurs within seconds of death - though this is very rare.. Under some (not entirely clear) circumstances the disintegration of a Gallifreyan's body can happen within a minute after death.


“The Web of Time could not exist until Rassilon built the Eye of Harmony,
the hitching post of Chronology, that which does not flux nor wither nor change its state.”

-The Doctor

EYE OF HARMONY (aka Rassilon's Star, the Caldera, the Time-Sun, the Black Hole of Rassilon)
Rassilon’s Star was originally a Population III star named Qqaba. Rassilon and Omega used the Hand of Omega to turn this star into a rotating Black Hole. Using Amaranths and Stasis-Halos, Rassilon brought the nucleus of the universe's first Black Hole to Gallifrey. The Eye was stabilized in an eternally dynamic equation against the mass of Gallifrey. This star became known as the Eye of Harmony because it sits outside History and watches the rest of the Universe. The Eye makes up the largest structure on Gallifrey - so large that it needs its own fold in space micro-universe to contain it. This chamber is known as the Caldera and is located under the Panoptican (assembly hall) in the Capitol. Rassilon also created the ebonite rod known as the Rod of Rassilon (sometimes translated as "Great Key") which allows a Time Lord physical access to the Power Mast of the Eye of Harmony. The Caldera itself can be accessed via the Vaults found beneath the Capitol. The Security Codes needed to enter the Cladera change every microspan. If a lesser species was to enter the Caldera they would be killed.
Within the Event-Horizon of the black hole is singularity and a universe of antimatter. All the known physical laws cease to exist here and anyone with a high enough reality quotient and willpower can have god-like powers. Outside the Event-Horizon of the spinning star is an area called the Ergosphere. In this area energy that escapes the singularity’s gravity is accelerated and amplified to almost infinite levels. Rassilon surrounded the Ergosphere with an iron sphere 10 kilometers in diameter. This sphere was mirrored on the inside. Rassilon allowed a light beam to enter the sphere. This light was amplified by the singularity’s Ergosphere, reflected off the mirrored sphere, was amplified again, and so on. Each time the light beam gained energy. A small hole at the top of the sphere releases the amplified light beam. Using transdimensional physics, the Eye was shifted slightly into the future so that the near infinite power of the light beam emerges in a controllable osmotic stream. This process is known as sigularity eversion. After being converted into Artron Energy, the power is ready for use. Atron energy is measured in units called Omegas. This near magical use of superradiant scattering allows the Eye of Harmony to provide energy for all of Gallifrey’s needs (including time travel). The destabiliztion of the Eye of Harmony would cause Gallifrey to turn into antimatter, creating a quasar that would destroy a hundred worlds.
Rassilon created the Great Key of Rassilon (not to be confused with the Rod of Rassilon). This object can be used to power the planetary defense time weapon, the D-Mat Gun. The D-Mat gun is the ultimate Omnicalculator. The Great Key links this quantum computer to the Eye of Harmony. When a target is “hit” by a D-Mat gun its entire timestream (and biodata if sentient) is recorded and then all of history is rewritten so that the only difference between this Universe, and the previous one is the total absence of the target. Objects hit with the D-Mat gun become Never-Objects existing only in the gun’s perfect memory. When the Great Key of Rassilon is used with the Rod, the Sash, and the Matrix Crown the user has direct access to the sum total of Time Lord Power. Only two Time Lords have had access to all of these simultaniously - Rassilon, and The Doctor. To prevent this power from being abused the Great Key of Rassilon is held in secret by the Chancellor. Officially the Great Key is lost and most Time Lords believe that is is only a legend. The Key appears to have the abbility to wipe the memories of its users (as per the wisdom of Rassilon) and it is likely that when a Time Lord ceases to be Chancellor all memory of the Great Key is taken from them.

THE WEB OF TIME (aka History, Time, Causal Nexus)
The Web of Time, within the Space-Time Vortex, was constructed by Rassilon and the Other. The Space-Time Vortex is an atom sized dimension which contains the Web of Time. It when mapped into three dimensions is can look like any of the opening sequences of Doctor Who. The Vortex became a dimension of pure thought with a complexity that borders on sentience (infact the Faction Paradox believe that it is sentient and refer to it the Loa). The axis of the Web of Time is a vast transdimensional Time Spiral that encompasses the universe and serves as a foundation for all points in space and time. Its creation made it much easier for the Time Lords (and any other speices) to travel in time but it also made it much harder for anyone to change history. The Vortex enables Time Travel Capsules to move from Minkowski space and integrate into the fifth dimension. The Observer Theory states that for the changing of history to make any sense their must be an outside observer who watch all of history and sees this change. The Eye of Harmony is that observer. The Eye of Harmony created a Universe of Positive Time by locking down the Web of Time within the Space-Time Vortex. It serves as an anchor for the Continuity and causality of the Universe and probably sits at the exact center of the Vortex. This nexus can be accessed with the Spiral Chamber. While the Time Lords' control of the Weak Nuclear Force (and through it Gravity and Time) extends only to the limits of this cluster of Galaxies, the Noosphere (the range of understanding and data that is defined by a culture's physical, perceptive or comprehensive capabilities) of Time Lord activity is much larger. This Noosphere is known as the Spiral Politic and reaches from around 3500 years after Event 0 (the Big Bang) to the time of the story Frontios (10,000,000 AD) and covers most of Space all the way out to the asteroid hindmost. This forms a temporal barrier to legal Timeship travel. In practice most Gallifreyan Capsules are unable to make it to the edge of knows space without being specially engineered. A similar limit exists on traveling forward in time. But this is further complicated when a timeship reaches the point where the universe ceases to expand and begins to collapse. This is because time works differently after this point. It should be noted that there are areas within the Spiral Politic that the Time Lords can’t observe or penetrate. It is possible that some other power with their own Eye sits in distant future beyond the Time Lord Noosphere.
In order to be connected to all points in space and time the Transduction Barriers shifts the planet outside of the space-time continuum and into its
own Microuniverse of Inner Time. Despite being in Inner Time, Gallifrey is still liked via a real-time analogue to its former location in the Web of Time. Rassilon and Jelen create the Transduction Barriers and installed the machinery that conrols them on level 30, right below the Panoptican. They use delta circutry and probably quasitronics. The Barriers are a 10 dimensonal defense field that prevent atomic sized infiltrations, teleporters, and illicit frequencies, but they can’t stop spaceships from landing. They also allow their primary star's sunlight and gravity to reach them but give the sky a pearly orange color. They block all weapons fire or kamikaze runs. Because of this barrier when one is on Gallifrey one is "outside" of the Universe. Once lowered into place a TARDIS can not breach the Transduction Barriers. The Lord President’s Rassilon Imprimatur and Presidential Code allow him and his TARDIS to pass through the transduction barrier at will. When a Timeship passes through the Transduction Barriers the effect is visible from Gallifrey’s surface. If Gallifrey was every to be attacked the Transduction Barrier would be raised to Factor 5. The Time Lords also use Transduction Barriers in other locations such as TARDIS Neural Construction Docks to prevent the Capsules from escaping.
The Eye (and thus all of Gallifrey) sits at the center of the Web of Time and anchors all of its threads. The Eye was stabilized in an eternally dynamic equation against the mass of Gallifrey. This star became known as the Eye of Harmony because it sits outside History and watches the rest of the Universe. The structure of the whole planet of Gallifrey became a bio-system in which biodata acts as a planet sized receiver and processor of data from the rest of the universe. The Time Lords use the Eye of Harmony's control over the Web of Time and their abbility to manipulate the Weak Nuclear Force and the Force of Gravity to map out every inch of the Universe and define the rational laws upon which it functions. This is probably done using the Skasas Paradigm (aka the God Maker or the Universal Theory) which unlocks how the universe workds, giving the user complete control of the basic building blocks of the universe (time, space, matter). Using the data collected the Time Lords can observe and predict almost any event. In mapping out the Universe they rationalize it and create a permanent version of space-time. Because of this most primative forms of time travel aren't capable of making major changes to History. This Intuitive Revolution destroys Irrationality and Magic. Cacophony (irrationality and magic) is banished from the Universe. This lack of belief might have caused the destruction of dragons, unicorns, faeries, slithy toves, bread-and-butterflies and other illogical creatures. Psionics are the only quasi-magical phenomenon that survives. The Web of Time is the structure that all future races used to build their own histories on. The Time Lords view History (aka the Web of Time) as high-order mathematical structures that can be predicted by powerful computers. These predictions can then be presented in an infinity chamber. The infinity chamber in the Citadel is capable of decrypting the universe and predicting the course of history, however these processes are complex enough to be regard as living beings. Indeed some Time Lords (and all members of Faction Paradox) view history as a sentient being or beings (sometimes called Loa). The Web is capable of affecting the mind's of a Time Lord. In conjunction with the Web of Time, the Eye of Harmony was used to define the physical and temporal laws of the Universe. It also might have been used to influence the evolution of these species so that most resembled the Gallifreyans.
The Rassilon Imprimiture biologically links a Time Lord to the Web of Time, making the foundation of the first four dimensions an integral part of Time Lord biology and culture. This link means that
Time Lords keep history largely unchanging merely by existing. Indeed they are so intertwined with the universe that they are a part of the Laws of Time and Space. Thus only beings with a Rassilon Imprimiture (or a similar biodata) are capable of making significant changes to History. Thus in the Web of Time only Time Lords truely have free will. Unfortuanatly in order to keep the Web of Time stable it is necessary for the Time Lords to be steady and unchanging. This is why all Time Lords are instilled with an ideal of service towards Time. To ensure stability cultural change and natural reproduction are forbidden on Gallifrey. The very idea of Gallifrey having a history of its own is viewed as vulgar and primitive. A single timeship exploding in the Vortex is no danger but the destruction of a fleet of 1700 timeships could rupture the Web of Time permanently. It is unhealthy for even a Time Lord to stand too close to the Eye due to density of strands in the Web of Time.
Whenever another species causes enough temporal distortion to damge the Web an Interventionist (probably the CIA) is sent to prevent the species from causing further damage. If that Time Lord doesn't return then the Time Lords (again, probably the CIA) has that Time Lords personal timeline shut down effectively removing that worlds timeline from history (apparently to be replaced by one where the temporal damage never happend in the first place). T
his prevents the missing Time Lord from being used to damage the rest of the Web. The alternate timelines are attached, in a spoke like pattern, to the Axis, which is located in interdimensional space. The Overseer, from the sideways dimension of Guardus, supervises the Axis. Each of these timeline is trapped in a giant loop. While most of the timelines in the Axis are created by the Time Lords some are produced by other species. By the end of the Universe over 100 billion alternate versions of history will have been created.
It should be noted that the creation of the Web of Time also create Anti-Time - the opposite of the positive time. This timeless shadow of the Web of Time is just as destructive to causality and continuity as anti-matter is to matter. The theory of Anti-Time is viewed as superstition for millions of years.

THE MATRIX OF TIME (aka the Space-Time Amplified Panatropic Computations Matrix, the Matrix):
The Matrix of Time is a vast extra-dimensional panotropic computer network that exists in its own micro-univeres outside of Time and History. It is the essance of Gallifrey and its culture. Its memory system is an eleven dimensional self referential lattice of trillions of neural electro-chemical cells in a continious matrix. These Neural mechanics can processes data faster than the speed of Time. The Matrix is a small part of Gallifrey's Amplified Panatropic Computer Network (APC Net) and stores the memories all dead Time Lords and the personality of hundreds of Time Lords. The first intelligence to be stored in the APC was the Rassilon's. As of The Ancestor Cell there are billions of minds stored in the APC but only a total of only 153,846 full Time Lord minds. The Matrix's purpose is to monitor all events in the Capitol and predict future developments within the Capitol. All Time Lord minds are connected to the Matrix on a basic level via Reflex Link found in their brains. Through the Matrix this Reflex Link connect every Time Lord to the Time Lord Intelligentsia. The Matrix gathers information from the Time Lords and allows Time Lords to telepathically contact each other. This link can be used across space and time. It might also be used to allow the Intelligentsia to access the full Power of Creation. Localized Transduction Barriers can be used to shield a Time Lord form the Matrix. Time Lords who exiled lose the ability to contact other Time Lords across space and time.
The Temporal Scanning Service is responsible for collecting tempographs and monitoring the outside Universe. It is overseen by a sub-committee of the High Council made up of three Time Lords - one of which is a representative of the CIA. The biodata of the whole planet of Gallifrey acts as a planet sized receiver and processor of data from the rest of the universe. With the sum of all Time Lord minds (living and dead) as well as the input from sensors fitted into newer TARDlSes, and data from Time Space Visualisers, the Matrix provides the Time Lords with vast (but not entirely complete) amounts of information about the Universe. Inside the Citadel's Temporal Scanning HQ Time Lords use infinity chambers to map out every inch of the History of the Universe. This information is stored in the Archive Banks. Using this information the Matrix can predict a few billion years into the future. Some events can be predicted with a great deal of accuracy. The more primative information in the Matrix was archived in Phase 1 and 2. The more advanced and recent information was kept in a master file composed of Phases 3,4,5 and 6. The Matrix has a back up of all its records called the Secure Information Dump, which is located in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is the framework beneath normal time - the foundations of History itself. All information is stored on printed books. Their are miles of corridors with each section being allocated to a single Chapterhouse. Many sections have arround 100,000 books. The Labyrinth also includes books written by aliens that were "collected" by the Time Lords. Since the records are located outside of normal time it will remain protected and unchanged even if History is changed. The Labyrinth is maintained by the Minotaur, who is a function or extension of the Labyrinth. This library is connected to every Gallifreyan outpost however a ticket is need to check out a book.
The Matrix requires maintenance (such as the replacement of a transductor) approximatly once every 1000 years. It would appear that only the Inner Council knew much about the Matrix before The Deadly Assassin but afterwards all Time Lords and Academy Students are guaranteed limited access to the Matrix. The Matrix Safeguards automatically wipe any irrelevent info that a user stumbles accross. Every time they access the Matrix they leave a unquie artron imprint. Only the President has full viewing rights through the use of the Matrix Crown (aka the Matrix
Diadem or Coronet). The Matrix has never rejected a President. The Sash of Rassilon that is worn by the President alters his biodata to allow easier access to the Matrix. The President also has the authority to isolate Master Control of the Matrix (ie prevent anyone from accessing it) by charging the transduction field. Most of the access doors to the Matrix are located in the Archive Tower. but the legendary Seventh Door is capable of being summoned to any location by the Key. Another access point can be found in the Vaults. Rassilon created the Key of Rassilon, which allows access to all Doors of the Matrix. This key is entrusted to the Keeper of the Matrix (aka the Matrix Coordinator). Though it is not commonly know the Key can be copied. If a Time Lord has the Key of Rassilon they can interface their TARDIS with the Matrix's thought space. Lord Presidents who physically enter the Matrix dreamscape can leave through any of the other “Doors” to the Matrix. Unlike the Matrix Crown the Key gives someone the abbility to re-write and alter pre-existing information stored in the Matrix. The Matrix is maintained by the Co-ordinator of the Matrix (aka the Keeper of the Matrix) from the APC Control room (in the Archive Tower). He keeps the Key of Rassilon in his posession at all times. The Co-ordinator and his subordinate Matricians use the Matrix to monitor life in the Capitol and record predictions about future events. There is also a Sub-Matrix which handles the basic functions of Capitol, like transductions. There is a little known partition of the Matrix nicknamed the Pandora Partition. This partition stored the Dark Designs (the dark sides of the mind) of the all the Time Lords 'living' in the Matrix. Because of her massive desire for power the Time Lady Pandora (aka the Imperiatrix) rules over this partition. Should Gallifrey be destroyed or retro-annuled the Matrix would continue to survive within its own dimension for 50-60 years. Gallifreyans use datacubes when they need to physicaly transport information. There are rumors among the Time Lords that the Matrix always existed and created the Gallifreyans just so that it would have a point of origin. There are also some Gallifreyans who believe the Matrix controls the Time Lords. The Mother of all TARDISes always existed and created the Gallifreyans just so it would have a point of origin. She believes that she controls the Time Lords.

Rassilon created the Laws of Time during the Time of Legend and insured that they were hard wired into the structure of the Web of Time when the Eye of Harmony was first created. The Kingmaker is the Keeper of the Laws of Time. The Time Lords teach these Laws as Scientific Laws and most (including almost all the Oldbloods) believe them to be such. They learn these laws by rote. These Laws are based on Mason and Aaron Blinovitch's early work in Temporal Physics. There are over 15,000 Laws of Time. Time Lords consider the preservation of History to be far more important than the preservation of life. Some Time Lords realize that the Laws of Time will let you get away with virtually anything if you do it subtly enough. It is technically possible for these Laws to be overturned or revoked, but to do so would destroy Time Lord culture and power.

The Laws of Time
And the Rules Governing Time Lords
from the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey

The Laws of Time give the Time Lords the divine purpose of serving Time itself by maintaining the continuity/history of the fabric of the space-time continuum and the causality of the Universe. They claim that this service is their right because they were first humanoid culture to naturally evolve and see this as providing justice to all species. The Time Lords consider their Constitution to be the Mother of Democracy.

I. No being shall distort History as he knows it. You can't alter the Past. This is the most important Law of the Time Lords. This is a moral as well as legal law.
A. No being shall interact with his own personal history or causal nexus by traversing their time streams.
1. No being shall murder their past self. This is the ultimate violation of the Laws of Time.
No being may come into contact with his past self. The Temporal Disturbances caused when this occurs require tremendous amounts of temporal energy to repair.
3. No Gallifreyan shall meet another Time Lord whose incarnations is out of sync with there own timestream. This prevents damage to space time.
Investing vast sums money in the past and collecting the profit in the future is a minor violation of the first law of time.
5. Sending notes to your past self to give them advice (even if you remember receiving the note) is forbidden.
*Note: Interacting with a person who knows your future isn’t technically breaking the law as long as you don’t take advantage of the person’s knowledge. Limited communications with another Time Lord out of sequence is also not specifically prohibited.
(Also known as the Doctrine of Non-Intervention or the "Golden Rule") No being on Gallifrey or on any other planet shall interfere with the Web of Time (intergalactic history), as it is currently known, no violations of established and predicted quantal events. Observation from within the micro-universe of a TT Capsule or Gallifrey is all that is permited.
1. The History of any person or planet, as it recorded or predicted in the Matrix, can not be chronoformed (the deliberate rewriting/distorting of history) to alter its destiny. This is defined as changing any part of the Web of Time by not less then fifty-three millistates. (this is also covered under Timeline Interferance Resolution 861)
2. All Time Lords shall follow a Doctrine of Non-Interference with Time Unaware races.
3. All Time Lords shall work to prevent Time Aware Races from aquiring Gallifreyan Technology. No alien shall be allowed to spy on Time Lord activities (this is also known as the Golden Rule:).
4. All Time Lords shall work to prevent Time Active Races from damaging the Web of Time. Disturbances of .4 or higher on the Bocca Scale must be prevented.
5. It is forbidden for Gallifreyans and Lesser Species to interbreed.
6. All Time Lords are pledged to prevent alien aggression by Time Active Races, but only when such agression is deemed to threaten the indigenous population of a particular time zone. This includes preventing the Reapers from destorying an entire world because of a temporal paradox.

7. A Time Lord who destroys an entire species forfeits his remaining lives - and thus his title of Time Lord.
*Note: Article 7 was created not to preserve life but to prevent the massive damage to History that genocide would cause.

No being shall participate in the creation of a Temporal Paradox
A. No Time Lord shall use the Power of Creation
1. No Time Lords shall use the Power on a scale that would corrupt Time.

B. No being shall create us a TARDIS to create a Vortex Crisis
C. No being shall create a Grandfather Paradox

D. No being shall cause a Dimensional Paradox by transporting sentient beings from one version of History to another.
E. Timelooping planets is forbidden.

III. The Protocols of Linearity: No Time Lord shall travel into Gallifrey's past.
This prevents anyone from traveling into Gallifrey’s past, and ensures that a Time Lord's personal time is always synchronized with Gallifrey’s time. It also ensures that the Time Lords who encounter each other outside of Gallifrey always meed meet each other in a linear progression along their relative time-streams. Though impossible to travel into the past, it is possible to collect and transport objects from the past to the present. These protocols are not physical laws per say, but rather engineered by powerful Temporal Baffels, Backtime Field Buffers, Temporal Locks and Governing Circuits built into all their time travel technology. A side effect of this law is that other time zones observed by a traveling Time Lord becomes linked with Gallifrey’s time. It should be noted that in Lungbarrow the Doctor took a 3 day side trip from events and returned minutes later. This might be a power all Lord Presidents have. Robert Scarrit will also do this during the war but he has to keep it a secret to avoid punishment.

No Time Lord shall travel into Gallifrey’s future. To do so would be a theoretical absurdity.

Whilst there are any number of Futures beyond the Time Lord Time Parameters (defined by their noosphere) none maybe deliberatly shaped by a Time Lord. Travel beyond the Time Parameters is forbidden - due to psychological affect of watching the heat death of the universe and to avoid the temptation of studying the next universe. The Time Parameters reach from around 3500 years after Event 0 (the Big Bang) to 10,000,000 AD and cover most of Space.

VI. Unauthorized use of a TARDIS carries a mandatory Death Penalty (This might mean they only take one life).
A. It is forbidden to allow non-Time Lords into a TARDIS.

Protocols of Observation: No Time Lord shall interact with his own future.
A. No being may come into contact with his future self.
*Note: It is impossible for a being to see his own future in his own biodata. An attempt to do so will cause the observation to collapse, making the knowledge useless. Losing one's virginity makes it much more difficult (if not impossible) for Gallifreyan technology to read ancestral memories from the subjects biodata.

VIII. No Time Lord shall use time travel for their personal convenience.
*Note: This law of time isn't really enforced and most renegades view it as a trivial.
A. No use of Short-Hops to shorten his personal perception of time. (the Blinovitch Limitation Effect helps prevent violations of this law)
B. No use of Temporal Orbits or “Vortex Drifting” to elongating his personal perception of time.
C. It is forbidden to use time travel to live the same day twice.
D. No using time travel to win at the lottery.
1-6. various etiquettes.

There are articles of emergency power that govern possible alien activity on Gallifrey. They allow the investigation of even the President.
?? Performing TARDIS Interlock (one TARDIS inside another) violates 15,473 different Laws of Time.

?? A “Sex Change Regeneration” is forbidden and is considered to be a worse crime then stealing a TARDIS and interfering in other time zones. The standard punishment is for the Time Lord to be locked inside their TARDIS forever. Their only escape is to activate the de-materialization switch with will remove them from History turning them into a neverperson.

?? Article 17. No Time Lord shall be barred from offering himself as a candidate during a Presidential Election.
Article ?? Elections must be held within 48 hours if a President dies without naming a sucessor
*Note: Inagurations usualy take years to organized.
Article 28 Oblique 12, Clause 3.
Upon a vote of no confidence being a leveled against a president, that president in his or her current regeneration shall be obliged to stand down from office and legislative power shall past temporaily to the incumbent of the Vice-Presidency, to the incumbent of the Chancellorship, or jointly to the members of the High Council in that hiearchical order - which ever is deemed appropriate until an election is called.
*Amendment made by Emergency High Council Session: A President who has been impeached for high treason against gallifrey can not every stand for office.

2. After a journey of 400 years and 12 parsecs a Time Lord is allowed 50 years of rest.


The Kingmaker,

"I swear to protect the Ancient Law of Gallifrey with all my might and main, I will to the end of my days with justice and with honor temper my actions and my thoughts."
-Time Academy Induction Ceremony

THE ACADEMY OF TIME (aka The University, the Time Academy) -
Novices at the Chapter Academies take the entrance examination for the Time Academy while still in brain buffing. If they are accepted then, after 12 years with their Chapter's Academy, they are enrolled in the Time Academy. The Time Academy is a self-contained city annexed to the Capitol. The Academy covers 28 square miles. It has it's own TARDIS cradles. The Academy is deliberately structured so that the students hate being there. This is considered part of the learning process. Initiates at the Academy wear one piece robes that are the colors of their chapter. Initiates live at the dormitories at the Academy unless their houses are nearby. The dormitories are segregated by sex. Pets are not allowed in the dormitories. Students at the Academy have partial access to the Matrix. Most (if not all) of the Time Lord councilors teach at the Academy. The Academy has a Codex of Disciplines that they teach. Students spend a great deal of time chanting their lessons and are always watched closesly while working on a project. All students are trained in detachment. All subjects that don't relate to temporal phenomenon (such as art, culture, and biology) are classified as General Studies. Its possible the operation of Veteran and vintage Timeships is classified as General Studies as students are able to substitute the Life-Cycle of the Flutterwing as an alternative class. General Studies classes are viewed as being less important by the Time Lords. No course in Hydrology is offered at the Academy. They learn to stop their hearts and feign death. A score of 8 out of 10 is a very good grade for a project. Academy students are forbidden to study the later Human Era because it is outside the influence of the Time Lords. The reason for this decree has been lost over the thousands of years of Gallifreyan civilization. They are also forbidden to regenerate until they are 500 years old.
Many Gallifreyans attend the Time Academy, but only a very select few are choosen to become Time Lords.
Symbiotic Nuclie are granted when the appropriate course work has been compleated. With the acceptance of the symbiotic nuclie the Initiates become Junior Grade Time Lords. The education of a Time Lord costs a House a small fortune. Junior Time Lords hoping to reach Apprentice rank much spend some time serving as technicians. Those that don't become Time Lords are doing well if they make it to the 7th Grade. No Gallifreyan student has ever been permanently expelled from the Time Academy. The number of Time Tots accepted is quite limited because (in modern times) there are only 1,000 Time Lords at any given time. Each Chapter can have 100 full Time Lords at any time. The rest are probalby Apprentice and Junior Grade Time Lords. For this reason, despite different ages and different entrance years, all students selected to become Time Lords in a certain millenium will have the same graduation year. There are Data-Extracts of millions of Time Lords on file but as of The Ancestor Cell only a total of 153,846 full Time Lords have been created.
Because the Web of Time has been dependent on the Time Lords for so long, Junior Time Lords are encouraged to think of themselves as forces of nature and history rather than as a people or a living species. They consider their physical nature and needs to be vulgar. Junior Time Lords have limited access to the Power of Creation through the direct link to the Eye of Harmony that their heart (or one of their hearts if a Newblood) provides.
Technically speaking only Gallifreyans who have a Time Travel Capsule hold the title of Time Lord. To acheive full Time Lord status Junior and Apprentice grade Time Lords must undergo numerous challenges (including the Cavern of Infinite Death) and lessons before they travel to Mount Plutarch to meet the Kingmaker. The Kingmaker is the being who is responsible for granting full Time Lord status. The Time Lords guard Time and the Kingmaker guards the Time Lords. For this reason her Powers are independent from the other Time Lords. She is more powerful then any any single Time Lord in existance - though not all of them as a whole. She is the keeper of the Laws of Time and can grant other Time Lords the abbility to safely strip violators of their Time Lord abbilites.
At the Academy a Junior Grade Time Lords will be choosen by a TARDIS.
This ceremony appears to be offered only as set times - probably only once every 1000 years. After the TARDIS has choosen the Kingmaker states "We grant you TARDIS!" and the Time Lord will form a symbiotic bond with the TARDIS giving him access to the Power of Creation.
Students are then tested to see if they can resist the temptation to use their new powers. This means a jorney to Anima Persis where they are confronted by the psychic remains of the planet's former inhabitants. The Junior Time Lord is tempted to use there powers to save themselves from the ghosts. This is a test that all (or almost all) Initiates fail but failure doesn't prevents one from becoming a Time Lord. This is why Academy students learn to "Never talk to the dead."
However in order to graduate to Apprentice Time Lord the student must still pass the Temporal Engineering tests. To be a Time Lord one must learn to predict the movements of the Universe. A Junior Time Lord's score on these tests is often used a way of predicting their future career as a Time Lord. Recieving a Triple Alpha score in Temporal Engineering is very note worthy, where as a Double Gamma (a 51%) is the minimal passing score. Graduation ceremonies probalby occur only once every thousand years. Thus several Junior Time Lords of varying ages would be graduated on the same year. Graduates (without doctorates) can be as young as 125 years old. The students scores for the final exams are kept confidential. Only after graduation Time Lords are allowed to make solo trips in their TARDISes. (Like any Gallifreyan) all Time Lords have a Bio-Data Extract taken and stored in the Archival Office. Time Lord D-Es are color coded by chatper. People who possess a doctorate are greatly honored in Gallifreyan society.
While at the Academy Initiates often play Eighth Man Bound. This extreme 'rite of passage' claims the lives of 15 Gallifreyans every macrosemester. A symbiosonic generator is used, and the student's classmates (called The Inquiry) sit around him and chant his name while the student tries to predict his future incarnations. An Arcalian managed to discover what his first seven bodies but couldn't see his eighth. Thus the Arcalians named the game Eighth Man Bound. Similarly other students with symbiotic nuclie would also play the Perigosto Stick Game. This involves using Time Lord powers to keep a 4-dimensional sphere or cube in motion, without letting it fall back into the normal space-time continuum. This techniquie is called Transmigration of Object and was often done as a party trick, even though it often took hours of preperation. The Cardinals always warn the students that Transmigration of Object damages their biodata.

TIME LORDS (aka Lords Temporal, Lords of Time, Chronarchs, Timeys) - Time Lords (or Ladies) are Higher Evolutionaries who walk in eternity and are the self-appointed guardians of both Time and History. While they are considered to be the oldest and most mighty of the Universe's civilizations the Time Lords view themselves as academicians and observers who are devoted to a life of service to History. They are always on time, for to be late or early for any event is unthinkable. Each Chapter has 100 full Time Lords for a total of 600. Their are also about 400 Apprentice and Junior Grade Time Lords at any given time for a total of 1,000 Time Lords. Of the 1,000 only about 12 are female. Technically speaking only Gallifreyans who have a Time Travel Capsule can hold the title of Time Lord.
Sentients who time travel are thought to have Temporally Active Biodata, because they have the power to chronoform themselves. This means that they truely have free will. All stable forms of time travel require re-writing of the traveler’s biodata. Time travel makes sentients vunerable to the influence of poweful transtemporal beings who exist outside of linear time. These beings will try to force the time traveler to become their agent/servent. It is for this reason any species that wants to become a stable, time-active race must change itself into another species. Gallifreyans who attend the Academies have their Biodata modified (especially their DNA) by anointing them with Time Energies from the Eye of Harmony while they are still Initiates. This alters the Initiate's DNA, creating the symbiotic nucleatides, a fourth helix of DNA, and the other capabilites making the Gallifreyan a Time Lord. Time Lord abbilites can also be added to a subject's biodata by injecting them with Retro DNA serum in the form of a red liquid. The initiates gain the rank of Junior Grade Time Lords at this point. Time Lords are rated human-plus-plus-plus-plus (as opposed to an agent of Faction Paradox which generally only rate a Human-plus status). Extensive exposure to a Time Lord might cause a human to become "infected" with Time Lord DNA in some way. The effects of this would not be obvious to a human.
All Time Lords have Symbiotic Atomic Nuclei which is needed to 'prime' a Time Travel Capsules, form a quasi-symbiotic link with the Capsule, and to prevent the Capsule from molecularly detabilizing in the Vortex. This self-regenerating genetic link in known as the Rassilon Imprimature. They serve a similar function with Time Rings and other transtemporal technology. The atomic nuclei serves as a genetic key to the Vortex. It holds the Dematerilializtion Codes nessecary to create a Molecular Stabilisation System. Without this system a Capsule would be destroyed by the Vortex after several hundred years. The semi-instinctual neural-link between a TARDIS and its operator is almost sexual in its intimacy. Some believe a TARDIS provides a sense of companionship for a Time Lord in much the same way that a husband or wife does for their spouse. For whatever reason, sex is completely irrelevant to most Time Lords. A side effect of the full link is that a Time Lord is constantly sending small temporal waves throughout the Universe that can be used by Gallifrey to track a Time Lords space-time travels. The Nuclei might be located in a Time Lord's hearts. The Symbiotic Nuclei cannot be removed from a Time Lord without killing them. They can be permanently deactivated by the right type of mutagen. Such a deactivation would eliminate a Time Lord's powers and his abbility to regenerate.
The modification causes them to grow a "time brain" (probably connected to the temporal lobes) under the frontal lobes of their brains making them time sensitive and giving them resistance to chrono-instability. An organ in their hypothalamus allows Time Lords to perceive the higher dimensions by reciting the right equations. The abnormalites of a Time Lord's brain show clearly in an X-ray. In all Time Lords have 27 different senses and all but the first five are related to time. The Time Brain processes many (if not all) of these time senses. These senses grow more accute the more times a Time Lord crosses the Time-Fields in a TARDIS. These senses will induce a strong sense of prejudice and revulsion if they detect someone who is immortal because they have become fixed in time and space. They might have their sense of shame psyco-surgically removed. The following is a list of known Time Lord senses.
1. Sight
2. Hearing
3. Taste
4. Smell. Time Lord noses might have "special powers."
5. Touch,
Temperature and Pain
6. Acceleration and Balance:
A Gallifreyan can sense the rotation of the planet he's standing on. Gravity and acceleration dialate the passage of time.
7. Sense of Time: the basic awareness that time is passing which most lessers species have.
8. Magnetoception: Strong magnetic fields give their skin goosebumps. Magnetic fields also cause fluctuations in artron energy.
9. Topographical Sense: They have Time Lord Topographical Sense which allows them to remember any path they have taken (this might work by tracing their own biodata). To use their Topographical Sense they must however remember to store the path they took. Some Time Lords can measure rooms down to the centimeter by eyesight alone.
10. Higher Dimensions: An organ in their hypothalamus allows Time Lords to perceive the higher dimensions by reciting the right equations.
11. The Scent of History: Time Lords can identify familiars time periods by a sense akin to smell. This might be one of the "special powers" their noses have.
12. Crystalization of local History: They can see (though not identify) other peoples time traces allowing them to know if sentient beings have been in the area. They can also measure how crystalized events are in any given time zone.
13. Object dating: They can sense an object's relative age.
14. TARDIS Recognition: They usually can identify TARDISes as TT Capsules regaurdless of their disguse and often tell the Type and general condition of the Capsule as well.
15. Reality Quotient: This allows the Time Lord to get a rough idea any nearby sentient's current reality quotient (assuming its not too low to detect).
16. Reading another's Biodata: A mechanism inside Time Lord Biodata allows them to sense distortions in the biodata of others In other words they can tell when someone's personal history has been altered. In some incarnations this sense is so acute that they can read a person's biodata (such as their future history) just by looking at them. Losing one's virginity makes it much more difficult (if not impossible) for Gallifreyan technology to read ancestral memories from the subjects biodata.
17: Temporal Disturbance Sense: Some of these senses will make a Time Lord dizzy and nausious when exposed to temporal disturbances. The effects of Chronic Hysteresis can reduce Apprentice Time Lords to tears.
18. Paradox Sense: Proximity to a temporal paradox causes them headaches.
19. History Proof: Time Lords are "History Proofed" which gives them superior abbilites to remeber alternate timelines (in most species they are little more then dreams) and can usualy remember previous versions of history books (that they just read).
20-27. Various other forms of enhanced temporal perception.

Depite these senses a Time Lord's understanding of the 4th dimension is mathematical and not instictual. A Junior Time Lord's heart (or one of his hearts if a Newblood) serves as a link (via the TARDIS) to Gallifrey, and the Prime Eye of Harmony in a way that not even the Time Lords totaly understand. This link ensures the Time Lords survial and "integrity" while they travel the Universe. Without this anchoring, a Time Lord who leaves Gallifrey will die in less than 2 centuries. This link provides limited access to the Power of Creation, allowing Junior Grade Time Lords to make minor uses of the power (see below for more info).
While a Triple Helix of DNA is nessecary for a Gallifreyan's regneration a Time Lord's DNA has quadruple helix. The fourth helix is a "fast line" which extends (via a TARDIS) into the fourth dimension and maps the Time Lord into the Space-Time Vortex (the fifth dimension) with Block-Transfer Numbers. Because of this, the Vortex is an integral part of Time Lord biology and culture. Once linked to the heart of space time their TARDISes give them access to the Power of Creation and they are capable of changing their time state by thinking the right Block-Transfer Time Equation allowing them to interact with the deep-level process of the Fourth Dimension. This the greatest of the Time Lord powers and might be related to Quantum Mnemonics or Omega's power of Psychosynthesis. The Osiran Sutekh has enough power to singlehandedly hold of entire time-fleet of War TARDISes and is one of the few beings whose power might exceed all of the Time Lords. However by the year 2966 AD the Sisterhood of the Flame on Karn claim to be the only other race whose mental powers are equal to the Time Lords. This power is such Time Lords who leave Gallifrey (or the micro-universe of a TARDIS) will, just by observing, crystalizes the mimetic structure of local History preventing events from occuring any other way and creating a single continuity. The more time a Time Lord spends traveling in the Vortex the more artron energy they will build up in their bodies. Experienced Time Lords can work apparent miracles by manipulating Time (the 4th Dimension) through their access to the dimension of thought and conciousness that serves foundation of the Universe (the 5th dimension). By focusing on the right time equations they can alter the rate at which they experiance time - allowing them to move with seemingly super human reflexes that can be as much as ten times faster than a human's. They can speed read at a superhuman level and some can write 30,000 words in just over 2 hours. Some Time Lords can (when in the right state of mind) temporairly shift objects (or themselves) out of space, and levitate their bodies. A sufficiently adept mathematical genius can project a temporary block-transfer projection of himself through space and time just by reciting the right equations. Under the right circumstances they might be able to shoot death rays out of their eyes. The power held by a single Time Lord is limited by both the age (or possibly experiance) of the Time Lord, the moral code of the Time Lord, and by the total number of Time Lords in existance at that point. The more Time Lords the more spread out the Power of Creation is and the less powerful each individual is. The Power is dispersed among all the Time Lords to prevent one single Time Lord from taking over the Universe. Using their Reflex Links they might be capable of unifying the Time Lords to use all of the Power at once. It is possible that there unified minds would create a powerful block-transfer processor that could create almost any space-time event desired. If their were only seven Time Lords left it would be possible for an young Time Lord to destroy a starship with a thought. If only a single Time Lord existed he would be able to travel through time and space just by thinking about it and his every movement would alter history whether he wanted to or not. Time Lords keep History (aka the Web of Time) largely unchanging merely by existing. Indeed they are so intertwined with the universe that they are a part of the Laws of Time and Space. They consider is their primary purpose to serve Time. As Higher Evolutionaries, Time Lords have a complex of a pseudo-precognitive powers. Despite superficial appearances the Universe is not random but instead follows a complex four dimensional pattern. Time Lords can see this pattern and thus can predict the future with an astonishing degree of accuracy. They can perceive (in a vague way) the full history of the biodata of others. The Doctor has always had a knack for sensing when evil was present, or telling when society was out of phase or. This could be a Time Lord gift, but if it is its not one that other Time Lords aknowledge.
This Power of Creation should never be used on a large scale. For to do so would be to bend and corrupt time causing damage to the physical laws of the universe The larger the use of the power the more devestating the rips in space-time that form as a side effect. Among the most destructive of these temporal disturbances is the formation of many new black holes and the increase in power of previously existing ones. This damaged might be caused because the alternate universe created by the Power has such temporal momentum that it achieves escape velocity and thus halves the life of the entire universe. The only time a large scale use would be acceptable would be to prevent the power from falling into the hands of a single Time Lord. Time Lords are forbidden to fall in love or develop other strong affections for lesser species because the emotional attachment could cause them to use their terrible powers. If a Time Lord is to interact with lesser species it is recomended they form a series of short shallow short term relationships to avoid stronger attachments.
Because of the danger of using their power the the Laws of Time are built into a Time Lord's genetic
modifications; so Time Lords know them instinctually. These genetic modifications allow them to "think" in 4 dimensions, which is necessary to truly understand the Laws of Time.
If a Time Lord is going to be tempted to break the Laws of Time, the violator will experience severe long term memory problems and some pain, months to years before the temptation. At the moment of temptation the Time Lord will feel large parts of his personality being blocked and disabled. These retroactive responses are programmed into the genetic modifications to make it extreamly difficult for a Time Lord to break the Laws of Time. Once a Time Lord learns to overcome these blocks they become fairly easy to ignore. This is why being beyond the Noosphere fills Time Lords with a powerful sense of unease. Time Lords are programmed to panic if they think that there’s something wrong with the Space-Time Continuum. Minor and major temporal paradoxes give them headaches. In addition to pattern-recognition systems are encoded into the genetic memories of the Time Lords' unborn young they have multidimensional killing responses hidden in their biodata that allows them to fight their ancient enemies from the Time Wars. Their biodata can't be rewritten by an outside source (This might be the second biggest lie in Time Lord History).
When a sentient being meets his younger self the blinovitch limitation effect causes a time differential. Time Lords used to be shielded to the Blinovitch Limitation Effect but the Time Lords removed this shield to stop violations of the First Law of Time. Now, in the case of the same Time Lord meeting a younger version of himself this time differential is shorted out causing an ageing of the biodata of the younger version. This causes the subject to appear much older then actually are. The amount of time differential (and thus the amount of ageing) is dependent on the amount of time that has passes between the two versions. This distortion of the younger version’s biodata will snap back to normal when the source of the time differential is removed.
If released within the Vortex Time Lords trained to used a Vortex-Walking trance can, with the aid of a Vortex Tunnel, travel through space and time under their own power. Some Time Lords have Internal Chronometry abilities. This allows them to know the time down to a nanosecond (the Doctor can’t do this). Other Time Lords have deep-time memory, which allows them to clearly remember the original version of their history even after their personal past has been deliberately changed.
Graduates of the Academy were given Reflex Links in there brains which connect them to the Time Lord Intelligentsia. This link can be used across space and time. A Time Lord would be able to detect the existance of other Time Lords (even if they are slightly out of sync with his timeline). This would allow a Time Lords to know if all the Time Lords in the cosmos had been killed. The right type or Ro Wave broadcasts could be used to hide a Time Lord. The Reflex Link can be used to unify all 1000 Time Lords. This might allow the Intelligentsia access to the full Power of Creation. Time Lords who exiled lose the ability to contact other Time Lords across space and time. They are however still capable of using the Reflex Link if another Time Lord Contacts them.
The dreams of a Time Lord are visions that are free of the shadows of matter. Thus they can provide information about the world outside of the range of their senses and can be premonitions about the future. Some Time Lords get random premonitions of the future while concious. Time Lords who have nightmares (a very rare occurance) or near-death states sometimes make deals with them, sometimes to become their Champions. Prior to a regeneration it is not uncommon for Time Lords to unconciously generate alternate future versions of themselves in a proto-plasmic pupate stage. These beings are called Watchers. The Watchers are insubstantial but can communicate and act on their own. If a Time Lord's mental power are very well developed they can even create a fully interactive stable future incarnation (this is probably a violation of the first Law of Time). These type of projections might be called a tulpa. In either case Watcher will last untill the regeneration occurs. Unconciously created Watchers are very rare but can be caused precipitated by damage to the Causal Nexus. With about 3000 years (or less) of meditation a Time Lord can turn himself into a being of pure energy and move at the speed of light. But this is forbidden by the Dimensional Ethics Committee. Like all life forms that reside in the first 5 dimensions Time Lords are incapable of observing the 6-11th dimensions.

The Dark Side of Time Lord's Mind
The only way most Time Lords can cope with their near infinite power is to be so narrow-minded and dull-witted that they never realize the power they have. The Doctor claims that after living in the Capitol for a few thousand years a Time Lord completely loses their personality. Indeed, in order to keep the Web of Time stable it is necessary for the Time Lords to be steady and unchanging. It is for this reason that culture change and natural reproduction are forbidden to ensure stability. Time Lords are forbidden to fall in love or developing other strong affections for lesser species. It’s possible that Time Lord biodata actually changes and mutates the biodata of lesser species who interact with them. All Time Lords take their responsibility to Time very seriously and know that if there was any danger that they would be used by an alien force to threaten Time then the other Time Lords would shut down the victum's personal timeline and place it in the Axis. For this reason every Time Lord that leaves Gallifrey knows they are considered to be expendable. Because of this, only the most eccentric or arrogent Time Lords will voluntairly leave their homeworld. Time Lords who travel the cosmos regularly are encouraged to take a companion from among the lesser speices to serve as something of a moral concience. A visionary Time Lord is rare and a stable visionary Time Lord is even rarer. Time Lord dementias are much worse then Alzheimers Disease. All Time Lords have a dark side to their minds called the Dark Design. When a Time Lord goes mad a storm of the Dark Design covers their brains. Insane Time Lords are usually quielty locked away in institutions like the Quantum of Solace. It is not unusual for inventive Time Lords to go mad and indeed all the truly great Time Lords went mad: (Omega, Rassilon, Borusa, the Master, Morbius. . . etc). Any Time Lord who has access to the power of the heart of the Vortex would become a vengeful god.
They cease being Time Lords when they have used up all 12 of their regenerations. Retired Time Lords are not permitted to own TARDISes but possilby have the option of living off Gallifrey if they choose. Old Time Lords often get their tenses muddled.
Because the minds (or souls) Time Lords are stored in the APC after death they don't fear death. For this reason Time Lords are expected to face death with dignity. Their bodies are sometimes interned in the Panoptican Vault 30 meters beneath the Panoptican. Time Lord corpses are telepathicaly active due to residual psychic power. If a Time Lord dies within his TARDIS while in his final incarnation his body will fade away as the TARDIS stores his essance. The Artron Energy released into the Vortex by the death of a Time Lord would be enough to drag Earth's moon out of orbit and crash into the planet.

"I grant you TARDIS!"
-The Kingmaker

TARDIS (aka Time And Relative Dimension In Space, Time Travel Capsules aka TTC, aka Timeship):
For my complete TARDIS Technical Index at Whoniverse.com see the link below...



The Capitol and
other domed Gallifreyan city-complexs.

Several Time Lords use the word Gallifrey to indicate the Capitol (and not Gallifrey in general) so the Captiol's real name might be Gallifrey but to avoid confusion with the planet's name it is almost always called "the Capitol."
The Capitol is in the Northern Hemisphere
on the continent of Wild Endeavor and sits in the valley beween snow the capped mountains of Solace and Solitude. These are part of a desert mountain range that stretches to the horizon. The massive Mount Cadon dwarfs the Capitol. The only thing that grows on these mountains a deep red grass. Beneath the Capitol is a volcanic chasm known as the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. The Capitol used to have a harbor (but the lake dried up). The Kasterborus Borealis can be seen from the Capitol, as can Mount Cadon. The Capitol might suffer from a bitter wind from the Northern Lakes.
Its population is at least several thousand and it has the largest concentration of Gallifreyans on the planet. By Earth standards the Capitol is not that large of a city. A large glass dome covers the Capitol. Gallifrey (the Capitol?) smells of cloisters, libraries, vellum, and old exitonic circuitry. Candles are very common. Most of the walls in the Citadel appear to be made of stone with dim green light leaking out from the crakes in the aging walls. Unused corridors are filled with dust. Retina interface technology has virtually replaced all but the most basic manual keyboard interfaces. Most doors and even many TARDIS systems rely on Gallifreyan retinal scans to prime/activated it. All of these retina prints are controled by the APC which holds the Retina Master Print. It should be noted that some of their security systems are telepathically based.
In the center of the Capitol (beneath the apex of the dome) is a structure known as the Citadel (see below). Many of the surrounding towers are helical in design. A small conventional spaceport can be found near the Citadel. Time Scaphs are docked the Scaph Port. Scientific research is done in the Penansulix Scientific Structure. The Parachronistic Chamber (located deep in the Capitol) can regulate time distortions. There are two huge towers in the north of the Capitol named Canoncity and Likelihood. Both of these building are dimensionally trancendental. The tower of Likelihood might be home to the Bureau of Possible Events. Time Lords meet in the Artron Forum to telepathically discuss and exhange points of view. While meeting their excess artron energy is abosorbed and routed to the berething bays to supply TARDISes. Other buildings include the Multidimensional Art Gallery (filled with vast numbers of computer created paintings from thoughout Gallifrey's history), the Capitol Library, the Mortal Coil hospital complex of the Hospitaller-surgeons, Retro-Engineered Spare-Body-Parts Repository, Bureau of Political Advancement, The Temple of Capitol Guilds, and the Office of Public Registry. Only a few of the buildings in the Capitol are dimensionally trancendental. The streets of the Capitol are patrolled by cleaning machines including automated street cleaning mechanisms. All the rooms in the Capitol are numbered (example Room 30007 in the Administrative Complex). Council members use aircars to get around the Capitol.
The 53 story Communications Tower is in Sector 7 (just outside the Capitol).
Beneath the upper levels of the Capitol is MidTown which has a multi-dimensional art gallery. Half a mile beneath the Capitol is the foundations of the Capitol, the remains of the original Capitol, and LowTown. Low Town is the society of poor that has formed in the foundations of the Capitol. The Vaults are the chambers that date back to the Old Time that serve as a foundation to the Capitol. The Vaults hold the power couplings for the eastern part of the Capitol, a flucutatiing access point for the matrix, the once regal Pazithi Cloisters and the Main Water Pumping Station. The last is off limits to unauthorized personnel, even Time Lords. The Nostrom Cloisters in the lower levels serve as a presidential bolt-hole. Hidden in the lower levels a shrines dedicated to the cult of Rassilon the Vampire. Buried deep underground are fallout shelters and Catacombs whose total length (if arranged end to end) would exceed the diamater of Gallifrey.
The Transtube carriages (or trains) are used for transport from one city-compex to another on Gallifrey. They look a bit like Earth subways. The cities of Gallifrey are filled with spires, temples, and cathedras. Olyesti is one of the Three Minute Cities in the East. Prydos is an old city built on an artificial mound in great plane. Imports from all over the galaxy (and from any point in time) can be found for sale at Prydos. Its streets are paved with mosaics which present the history of the city. Transmats are used to reach the Houses. Gallifreyan transmats can not transmit through leathal levels of Ion Flux. Gallifreyans also use skimmers to travel. They are shaped like longboats with carved dragons in the back. They can fly and have sophisticated forcefields to protect the crew. They are computer controled or an organic pilot can fly the ship from below decks. The golden sails can be deployed to absorb energy to power the ship. Skimmers are considered obsolete transportation. Transmats are prefered. The idea of using an animal as a beast of burden is completely alien to their culture. Most Gallifreyans (and all Time Lords) never venture into the wildernes of the Outer Gallifrey unless they wish to become outsiders.

The Citadel of the Time Lords
In the center of the Capitol (beneath the apex of the dome) is a turquoise colored hour-glass shaped structure known as the Citadel. Rassilon designed the fortress-like Citadel and this is where all the Time Lords live. Though it towers over the other buildings its exterior isn't large enough to allow 1000 Time Lords to live in comfort. It's interior is dimensionaly trancendental and has at least 119 levels. Level 31 of the Citadel has the Panoptican (which holds the Power Mast of the Eye of Harmony).
Inside the Citadel, on level 31, is the Panoptican. The dimensionally trancendental Panoptican is so vast that it has its own weather systems and takes an hour to cross on foot. It has six black stone statues of Gallifreyan heroes - one for each College. Rassilon's was in the North, while Omega's was on the south side of the room. There was a competition to see which College could build the biggest statue. This bankrupted the Scendeles College. There is a 6 sided debating chamber with an access point to the future Eye of Harmony located in the center of the room. The walls are covered with seats the ascend into the darkness.
Level 31 of the Citadel also houses the controls for the Transduction Barriers and the Quantum Force-Fields. The Presidents Office is on Level 5. A Time Travel Embarkation Port can be found on Under-Level 15. Traffic Control is one of the highest security-rated rooms in the Citadel. The Citadel also houses the Panoptican Archives, and the Temporal Scanning HQ. There are 363 white towers arrayed in a circle around the Presidential Wheel. A famously effective polygonal Zero Room can be found in the basement of the Junior Senate Block. The Chanceller Guard work in the Jasdisary Building (90 stories tall, rotates every 58 minutes) which is attached to the Citadel. Within the Citadel's Jasdisary Building is the Security Compound where Security Control and the Obliette Suites are located. The luxurious Oubliette Suites are where prisoners are held (if they aren't sent to Shada). Time Lords appear to use the brass like Machenite as the building material of choice for the interior of important rooms.
During the Time War the following levels can be found beneath the Capitol.
4th Circle: Tactical envisioning and clairaudient intelligence
5th Circle: Perceptual warfare
6th Circle: Extra-sensory camouflage
7th Circle: Primary evolutionary and terrorogical research
8th Circle: Deep Level Conference and Bunker facilities
Lowest Circle: The War Room where the War Council of the Great Houses meets.

"Tradition, Obedience, Honor, Understanding, Loyalty, and Respect"
-The Philosophy of Gallifrey

THE HEAD OF THE PRESIDENCY (Lord President of Gallifrey, President of the Supreme Council, the Inheritance of Rassilon) -
The Lord (or Lady) President rules Gallifrey. The Head of the Presidency is seen as the physical manifestation of the Laws of Time and is entrusted with many of Gallifrey’s most closely guarded secrets, including Jasquig Records, the War Perceptives, the Cavox Imperatives, and the Oubliette of Eternity. The President is the only Time Lord that knows that the Time Lords are directly answerable to the Gaurdians. It is likely that the President knows that Omega survived the detonation of Quaba. The President of the Supreme Council of Gallifrey and all of her Dominions, has the obediance of all Colleges, is the holder of the Wisdom of Rassilon, Guardian of the Legacy of Omega, and probably the Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the Laws of Time, and Protector of Gallifrey. Like the Chancellor, the President is addressed as "Your Excellency." The President is the Preserver of the Matrix and holds the Matrix Crown which allows him direct access to the entire Matrix and its predictive abilites (though its use is quite stressful and thus reserved for corenations and emergencies). Once they don the Matrix Crown a President becomes part of the Matrix. The President wears the Sash of Rassilon on ceramonial occassions and carries the Rod of Rassilon. If the President was to have access to the Great Key they would have unlimited access to the Power of the Time Lords and have complete access to all the different Universes. The President has direct control over all aspects of Gallifrey's defenses, however the CIA can override him. The first time they put on the Sash of Rassilon they are altered to become Biodata Ultra-Aware, which allows them to predict and manipulate biodata in a way no other Time Lord can. It also helps them interact with the Matrix. Up until Arc of Infinity the Presidential Code was 4544553916592.
Approximately every thousand years the Time Lords would deliberately loom a collection of potential leaders, one of whom would become the next Lord President of Gallifrey.
Each President has the right to name his successor. This is usually done at a Resignation Ceremony when reading the Resignation Honours' List. However under Artical 17 of the Gallifreyan Constitution any Time Lord can declare himself a cannidate during an election. All Presidents are elected, however it is traditional to always elect the successor named by the previous President. 50 Members of the Chancellery Gaurd will be present for a Presidentian resignation. Should a president step down without naming a successor an election must be held within 48 hours. All voting for a presidential election occurs in the Capitol (this might mean that only the Time Lords get to vote for the President). Despite the urgency to decide upon a President-Elect it normally takes years to plan and assemble a Presidential Ordination. Presidential Ordinations and other formal ceremonies such as the appointment of a Chancellor are lead by Gold Usher (also known as the Dromeain Archibaptirx). At all such appointments Gold Usher will rap his staff down three times. Once for wisdom, once for honor, and once for tradition. Computers paint pictures of every Presidential Ordination. It is tradition for a new President to forgive political prisoners as his first act in office. The current President can not be but on trial But Presidents can be removed by a vote of no-confidence from the High Council. After a certain amount of time (at least 900 years) President's face mandatory retirement. Ex-Presidents appear to retain the right to access the Matrix's predictive abbilites and call for Presidential Inquirys. As of President Flavia there have been 412 Presidents of Gallifrey.

The Inner Council

The Inner Council is made up of the Lord President, the Lord High Chancellor of All Gallifrey (Vice-President) who serves as the administrative head of the goverment, and the High Cardinals. Like the President, the Chancellor is addressed as "Your Excellency." The Chancellor is appointed by the Supream Council and ratified by the President. For this reason the Chancellor is always a member of the same Chapter as the President. The Chancellor also oversees the Castellan and the Watch. The Constitution states that the President cannot give orders the Chancellor. The Vice-President is responsible for representing the President to other Time Aware Races, and coordinating the Watch and the CIA. Traditionally the post of Vice-President was seperate from the post of Chancellor, however in the modern era the Chancellor also handles the powers Vice-President. Together these 5 represent the most powerful of the Great Houses of Gallifrey. During Emergency Sessions, they can override the President's authority with a unanimous vote. Despite the various elections and appointments, the Houses represented on the Inner Council rarely change. It is very rare for any Newblood House to be represented on the Council.

The High Council

THE HIGH COUNCIL (aka The High Council of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, Ruling Houses) - The High Council is composed of 15 Councillors including the Inner Council members. Below the High Cardinals are the six Prime Cardinals (one for each chapter), and the Cardinals. They are are made up of the Inner Council and the 10 longest serving members of the Supreme Council. They can be removed by a 1/3 petition by all the Time Lords. A sub-committee of the High Council overseens the Temporal Scanning Service at Temporal Scanning HQ. The Honorable Central Population Directory is another sub-committee that is under the direct control of the High Council (thus they control the Looms). Later the positions of Keeper (aka Coordinator) of the Matrix, and Castellan (commands the Chancellory Guard and the Watch) were made non-voting members of the Council. Since Castellans aren't always Time Lords this is the only way a non-Time Lord can serve on the Council. The positions of the Chancellor and the other High Cardinals are ratified by the other members of the High Council and confirmed by the President. They usually meet in the High Council Chamber of Congress. It is rumored that 2/3rds of the High Council has been bribed or blackmailed by the CIA.

THE SUPREAM COUNCIL (aka the Council, the Parliment) - These Councillors are the Supream Guardians of Gallifreyan Law. Without a President the Supream Council techncially can not ratify anything. However this law has been known to be deliberately overlooked. Their combinded mental powers allow them to take mental control of any Time Lord (even ex-presidents). The number of Councillors of the Supream Council varies. Traditionaly the current President's Chapter will be the most well represented Chapter on the Council. Below the Cardinals are the Chapter Cardinals (who lead the Chapters), Under Cardinals, and Junior Cardinals. Chapter Cardinal do not serve on the High Council. The Surgeon-General is a member of the Supream Council, as is the Castellan. Membership is confered by petition of 1/3 of the Time Lord community. It is very rare for a Time Lord to achieve a rank higher then Junior Cardinal in less then 2000 years. They remain Councillors unitl they retire, die, or are removed by the President or 1/3 vote of the Time Lord populace.

The Time Lords

LORDS TEMPORAL (aka the Time Lords, Lords of Time) - Each Chapter has 100 full Time Lords for a total of 600. Their are also about 400 Apprentice and junior Grade Time Lords at any given time for a total of 1,000 Time Lords. All are graduates of one of the six Time Academies. (For more info see the Time Lord entry above). THE CIVIL SERVICE - Ranks that can be held by Non-Time Lords iinclude Castellan, Ordinal-Generals, Ordinals. It should be noted that plebeian non-Time Lords are not bound by the color coding of the chapters with respect to dress.

ORDINAL-GENERAL (aka Auld Mortality) -
The title of Ordinal-General is given to the Gallifreyan who has been chosen to become the next Auld Mortality after his final Deathday. When he dies, his spectral form take on a ghostly form and becomes Auld Mortality. This dark spectral presence haunts the current President of Gallifrey, reminding him that life and power is fleeting and that this death is certain. Computers paint pictures of every Presidential Ordination. Auld Mortality can be seen lurking in the shadows of each of these pictures. Ordinal-Generals have no staff, and no office. The existence of Auld Mortality is known only to the Head of the Presidency.

Time Lords

THE CHAPTERS (aka the Six Cardinal Colleges) - Gallifreyan society is organized into six Chapters or Colleges. These Chapters are politico-economic factions (or clans), each of which is represented on the High Council by at least one Cardinal Prime. The six chapters are based on the six founders of Gallifrey: Rassilon (Prydon), Apeiron (a warrior), Omega, the Other, Pandak the First (Second President) and possibly Vanderkerian. Each Chapter has 100 full Time Lords for a total of 600. Their are also about 400 Apprentice and Junior Grade Time Lords at any given time. Each Chapter has a Chapterhouse. Gallifreyan customs forbid a person changing alligences to another Chapter. Time Lords can give their words as either a Time Lord or as a Prydonian. Such oaths are taken very seriously. Gallifreyans who become Investigators for the CIA loose all rank and connection to their colleges.

*Prydon Chapter: The Prydonians wear scarlet and orange. They are known to be plotters and decision makers. This Chapter holds the most politically powerful Houses and for this reason
receives more advanced Rassilon Imprimaturs than the lower chapters. The Prydon Chapter has producted more Presidents then all the other Chapters combinded. This Chapter was founded by Rassilon.

*Arcal Chapter: Arcalians wear green and brown robes. This is the second most powerful chapter and for this reason receives more advanced Rassilon Imprimaturs then the lower chapters. Arcalians are known for always siding with the winning side of any political debate. Arcallians dislike interacting with the outside universe and rarely leave their TARDISes. There is an Arcalian Council for Temporal Research.

*Patrex Chapter: The Patrexes wear Heliotrope robes.
The Patrexes are an order of artists aesthetes who see artistic value in everything (even pain and suffering). But they lack any true imagination and are minor players in Time Lord politics. The Patrexian Numbers serve as a numerical base to everything they create. They are know for obsessively catologing everything. One of the duties of the Patrexians might scanning into the future as far as was possible. Practically everything they create is beutiful but pointless.

*Cerulean Chapter:
Their colors are a subdued light blue and they have little political power. Probably Green in policy. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.

*Drome Chapter:
The Dromeian colors are probably silver-grey and they have little political power. Probably similar to Social Democrats. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.

*Scendeles Chapter: Their colors are quite subdued and they have little political power. This chapter is made of either academicians or bureaucrats.

The Time Lords are pledged to uphold the Laws of Time and prevent alien aggression where the indigenous population
(and the Web of Time) is threatened. They also protect lesser species from Time Active races. Time Lords use the Kardashev Scale to rate species. Type 1 Civilization controls all the resources of their planet. Type 2 have control of their star system. Type 3 have control over a complete galaxy. And Type 4 Civilizations have control over the fundemental forces of the entire Universe. Type 1, 2, and 3 Civilizations are usually termed “Lesser Species” while the Type 4s are often referred to as Higher Evolutionaries. It should be noted that many Type 3 Civilizations have enough power and resources to pose a small amount of risk to a Type 4 Civilization. The Interventionist organizations are responsible for protecting history from such speices. They also carefully monitor other species research into time travel and act to prevent unauthorized time travel. The CIA was originally formed to deal with minor issues that the Time Lords viewed as being beneath them, but they eventualy grew to be a very powerful organization. The CIA is the most influential of the interventionist movement and believes that the Web of Time should be adjusted whenever it suits the needs of the Time Lords. Their moto is "They story changes, the ending remains the same." (ie you can do what ever you need to as long as recorded history remains the same). Their HQ is located in the Citadel Constraint Block and is sometimes refered to as Gallifrey Central.
The CIA is obsessed with titles and positions. Though the President is the nominal head the effective leaders of the Agency is the Tribunal (also know as the Dark Council). Unbeknownst to even the Tribunal, the CIA is secretely controled by the Matrix Lords (Rassilon, Morvane, and Bedevere) from within the Matrix. It is rumored that 2/3rds of the High Council has been bribed or blackmailed by the CIA (the Doctor believes it's more like 1/2). The Tribunal is made up of the First (also known as the Director), Second and Third Speakers. The Allegiance Command Cell is a branch of the CIA. The CIA numbers its investigators. The higher the number the higher the rank of the Investigator. Under-Assassin is another title. Once they imprison someone not even the President can overtrun the judgment. CIA Investigators loose all traditional rank and connections to their colleges when they join. CIA robes are simplier than other governmental robes and usually either gray or black. However their bio-data extract will never mentions that they are affiliated with the CIA. They appear to join until their final death day. The TARDISes used by the CIA's Field Agents have enhanced Recall Circuits and remote self-destruct systems. To insure the existance of back up copies, top secret message sent from Gallifrey to agents are routed through the TARDIS closest to the receiver (they are of course encoded). They are equiped with details histories, complete wardrobes, false identification, documents of authority (including Psychic Paper), and curancy for various temporal nexus points. Many agents celebrate being able to eat various foods from the outside universe.
The CIA prefers conspiracy and manipulation to open confrontation. Their agents are trained in the Smallest Effective Change Principles. The CIA has been known to change history by manipulating the genes of a race by having their agents interbreed with various races. This is done to direct genetic drift between one biosystem and another or to reduce their aggressiveness. Despite this they can delete entire planets without leaving Gallifrey and even have the ability to freeze time on Gallifrey. Because of this, the CIA belives that Time Lords should always present themselves as Gods to the lesser species.

Organization founded by President Morbius and based at House Ixion. It was tasked to ensure Gallifreyan culture survived, but tended to be radically proactive in carrying out this goal. It viewed all historical records as suspect and trusted only what they could directly sense and comprehend. The Order was led by Chatelaine Thessalia, had about 170 members and access to 4 TARDISes. Its members were malcontents from larger Houses who were combat trained by the Order. Despite this training most of their duties were administrative. The elite guard wear black and gold instead of the usual red. The CIA eventualy assumed all the responsibilites of the Order.

The Chancellery Guard

THE CHAPTERHOUSE GUARD (aka Chancellery Guard, the Watch)- The Watch represents Gallifrey’s only real “army" but really serves as the police force for Gallifrey. It is made up of Gallifreyans from servitor-classes houses. Some (if not all) of the guards are Time Lords. All off the officers attend an Academy and are trained to resist the mind probe. It is possible for a House to buy their members commission in the Chancellery Guard. The guards who protect the Capitol have all had more then two centuries of experiance. Each Chapter maintains its own branch of the Watch. Each branch of the Watch is lead by a Commander who reports to the Castellan. The Castellan (aka the Magistrate) is head of Gallifreyan security but is not always a Time Lord. He is selected by the Supream Council and serves on the Inner Council. The Watch are supervised from Security Control. Besides security the Castellan's other duties include ensuring the maintance redecoration of the Citadel. Even the need for a constabulary force is limited and the Watch’s main purpose is ceremonial. They are the only ones allowed to carry deadly weapons in Capitol. Most if not all Gallfreyans and Time Lords believe Gallifrey to be a just and fair society and citizens have no real desires or needs. Thus Gallifrey has very little crime and the Watch has little combat ability. Most lack any real fighting skills. The Watch can use torture on murder suspects but needs special authority to use the Mind Probe. However under Romana's Presidency both torture and the Mind Probe were made illegal. Time Lord trials and inquires don't have juries, but they do have members of the court who act as bailiffs and witnesses. The Cardinal-Judge (or Inquisitor) is the only one who can call witnessess. The Valeyard is the learned court prosecutor. In Gallifreyan courts the accused can be held responsible for actions and statements that the Matrix predicts that he will make in his future.

Punishments authorized by the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey
"We but administer. You are imprisoned not by this Court, but by the power of the Law"

Temporonic Biodata Tag (received by all convicted criminal Time Lords)
- A biodata tattoo in the form of a serpent dragon on their right arm
- This tattoo is
keyed into the subject's entire biofield and links them to the courts though his own biodata strands.
Mind Block (blocks specific memories or skills using chemicals that break down memory acids)
Exile from Gallifrey without a fully functional TARDIS
-A common practice often viewed as being worse then death.
-Often used for Time Meddlers (minor violations of the Laws of Time) and violent criminals who refuse to become outsiders or hermits.
-Always accompanied by a Forced Regeneration.
Forced regeneration (probablly regarded as a type of death sentence)
-Considered to be a punishment for relatively minor crimes
- For conduct unbecoming a Time Lord??
-Mandatory punishment for unauthorized use of a Time Capsule.
Indefinite Imprisonment in their own TARDIS
- The standard punishment for a “Sex Change Regeneration” (considered to be a worse crime then stealing a TARDIS and interfering in other time zones).
- The subject's only escape is to activate the de-materialization switch with will remove them from History turning them into a neverperson.

Biodata Amendment (to make someone less curious)
-Used for aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords
Biodata Amendment (to confiscate or transfer future incarnations)
-Reserved for major violations of the First Law of Time.

-A Time Lord who destroys an entire species forfeits all his remaining lives.

Execution by Vaporisation (via a Warrent of Termination and a Dispersal Chamber)
-High Treason and assination of a President are both punishible by vaporization
-Major violations of the 1st Law of Time (such as aggravated temporal interferance) are punished by vaporisation.

-As of Arc of Infinity Morbius was the only Time Lord to be executed.
-The remains of the criminal are dispersed through time and space to the nine corners of the universe and all records of the Time Lord's existance are deleated.
Sentenced In Perpetuity to be frozen within Shada, an Oubliette, or a Phantom Sun
-Used on criminals (regaurdless of species) whose existance is viewed as a threat to Gallifrey.
-Used on being taht went places forbidden by the Time Lords or discovered information forbidden by the Time Lords.
Time Looping a planet (reserved for punishing an entire race)
-Used on species that attempt to violate the Laws of Time.
Unhappening from History (using an Omnicalculator such as D-Mat gun or the Oubliette of Eternity)
-As this punishment is a violation of the First Law of Time it is only enacted in secret by the President of (more often) the CIA.
Used for aliens who are caught spying on the Time Lords. Time Destruction (a painful method of execution)???

Junior Senate, Council of the Great Mother, Bureau of Loomographic Records, Causal Archive Record Office, Matrician Bench of Ordnance Surveyists, Brotherhood of Kithriarchs, and a Space/Time Accessions Bureau. The Central Office of Temporal Observation. Hospitaller-surgeons handle medical issues.

Each Chapter is organized into several Houses. Each House has one loom with a uniquie genetic core to loom its cousins. The Looms are held in the loomshed of the a physical house. These houses are sentient and the oldest living thing on the planet. Members of each house have minor variations in abilities. Under the Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, a member of any House can give up the protection of their House and become the Kithriarch of a new House with a new Chapterhouse and Loom. The founder of a new House carries the title Grandfather. A new loom probably takes over 11 years to produce its first loomling. A Renegade Time Lord traditionally renounces his name and his house.

FOUNDING HOUSES - Of the many Houses there are five or six Founding Houses that date all the way back to the Dark Time. These Houses command significantly more respect than later ones.

House of Fordfarding:

House of Blyledge:
The House of Blyledge was ancient even before the time of Rassilon. Blyledge is one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. The House of Blyledge is an angular small dark building that is older than the hill it sits on. It has a walled garden of silver trees in its center and is within visual sight of the Capitol. Family members often wear blue clothes and thus the House might be a member of the the Cerulean Chapter.

House of Jadedreamers:
One of the Houses that predates the Intuitive Revolution. Some of its family were members of the Sisterhood.

House of Lineacrux:
The least active of the Founding Houses, known only for their expertise in Gallifreyan history and laws. All of its cousins have the appearance of extremely old and senile Gallifreyans who passively observe society around them. In fact the Lineacrux cousins at some of the most powerful and influential members of Gallifreyan society. Their decrepit appearance is merely an act designed to lull others into ignoring them. They observe and (when consulted) offer their opinion in almost all gatherings of Gallifreyan society.

OLDBLOOD HOUSES- The oldblood houses are the Founding housese plus the houses created by Rassilon after the Intuitive Revolution.

House of Arpexia:
The cousins of this house are Gallifrey’s only scientific fundamentalists. They place great faith reason and logic as the solution to all problems and shun emotion. They have been conducting research for research’s sake for millions of years. This house was responsible for the unstable Babels. They’ve produced many experimental Time Travel Capsules over the eons, but their technology tends to be over complicated.

House of Catherion:
An now extinct House whose chapterhouse is looked after by a caretaker line.

House of Scarlet:
Almost certainly a Prydonian House.

House of Brightshore:
A Prydonian House

House of Dellatrovellas:
One of the oldest and most powerful Houses. Time Lady Serenadellatrovella was a cousin of this house.

House of Ixion:
This House is located on the edge of the civilized portion of Gallifrey next to a mountain range. Its original Family left during the first Diaspora leaving only a line of caretakers to watch after the House. Millions of years later Morbius chose it as the Headquarters for the Order of the Weal and made one of the caretakers, Chatelaine Thessalia, head of the organization. Its “cousins” were malcontents from larger Houses who were combat trained. Despite this training most of their duties were administrative. They Loom of Ixion was never used but rumor has it that they tampered with other House’s Looms to produced mutants and renegades.

House of Lungbarrow
pictures by
Daryl Joyce

House of Lungbarrow:
This Oldblood House was founded in response to the curse and became one of the original five founding houses from the time of Rassilon. The crest of Lungbarrow is two silver leafed trees whose branches reach over and intertwine. 45 cousins are allotted to the house of Lungbarrow. For the most part no Family members come to the House of Lungbarrow, except for Loomings and Tombings. In the last several thousand years it has fallen from favor, with its highest-ranking member holding a title of Ordinal General. About 350 years after the looming of the Doctor, the House was deleted from History for exceed its Loom Quota. It was reinstated 673 years later. The House of Lungbarrow is in the Prydon Chapter. The Lungbarrow Chapterhouse located in the Southern Mountain Ranges, two days walk from Rassilon's Rampart, and overlooks the river Cadonflood. A forest of silver leafed trees stretch from the House to the river Cadonflood at the base of the valley. The House sits halfway up Mount Lung on the west side. The river right next to the Hermits home floods frequently (this might be Cadonflood?). Southern Gallifrey is considered quite wild and beutiful, but does occationally suffer blizzards.
A partial list of the Lungbarrow Cousins
The Doctor

Quencessetianobayolocaturgrathadeyyilungbarrowmas (Ordinal-General and 422nd Kithriarch),
Satthralope (Housekeeper),
Glospinninymortheras ( Cellular Eugenics (CIA?)),
Rynde (Epicural Overseer),
Chovor (the Various),

Irving Braxiatel claims to be a brother of the Doctor.
Owis was the Doctor's Replacment after he was disinherited.

House of Mirraflex:
A minor oldblood House that produced most of Gallifrey’s generals, enforcers, and strategists. Its cousins are known for being aggressive and ruthless defenders of the Laws of Time. They have nothing but disdain for the Lesser Species. Their Loom was known for being particularly versatile. The House was founded by General Mirraflex after the beginning of the Eternal Wars, who structured it as an esoteric martial lodge.

House of Nechronmancy:
Nechronmancers don’t believe in the passage of time and don’t acknowledge their gender or their names. They’ve deleted most of the records of their House and are viewed as pariahs among Time Lord society. They are capable altering time states in ways that would be impossible for any other Time Lord. During the War these deep engineers collected Highest Entropy Matter (HEM) from dead time states (where the universe had reached thermal equilibrium and history/time has ceased to flow).

House of Stillhaven:
A Prydonian House.

House of Wildthyme:
A House in the mountains of Southern Gallifrey.

House of Effeston
Romanadvoratrelundar is custodian of this House.

NEWBLOOD HOUSES - There are very few Newblood houses (relative to the Older Houses) and their cousins tend to be quite eccentric. All of them were founded no more than 10,000 years before the Doctor was loomed.

House of Dvora (aka House of Devouring Hounds):
The first of the Newblood houses, House of Dvora was created 10,000 years before the looming of the Doctor. Their Cousins view themselves as destined to publicly lead and control.
Dvora is the only Newblood House whose power equals the Five Founding Houses. They are ruthlessly practical and open to using violent methods, but strive to appear impersonal and passionsionless. They have seven elite operatives who undertake secret missions for them. Originally part of the Patrex chapter they later became Prydonian.
Cousins include:
Morbius. Romanadvoratrelundar, is inheriter of the House of Dvora.

House of Heartshaven
Probably a House that was spawned out of House Dvora. Cousins include: Romanadvoratrelundar.

House of Oakdown:
This Newblood House is a member of the Prydon Chapter and is one of the most respected and noble Houses on Gallifrey. This House produced the Master. Its estates were located on Mount Perdition, many of which were covered in red grass..

House of Paradox:
This House conducted illegal experiments on Non-Linear Time. The Grandfather also begins to experiment with lesser species reproductive methods and begins wearing the armor of Yssgaroth Time Lords. It was reformed into Faction Paradox and exiled from Gallifey,.

House of Tracolix:
A minor Newblood House that is known for subtly trying to exploit every change that occurs in Gallifreyan society. They are arrogant, reckless, and ambitious. Their willingness to follow any passing fashion gives their cousins more versatility then those of other Houses.

House of Xianthellipse:
A minor Newblood House known for its understanding of biology and biodata. It is not a member of the Prydon Chapter (i.e. never wears scarlet).

CARETAKER HOUSES - Below the Time Lords are the Plebeian Classes (non Time Lord). This ancillary staff and their families live in the rest of the Capitol. They are Watch guards, technicians, artisans, cleaners, engineers, cooks, and musicians. MidTown is between the Capitol and LowTown. Low Town is the society of poor that has formed in the foundations of the Capitol. The Low Towners call Time Lords Timeys while the Gallifreyan elite refer to New Age Time Lord dropouts who live in Low Town as Shobogans. These Houses are ruled by a Chatelaine. There are between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans.

House of Redlooms:
The Prydon Newblood House of Redlooms has been producing military Ordinals who serve in the watch for a very long time. It is a family of loyal mavericks who have defeated a dozen Time Lord traitors.

An Outsider

OUTSIDERS - Some Gallifreyans and even some Time Lords reject technology entirely and live in the wilderness of outer Gallifrey hunting and growing their food.

Because it is located in Inner Time Gallifreyans measure local time according to the Time Band. Gallifreyan seconds, minutes,
years are indentical to the ones used on Earth. A Gallifreyan month is probably equal to 27 days. Gallifrey time is told in 18 hour days. 9 hours of daylight and 9 hours of night. The length of the hours are dependent on the season and location. The passage of hours is marked by the ringing of bells. The number of rings denote the hour. Some Clock have 12 divisions. 48 hours is division of time that is often used. A Gallifreyan Cycle is approximately 23 years. They also used micro-spans (which is also used by the Sisterhood). One micro-span probably equals 200 seconds. Time Lord watches can synchronize themselves to the local time instantaneously (use the same technique as the translations systems). The watch face morphs to match local time keeping conventions. These watches are standard equipment for field operatives.

nano-span = .2 seconds
micro-span = 200 sec (3.3 min)
milli-span = 55.6 hours (2.3 days)
centi-span = 23 days
span = 6.3 years
kilo-span = 6341 years

Transduction Barriers separate Gallifrey’s continuity and history from the rest of the universe by locating it in a Micro-Universe outside of Time. Thus when you are on Gallifrey, you are in Inner Time, "outside" of the Universe. In addition to this, its past is protected by powerful Temporal Baffels, Temporal Locks and Governing Circuits built into all Gallifreyan time travel technology.
NOTE: Greyjan was the shortest serving President in Gallifreyan history, serving for only three years; however, his reign spanned the Earth-relative days in September 1752 AD where the Shadow Parliament is found. However the Eye of Harmony was activated in 3.5 Billion BC and Greyjan only became President a few Million years after that activation. Does this mean time flows much slower on Gallifrey then in the rest of the Universe? If so then 1 year in Inner Time would equal ~1750 years in Normal Space.

The Rassilon Era uses at least five dating systems.

The first is the Relative Date
(Mission to Magnus, The Gallifrey Chronicles, Armagedon Factor, TV Movie). Relative Dating began with the installation of the Eye of Harmony in the Citadel - which was the begining of the Rassilon Era. For this reason the dates are given with the prefix RE for Rassilon Era. The Doctor would have been loom in 2004716.44 (The Gallifrey Chronicals claim the Doctor was loomed on 4756.7 RE But this is 40.5 years off from all other sources). For convience sake Time Lords usualy abreviated Local Date Line to five digits (ie 5725.2). The Relative Date can be found by adding 2004716.44 to the Doctor's age. The Local Dateline (ie the 4 diget version) can be found by adding 4716.44 to the Doctor's age. Any Earth date can be translated into Local Dateline (LD) by adding 3503412400.2 (about 3.5 billion) to the Earth year if after 1 BC or 3503412399.2 if before 1 AD. Day 1 of the Gallifreyan new year is between day 274 and day 310 on Earth (ie Dec 30 10:47 pm EST is 1/5th of the way through the Gallifreyan year). Thus New Year's Day on Gallifrey probably begins arond Oct 20. This system is often used for discussing events that occured in the outside universe relative to Gallifrey time. For example 1999 AD (the 20th century) would be 3,5034139.89 RE.
The second systems is used by the Matrix and APC for dating events (Neverland) and can be found by adding 5720.6 years to the Doctor's Age. This system is often used to record events arround the time of the Doctor, for example Romana's mission to Neverland occured at 6798.5 MD. The Doctor was loomed on 5720.6 MD.
Side Note: It is possible that Local Date Line and the Matrix Dating system are the same system that had been corrected in some way. Much like the 11 days that were added to the English calender to correct it so to might the Time Lords have added about 1000 years from their calender to correct it. This might have been done to compensate for some unknown temporal phenomenon. If this did happen then it probalby happened between Lungbarrow and Neverland.
The third system is called Date Index (Deadly Assasin, The Gallifrey Chronicles). Any Relative Date can be converted to Date Index (DI) by subtracting 1695300 to the full RE or adding 304700 to the four diget verstion of RE. Thus 5206.4 RE would be 309906. This dating system is also abriviated to 2 digets (ie 92)..
The fourth system is the GRT system (The Gallifrey Chronicals), which works just like the Relative Date system only you need to subtract 2003543 from the long version of the RE date. Thus 2004756.44 RE would be 1213 GRT.
The fifth system is the Gallifreyan TL Dating System (FASA, The Gallifrey Chronicals), which works like the Relative Date system only you need to add 100448 to the Doctor's Age. Thus 2004756.44 RE would be 100447 TL

Day 1 (Oct 20th~) Creation of the Web of Time
Day 13 (Nov 1st~) The Thirteeth Night: Gallifreyan Cults practice Mimesis.
Day 128 (Feb 24th~) Intuitive Revolution Day
Day 162 (Mar 30th~) Otherstide/Othermass/Festival of Freedom: Otherstide is a holiday on Gallifrey. No one leaves their houses on Otherstide eve, and gifts are given to time-tots.
Day 205 (May 12th~) Death of Omega
The Festival of the Timewright (Anmers-Tonastide, or TimeWorker), Feast of Omega, and Rassilon's Flag Day are other holidays.

Old High Gallifreyan had 10,000,000 letters in its alphabet and worked well as code for computer programs. This language had at least three levels each of which added a different subtext to statements. Old Low Gallifreyan is another language that was once used. But the Modern Gallifreyan Omegabet is a mathematically based language that has only
1,000,000 characters. Its possible that their number system is base 12 as that is all the symboles that appear on a standard numeric key pad. Messages are writen in equations that must be solved to be deciphered. This half writing, half math language is very precise but not very practical. Gallifreyans use 208 language tenses. Because of the stagnation of their society Gallifreyans have difficulty handling different cultures. They have 30 different words to describe culture shock. The term for "Time Lord" is probably gender neutral (which might explain the inconsistant use of the title "Time Lady"). The plural of TARDIS is still still debated by Time Lords. The Patrexian Numbers serve as a numerical base to everything that Patrexian's create. Gallifreyan Morse is similar to Morse Code. Many (if not all) Time Lord documents are printed on circular colored paper. Somtimes these are rolled up into scrolls.
Meyopapa: appears to mean master.
Grumblies: kid slang for adults
Gjara'vont: of darkest thought
Arkytior: High Gallifreyan for 'rose'
Broken House: a dying bloodline.
Pre-ja Vu: (Modern Gallifreyan) the sense that you're going to have been somewhere before. (coined by Academi Plurix)

The name
written in the Omegabet

The name Adelphi
written in the Omegabet

Two more Gallifreyan Names

Gallifreyan Numbers

Gallifreyan numbers found on Dice

Gallifreyan numerical keypad. (translation below)

More Gallifreyan Text from

Gallifreyan Sayings, Rymes, Teachings, and Jokes:
Since the live in enclosed cities Gallifreyans never say good morning or other referances to the location of the sun. By the time of the War with the Enemy using the names Rassilon, or Omega is considered blasphemy (example “Omega’s orifice”).
"A leader's greatness is best judged by the quality of her advisers." - from Pelatov's Collected Sageries.
"All that was long ago as the vortisaur flies."
"Ferisix and Thrayke protect us"
"For Rassilon's Sake!" Gallifrey profanity
"Frost in the fire and the rocking chair / Frost in the hearth, frost in the ladle / Children's voices in the air / Wind that rocks the empty cradle." -Mid-Gallifreyan Nursery Versery

"Great Rassilon" Gallifrey profanity
"History is time's way of preventing everything from happening at once" - Graffito the Prydonian
"Its not the size that matters, its how you use it." [paraphrased]
"Life begins at 750"
"Life begins at 1500"
“Like Trying to close the Eye with a finklegruber” - a Gallifreyan phrase used to describe a hopeless task.
"Never trust a Time Lord" (presumably said only by Gallifreyans)
"...never trust a venusian shanghorn with a perigosto stick." is the punch line to a funny joke.
“Omega’s Orifice” Gallifrey profanity
"...or I shal lay your soul to waste!" is a threat.
“Othering Other” Gallifrey profanity
“Othering Omega” Gallifrey profanity
“Otherf---er” Gallifrey profanity
"Rassilon's Death" Gallifrey profanity
"Rassilon's Ghost" Gallifrey profanity
"Rassilon's Rod" Gallifrey profanity
“Rot in a black star”
"Rungar protect us" - Rungar is a criminal imprisoned in Shada
"Scares the Staazula out of me" Gallifrey profanity
"Sweet mother of Chaos" Gallifrey profanity
"Thank the Other!"
“The moment has been prepared for.” – might be a Gallifreyan phrase referring to Regeneration.
"There are some corners of the Universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought." (ancient child's maxim)
"There is always still-time, and there is always flowing-time"
"Those to Rassilon's Tower would go, must choose: Above, Between, Below" -Nursery Rhyme.
"Those who plot the destruction of others, often fall victim themselves." - from Pelatov's Collected Sageries
"Time moves in circles" - old Gallifreyan proverb
"What goes bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud, bang thud? - - -A Time Lord committing suicide." - Graffito the Prydonian.
"What is the name of Rassilon..." Gallifrey profanity
"What the devil?!"
"You see all those stars? Each one of those represents a promise. All the time they shine the promise remains unbroken"
"Zagreus sits inside your head / zagreus lives among the dead / zagreus sees you in your bed / and eats you when you're sleeping / zagreus at the end of days / zagreus lies all other ways / zagreus comes when time's a maze / and all of history's weeping / zagreus taking time apart. / zagreus fears the hero heart. / zagreus seeks the final part. / the reward that he is reaping. / zagreus sings when all is lost / zagreus takes all those he's crossed / zagreus wins and all is cost / the hero's hearts he's keeping. / zagreus seeks the hero's ship / zagreus needs the web to rip / zagreus sups time at a drip / and life aside, he's sweeping. /...???..../ zagreus waits at the end of the world / for zagreus is the end of the world / his time is the end of time / and his moment time's undoing" - Nursery Rhyme (Ledgends of Zagreus can be found on a 1000 different worlds. It was put there by the Neverpeople to trick the leaders of Gallifrey into entering the Anti Time Universe.)

Since Gallifreyans are never born, are never learn like children, and almost never die their understading of mythology and fairy-tales is limitied. It wasn't till millions of years after the creation of the Eye of Harmony that they invented post-modernism. Many Time Lords belive that there was a creator of the universe. Old Time legends and Gallifreyan mythology states that the Universe was born from a sentient singularity called Eru or the Great Old one Azathoth. At Event 0 the being split into 10 dimensions (the Universe has 11 dimensions). After Event 0 the Mother Goddess used the Aurora Temporalis (anvils of heaven) to create and pour Time itself into the void of the empty Universe. With the exceptions of some Shobogan cults, the Gallifreyans do not worship either Azathoth or the Mother Goddess, nor do they do call them "gods," but they do belive that the ordered compexity of the universe points unquestionably to the existance of a creator. This creator's power takes the form of gravity when viewed from 3 dimensions.
The primary Gallifreyan Gods are the Menti Celesti who have been worshiped since the Old Time. The Menti Celesti are made up of Pain, Death, and Time (aka the daughter of the Timewyrm). Other gods include Light, and Life. The Gallifreyan Gods have the following colors attributed to them. Red and Black for Pain, White for Death, and a shifting Gray color for Time. The ancient symbol of Death is a red circle called a Regenerative Circle. About 25% of the population of Gallifrey worships Death, Time, Pain etc. Many Childeren recite prayers to the Time and her Sisters. Prayer to the gods is usualy conducted by individuals in a privet setting. The Time Lords belive these Gods to be Higher Eternals but in reality they are part of the essence of the Universe. They are abstract universal conceptual entities, a non-corporeal beings that can control time, and fate. Death, Time, and Pain might be the dreams of Time Lords who leak out into the cosmos. Time Lords in nightmares or near-death states sometimes make deals with them, sometimes to become their Champions. Early in their history the Gallifreyans came to believe that if they killed all the evil people in the universe then the good people who remained would become evil. Light can not exist without darkness. If evil were destroyed then good would vanish as well. Sin is not a concepts that can be found in Gallifreyan culture. Damaging History is about as close to evil as Gallifreyan culture gets.
The number six is very important to Gallifreyan culture and is used in architecture, and numerous other aspects of life. It probably derives from the 6 Gaurdians (aka the Six-Fold God). Most Time Lords consider the six segments of the Key to Time to be a myth. The number 13 is important as well (steming from the Fendahl being composed of 13 parts).
Other Gallifreyans (including the Doctor) believe in The Great Moral Dialectic. It states that the Moral Universe refines itself towards goodness just as the physical Universes keeps expanding. Reality leads to complexity, which leads to life, which leads to civilization, which leads to ethics. This leads to the Ultimate superiority of Good over Evil. As of The Infinity Doctors many Gallifreyans worship Omega. He is know as the God Ohm. Some Gallifreyans believe that the Matrix controls Gallifrey. Some even believe it created the Gallifreyans so that it would have an origin.

The minds (or souls) Gallifreyans are stored in the APC after death which is a form of heaven. Gallifreyan legends reference a Hell filled with horror and pain. Time Lords have also been known to mention a devil from time to time.
Cats are a symbol of intelligence in Gallifreyan culture.
The Omniscate has been seen as an almost magical symbol for warding off evil and is placed on rooms and objects of great power.
Gallifreyan Mythology has lots to say about the Daleks and the Klade. It also mentions races of creatures that "wear the skins of men" (meaning aliens that look like Gallifreyans).
There is a Time Lord myth that says that too much time traveling cause a mental illness akin to
delusionary or hallucinatory schizophrenia.
Legands and fairytales of
the Toclafane and Grandfather Paradox are often told to childeren. There are no records of this person in the Matrix files.
The Story of the Rock is an old fairy-tale that warns against interference in history.
Sabjatric and Rungar were prisoners on Shada but some Gallifreyans beleive that they were Gods of the Dark Time. They sometimes swear by Rungar. The Legends of Cuwirti, Ferisix, and Thrayke are also important.
Gallifreyan folk-tales speak of Gallifreyans abandoned and “raised” by humans. These Gallifreyans develop amazing abilities and are ruled their extreme passions.
Vampires still scare adult Time Lords, even in the modern era. Vampires in the Capitol is a particularly horrific thought.
Some Gallifreyans believe that Rassilon was a Vampire. Some even worship Rassilon the Vampire.

The Time Lords guard against magic and have files on everyone who claims to use it.
The mythology of Gallifrey has stories of the Fendahl and the Fendahleen.
There was a cult on Gallifrey that used Mimesis which is a Gallifreyan art in which whatever is written comes true. Mimesis is a variation of Quantum
Mnemonics. It was performed in the annual ritual of "The Thirteenth Night. The High Council had the cult banned.
Some Gallifreyan bedtime stories claim excessive time travel causes dementia and hallucinatory schizophrenia.
Some people belive that anything that can be imagined must exist otherwise you wouldn't be able to imagine it.
"Three two one, three two one, / A wreath of roses lay. / Rassilon's dead and Omega's lost, / The other one's gone away. / Three to wonder and bide their time, / They'll all come back one day." - Transcribed from hieroglyphics in the Domdaniel Caverns on Strava.

The very idea of Gallifrey having a history is viewed as vulgar and primitive by the Time Lords.
6 is a special number in Gallifreyan Culture. 6 members of the Supreme Council, 6 great heroes who founded the 6 colleges .
Some (if not all) students receive a new official name while attending their Academy. All Gallifreyans receive single names (though they are usually very long). The long version of a Gallifreyan's name is writen in Old High Gallifreyan. The length of a Time Lord's name grows as his social and political stature increase. Arround the time of the Doctor's birth, many Time Lords began using titles instead of names. These titles are based on what they do and how they do it.
The ceremonial robes, collars, and makeup of the Time Lords are worn only for special occasions.
CIA robes are simplier than other governmental robes.
Food: Usually Gallifreyans consume pill shaped food (such as Promarzzi Bars), but on special occasions Karmine pudding, Dactyl Eggs, blue fruit, Roasted Grockleroots, and Gallifreyan Pizza is eaten. Most Time Lords have never had to cook a meal for themselves.
Beverages served in Gallifrey include tea (Unconcious Gallifreyans can often be awakened with boiling tea vapor) and a Gallifreyan Tea Set has approximately 178 peices. Other beverages include Milean Head Juice(a type of alcohol), Bog-Truffle Tincture (a type of drink), Orneilian Wine and Rassilon's Red (a fine Gallifreyan wine bottled at the time of Rassilon). Wine is dated by the President who was in power a the time it was bottled.
Some Gallifreyans smoke pipes or cigars.
Gallifreyan art is made so that look good even when they are decaying and falling apart from old age. The aging is "part" of the sculpture. The concept of caricatures is unknown to Gallifreyan art. The Patrexes are an order of artists aesthetes.
House and TARDIS is a Time Lord magazine. It is bigger on the inside then on the outside so that it can hold a near infinite number of loose leaf advertisments.
The Gallifreyan Flower of Remembrance (Memento Mori)(6 yellow petals) is an omen for disaster. It is often scattered around Funerals and Tombings.
The Gallifreyan Roll of Honor is a list of Gallifreyans who have died with valor.
Media entertainment is provided by Public Register Video which covers all the ceromonies and traditions. There are over 87656432 media channels. The Videos are watched by the Gallifreyans. They have entertainment transmission (which sometimes broadcasts of emergency regenerations). It should be noted that Time Lord culture has no mass media and the only news source read by them is the Daily Presidential Bulletin.
On Gallifrey all paintings are done by computers.
Sensory Tanks are used by Gallifreyans as a popular recreational device. The oxygenated liquid the subject is immersed in sooths away all stress and worries and induces dreams that fullfill the user's deepest and most wonderful fantasies. The water is imbunned with oxygen, nitrogen, clorine, dopymene, protean chains (which contains the intelligence of the Sensory Chamber).
The chambers use timers to awaken the user, though a switch inside the chamber can also be used to deactivate the chamber.
The pianalaika is a Gallifreyan instrument. The Harp is another common insturment on Gallifrey. They keep track of popular music on a top twenty music chart.
Scratchin is a Gallifreyan game.
Four-D Chess is a popular Time Lord game. Not only can the peices move on three vertically stacked boards but they can also move forwards and backwards in time. However the First Law of Time must be observed during play meaning that the its possible to get the other player to lose by forcing him to create a paradox. And indeed this is a common way of winning.
Gallifreyan Chequers has 2 colors - red and white. Pieces include: Presidents Cardinal, President's Commander, Chancellor's Castallan, Gold Usher's Captain.
Gallifreyan playing cards are round and have the following suits: Flames, Owls, Clouds, Souls, Deeps, Mesmers, and Dominoes. Face cards include the Hand, the Duke, and the Rogue). They can use these cards to play Five Dimensional Cribbage.
Gallifreyan Labyrinth Game: The point of this game is to get your opponents lost in a (dimensionally transendental?) maze and then manipulating their movements by subconciously training them to make certain turns. At the height of its popularity there were Labyrinth games on every street corner and even in the Panoptican.

Some seedy Gallifreyan Cardinals hang themselves to get rid of extra regenerations. This is considered to be a dangerous hobby.
Shifting everything in a defined area forward a few seconds in time creates an impenatrable black wall. This is sometimes done on a small scale as a parlor trick.
The Foxtrot of Rassilon is a Time Lord waltz.
Pandaks (made of brass), Pounds, and Guineas are used as currency. A guinea will buy you a few drinks in a bar. However most uses of currancy on Gallifrey appear to be completely symbolic and ritualistic. For this reason Gallifrey has very low potential for commercial development.
Many of the most advanced pieces of Gallifreyan technology require the user to have the correct biodata to operate them.
Gallifreyans dislike robots, considering them primitive.

Gallifreyan memory wiping techniques aren't totally reliable. The memories often appear as dreams.


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Part 7 - Post Gallifrey

Part 4 - Modern Gallifrey

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