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The following color code and terms are used:
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information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
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(The Technical Manual, Monsters, The Doctor Who Cookbook and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
( Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.


Skaro's star system is located beyond the Andromeda Galaxy in the 7th of the Outer Galaxies (probably the Maffei-1 Galaxy) at coordinates are D5-Gamma-Z-Alpha. There are 12 other Galaxies clustered arround Skaro. Despite this, only 7 Galaxies can be observed in Skaro's night sky. Intergalactically speaking, this isn't that far from the Sol System.

NOTE: Skaro is quite likely located in IC342/Maffei Group, which is a cluster of 13 small galaxies beyond the Andromeda Galaxy, about 9 million light years from Earth. These Galaxies would be quite unlikely to have habitable planets inside them with would jive with Davros's conclusion that their are no other habitable planet in the 13 Galaxies. It would also explain the Daleks attempts to invade the Milky Way and Andromdeda Galaxies.
(with thanks to Douglas B. Killings)

The planet Skaro is the 12th planet in the Skarosian System. Skaro has a blue-white sun and 2 moons. Another planet is Phebyus which has 3 horizontal rings.

Skaro is the only world capable of supporting life in the Skarosian System. It is a little over 20,000 miles in diameter, and has a core of solid ice. Because of this the planet occasionaly suffers from icanoes. At the heart of this ice is a path to a pocket dimension like the one from which the Quatch originated from. The planet is rich with diamonds. The word Skaro means "home" in old Kaled. In the Halldon records Skaro was known as Ameron. The planet has one large continent named Dalazar that covers just over 1/3 of its surface. The rest is taken up by the Ocean of Death. Before the "Thousand Year" War most of Skaro had a temperate climate. Now most of the continent of Dalazar is desert. These deserts receive rain only once every 10 years (know as the Decarain) which lasts for 7 months.
In the more habitable areas of Skaro it rains once every 4-5 years. Most of Skaro's surface is still quite radioactive, and anti-radiation drugs are nessecary for humans to survive there for more then a few days. The Desert of Despair has such a high level of magnetism that most navigational insturments are useless. The massive Drammankin Mountain Range divides the continent in half. Surrounding the continent are a series of islands (including the unexplored Islands of Mists) with a very wide range of diverse animal and plant life. On the east side of the Drammankin Mountain Range is the area known as Vekis Nar-Kangji (the Plain of Swords). It is here that the Dalek City, Mensvat Esc-Dalek is located - the Capital of the Dalek Empire. The city is bordered by the luminescent Lake of Mutations and the Petrified Jungle. To the north of City is a secret valley where the Thals hid from the Daleks. Other locations on Skaro include the Sea of Acid, the Lake of Snakes, and the Canyons of Terror.

Many of the forests have been petrified and virtually turned to stone by the neutronic war. Much of the soil is little more then sand and ash. Varga Plants, however, are one species of mobile plant that survived. The Daleks have modified the species to server as a defense on other conquered planets. The thorns of this plant will mutate a humanoid. They will be filled with a desire to kill and will eventually be transformed into another Vagra Plant. All animals and plants that evolved on Skaro have a Fundamental DNA type of 989.

Numerous mutant species exist, including the Slyther, land jelly fish, and the Magnedons (metal lizards who are held together magnetically). Spiders appear to be common in caves. Rock Leopards live in the Drammankin Mountains. Massive octopus like Krakis live beneath Skaro's crust.

Skarosians appear similar to human beings but have green blood and, despite having 1 heart, and 2 lungs, have a very different internal biology. The Skarosian Speices has produced at least four races. The Kaleds (aka the Dals), the Thals (includes original and genetically purified varients), the Mutos (numerous sub-races), and the Daleks.


While still embryos Daleks have chromosomal variations introduced into their genetic makeup via chemical agents and micro-surgery. Their DNA Type is 467-989. This prevents them from experiancing compassion, love, pity, and mercy. While instictual sense of morality and conscience is also removed they can experiance hate, and an enjoyment of revenge, and cruelty. They are programed to have total loyalty to the Dalek Species and the Dalek Prime, and to view all other species (including the humanoid Skarosians) as inferior. They have a strong instinct to destroy or enslave all alien lifeforms. They are conditioned to survive at all costs and programmed to believe that survival can best be achieved by becoming the dominant species in the Universe. According to some report the humanoid desease the Measles originated on Skaro.
The more advanced time traveling Daleks have
Temporally Active Biodata, because they have the power to chronoform themselves. All stable forms of time travel require re-writing of the traveler’s biodata. Time travel makes sentients vunerable to the influence of poweful transtemporal beings who exist outside of linear time. These beings will try to force the time traveler to become their agent/servent. It is for this reason any species that wants to become a stable, time-active race must change itself into another species. It is likely that the Dalek had major psychological difficulty dealing with this concept.

All Daleks have to potential to become geniuses however (with the exception of the leadership) most lack the experiance and knowlege to make full use of their inherent talents. Despite their small size their brain is still about the same size as a human brain. This increase in brain to body mass ratio (plus that most of the Dalek body is controled by computer and not its brain) could mean that a greater part of its mental resources could be devoted to intelectuall pursuits. Daleks never need to sleep because different parts of their brains can be rest at different times. However, while awaiting new instructions, Daleks routinely power down and enter a periods of unconsciousness (ie sleep). Such periods can last hours, or months, (or even centuries using the shell's onboard Cryogen Survival Unit) depending on when the new intructions or outside stimulus arrives. The Dalek mutants don't like extreamly bright light but can not see in extream darkness.


Their blood is green. They can breath mustard gas. They have a single heart and a pair of lungs.


Daleks use telekinetic power to move their travel machines. They can, to a limited degree, use their willpower to telepathically manipulate the feelings of others. They can also telepathcially project ideas across space to a willing receipiant. Also see Psyche Daleks below.

Dalek mutants appear to be blob-like green or brown octopus like creature about 60 cm across, with 4 or more tenticals. They have four fingered claws at the end of the tenticals.
They have vestigial limbs and sensory organs - usually one or two eyes. While being great constrictors they have difficulty lifting more then several ounces for more then a few minutes. They can leap several feet in the air and have enough strength to strangle a humanoid. They function very well in zero gravity. All Daleks are Male.
Daleks consume plant matter that is grown in their cities under artificial lights.
These plants are Celluised (turned into dust and converted into a nutritious gas) and the resulting gase is circulated inside of Daleks Cities to be inhaled. When outside of a Dalek city or space vessel Daleks rely on neutrient feederlines to pump a liquid version into their bodies.
If nessecarrly Daleks can eat radioactive plants without dying. In fact Daleks need radiation to survive and the Dalek creature is given a one hour dose of radioactivity to revitalize it every month. This is done with a Neutrotomic Irradiator which produces radiation by spliting neutrons from atoms. Daleks can't survive for more then 2 hours with out the radioactivity that their personel casing provides. Dalek mutants are so toxic that if a Time Lord eats one they will be unable to regenerate and will eventually die.


The Empire breeds only as many Dalek Mutants as nessecary. Genetically speaking all Daleks are male. In the early years of Dalek history the Daleks reproduced by cloning. Later Daleks were produced via the random mixing of the gene pool. Every Dalek mutant has a genetic sample take and stored at the reproductive factories. Dalek DNA records go back for thousands of years. When a new Dalek is needed cells from two different Daleks are thawed and combined to form an embryo. The embryo grows in a duralloy gestation capsule for three months. During this time its developing brain is exposed to indoctrination tapes while mutagenic drugs radiation exposures accerate the rate of mutation. While still embryos Daleks have chromosomal variations introduced into their genetic makeup via chemical agents and micro-surgery. This prevents them from experiancing compassion, love, pity, and mercy. The instictual sense of morality and conscience is also removed. They are programed to have total loyalty to the Dalek Species and the Dalek Prime, and to view all other species (including the humanoid Skarosians) as inferior. Dalek embryos will attack anything tha moves. After 3 months of gestation the Dalek Mutants are placed in transparent training shells for the next 9 months. During this time juveniles are trained in Dalek history, small unit tactics, and technology by an adult Dalek holding the rank of Seargent Major. After the Daleks graduate from training school they are given a 5 week orientation period to learn to control the standard travel machine shells. At the end of this period the Daleks are considered to be an adults. Rather then names Daleks are coded by rank/position and number (ie Scout Seven, or Zero-Two). Though Daleks prize racial purity they will if nessecary convert humans into Daleks for the purpose of (temporarily) bolstering their numbers.

Within their lifesupport casings Daleks can live for at least thousands of years. In one case a stranded Dalek lived for 2000 years before running out of power. It is theorized that they could live for over a million years.

The Daleks have been programmed to instinctually view the physical appearance of the Dalek Travel Machine as being the most perfect form. This seems likely because for over nine thousand years of technological advancement they almost never deviate from that basic shape. The Travel Machines are constructed on an assembly line with a conveyor belt. Including mining, it takes 3 months for each casing to be assembled from scratch, but numerous casings are being constructed at any given time. If the premanufactured parts are availble a manufacturing hanger's assembly line can be made operational in a few hours. Once operation it can produce multiple travel machines every minute. Each casing for Later era Daleks has a batch recognition code mounted under the Scanner. Daleks have complete understanding of the science of static electricity and the science of antimagnetics. In fact static can be considered the blood of a Dalek Travel Machine. They use fiber optics to relay signals. The standard Travel Machine is about 1.5 meters tall, weighs less then 300 kilograms and is denser then water. It is composed of over 9,000 different parts and eleven miles of wiring. The mid-section is capable of rotating 360 degrees.

The Outer Casing of a Dalek travel machine is made from a type of alloy called
Dalekanium. In its raw energized stated Dalekanium is rich but unstable source of energy. Depleted Dalekanium functions an effective armor. It is also an excellent conductor of gamma radiation. It is 10 times stronger than steel and many times harder then carbon steel, but only a 1/4 the density of aluminum (meaning that it is lighter than water and will float). The armor is .63 centimeters thick in most places and is coated with a layer of bonded polycarbide armor to increase durability and reduce friction. It is also quite resistant to energy weapons. Despite the lightness of their armor the occupied travel machine will sink if immersed in water. The Outer Casing is immue to standard bullets, mortars, staser blasts, and (probably) untra-sonic disintegrator guns. The armor doesn't protect againt bullets with bastic heads, heavy sonic weapons, Dalek Neutralisers, Dalekanium Bombs, and short range blasts from a Tissue Compression Eliminator. The outer casing is not water proof, however the control chamber is completely sealed, as are the internal components. This allows a Dalek to remain under water for a very long time. Empty space inside the casing is usually filled with an insulative inert gas that regulates temperature. The casing is equiped with non-conductive sheilding that will burn out if exposed to 7 kilovolts. However even when exposed to 7 kilovolts the Dalek mutant and travel machine will however remain functional. The casings of more advanced Daleks are equipped with numerous security traps designed to prevent tampering with the interior.

SCANNER (aka Eye Stalk) -
The Scanner is mounted on the end of the 38 cm Eye Stalk located on the upper dome. The dome is capable of rotating 360 degrees. The Scanner incorperates an iris, several filters (to protect against sudden flashes of bright light), wide angle telescopic/telescopic lens, an image receptor, and visual processing ring. The Scanner can see visible light as well as the ultra-violet, infra-red, X-Ray, Z-Ray, thermal, and infared specturms. Recovery from such flashes is only slightly slower then a human's. Located behind the eye lense on the eye stock are the Insulator Disks. Each of these disks protect the Eye from interferance by cosmic radiation using spark arrestors. The realtive fragility of the Eye Stalk is reguared by most as the Dalek's greatest physical weakness. They have built in Audio Scanners which are far more sensitive then human ears. An optic cable connects the Scanner to the rest of the War Computer. In early travel machines data from the Scanner was presented on a screen inside Control Chamber. Modern Daleks have the data relayed directly into the mutant's brain via the positronic linkages. The Scanner is vunlerable to well targets projectile firearms. Listening Scanners convert all sounds into holographic quadraphonic format (which includes filtering, directional recognition and pattern recognition data from the War Computer) before being transfered to the Dalek creature. The Listening Scanners are extreamly sensitive and can (with the War Computer's aid) recognize different voices inside a sealed spacecraft.

LUMINOSITY DISCHARGERS (aka Comm-Lights, Energy Dispensers)-
Mounted on either side of the upper dome, these light up in time to a Daleks syllables when it talks.
The Dischargers also dissipate excess energy in the forms of infared and ultrasonic energy. Daleks can deploy baffles to hide their emissions.

SENSOR PLATES (aka Tactical Environment Scanner Grid, Recording Screens) -
The plates arround a Dalek upper midsection are called Sensor Plates. The super-sensitive plates record all sound and light waves and store the information in recording cells inside the Dalek's War Computer. The War Computer contains software that can filter out any distracting sound patterns. The Psych Analysers can function as a fairly reliable lie detector when dealing with most humanoid species. The plates also have the intakes for the Dalek's nutritional systems. Inside Daleks facilities plants are turned into dust and converted into a nutritious gas that is circulated throughout the structure. This gas is collected and fed into the filtration and storage systems for eventual consumption by the Dalek creature. When outside of a Dalek city or space vessel Daleks rely on neutrient feederlines to pump a liquid version into their bodies. The sensor grid louvres vent wast heat.

They have externaly mounted Solar-Powered Slats located arround the midsection. These slats absorbe ambient radiation such as solar energy (and other natural element in the atmospher) and use them to generate static electricty when an charged metal floor isn't present. Even when in the presence of a hostile power draining field these cells can provide enough power for Dalek life support and mobility. A single Time War era Dalek can (if connected to the right outlets) drain the entire power supply of the eastern half of the US (in the year 2012 AD). A large metal bearing is set into the base of the Dalek. This bearing collects static electricity from the charged metal floors of a Dalek facility and conducts it to energy cells located in the center of the bearing. Internal battery power pack provides temorary back up energy but a static electric circuit is needed for indefinite operation. It appears to take several hours to fully charge the batter power pack. Without a source of power to generate static electricty they become dormant when the batter is depleated. A dish can be mounted to collect broadcast power. During the Time War the Daleks evolve to use temporal energy (artron energy) as a power source. To absorb it their casing must be brought into physical contact with the radiation. Even levels that wouldn't harm a human can allow a Dalek to regenerate its casing and recharge is power systems. Unfortunately artron energy is only generated by sentient beings and when absorbing it a Dalek can contaminate the Dalek's DNA and conciousness.

Later era Daleks are equiped with Force Feild Broadcast Antennae, which are mounted on the Solar Powerer Slats. Each slat creates a field which overlaps with the others for complete protection. These force fields will melt bullets (even ones with bastic heads). The force-fields quickly burn off anything that obscures their vision. Daleks can re-route power to increase the strenght of their force-fields to the point where they can resist a Neutraliser blast. The shields are ineffective against Blasters howerver and the Dalek must rely on its armor for protection.
Three Daleks can create a temporal prison capable of trapping a TARDIS. This uses a chronon loop to disable the TARDIS’s Transpower System. It can also disable the TARDIS’s defenses so that its exo-shell is no stronger then the object it is disguised as.

Exhange of an arm attachment takes approximately 10 minutes.
Telescopic Manipulator Sucker Arm: This appandage is composed of a attachement coupling, a hydraulic chamber, and entension rod, a vacuum pump (capable of creating massive ammounts of suction - enough to crush a human skull), and a sucker.
This attachment provides a surprising amount of maual dexterity. The hydraulic arm can lift enourmasly heavy weights, such as automobiles. Later Daleks can swing their arm fast enough to throw such objects through the air. The sucker intself is made of morphic material that can reshape itself so as to be able to operate a keypad, drain electrical power from any electrical outlet, and contians a thin extendible data rod that acts as a manifold data-link for interfacing with almost any computer port. Most Dalek technology is controled through the use of the data rod. Imperial Daleks use the slots on the edges of the sucker to provide a data-link. When retracted the arm is 55 centimeters long, when extended it is twice that length. Time War Era Daleks can use their sucker arm to measure a beings intelligence and "download" the knowledge of a humanoid by extracting all of their brainwaves (killing the victum in the process).
Claw Arm: Used for manipulating small objects.
Power Drill: for construction
Fastening Tool: for driving screws and bolts.
Tentacle Arm: This experimental arm has a range of 2 meters and is mounted on the end of a standard arm pole.
Cutting torch: Often used for cutting open locked doors.
Perceptor: Used to track humans.
Seismic detectors: This device can locate
underground passage ways and find an underground TARDIS while the Dalek is still on the surface.
Electrode Unit: appears to be used for picking electronic locks.
Pyroflame Arm: A short range flame thrower (often used by the Emperor's Personal Guards).

NEUTRALISER GUN STICK (aka Exterminator, Gun-Stick, Blast-Gun, Destructor, Disruptor Beam Weapon) -
The first Gun Sticks were ruby laser-beam projectors designed by Davros. The later designs are multi-ranged variable power projected-electrical-energy blast weapons.
The modern Neutraliser is 35.5 centimeter long and contains a rapid discharge electrical capacitor (that holds enough charge for one shot), a beam initiation generator, a beam conentrator array (composed of ruby crystals), a nitride barrel and accleration chamber that acts as the death-ray. Several energy dispersion rods and amplifier tubes line the outside of the nitride gunstalk. The energy dispersion rods use ammonia for cooling. The amplifier tubes adjust the setting of the beam. The Dynamic Unit inside the Dalek's casing provides the Neutraliser with enough energy for 1000 full power blasts. The Neutraliser is guided by an onboard fire control computer and targeted with a joystick. The Dalek midsection can rotate giving the Neutraliser 360 degrees of targeting abbility. On the lower Stun level the Neutralisers merely paralizes or stuns humanoids. When set to Kill the weapon will exterminate a humanoid. The beam appears to have a wide angle setting to allow multiple exterminations with a single blast. The victum will have no exterior tissue damage but their internal organs will be scrambled and every cell will have been destroyed. On the full power Total Extermination Level the Neutraliser produces a bolt of superheated plasma (roughly equivalent in energy to a bolt of lightning) that can blast a hole through 2 inches of tungsten steel at a range of 3 miles. At this setting a two neutraliser beams can destroy a small unpowered space craft capable of FTL travel. Neutralisers will also penetrate Dalekanium armor and can be used to destroy other Daleks. The blast cannot penetrate the exo-shell of a TARDIS. The energy in the beam can be conducted by water - killing all lifeforms that have contact with the water. While regeneration is possible from a glancing blow Gallifreyans who are hit directly by a Dalek particle beam will die. Dalek Neutralisers can be be disabled with a macro-transmission of a K-filter wave-length, which will block the neutraliser in a self-replicating blind-fold matrix. If the Neutraliser is disabled in combat a Dalek will retreat from combat. The Neutraliser can be replaced with a chemical based machine gun projectile weapon. These fire 5 millimeter rounds at a rate of 15 rounds per second. <>

SENSOR DISKS (aka Auto-Destruct, Sesor Globes)-
The 52 sensor disks on the lower half of the casing are each equiped with a thermometer probe, a relative moisture sensor, atmospheric chemical breakdown (aka smell), ambient light, radiation, and an ultrasonic SONAR based motion sensor. Each of these Disks are incased in a sensor transparent sphere called a Sensor Globe. The Disks allow the Dalek to detect any movement of nearby objects and conditions in a 360 degree arc. They can provide enough information for the War Computer to recognize individuals by their biorythms. The sensor disks can be temporarily blinded by exposing them to 2-3 powerful heat sources. These globes can detatach and fly on their own, allowing them to provide remote battlefield intelligence. Some of the sensor disks include the dischargers for the self-destruct system. This system would be used to prevent information from falling into enemy hands or if the Dalek had faild an important mission. Both the sensor disks and the dischargers are contained within protective bubble housings.

A large metal bearing (about 50 cm in diameter) is set into the base of the Dalek. This bearing collects static electricity from the charged metal floors of a Dalek facility and conducts it to energy cells located in the center of the bearing. The collection of this energy produces ozone gas which smells like dodgem cars. Osmotic retreival systems collect soil samples to determine if useful neutients, or energy can be absorbed from the ground. The bearing is also used for rotating the Dalek. The Dalek Motivator uses psychokinetic power to move the Dalek. Standard Warrior Daleks have a top speed of 3.2 kph (2 mph). Scout Daleks have overpowered Motivators that give them a top speed (on a paved road) of 30 kph (19 mph). Under such circumstances they hover 2 centimeters off the ground. They can traverse any ramp that is at a 45 degree angle or less. The Attractavon ensures that the travel machine remains in contact with whatever surface it happens to be moving over - reguardless of its angle. Early Daleks (c 22nd Century) needed to be fited with thick disks on their bases to move arround in rough terrain. These disks were completely smooth on their underside. In later years this "all-terrain" Hoverpad technology became a standard part of the base of all Daleks shells and by the time of Revelation of the Daleks the standard Motivators is capable (when on full power) of telekinetically levitating a Dalek up a steep flight of stairs.
The capabilites of the Transolar Discs were eventually incorperated into all Advanced Daleks casings. These Daleks have antigravity Motivator powerful enough to allow a Dalek completely overcome a 1 G gravitational feild. Thus they can enter a planet's atmosphere from orbit and land safely without the use of any extra equipment. Though accleration is limited they have a fairly high top speed. Dalek space forces are can travel hundreds of miles through space under their own power. It should be noted that the standard casing has only a 10 internal air supply. Dalek control of the motivator can be overriden if the circuit-breaker in the psycho-kenetic threash-hold manipulator is eclipsed.

Dalek mutants have no vocal cords so they rely on the Translator Unit to convert the Dalek's thought patterns into spoken and transmited language. The translator also reverses the process. The Translator Unit uses alpha-wave augmentation, and is found in the upper dome. The Vocal Simultor produces the metallic grating aspect of Dalek speech, but the staccato monotone appears to be a side effect of the mutant's thought processes.

This chamber holds the mutant Dalek creature with clamps and pistons. It is from here that the creature controls the travel machine via postitronic linkages. The chamber has serveral display screens and controls to augment it mental control. The creature floats in a neutrient rich fluid and has several feeders physically connecting it to the travel machine. These feeders provide air circulation, nutrient supply, waste removal, and water recyling. Normaly the system filters oxygen from outside the casing but there is 10 hours of oxygen stored inside the casing. Plant-derived neutirents are supplied on a continual basis. Standard models have enough neutrients for 48 hours of opperation.
Unless specially equiped for it planetary invasion, Daleks are vunerable to temperatures below freezing. At such temperatures they can barely function. Using the onboard Cryogen Survial Unit a Dalek can have itself "deep frozen" and preserved for centuries or longer. The outer casing and internal control chamber can be opened to facilitat repairs, system enhancements, and medical treatment. The opening can be done by internal command or by someone outside the casing. If opened from the outside an automatic distress transmitter is activated.

GRAVITY COMPENSATOR (aka Grav Deflectors) -
With the help of the gyroscopic stabilisation systems, this device compensates for changed in the intensity and direction of enternal acceleration and gravity effects to insure that the Dalek mutant's eviroment remains stable and unchanging.

WAR COMPUTER (aka Combat Computer)-
The War Computer is a
positronic brains that augment the abbilites of the Dalek Creature. It is effectively an interactive component of the Dalek mind which (in microseconds) can collate data and offer possible courses of action for the Dalek to choose from. It also contains a comprensive memory-bank of, history, information (including physics and chemistry), enemies of the Daleks, and stratagies. The War Computer's Photo-Sonic Cells stores information from the Sensor Plates in Crystal Memory Cells using hexidecimal code. The cells can hold a volume of information equivalent to the British Library. The computer's quantum computational abbilites are such that it can calculate a thousand billion combinations per second. By 26th century standards Daleks are clumsy hackers, but in the 21st century a single Dalek (with access to a internet port) can download and store a copy of the entire internet. More advanced War Computers can also control the Travel Machine even if no Dalek mutant is in the control chamber.

All Daleks can emit a Transponder Identification Code. These codes broadcast continiously except when stealth is required. Imperial Daleks normally use radio wave based communication frequencies in the FM range but they are also equiped to handle microwave based high definition holographic transmissions. These audio visual transmissions are organized into a Command-Network. Their transmitters work underground and can scan and eavesdrop on multiple radio frequencies at once. Daleks point their eye stalks upward to indicate that they conducting long range radio communication. Whenever a Dalek is attacked the automatic distress transmitter is activated.

SPECULATION: For being some of the most intelligent and clever speices in the Universe Dalek conversation seems remarkably simplistic and often redundent. I postulate that when communicating with each other Dalek verbel statments might be akin to simple subject headings or summaries of detailed packets of information that are being relayed via radio. Thus when a Dalek shouts "Exterminate!" it might be doing so to alert all Daleks in the area that a new Extermination File has been sent with detailed flow charts of tactics and target priorites along with recomended firepower settings. The return crys of "Exerminate!" might be reply Extermination Files with aknowlegements and other progress updates. This basic concept could be expanded to other Dalek statments. When you think about most Dalek speech sounds more like basic motivational statments and one scentence summaries of what could be very complex activities or orders. As for when the Daleks talk to non-Daleks, given their arrogence who can blame them for talking to us in baby talk - they probably don't think humans could grasp the full complexity of Dalek communication.

These act as a guidence system that allows a Dalek to know its precise location relative to various Dalek high-frequency impulse transmiters. Under nomral circumstances the Dalek creature merely tells the navigator where it wants to go and the computer handles the actual driving. A very short range Dalek disabling device can be made by constructing a receiver/transmiter with a positive feedback. It jams the guidence system's Data Bus and gives the mutant a seizure. A similar affect can be acheived using high power EM countermeasure pods which broadcast massive ammounts of electro-magnetic static. With experiance Daleks can adapt to this attack by generating sensor wave pattern with their power plants. These waves counter and negate the EM static.

If they can acheive contact with the biomass of time traveler and Advanced Dalek can draw energy by extroplating the travelers biodata. This energy can be used to initiate cellular reconstruction of its systems. Massive amounts of energy can be drain from an external power supply via the Manipulator Arm. This power can be used by an Advanced Dalek to re-energise repair physical damage. This probably done using nanobots.

Enable the Dalek to remain upright even under extream terrain and turbulance. It also calculates basic directional information so that the Dalek always knows it curruent orientation.

Skarosian Kaleds
Mark 1 Travel Machine - Davros' Chair
Skarosian Daleks
Mark 2 Travel Machine (aka Type 1) - Daleks seen in The Daleks and the Dalek Invasion of Earth
Mark 3 Travel Machine - Daleks seen in Gensis of the Daleks
Type I Drone - Seen in the Chase, Power of the Daleks, and the Dalek Masterplan.

Type III Invasion Dalek - Seen in Day of the Daleks.
Type III Hyperspace Dalek - (reflective surface protects from hyperspaital exposure) seen in Death to the Daleks
Type V (aka Type 2) Drone -
Used by the Skarosian Faction between Destiny of the Daleks and Remeberance of the Daleks.
Type I Supreme Dalek - Seen in Dalek Invasion of Earth.
Type II (aka Type 4)
Supream Dalek - Seen in Planet of the Daleks

Type II Emperor - Seen in 1960's Annuals
Type III Emperor - Seen in Evil of the Daleks
Imperial Daleks
Type 1 Dalek - seen in Revelation of the Daleks
Type 2 Dalek - seen in Rememberance of the Daleks.
Type 1 Emperor - seen in Rememberance of the Daleks


Though several spires and landing platforms can be on the surface the majority of a Dalek City is located underground. These subterranian chambers can easily hold 100,000 Daleks. Each city is governed by a Black Dalek. Many parts of a Dalek city are made of Dalekenium Alloys. The nuclear reactors and generators that power the city are located on the lowest levels of the city. These reactors have little sheilding as Daleks are immune to most types and levels of radiation. Located above the reactors are the Hydroponic Center. Here vegetables are grown using artificial light. The lifts are powered by presurized gas. Dalek locks are usualy require an 8 diget code based on a prime number in the sigma series. Using the Transponder Identification Code broadcast by each Dalek the position of all Daleks is monitored continiously. They use Rangerscopes, and Lazerscopes to monitor activity outside their cities. Lazerscopes and Videoscopes provide visual images. They use Vibration Detectors (aka Vibrascopes) to monitor the movement of all beings inside their cities. The floors can be magnetized to prevent renegade Daleks from moving. Events beyond the planet are observed using Radio Telescopes. Magnetise Beams can be used to capture and pull in near by spaceships. They can use a Neutronic Randomiser to scramble a spaceship's sensors. These appear to have a range of at least a few lightyears. Movement Detectors are capable of scanning space to find specific Timeships. All of this data can be accessed from the Visuliser room. Two Daleks are always on "suicide watch." Should the city be successfully invaded by enemies these daleks will trigger the city's auto-destruct destroying it in an atomic blast.
The original Dalek City on Skaro is named Mensvat Esc-Dalek. It was built on the ruins of the original Kaled Capital City in the area known as Vekis Nar-Kangji (the Plain of Swords). It is protected on the East and North sides by the Drammankin Mountain Range. The South side is boarderd by the Lake of Mutations and the West side faces the Petrified Jungle. The Lake of Mutations provides water for the city. Some of its spires are 2 kilometers tall. It has hundreds of landing platforms. Many spires have window - possibly for aesthetic purposes. The Emperor's Imperial Control Chamber is located deep beneath the surface. The Supream Council Chamber is at the center level 4. The Master Control Room (from which the City is controled) is on level 10.

During the 43rd Century the entire Dalek Fleet consists of at least 1,700 vortex capable ships. They are designated with names like Alpha Major. At the time of its destruction the Dalek fleet consisted of 10,000,000 timeships which (probably) held the entire Dalek race. Each Dalek warship can serve multiple function, including: bomber, troop transport, and cargo transport. Their ships are controled from the Astro Navigation Sector. In this room the pilots are connected directly to the flight systems with a positron linkage. Takeoff is usually proceeded by a countdown. When retracing known rounts (Memory Charts) Dalek ships navigate completely on automatic beng guided by the Command Unit computer. The Pilots are only needed when the ship has to deviate from a known course. Multiple Dalek units are supervised and coordinated from the Battle Command Room. Dalek leaders reily heavily on the ship's Command Unit computer when making decisions. Daleks ships keep in contact with Skaro and other Dalek outposts using sub-etheric signals broadcast from the saucers signal transmitter ring and power/communications spikes. As a back up they have "black box" recorders designed to survive the destruction of the ship. The ship's structure has many components made of Dalekenium and is held together withe heavy polycarbide rivets. Massiver computer cores and computer systems matricies are all liked by superconducting systems. Their outer hull is made of non-corrodable spaceship-grade dalekanium. The hull is protected by ship energy-shielding pulses and an acceleration compensator and several massive shield generator arrays. The radiation levels inside a ship are usually kept at levels that are unsafe for Humans. They are equipped with transmats (that require another terminal at the other end). They have a range of at least 300 kilometers. The Main Concourse is a room with an Atmos-Repro Globe capable of simulating other enviroments for visiting aliens. Food tablets for vistors are provided by a Nouromatic Machine. The Historical Survey Sector is a room devoted to the anlysis and archiving of alien cultures. They use forcefields to create cells for prisoners. Square metal plates appear to be used as keys to Dalek vessels. An Identity Check Machine verifies that all Travel Machines that enter the vehicle are being operated by a Dalek Mutant. Disposal chutes are used for ejecting undisired material.
Their ships are primarly are powered by fusion reactions that contained in bottles of gravito-magnetic force. Electromagnetic pulses cause the outer hull of the saucer to spin to provice movement. They can be repowered using Dalek Solar Power Stations. These reactors provide the energy for the ion-drive thrusters and Anti-Gravity Propellent Unit. They are capable of converting nuclear power into fuel. When inside of the Vortex Advanced Dalek ships are powered by Harmonic Energy (Artron Energy) from the Dalek's Eye of Harmony. Most Daleks ships have a Sucide Unit auto-destruct system which consists of a neutron bomb. Alternatively the reactors of several ships can be linked together to massively increase the yeild when all the ships self-destruct. Their warships have numerous small servo-robots (such as the ) that mantian and repair them. They have spherical escape pods.
Dalek warships have sensors (such as the Rad-Etheric Magnascope, and the Asteroid Avoidence Rods) that can detect a sparrow's fall at 15,000 kilometers. Their Defense Electron Shields can function as a cloaking system to protect them for scanners. However this signifcantly limits their top speed. Saucer size and larger Dalek warships are equiped with electronic jamming devices that can disable all communications over a continent sized area.
Beam weapons commonly found on Dalek craft include deep penetration Ion Cannons, Anti-Matter Drills, Photon Impellers, massive Neutralisers, Disruptors, and Partical Beam weapons. The most common bomb is the Firebomb (aka Firestorm Fission or Atomic Bomb) with a blast equivelent to a volcanic erruption. These are deployed against large ground targets such as cities. Small portable explosives exist with a blast equivalent to 10 kilotons. Their warships are also equiped with Neutron Bombs which wipe out organics but leave the infrastructure undamaged. Neutron Strikes can be used to detonate stars. They also have Famine Bombs (which use gas to destroy plant life). These warheads can be launched from torpeado ports in Target Seeking Missiles or via automated SpaceMine-Layers. The standard space mine has an infared tracker and an explosive radius of 8 miles.
The Daleks have developed magntise beams (that can trap escaping ships) and the Hallucitory Projector/Reciever, which uses ultrasonic hypno-sound to make targets see what the most fear or most desire.

The Emperor's flagship can hold millions of Daleks. The Emperor is wired directly into the center of the Flagship Saucer. It contains factories for producing more travel machines, including vats of molten polycarbide.

Dalek Motherships can
hold up to 400 Daleks. They contain Dalekanium bombs that can easily crack an earth sized planet open.
This is the standard long range space vessel. The average Dalek Warship can carry one Company of Daleks (50-63) and has the lifesupport capability to transport 100 humanoid slaves.
This is the largest vessel that regularly undertakes atmospheric operations. It can land on open bodies of water and even fuction underwater. The have multiple loading ramps. The Saucers usually carry at least 20 Daleks and are powered by a fusion reactor with an output of 23 megawatts.
The Main Concourse is a room with an Atmos-Repro Globe capable of simulating other enviroments for visiting aliens. Food tablets for vistors are provided by a Nouromatic Machine. If the cargo space is converted to maximize troop carrying capactiy a single saucer is capable of carrying several hundred Daleks. They are equiped with a type of "chameleon circuit" which can disguise them as (among other things) meteores. Saucers are armed with deep penetration Ion Cannons, Anti-Matter Drills, Photon Impellers, and 1000 Space Mines. They also have Screamers which are designed to permanently deafin enemies. Some Saucers are equiped with an experimental Nightrotor Unit which can shift the frequency of all light in the area out of the visible spectrum, plunging the area into total darkness.
This cylindrical vessel is used for high speed penetration of large volumes of solid rock.
This atmospheric vessel converts atmospheric gases into fuel allowing it to operate in the field indefinetly.
Assault Shuttles are used to deploy Dalek Squads to the surface of a planet.
Dalek Warriors are secured using webbing during the landing process. They have massive ground defenses but an unprotected service hatch on top.
TRANSOLAR DISCS (aka Anti-Gravitational Disks, Hoverbouts) -
Individual Daleks can use anti-gravitational disks
to perform aerial operations inside a planet's gravitational field. These disks are about 30 cm thick and can cary up to 300 kg. Though accleration is limited they have a fairly high top speed. A variation knowns as the Solus Combat Machine has extra weapons increasing the firepower availible to the Dalek by a factor of 50. The capabilites of the Transolar Discs were eventually incorperated into all advanced Daleks casings.
This massive submarine is used by the Dalek in the oceans of other planets. It is equiped with liquid matter fuel conversion system, an Aquascope (range 20 miles), a Fridgeador Potential (capable of freezing the water's surface for a range of 20 miles), Storm Simulator (for weather control), Repellor Feild Generator (for defending against enemy torpeados),

Using their mastery of static electricty the Daleks developed a portable Time Transferance Module can be used to send a single Dalek (or humanoid) back through time but not through space. Each Module has a mini-dematerialization circuit. The Time Vortex Magnetron can be used to alter the arrival point of a returning Dalek.
In the year 3773 AD Daleks discovered a way to use static electricity to create Time Coridors between and two points in space and time. A single corridor can move several Daleks at once. These corridors cause massive disturbances in the the Space-Time Vortex and tend to catch passing timeships and drag them to one end or the other of the corridor. Telephones will also have difficulty functioning near either end of Time Corridor. Dalek time travel technology does not have a Time Track Crossing Protection Protocol Circuit. This means they can cross their own time stream again and again until the chronal energy causes major paradoxs.
The above technologies led to the more advanced static based Time Controllers and Manipulators, which allow several Daleks to be transported both through time and space. If a Controller was mounted in a warship the entire ship can be transported though time and space via a Time Corridor. The first Time Controllers were powered by Taranium.
Once they constructed their own Eye of Harmony the Daleks were able to use Harmonic Energy to power all their timeships while they were within the Space-Time Vortex. It should be noted that Dalek ships only have access to Harmonic Energy when inside the Vortex. While in Normal Space they must rely on their fusion reactors or Taranium.
A single timeship exploding in the Vortex is no danger but the destruction of a fleet of 1,700 timeships could rupture the Web of Time permanently.
Dalek scrambling technology prevents the materialization of Time Travel Capsules inside their faciliites. Daleks can also scramble Gallifreyan communication broadcasts. Daleks time travel technology can be programed to self-destuct. When this is triggered the equipment fades away. During the Time War the Time Lords belived that the enemy timeships were capable of much higher reality quotient settings then their TARDIS were.
DARDISes are dimensionally transcendental timeships whose design is heavily influanced by the TARDIS of Gallifrey. The original DARDIS used Taranium to power its Ti-Monic Engines and Ti-monic Reactors, but it likely that current models used Harmonic Energy from the Dalek's Eye of Harmony. It is possible that the only Daleks who can use DARDISes have been genetically altered to be Time Sensitive. The DARDISes are equiped with Space/Time Scopes that allow them to pinpoint the space-time location of a known TARDIS and track a disturbanced in the Space-Time Continuum or the Vortex. The are usually guided into Dalek bases with homing beam. DARDISes can disguise themselves as other time ships by emiting temporal projections. Such projections cannot be maintained for long due the enourmass power drain. They have Temporal Disruptor weapons that can damage TARDISes. They are equiped with a very power external public address system.

Located in fold in the time Vortex is a holographic crystal over a million miles across - this is the memory core of the Dalek's Group Mind. Their entire history is engraved in Yottabytes of data on this crystal. The experiances of every Dalek is regularly uploaded using the Dalek Galactic Webwork. Using a cyber-psionic language the Emperor and the Daleks on the Supream Council can access the informatio of the Dalek Mind and use it to devise stratagies and tactics.

Using information stolen from the Time Lords of Gallifrey the Daleks created their own Eye of Harmony. Like the Gallifreyan the Dalek Eye is
the nucleus of the black hole that has been stabilized in an eternally dynamic equation using temporal barries like those on Kar-Charratt. As with the first Gallifreyan Eye, this one is known as the Eye of Harmony because it sits outside History and watches the rest of the Universe. The Eye is kept in its own micro-universe. Outside the Event-Horizon of the spinning star is an area called the Ergosphere. In this area energy that escapes the singularity’s gravity is accelerated and amplified to almost infinite levels. The Ergosphere is surrounded by a sphere 10 kilometers in diameter. This sphere is mirrored on the inside. By allowing a light beam to enter the sphere. This light was amplified by the singularity’s Ergosphere, reflected off the mirrored sphere, was amplified again, and so on. Each time the light beam gained energy. A small hole at the top of the sphere releases the amplified light beam. This near magical use of superradiant scattering allows the Eye of Harmony to provide energy for all of the Dalek's time travel need. The Eye used by the Time Lords is shifted slightly into the future so that the near infinite power of the light beam emerges in a controllable osmotic stream of harmonic energy. However as up "Time of the Daleks" the Dalek Eye still didn't have this feature which meant that the harmonic energy emerged in an uncontrolable fashion.
The Web of Time is a vast transdimensional spiral that encompasses the universe and serves as a foundation for all points in space and time. The Daleks Eye of Harmony allows them to locks down the Web of Time within the Space-Time Vortex. It serves as an anchor for the Continuity and causality of the Universe and possibly sits at the exact center of the Vortex. The Eye of Harmony created a Noosphere (the range of understanding and data that is defined by a culture's physical, perceptive or comprehensive capabilities) of Dalek activity. The Gallifreyan Eye and the Dalek's Eye anchor all of the threads of the Web of Time. In conjunction with the Web of Time, the Eyes of Harmony can be used to define the physical and temporal laws of the Universe.

Dalek rank structure is entirely based on age. The older the Dalek the higher its rank. Daleks are conditioned to always obey their superiors so there are never any arguments among the Dalek people. Dalek leaders are brilliant tacticians with a strong talent for innovation. It is this geneticaly engineered genius that is responsible for making them one of the greatest powers in the Universe.

DALEK SUPREME COUNCIL (aka Supream Command) -
The Supreme Council acts as advisors to the Dalek Prime. Including the Emperor there are 13 members of the Supreme Council. They have War Computers which have twice the storage capacity and processing power of Warrior Daleks. Daleks view the vast intellect of the Dalek Mind to be far more important then the physical weakness of the Dalek Mutant. Their arrogence and confidence in their own intellect is such that they will often produce plans that would seem to be needlessly complex to accomplish relatively simple goals. However the incredible intellect of the Dalek leaders is such that the these stratagies often unfold exactly as the Daleks predicted. These high ranking Daleks have cyber-psionic transmiters that allow them to access the Dalek Mind.

*Dalek Emperor (aka Dalek Prime, Gold Dalek) -

The Dalek Emperor (aka Dalek Prime) is the ultimate authority in the Dalek Empire.
The Emperor is the oldest Dalek in existance - the first created by Davros in 4000 BC. The Emperor frequently conducts experiments on itself to increase its abbilites. When not using its gold colored Type II travel machine the Dalek Emperor (aka Dalek Prime) resides in an Imperial Control Chamber. The inside of the Emperor's casing is composed almost entirely analyzing computers giving him 5 times the capabilites of a Supream Dalek. These computer's atomic level data storage menthods and is equiped with an Electro-Nuclear-Impulse-Gatherer. All lifesupport systems are located externally. The Emperor has complete control over the Dalek City on Skaro. Humans can become agents of the Daleks by being possessed by the Dalek Emperor via a psychotropic link. Using this link the Emperor can even transfer his entire mind into the host.

*Dalek Puppet Emperors-

These Puppet Emperors might also serve as decoys and distractions to the Dalek enemies during the Time War. They might also serve as back-up bodies for the Dalek Prime to transfer himself into.

*Supreme Black Dalek -
These Elite Daleks serves as the Warlords of the Dalek species. Some of them have purple or gold trim. The Supreme Dalek outranks the Dalek Supreme Controller and
commands Red Daleks. They are members of the Supreme Council. In combat situations Supream Black Daleks command Regiments of 200-250 Daleks.

*Supreme Controller Dalek -

These Elite Daleks are colored red (or black or gold). The serve as Section Leaders and can often be found in command of important worlds. (Assuming one is availible) a Controller Daleks will lead any mission that involves between 125 and 60 Dalek Warriors. They usually command a Battalion of 100-125 Daleks.
The Supreme Black Dalek will select the Controller Dalek with the most experiance in the type of mission being undertaken. The Controller will rarely leave the confines of his ship or capital city - prefering instead to deligate Black Daleks for interaction with the outside world.

THE CULT OF SKARO (aka the Children of Skaro)
This is a group of 4 individualized Time War era Daleks, named Sec, Thay, Jast, and Caan. Their numbers were limited to prevent them from being a threat to the Emperor. Their purpose is to use imagination and limited emotions to understanding of how their enemies (the Time Lords or Humanity???) think and imagine. Members of the Cult are also equiped with a strong sense of self-preservation. All Daleks with a sense of individuality are regarded as Abominations by other Daleks. All of the Cult members are equiped with a device that allows him to teleport with an Emergency Temporal Shift. They exist outside the traditional dalek rank structure but (because of the Emperor's support) effectively hold a very high position in the Dalek Ranks. Despite this, Sec appears to holds the rank of Black Dalek over the other members of the Cult. Before joining the Cult Caan was an Attack Squad Leader of the 30th Dalek Assault Squad. The Cult's existance is kept secret and the Time Lords think they are only a legend.

*Black Dalek
Black Daleks serve as the field commanders and mayors of the Dalek Empire. Each Dalek city or outpost will have at least one Black Dalek. When in combat Dalek Companies (50-63 Daleks) are command by a Black Dalek. Dalek Saucers are somtimes commanded by Black Daleks. Each saucer usually holds about 30 Warriors. Some Black Daleks only have domes that are black. They serve as the Emperor's Personal Guard and are often equiped with a second more powerful weapon instead of the manipulator arm.

*Red Dalek (aka Pilot Daleks)-
These Daleks
specialize in Transportation. They will be found in command of a single assault landing ship or a Task Force of 30 Daleks. To the human eye (depending on the era) the color of Red Daleks often appears indistiguishable to that of the Warriors.

*Grey Daleks -
These Daleks lead Daleks squads that number between 6 and 20.
They command Blue Daleks. To the human eye (depending on the era) the color of Grey Daleks often appears indistiguishable to that of the Warriors.

*Blue Daleks -
Blue Daleks are the equivilant of non-commissioned officers. They generaly command Squads of 3 to 6 Daleks.
Their Battle Computers have reduced capacity in comparison to the Red and higher ranking Daleks. To the human eye (depending on the era) the color of Blue Daleks often appears indistiguishable to that of the Warriors.

*Chief Scientist Daleks -
These Daleks are some of the most intelligent, creative, and well educated of the Dalek elite.

*Psyche Daleks -
Some Daleks are skilled telepaths known as psyche Daleks. They have large visible brains instead of metal domes on the top of their casings. These Daleks have casings coated with Mental Control Crystals which function as psionic amplifiers. This gives the the abbility communicate telepathically and short range telekinetic powers. They are often responsible for controling robotised prisoners.

*Strider Daleks -
These casings have 8 long legs and stand 10 times taller then a Warrior Dalek. They are equipped with 4 cannons.

*Spider Daleks -
Slightly larger then Warrior Daleks they can deploy 8 legs to handle rough terrain. This design was created by Davros. Their armor is weaker then that of the standard Warrior.

*Marsh Daleks -
They have two stilt like legs.

*Special Weapons Daleks -
These Dalek creatures have been bombarded by Astro-Thesial Radiation
which alters them so that it's pitutiary gland became active causing massive hormone imbalances. These made them prone to bouts of extreme anger and greatly boosts their pycho-kinetic abbilites. They also cause the schrellic gland to secrete large volumes of smelly liquid which are usually vented onto the outer casing. The most shocking of the results of this mutation is that it leads the Daleks to relize their own individuality (aka insane by Dalek standards). To compensate for this they are subjected it to massive conditioning and surgical coercion. They are used to operate the Special Weapon Dalek shells.
The Special Weapon Daleks used by the Imperial Daleks have a great deal of initiative and self awareness (this is only tolerated because Davros orders the other Daleks to do so). All Daleks with a sense of individuality are regarded as abominations.
The Special Weapon Daleks used by the Skarosian Faction have been reconditioned for total obedience and minimal independent thought. They are completely subservient to the their supervising Dalek - known as a Minder for tactical instructions. All of this reduces their effective intellect to that of a well trained dog. They Minder has the option of releasing the Special Weapon Dalek to have full atonomy but this is only done in emergencies because the Skarosian Special Weapon Daleks in Autonomous Mode tend to exterminate the enemy, all other Daleks in the area, and themselves (in that order).

Standard Battle Type - These shells are uniquie among the Daleks, for they are designed for only one single function - to transport, target, and fire its prime weapon - a massive Pulse Gun. Their battle computers have reduced capacity in comparison to the Red and higher ranking Daleks. The casing weighs 2000 kilograms (the standard Warrior casing weighs less then 300 kg). The weapon has 360 degrees of horizontal movement and about 30 degrees of vertical movement. The weapon's energy discharge is at least 50 times more powerful then a Warrior's Neutralizer set on the level of Total Exterminate and is capable of completely vaporizing multiple Dalek travel machines with a single shot. On each firing the Dalek is further mutated by the backwash of Astro-Thesial Radiation. This has the side affect of reducing the life-span of all Special Weapon Daleks.
Airborn Special Weapon Dalek - These Special Weapon Daleks have much more sophisticated Battle Computers then the Standard Battle Type. It has a somewhat sleeker design, and is equiped with two smaller Pulse Guns. Their anti-gravity motivators allows for complex arial manuvers.
Marine Special Weapon Daleks (aka Torpeado Daleks)-

These casings are designed to work underwater. They are shaped like torpeados with a Neutraliser and grappling arm. The are propelled by a jet like caterpillar drive and have large energy reserves in theri power cells. The poly-carbide coating of the outer shell can have its color and texture altered by the onboard battle computer to proved exceptional camoflage.

*Scout Daleks -
These Daleks have standard casings with the exception of their overpowered motivators which give them a top speed (on a paved road) of 30 kph (19 mph).

*Omega Daleks (aka Bombardier Daleks) -
Omega Bombardier Daleks are an airborn force that specialize in saturation bombing and carry large numbers of Dalekenaium bombs. These Daleks operate in squadrons of 12 or 16.

*Warriors Dalek (aka
Drones) -
These daleks traditionally have grey casings. They serve as the foot soldiers and their battle computers have reduced capacity in comparison to the Red and higher ranking Daleks. These tend to be the youngest Daleks used in military operations. Due to their inexperiance Warriors tend to be very uncreative and predictable.

*Slave Races (Robomen, Duplicates, Ogrons, Human Mercenaries, Laborers, ect...)
Depending on their loyalty, slaves can be found building Daleks ships, and equipment, removing debrie from mines, mantianing automated machinery, moving heavy loads, and undertaking missions over or through difficult terrain. The most trusted of Slaves will be armed and used in military operations against the enemies of the Daleks or to supervise less reliable slaves.
They equip their Ogron troops with Neuronic Stun Guns (which also have a kill setting) or untra-sonic disintegrator guns.


Dalek culture is heavily influanced by the chromosomal changes, chemical agents, and micro-surgery the undergo while still embryos.
This prevents them from experiancing compassion, love, pity, and mercy. The instictual sense of morality and conscience is also removed. They are programed to have total loyalty to the Dalek Species, and to view all other species (including the humanoid Skarosians like the Thals) as inferior. The appear to view Humans who have been infected with the Dalek Factor to be full Daleks. Daleks have been gentically programed to always obey the more experianced (usually the older) Dalek. They are conditioned to survive at all costs and programmed to believe that survival can best be achieved by becoming the dominant species in the Universe. They hate all non-Dalek forms of life and are programed with a desire to enslave lesser lifeforms. Every attack and extermination is seen as a way of bringing glory to the Dalek race. Daleks have no difficulty lying to other species and often do so to advance their convoluted schemes.
Dalek intellect has been genetically magnified. Daleks view the vast intellect of the Dalek Mind to be far more important then the physical weakness of the Dalek Mutant. Their arrogence and confidence in their own intellect is such that they will often produce plans that would seem needlessly complex to accomplish relatively simple goals. However the incredible intellect of the Dalek leaders is such that the these stratagies often unfold exactly as the Daleks predicted.
It should be noted that
(due to genetic alteration) all Daleks have the to potential to become geniuses however (with the exception of the leadership) most lack the experiance and knowlege to make full use of their talents. Daleks do a have legal code. By Law High ranking Daleks have the right to exterminate lower ranking Daleks for failure to complete a mission. When a Dalek has failed the Empire so greviously that such a fate is certain a Dalek will choose to self-destruct.
Thals, Kaleds, and Daleks all seem to place great emphesis on the importantce of maintaining a detailed history of thier species. The Lament of the Non-Operational is a well known 128-stanza poem written by a Dalek. The Daleks do create statues as an art form. Despite these creative works Daleks appear to have been programmed to instinctually view the physical appearance of the Mark 3 Dalek Travel Machine as being the most perfect form possible. This seems likely because for over nine thousand years of technological advancement they almost never deviate from that basic shape.

Daleks view themselves as the dominant species in the Universe. Anything they can control is theirs and anything they can not control will become theirs to control once resources and technology is availible.
A Dalek Regiment consists of 200-250 Daleks commanded by a Supreme Black Dalek. Each Regiment has two Battalions of 100 to 125 Daleks commanded by a Supream Controller Dalek. Each Battalion has two Companies of between 50-63 Daleks commanded by a Black Dalek. When deployed in the field Dalek Companies usually form dimond formations with the Black Dalek in the center and several Scout Daleks patroling ahead. Companies are split up into Task Forces of 30 and are led by Red Daleks. Tasks Forces can be divided into Squadrons of various sizes. During ariel attacks Daleks operate in squadrons of 12 or 16. Each Grey Dalek can have up to 20 Daleks under his command. Squads smaller then 7 are led by Blue Daleks. Daleks have been known to dispatch Assassination Groups to trackdown and exterminate specific enemies. Members of such a group carry the title Executioner. Transmat stations always have an operator on hand.
When encountering an alien lifeform a Dalek will assess the threat that alien represents. In the creature is deemed non-threatening it will be assessed for usefullness. I the alien is considered useful the Dalek will order the creature to surrender. If the alien doe not immediately surrender the Dalek will open fire on it. When fighting groups of aliens a Dalek will fire a single shot at the target that is the greatest threat to the Dalek Empire (usually the leader of the group). They will then fire on the target that represents the greatest threat to that individual Dalek. They third shot will be fired at the target closest to the Dalek. The fouth shot will be fired at the greatest threat to the Dalek Empire and the cycle repeates untill all targets have been exterminated. The standing orders of Dalek Drones include instructions to kill the Doctor on sight. If possible Daleks will eliminated a threat to a vunerability before attempting to correct the vulnerability itself. Daleks will undertake suicide missions without question.

Daleks prefer to conquer inhabited worlds that have passed the industrial revolution as it gives them a pre-built foundation for resource exploitation. Actual tactics will vary depending on the amount and type of resources availble and the defenses of the target. Attacks can range from simple (and very popular) orbital bombardment to very very complex and convoluted strategies. Daleks are know to use capture weath to undertake "Economic Warfare" against planets. Primitive societies require only a small number of Daleks and limited exterminations. More sophisticated civilizations will often be bombed from space untill a majority of the population is extinct. Transolor-Discs will then be deployed. Very advanced races will often be completely exterminated and Daleks Slaves will be imported to strip the planet of resources. The more advanced and knowledgeable the target the more the Daleks will rely on misdirection, disinformation, and deception in their invasion stratagy. Such decisions are made by the Daleks Supream Council. When Daleks do attack a target directly they strike quickly and ruthlessly, without hesitation. Dalek invasions forces consist of exactly the number of Daleks deemed nessecary to accomplish the mission. A Dalek beach head may typically consist of two strategists and a pilot.
Dalek conquest of species beings with mass exterminations followed by absolute suppression of the survivors. Because the Dalek form isn't very versitile the Prime Daleks ensured that all Daleks are programed with a desire to enslave (rather then exterminate) lesser lifeforms. Unless a lifeform is obviously useful to the Dalek cause (as a slave or some such) they will be immidiatly exterminted. Many govermental, military, and cultural leaders will be exterminated. Superior individuals of the subject race are robotized. The Daleks will seize control over the subject races power, water, and communications systems. Daleks will not hesitate to exterminate all life on a planet if their superior feels this is nesseccary. They will always leave at least one warship in orbit to provide fire support.
Once a planet is subjugated the Daleks will begin to strip it of all useful resources. This can often take centuries. Dalek mining procedures involve drilling massively deep shafts that allow the automated drilling devices to access all levels. They use slaves to clear debrie.
They normally work their slaves to death. Species and individuals who lend themselves excessively well to slavery (such as the Ogrons) will be transplanted of world to work on other Dalek projects. Active but ineffective resistance movements are sometimes allowed to exist to minimize depression and sucide rates among the slaves.
Conquered planets offten serve as staging and launching points for new invasions of nearby worlds. When this occurs large Dalek breeding centers and factories for their travel machines will be constructed. Starships construction docks will also be built. Planets with known active resistance groups are rarely used for staging points.

The have a "Scorched Planet" policy in which they devestate any habitable planet before abandoning it. This is often done via orbital bombardment or a Dalekanium Planet-Cracker Bomb.

The word Skaro means "Home" in old Kaled. Both Thal and Dal translate as "Choosen Ones." Kaled is the name of the first letter in the Skarosian alphabet. "Thalistun" means Monsters in Kaled. In the Kaled alphabet "Dalek" is an anagram of "Thal." The ancient legeands of the Daleks refer to the Doctor as Ka Faraq Gatri, which translates as oncoming storm, bringer of darkness, destroyer or worlds, or nice guy if your a biped - depending on whose doing the translation. Rather then names Daleks are coded by rank/position and number (ie Scout Seven).
Daleks use what they call Dalekian Scale for measuring space and time. 7-7-3 Dalekian Scale is equivalent to 15 minutes. The Rel is a unit of time (very roughly) equivalent to minutes Rels. Orbits is the Dalek unit for the passage of years.

Highly intelligent humanoid captives of the Daleks are often Robotized to serve as loyal and trustworthy slaves of the Daleks. After the cerebral functions have been desensitized the humanoid will have a positronic amplification disk grafted to their skull. A helmet with communications equipment is then attached to the disk. While loyal Robomen are both mentaly and physically quite slow. Most robomen would go mad after a few months (a few years at most) and commited sucicide.
For many centuries whenever the Daleks needed a human spy (and one could not be found through blackmail or bribery) the Daleks would create
robotic duplicates of humanoids using a Cell Renovator Chamber. These duplicates had organic skin that carries the the correct DNA patter of the person they are impersonating. Assuming that the victum was still alive, a Brain Analysis Disk could be used to link the to the victums brainwave patterns to the duplicate's to allow the duplicate to access the memories of the victum.
This technology was largely replaced by a breakthrough in the Robotization process. Daleks began creating clone
duplicates of humanoids using genetic engineering. Once a gentic scan was availible, these clones could be generated in under hour. These clones have a new, smaller, Postitronic Amplification Disk implanted into their brains. These disks insure that Dalek protocals and goals are constantly part of the subjects thought processes - however their is no reduction int he mental capabilities of the clone. The new disks are quite hard to detect. A Brain Analysis Disk can be used on the orginal humanoid to create a record of the subjects's experiances and memories. This recording can be imprinted on the clone's mind create an exact duplicate of the orginial, but with complete devotion to the Dalek cause. This process has a very high success rate, with only a few clones rebeling and assuming the victum's original personality and motivations. Daleks countered occasional acts of rebellion by designing a typeof Postitronic Amplification Disk that create a constant Psychotropic Link with either a specific Dalek or the Dalek Command Net in general. An added opption that the Psychotropic Link offers is that of allowing the Dalek to transfer his entire mind into the clone's body. Dalek distaste for humanoid is such that this would only be done when the survival of the Daleks Species requires it.


Daleks have complete understanding of the science of static electricity and the science of antimagnetics.
They can build a neutron-powered refrigeration unit that can freeze an entire ocean.
In its raw energized stated Dalekanium is rich but unstable source of energy. When triggered it creates a "clean" nuclear explosion whose radius is dependent on the ammount of Dalekanium present. Dalekanium is the prefered conventional explosive of the Daleks. Small canisters have a blast radius of 30 meters. Some Dalekanium "Planet-Cracker" bombs can devestate a planet if placed inside carefully ploted faultlines. (Perhapse due to its unstable nature) Dalekanium Bombs are rarely deployed from vehicles but instead are usually hand (sucker?) delivered by Dalek Warriors. Depleted Dalekanium functions an effective armor and is used on Dalek Travel Machines.
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