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The Last of The Time Lords and Earth's History

NOTE: If you can read this line of text then the black back ground to this page didn't load. 95% of the text is colored so don't worry about it too much. The stuff in white is all Fan Speculation and stuff from the Benny Novels. You can read the white text by "selecting it" with your mouse. I'll try to get this problem fixed.
This Time Line covers the life of the Doctor from the point after the end of the Time War. It ranges from the 9th Doctor to the end of the universe. The numbers are based off the looming of the Doctor. They are given in Gallifreyan years (which are the same as earth years). The Numbers in Parenthesis refer to the Doctor's age as quoted in "Aliens of London"
I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisement for all the sources that went into making it. I plan to create a bibliography (and eventually even citations) when I get time (don't hold your breath).
Note: the following information contains many spoilers for the TV Series, and Novels.

The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
(Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie )
information from the Novels
(Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
(I put The Infinity Doctors as story about an earlier person called the Doctor. I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who such as an alternate timeline.
(The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time [Zagreus strongly implies that DCTT is an alternate Gallifrey the Rassilon deliberatly negated])
information from 'licensed' reference sources
(The Technical Manual, Monsters, and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
(The charity anthologies, the Benny adventures, and Lawrence Miles' books)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

'might' The event was revealed under highly suspicious circumstances. There's at least a 50% chance the entry is completely false.
? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

The Final Battle

"You're are not alone..."
-Translation of a pictoral depiction found on Crafe Tec Heydra

1806~ (899 AF) (probably arround 900 years after the Doctor's re-birth / The Time Lords exist after 150,000,000 BC / over five hundred years after the War begins / well before 2596 AD)
The Last Great Time War in Heaven ends at the Final Battle - which the Time Lords lose. By this point the planet Skaro has also been devestated. To prevent the Daleks from becoming the new Lords of Time the Doctor chooses to destroy both Gallifrey and the entire Dalek fleet of 1,000,000 timeships. He jettisoned the Eye of Harmony into Gallifrey's primary star, causing a supernova that destroying both the Time Lords and the Daleks in a single second. Gallifrey's primary becomes a neutron star, but the blast can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98 in the 26th century. Unknown to the Doctor the Dalek Emperor's timeship is knocked into the Vortex and the Emperor alone survies. Because of the Quantum Barrier the planet Gallifrey is only scorched until it is nothing but rocks and dust, barren of life. Not even the orange sky survived. - The Time Lords have been destroyed. The ruins of Gallifreyan buildings can still be found in 2596 AD. The Doctor is the soul surviving Time Lord and his TARDIS is the sole surviving Gallifreyan Timeship. They make up the entire Second Diaspora. He claims that he would know if any other Time Lords had survived.

1806~ One surviving Dalek falls through time, and landed on the Ascension Islands on Earth. He spends the next several decades waiting for orders.

1806~ (~5800 AD)
The Time Lords cease comunicating with the Galaxy at large.

?? (before Political Animals)
The Faction enters a period of inactivity that will last till Political Animals.

1806~ (after the death of the Time Lords)
The Laws of Time are suspended. The walls of reality close and it becomes virtually impossible for a TARDIS to visit an alternate reality. The remains of the Eye of Harmony might eventually become the Black Hole that Omega tries to return through in The Three Doctors. Without the Time Lords the History becomes vulnerable to Infinite Temporal Flux. Reapers now destroy every world that develops a temporal paradox. Without the Time Lords to enforce the laws of physics magical phenomenon being to appear in the Universe.

1806~ (899~ AF) (after the death of Gallifrey)
The Doctor is quite guilty ridden and depressed after destroy his home. He continues to travel the Universe in his aging Type 40 TARDIS.
The doctor believes that he should have been able to detect another Time Lord (even one who is out of sync) but the Archangel Network hides the Master on Earth. So its likely that the Doctor can detect other Time Lords from Gallifrey's past when he's in the same time zone. But he can tell that they are from before the War and knows not to contact them.
NOTE: According to He Jests at Scars and Death Comes to Time the Doctor being the last Time Lord would mean that he would have full access to the Power of Creation and keep changing causality by just by looking at it. It is possible that (like Omega) he learns to control this power or perhapse the fact that the Laws of Time were suspended negated this affect. The fact that the Daleks had their own Eye of Harmony might have some affect on the situation.

?? Many Time Aware species, such as the Time Agents believe the Time War was a legand. However a few Time Aware species know of the War and believe that none of the Time Lords survived the Final Battle. On the planet Crafe Tec Heydra there is a pictoral depiction of the War and the final battle. It shows the Doctor as the only survivor and says "You Are Not Alone..."

?? (after Gallifrey is lost / Leela's final days / after she has lived far longer then she expected)
Catalyst: Leela is captured by the Zedni while wearing noble robes. She is interogated by someone seeking information about Gallifrey. Free of the bio-fields of Gallifreyans, Leela's body ages a year with every passing day. By this point Gallifrey
and its people are spoken of in legends and fairytales as a lost world.

1807 (900 AF) (at least sometime after the death of Gallifrey)
Rose. The Doctor picks up Rose as a traveling companion. His fondness for her might, in part, due to the fact that Susan's original name was
Arkytior which is High Gallifreyan for 'rose.'

?? At some point before Aliens of London the Doctor starts giving his age as being 900 years old. He also indicates that 900 years ago when he started travelling in the TARDIS. Since people age slower when on board the TARDIS this might also be his corrected age when all "of time and space" is taken into account. This might also because of his rebirth in in a new body in the City of the Saved. It is this later conclusion that I have used for my calculations. From this point forward I will note the Doctor version of his age in partenthsesis along with the Doctor's actual age.

1807 (900 AF) (5,000,000,000 AD)
The End of the World

1807 (900 AF) The Unquiet Dead: The last of the Gelth travel through a weak point in the Vortex to Earth where they are destroyed.

1807 (900 AF) (900 years after starting over on counting his age / after 900 years of traveling time and space / he might actually be older than 900 years old)
Aliens of London /
World War Three

1807 (900 AF) The Doctor and Rose travel to Justicia.

1807 (900 AF) The Love Invasion

1807 (900 AF) The Clockwise Man

1807 (900 AF) The Monsters Inside

1807 (900 AF) Winner Takes All

1807 (900 AF) Art Attack

1807 (900 AF) Dalek: One of the last two surviving Daleks exterminated itself.

1807 (900 AF) (200000 AD)
The Long Game

1807 (900 AF) Father's Day

1807 (900 AF) (he's been traveling for 900 years / He's been going by the name the Doctor for 900 years)
The Empty Child
/ The Doctor Dances

1807 (900 AF)
Boom Town

The New Doctor (David Tennant)

1807 (900 AF) (200100 AD)
Bad Wolf /
The Parting of the Ways: The Emperor Dalek (the first Dalek created by Davros) is discover in Earth's future. He is turning the human race into Daleks. Rose looks into the TARDIS's Eye of Harmony and is imbuned with godlike powers of Artron Energy. She use that Power of Creation to destroy every Dalek in the Universe. She also brings Jack Harkness back to life by making him a fixed point in time. He can never stay dead because the fact of his life is anchored into history itself. This makes him an obscene violation of the Laws of Time such that it takes a significant effort of will for either the TARDIS or the Doctor to be near him. The Doctor triggers a regeneration to draw this energy out of Rose and vents it back into the TARDIS. Once this is done he allows the regeneration to proceed - purging his body of the remaining excess energy. This new incarnation is still Time's Champion. This incarnation still has filling in his teeth. He begins wearing glasses to make himself look clever and wears tennis shoes as an homage to his 5th incarnation. Given the modifications made to Time Lord regeneration tech during the Time War, it's possible that the Doctor's new body is better at absorbing and releasing Artron Energy. This would explain how he could recharge the TARDIS power cell in Rise of the Cybermen. Also see the notes in The Christmas Invasion about the Doctor's new hand being improved over the old one.

?? Captin Jack Harkness has a small amount of TARDIS coral and has been using it to grow his own TARDIS.

1807 (900 AF) (right after Parting of Ways)
The Christmas Invasion: The Doctor defeats the
Sycorax. In the process he loses his hand is sword fight. A new hand grows, which is much better at fighting than the old one. The Doctor changes history by removing Harriet Jones from the position of Prime Minster before she can serve out the 3 terms she was destined for. The Sycorax came from the world Fire Trap in the JX82 system and are feared by speices all over the Milky Way. According to legand they would be one of three species left at the end of the Universe. The Sycorax are quite possibly a splinter group from the Faction Paradox. The Doctor claims to have met Arthur Dent. (indicating that there's some sort of connection between the Doctor Who universe and the Hitchhiker’s Guide universe).

1807 (901 AF)
School Reunion: The Doctor stops the Krillitanes from discovering the Skasis Paradigm.

1807 (901 AF)
The Girl in the Fireplace: By this point the Doctor is calling himself the Lord of Time.

1807 (901 AF)
The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit: The Doctor encounters the Beast from before there was light, space, and matter, and before this Universe. This challenges his most fundemental belief on how the Cosmos works.

1807 (901 AF)
Army of Ghosts / Doomesday: The Cult of Skaro emerges from the Void between alternate timelines and attempts to take over the Earth using the millions of Daleks in the Genesis Ark. The Doctor has all the Daleks (except the Black Dalek named Sec) sucked back into the Void. Sec exscapes using a built in device that allows him to create an Emergency Temporal Shift. Rose is trapped in the Alternate Earth with Micky. By this point billions of divergent realities have been created.

1807 (901 AF)
The Runaway Bride:
The Last of the Racnoss attempts to free the Racnoss ship at the center of the Earth. She is destroyed and the ship is flooded.

1807 (902 AF)

Smith and Jones: By this poin the Doctor is sure that his brother (Braxital) is dead. He still hasn't fixed all of the TARDIS systems that were broken when he stole it from Gallifrey.

1807 (902 AF)
The Shakespeare Code:
The Carrionites are captured by the Doctor in a transparent sphere. He stores the sphere inside the TARDIS. By this point the Doctor might not even know his own name.

1807 (902 AF)
Gridlock: The Face of Boe (aka Jack Harkness) tells the Doctor that he is the last of the Time Lords but that "you are not alone." This is a warning about Professor Yana.

1807 (902 AF) (1929 AD)
Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks: Dalek Sec believes that Dalek culture has led to their races extinction. He tries to create a new individualized race of Human/Dalek hibryds but is betrayed by the other members of the Cult. The Doctor faces the Cult of Skaro. All of them are destroyed except Caan who escapes using his emergency temporal shift (which was probably augmented by the Dalek's Military Computer).

1807? (902 AF)? (after Daleks in Manhattan)
Caan’s emergency temporal shift allowed him to travel into the wild fire of the time lock that covers every battle of the Time War. In doing so he faced his own death a thousand times (probably because it took a thousand tries to rescue Davros)and lost his mind. Caan saw the infinite complexity and majesty of time and develops into a Bad Wolf. Meanwhile Davros breed from his own tissue the New Dalek Empire…which promptly locks him in a vault and uses him as breeding stock.

1807 (902 AF)
The Lazarus Experiment: With the aid of the Master, Professor Richard Lazarus devises a machine that sonic waves to alter the cells of a life form. It can rejuvinate the cells making a person young or age them. The Master makes sure that Martha Jones Sister is working for Lazarus in order to set a trap for him.

1807 (902 AF) (this story lasts 3 years from the Doctor's POV)
The Infinite Quest: Buy ~3907 AD the Doctor had 3,500 outstanding convictions, including 1,400 traffic violations, 250 counts of evading ligrary fines, 18 counts of planetary demolition. Another 6,000 charges had yet to be taken into consideration. All of this earned him 2 billion year prison scentence - which he escaped from.

1807 (902 AF)
Human Nature / The Family of Blood: In order to hide from the Family of Blood untill they die of old age the Doctor uses his TARDIS's Chameleon Arch to turn himself into a human. His DNA and memories are that of a human male. He then hides on Earth in 1914 AD. During this time he falls in love with Joan Redfern. The Family findes him and he is forced become a Time Lord again and to capture or destroy them all the members of the Family.
NOTE: This story is similar enough to the original Human Nature novel that the two must be connected in some way. I postulate that this is the version of the story that occured after
I.M. Foreman's Universe-in-a-Bottle corrupted the Classic Timeline during the Time War (see "The Ancestor Cell"). It is possible that the TARDIS had a hand in ensuring that Joan still ended up falling in love with the Doctor and Timothy was inspired by the Doctor.

1807 (902 AF)
Blink: the Doctor stops the Weeping Angels who are attempting to feed on the TARDIS's temporal energy.
NOTE: As with Human Nature, this story is similar enough to the original "What I did on my Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow" short story that the two must be connected in some way. As above, I postulate that this is the version of the story that occured after I.M. Foreman's Universe-in-a-Bottle corrupted the Classic Timeline during the Time War (see "The Ancestor Cell").

The old and new Masters
1807 (902 AF)
Utopia / The Sound of Drums: In an attempt to flee the paradox that is Jack Harkness, the TARDIS travels outside Gallifrey's old noosphere boundries. Its arrives on Malcassairo
where the last coporeal members of Post -Humanity are attempting to travel to the planet Utopia. There they meet teh Post-Human Professor Yana who turns out to to be the Master. The Doctor doesn't seem to recognize the Master's face until Martha convinces him that the Watch is part of a Chameleon Arch. The Master uses his pocket watch to be reborn and then (after being shot) regenerates into a new body. The Doctor diables the TARDIS preventing it from traveling anywhere except the 18 months from 2008 and the year 100 trillion AD. The Master arrives in the 21st century and creates the identity of Harry Saxon. He writes the novel Kiss Me, Kill Me. He sets up the Archangel Satellite Network. He uses this to lightly hypnotise humanity (it might involve boosting the Master Reality Quotient/Charisma). Using this he makes himself ruler of Earth. He collects the last corporeal Post Humans from the end of the Universe and turns them into the Toclafane. The Master uses his Laser Screwdriver to force the Doctor's Biogenic Molecules to age him 100 years (and probably disabling his abbility to regenerate). He modifies the to Doctor's TARDIS into a Paradox Machine (probably using Faction Paradox tech). This machine will connect the year 2007 and the year 100 trillion, creating a massive change in the History of the Universe.
Note: The new Master's personalityt is quite similar to Tannis in DCTT - could they be the same person?

1807 (902 AF)
The Sound of Drums:
The Paradox Machine lets the Master change history by bringing 6 billion Toclafane back to the 21st century so that they can invade the Earth. They begin by killing 10% of the Earth's population. The Master begins to prepare an invasion fleet of 200,000 war rockets equiped with Black Hole Converters to make an Empire of new Time Lords.

1808 (903 AF) (1 year after Sound of Drums from the Doctor's POV)
The Last of the Time Lord: The Master uses his Laser Screwdriver to age the Doctor another 900 years while simultaniously preventing him from regenerating. The Master plans to begin his conquest of the Universe by opening Braccatolian Space for his war rockets.
The Doctor uses the psychic energy of all the people of earth to rejuvenate himself. The Doctor forgives the Master for everything that he's done and blames himself for all of it.

1808 (903 AF) (1 year after Sound of Drums from the Doctor's POV)
The Last of the Time Lords: The disabling of the Paradox Machine causes the above timeline to vanish leaving only the people on the Valiant Aircraft Carrier to rember that alternate year. The Master is shot and refuses to regenerate just to punish the Doctor. He appears to die and his body is burned to a crisp. However his Gallifreyan ring is recovered by someone. The Doctor relizes that Jack Harkness is the Face of Boe and recovers the hand he lost in The Christmas Invasion. This ring might have powers similar to the ones the Doctor Patience and the Monk wore. Anyone who was on the Valiant when the Master changed history and was off of it when Jack destroyed the Paradox machine would have been effectively killed by Jack. Similarly anyone who was not on the Valiant when the Master changed history but were on it when Jack destroyed the machine would find that they had a duplicate living on Earth who had not experianced the extra year that they had. Great premise for a Torchwood episode...

1808 (903 AF) Timecrash: The 10th Doctor meets his 5th Incarnation when their TARDIS's appear to Eigen Ram each other.

1808 (903 AF) Most if not all of the stories in the 4th season of New Who take place in this year.

1808 (903 AF) <>(after Daleks in Manhattan)
The New Dalek Empire creates the Reality Bomb inside a massive station called the Crucible. Using a Magnetron they being planets (one of them will be Earth and another is the disguised second segment to the Key to Time) and assemble them into a perfect gravitationally balanced engine. When the planetary alignment field is activated it takes all the z-neutrino energy the planets generate and compresses it into a single string. This string is fed into the heart of z-neutrino energy inside the Crucible, creating a wave of chain reactions capable of canceling out all electromagnetic energy. Light vanishes and all matter disintegrates on quantum level until its very waveform is cancelled out.
The Crucible is positioned on the rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade. The rift is unsealed. Using the rift the Reality Bomb’s wave will spread throughout the entire Multiverse, canceling all matter and electromagnetic energy and destroying the void (the barrier between alternate timelines). It will destroy everything in every timeline.
Its worth noting that the Master considered the Time War to be over once the Dalek Emperor captured the Cruciform.
It’s possible there is some connection between this device and the Crucible used by the Supreme Dalek. The effect of the Reality Bomb is very similar to the effect the Daleks acheived using the Apocalypse Element, which was capable of shredding the raw fabric of space-time in a chain reaction that could only be stopped with power of the Prime Eye of Harmony. Also, one of the planets that the Daleks steal is Calufrax Minor – a segment to the Key to Time! It holds the elemental force of the Universe and embodies the fundamental nature of the universe. This is probably the key to how their weapon works. <><>
1808 (903 AF) <>(after rescuing Davros)
Caan relizes the truth about the Daleks – that they will destroy everything. Caan begins manipulating the timelines thoughout history to arrange the Biological Meta-Crisis that creates DoctorDonna and DonnaDoctor – The Children of Time. At the appropriate point these Children will destroy the Daleks and save the Universe.
Caan probably picked Donna Noble as she seemed the least threatening and most harmless human he could find – someone Davros would never consider to be a threat.

1808 (903 AF) The Doctor's Daughter: Detecting the future existance of the Doctor's daughter the Doctor's hand drags the TARDIS to the planet Messaline. Once there the Doctor is forced to use a machine which takes his diploid cells, splits them into haploids and produces a Time Lords "daughter" Jenny (a shorting of "generated anmoly"). She is bioligically a Gallifreyan (and possibly a Time Lord). The Doctor leaves Messaline believing that Jenny is dead but her biogenic molecules regenerate the damage (with out changing her body) and she takes a space ship to go looking for the Doctor.

1808 (903 AF) (51st century)
Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead: The Doctor is accidently summoned by to the Library by the human archaeologist River Song from his own future. She ends up having her mind transfered into the virtual world contained in The Library's data core.

1808 (903 AF) Turn Left: Donna Noble's history is sabotaged so the the Doctor dies while fighting the Racnoss. Rose corrects this.

1808 (903 AF) The Stolen Earth / Journey's End: The Daleks use a magnetron to steal the Earth. This is the 27th planet, and the last plant they needed to detonate the Reality Bomb. The Doctor is hit by a glancing blow by a Dalek neutraliser and this triggers a regeneration. He uses the hand that he lost in a fight with the Sycorax to store the excess artron energy aborting the regeneration as soon as his cells are healed. As had been arranged by Caan, the human Donna Noble touched the severed hand which was still charged with energy it caused a two way Humand-Time Lord Biological Meta-Crasis, creating the Children of Time. Some of the energy attempted to regenerate the hand as if it was the Doctor and used Donna’s body to fill in the missing biodata instructions. It created a fully functional half Human, half Gallifreyan body in the shape of the Doctor. This body had only one heart and would age like a human, but its mind had all of the the Doctor's experiances. It was the first time an essentially human body had successfully held a Time Lord conciousness. While most of the artron energy was used to create the new "human" Doctor the rest infected Donna's biodata with the Doctor's biodata giving her human mind all the experiances of the Doctor. The Children of Time became the nexus for the future existence of all possible timelines, for only they could save the Multiverse. Using a control panel that was secretly prepared by Caan the Children of Time defeat and destroy the Daleks and destroy the Crucible. Davros names the Doctor The Destroyer of Worlds. The magnetron returns 26 of the planets to their point of origin and the Doctor tows the Earth back into Sol system. The Human Doctor ends up in the alternate universe in a relationship with Rose Tyler. Unfortunately the experiances of a Time Lord couldn't be held in Donna's human brain for more then a few hours without killing her. The Doctor was forced to mind block all of her experiances with him to save her life.
By this point the Doctor realizes that everyone who travels with him becomes a being willing and capable of committing massive amounts of violence in his name. Despite the fact that they are trying to (and usually succeed in) helping. This horrifies him to his very soul. This is why the Doctor never stays in any time zone very long. He can’t stand to see what people will sacrifice and do in his name.

1809 (904 AF) (while the Doctor is traveling alone)
Number 1, Gallows Gate Road

? Time beings to bleed (probably from the retro-shock of the Time Lords attempting to enact the Final Sanction). This accelerates the Ood's development. They begin to be able to see the future and know that the End of Time is coming. The send a message for the Doctor.

?? (The Faction Paradox Comics take place after the end of the War)
Political Animals: By this point Faction Paradox believe they are the only Faction of the Time War left. They come to London in 1762 and 1774 in part to recuit new members.

?? (after Political Animals)
Betes Noires & Dark Horses

1810? (905 AF)? The Waters of Mars: The Doctor decides that as the last of the Time Lords it is his right to re-write the Laws of Time. He violates the 1st Law by saving 2 humans when history recorded that that were supposed to die. The Doctor receives a message from the Ood but instead of answering it spend quite a bit of time traveling the cosmos.

? (After Waters of Mars, but before the End of Time)
The Doctor marries Queen Elizabeth I and takes her virginity. But the relationship falls appart leading to her wanting him dead.

? Everyone on Earth (and many other worlds) begin having bad dreams of the Master but most can not remember them. This is probably a retro-effect from the creation of the Master Race.

Gallifrey over Earth and the 11th Doctor

1811 (906 AF) (The Doctor claims to be 906 years old)
The End of Time: The Master is recreated by his followers on Earth using the Potions of Life (as described in the Books of Saxon) and the biometrical signature (which had been imprinted on his wife Lucy Saxon). This might be related to the Morg Death Worm. This process is sabotaged by his Lucy Saxon. The result is that the Master is now "bleeding" artron energy at an amazing rate. Despiteconsuming vast amounts of bio-matter this wound is still slowly killing him. Realizing that survival is impossible he decides to use his Powers of Creation to make use of this leaking energy. This gives him several super-gallifreyan abbilites. The Master uses alien technology to turn all 6 billion humans on the planet into copies of himself creating the Master Race. Upon realizing the significance of the drumming in his head the Master uses a white star diamond (provided by Rassilon) to boost the link and pull Gallifrey out of the Time War and into the Sol System. Rassilon changes the Master Race back into the Human race and then plans to let the rift expand until it destroys the entire cosmos - thus enacting the Final Sanction. With the help of a female Time Lord councillor who was supposed to have been lost in the Time War (this might be the Doctor's mother) the Doctor destroys the diamond causing Gallifrey to fall back into the Time War. The Master appears to caught in this effect and pulled back as well. The Doctor is fataly irradiated with 500,000 rads of radiation when he saves Wilfred Mott. After delaying his regeneration to save several of his friends lives (probably something he was obligated to do because of what he'd learned in the future) Doctor will regenerate into his 11th body.

?? (Sometime after Silence in the Library / after he regenerates)
The Doctor develops an intimate relationship with Professor River Song a human archaeologist in the 51st century. He even tells her his name and gives her his sonic screwdriver and a diary of his more recent life. This relationship spans multiple incarnations.

?? (after Autumn Mist)
The Doctor might make someone a fine husband.

2145~ (2000 years after Infinity Doctors)
If Larna survives the Time War then she will have finished repairing the damage caused by the Effect at this point.

"I just remembered. I haven't been Merlin yet!"

-The Doctor

?? The Doctor will regenerate into Merlin. This might be an alternate Doctor from an Alternate Timeline/Sideway's Dimension. He probalby beleives in the reverse of Clark's Law: Any sufficiently advanced form of magic is indistinguishable from technology. The Doctor's Aurthurian adventures in the Side-Ways Dimension could be part of the Time War.

?? (in the 3rd century AD)
The Merlin/Doctor fails to keep the Dragon (a nuclear fission power with output equivalent to a sun) from falling into Catavolcus' hands. The Doctor destroys the device and Catavolcus with it. This is the Side-Way's Earth's Last Battle. Merlin, Authur, and several knight escape aboard the 4th Doctor's TARDIS.

?? (the Merlin Doctor)
Good Companions

?? (the Merlin Doctor)
Revenants: The Time Lords send the Doctor to the
Schrödinger Institute to investigate the temporal-quantum-research scientist Tasdevin.

?? (12 centuries before Battlefield from the Morgaine's POV / ~792 AD)
Aurther dies in the final battle with the Battle-Queen of the S'rax, Morgaine.
The Doctor's dimension ship is parked under Lake Vortigern in the N-Space universe by the Doctor. He also builds an underground passage way to reach it and leaves a note for his 7th incarnation that says "Dig Hole Here." S'rax might be related to the Sycorax. Certainly both Morgaine and the S'rax (and Factin Paradox for that matter) all rely heavily on ritual.

?? (~792 AD)
Morgaine seals Merlin (the Doctor) in ice caves for all eternity.

?? Merlin (the Doctor) will be stranded for 1000 years on Mount Kukoeuk on the planet Ant'ykhon.

?? In his 'youth' Mulwych (the Doctor) teaches the Charrl chronomancers to read the Time Lines and communicate telepathically. By this point he will be know as Muldwych and will become a heavy drinker.

?? Birthright: Mulwych (the Doctor) tries to help the Charrl escape Ant'ykhon and meets the Doctor in his seventh body.

?? Happy Endings: The Doctor eventually escapes Ant'ykhon using a narrow beam of chronons aligned perfectly with a place of reality. He expects to live for at least another 500 years.

? (after Set Piece)
Muldwych/Doctor meets Ace in 17th century France.

?? Merlin helps Aurthur fights the Kalichura demon Melanicus and his ally Catavolcus on the Side-Ways Earth. Merlin banished him to a dimension of darkness.

?? (after his banishment from the Doctor's POV but before from Arthur's / ~792 AD)
The Doctor has several adventures with Arthur in another side-ways dimension. Arthur, Ancelyn, and Morgaine all appear to have lifespans of well over 12 centuries. During this time he still travels in TARDIS disguised as a Police Box. He also has a ship that crosses dimensional barriers and responds to his voice print.

The new Doctor

?? (while working with Arthur / ~792 AD)
Merlin/Doctor regenerates into the
The Mulwych Doctor. He will have red hair, a lined and ruddy face, and will be overweight. He also will wear the ring with the blue stone. This incarnation lasts at least until his hair tuns white.

?? (the Doctor experiances all the Arthur events in reverse order / ~792 AD)
The Doctor/Merlin is summoned to the Side-ways Dimension to help Earth fight it's last battle. He meets Arthur for the first time (from Arthur's POV). This could be part of the War in Heaven.

?? Memories to Forget: The Doctor and a Vampire companion named Amaryllis are captured by Tnuks, a race bred by the Time Lord to stop vampires.

?? (about 8 billion AD / 1000 years before Miranda is born)
The decendents of a surviving male Time Lord (almost certainly the Doctor) create
a race that is genetically identical to the Gallifreyans. These people create the Galactic Empire.

The new Doctors (Sylvester Mccoy, Michael Jayston)

<>?? (The 12th Doctor)
The Doctor is captured by the Daleks and put on trial.
He is exterminated and regenerates for the eleventh time. He splits into two different Doctors one of which is the Valyard. This is the first time this something like this has happened. The Valyard is a form of Watcher that has been crystallized and become his own entity - a distillation of the Doctor's Dark Side. <>Death extracted the Valyard from the Doctor’s final incarnation and raised him to be the challenge that would force the Doctor to become the Time’s Champion. The Valyard created his own possibility by being defeated by the 6th Doctor in Time's Champion. The Valyard is composed of pure the regenerative energy of Lindos who’s time trace is a loop. Because of this his reality quotient is considerably less then one. He is the Doctor’s final incarnation. The Valyard loves sequence and order and its stabilizing affect. His favorite weapon is the Harmonic Disseminator (which is powered by the Apocalypse Element).

NOTE: Given that the Valyard was created by the manipulations of Death it possible that Time manipulates other 'good' Doctor to be a variation of the Sylvester Mccoy Doctor . This would explain why the Doctor in Death Comes To Time appears to be both the Sylvester Mccoy Doctor and the Doctor's final incarnation.

?? (100 years after regenerating)
The good and evil Doctor spend the next 100 years battling in the a Dalek DARDIS.
The Doctor is victorious but it will take him another 100 years to retreive his TARDIS from the Valyard.<>

?? The Galactic Empire ruthlessly subjugate billions of people. They construct massive archives of genetic records, art, and technological blueprints called the Labyrinth on Savar’s Needle. Their irresponsible actions cause the deletion of large chunks of history, the evacuation of entire galaxies, and the death of millions. The Empire is ruled by the greatest of the surviors who becomes the Emperor.

?? Trial of Time Lord (The Doctor/Valyard): The Valyard is contacted by the High Council of the past. He travels back in time to prosecute his sixth incarnation in return for his remaining incarnations.

?? Mission: Impractical: Under the guise of Mr Zimmerman The Valyard (the Doctor) will illegally sell Time Lord technology and Vraxoin. He will also hire assassins to kill the Doctor.

?? Matrix

<>?? (200 years of regenerating)
The Doctor and the Valeyard face each other in a final confrontation. The Doctor erases the Paradox of the Valeyard.
The Doctor is retreives his TARDIS.

?? (before the Treaty of Carselie)
The Minister of Chance (aka fnan'nan-cuh) gives into temptation and uses his forbiden powers to save 200 million people on Alderaan from a Canisian plague. The side effect of this use creates a rent in time that cause the expansion of existing black holes and the creation of numerous new ones. Many people begin looking for the one responsible.

?? The Universe is devastated. This is caused by the Time Lords.

?? (year 0)
Miranda is born. That same day a revolution destroys all of Miranda’s people except the Emperor’s granddaughter, Miranda. She is hidden on Earth in the 20th Century. Prefect Zevron’s mother of Faction Klade starts the revolution. The Klade are a future evolution of the Daleks. Zevron’s brother Ferran is born, but his mother is killed. Zevron swears to kill the “Last One.”

?? The day after the revolution, the factions that made up the Galactic Empire go to war with each other. The civilization of the 12 Galaxies is laid waste. There are about 1000 different factions in this war.

?? (before Death Comes to Time)
The Treaty of Carselie is signed by the remaining Time Lords (Tannis observes this in secret). According to the law of the treaty it is forbidden for Time Lords to explore the universe without a traveling companion. By this point all the original Time Lords except for Saint Valentine, Saint Antenor, the Kingmaker, Castellan Casmus, Tannis, the Minister of Chance, and the Doctor are gone. Since the Time Lord Power of Creation is spread over only seven Time Lords magnifing their abbilites by a factor of 143. Each one weilds enough power to destroy entire starships with a thought. The Doctor, Casmus, the Kingmaker, and the Minister form a new Fraction and call themselves (as the previous Fraction did) the Gods of the Fourth. Casmus (and the Doctor) resolve to continue to fight evil but not to use the Power to end it.

NOTE: The god-like powers are probably due to the fact that (according to DCTT) the total power of the Time Lords is spread over all their numbers. Thus if most of them are dead (as seen in DCTT) the remaining few would have terrible god-like powers.

? The Doctor builds the android Antimony to be his permanent companion.

Tannis (aka The Slow Agent)

? (Before Death Comes to Time)
The Time Lord Tannis allies himself with the Canisians of Alpha Canis system and leads the military forces on a campain of conquest. Tannis's plan is to amass enough power (by killing the remaining Time Lords) that he can over power the Kingmaker. Tannis doesn't know the Minister and the Doctor doesn't know Tannis, but Casmus does know of Tannis.

Casmus' Garden

?? Casmus lives in a garden on Gallifrey with his cat Midas. He begins to plan for the final death of all the Time Lords.

The Red Guardian of Justice

?? (over 10 years after Survival from Ace's POV, The Doctor refers to the order of the Time Lords in the past tense / the Doctor at least 2000 years old, the day before he dies)
Death Comes to Time: The Time Lord Tannis assaults the planet Santiny. Castellan Casmus begins training the earthling Dorthy McShane to become a Time Lord. The Time Lords
Saint Valentine and Saint Antenor are assassinated by the vampires Nessican and Cain under the command of Tannis. The Minister of Chance (aka fnan'nan-cuh) gives into temptation and uses his forbiden powers to destroy Tannis's fleet. The Doctor is then forced to strip him of his Time Lord Powers. By this point Tannis has killed off all the other Time Lords except himself and the Doctor. They meet for a final battle at Stonehenge (which was built by the Time Lord Monk, Mortimus).
Evil Aspect: The Doctor prepares for his death by traveling to the Rose Garden.
Realizing that the evil of Tannis can only exist while the good the Doctor exists, the Doctor uses his forbidden powers causing his own destruction and the destruction of the Tannis. The Doctor is met by the White and Black Guardians, who give him Enlightenment. This transforms him into the Ruby Guardian of Justice and Morality in Time (The Guardian of Right, He Who Walks in Judgment). He takes his place among the Council of Guardians.

The new Doctor and the new Time Lady

?? (after the Doctor dies)
Death comes to Time and the Time Lady Dorthy Mcshane becomes of the new God of the Fourth Dimension and lives to serve the Many and the One.
The Doctor's type 40 TARDIS becomes Time's Champion. Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart probably becomes the Dalek's new Ka Faraq Gatri.

?? (quite a few bodies after the 5th Doctor)
The Doctor's later incarnations are non-coporeal.

?? (year 10) Father Time: Miranda is adopted by the 8th Doctor.

?? (year 36) Father Time: Zevron’s brother, Ferran, ruler of the Klade Faction tracks Miranda down. They join forces to bring order to the future. She takes the title President of the Supreme Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Custodian of the Artifacts, and Head of the Galactic Bank.

?? (year 36) Miranda 1-3 .

?? (After the Death of the last Time Lords)
A new age of Balance begins in the Universe.

?? The Children of Kasterborous live on the Needle (Savar's TARDIS).

16,629,000~ (18,629,000 years after Rassilon seals the Divergence Pocket Universe)
The reality lock on the Divergence Pocket Universe fails and release the Divergence into Normal Space. Rassilon plans to confront them at this point and prevent their escape.

NOTE: The rest of the time line is in the Julian Calender (BC/AD). All dates within 10,000,000 years of the Birth of Christ take place about 3,500,000,000 years after Rassilon assumes power. This info comes from the "Christmas on a Rational Planet". Were applicable I have put the "Gallifrey" date with IR (Rassilon's Intuitive Revolution)

"Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. Its only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenceless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. An now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outsit eternity. They're indomitable."
-The Doctor

3,500,000,000 BC (150,000 years after the Eye of Harmony is placed on Gallifrey)
The Supream Council decides to shift Gallifrey's temporal analouge link to Normal Space into the future using the Magnotron. This will reduce the Time Lords to nothing more than legends in the Spiral Politic and prevent further invasions. Gallifrey is shifted millions (or maybe billions) of years into the future. This could explain why Gallifrey seems to exist millions of years before the 20th century.

?? The Peon Era

?? Orestian Era

~500,000,000 BC (hundreds of millions of years ago) The Gods (such as the Time Lords, Osirans Jagaroth, Construtors of Destiny, and Daemons) are quite active in the Universe at this time.

400,000,000 BC (3100,000,000~ Local Dateline) The last of the Jagaroth perish in an explosion that starts life on Sol III.

?? (around the time of Homo Erectus / before 150,000,000 BC) The Constructors of Destiny modify the DNA of the Tellurians (humans) of Sol III to ensure that they develope an noncollective intelligence. They also create a twin of Sol III (Mondas) to use as a control during this experiment.

~161,000,000 BC (about two hundred millions of years ago) After a war about whether the Constructors of Destiny should build the Bophemeral the last of the Gods (except for the Constructors of Destiny) disappear.

? The People construct there Dyson Sphere and build their God.

~150,000,000 BC (eleven million years after the other Gods leave, 150 million years before 2003) The Constructors of Destiny are visited by a Time Lord from the far future (possibly the Seventh Doctor) who warns them not to compleate the project. This Time Lord is dismissed to far Gallifrey for his defiance. Kronos tells them they should compleate Bophermeral. The Midnight Cathedral is constructed by the Constructors of Destiny to honor Kronos.

~150,000,000 BC (eleven million years after the other Gods leave, 150 million years before 2003) The Constructors of Destiny finish building Bophermeral. The computer instantly becomes the Mad Mind and destroys the Constructors of Destiny. It tries to become God of the Universe. A thousand races unite (including the Daemons, Osirans Greld, Semquess, Kastrians, Exxilons, Uxariens, Sontarans, Nimon, Rutan Host, Grey Hegemony, Light) to stop the Mad Mind. This the begining of the Millennium War.

~150,001,000 BC (1000 years after the start of the Millennium War) The God of the People break there non-intervention policy and join the War effort. Rassilon and and a Time Fleet from the past also join the war. Other races that join at this point include the Masksmakers of the Pageant, the Faction Paradox, and the Ministers of Grace. The Mad Mind is imprisoned in a Time Loop. Surviving warriors meet in the Midnight Cathedral and agree to hide all knowledge of the Millennium War from themselves and the rest of the Universe. They summoned the Council of Guardians who make the Universe forget the Mad Mind and the Millennium War.

~150,000,000 BC Hand of Fear (intro)

<>~140,000,000 BC Time-Flight

?? (The Time Lords exist after 150,000,000 BC)

The Time Lords emerge from the Magnetron's time field having fled the era of 3.5 billion BC.

<>?? (The Time Lords exist after 150,000,000 BC/ This occurs well before 2596 AD)
The Time Lords jettison the Eye of Harmony into there sun before their race dies.
Gallifrey's star is destroyed by a supernova leaving only a neutron star. The blast can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98. The planet Gallifrey survives this (because of the Quantum Barrier), but is a barren of life. The ruins of Gallifreyan buildings can still be found in 2596 AD. Gallifrey is far from any human colonies.

45,000,000 BC The Silurians exist on Sol III. Sol is located in Sector 8023 of the Third Quadrant of Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy on its inner spiral arm at the coordinates 6309.

?? BC (before human civilization) A race of tiny creatures evolve next to volcanic vents in the Mediteraniean Sea on Earth. They develop the abbility to move through the 4th Dimension of Time.

6,000,000 BC (3,500,000,000~ Local Dateline) Tellurians (Humans) evolve on Sol III. Human beings are one of the few races in the Universe which has an instinctive understanding of time travel. Because of this the Time Lords fear the Tellurians.

?? Prophecies from the Dark Time say that the Timewyrm will devoure the first and the last of the Time Lords.

?? A Ruthless warlord builds the massive Castle Karn

?? Most of the rebels from the Universe of the Ferutu travel back in time and set themselves up as “gods” in the Worldsphere of the People.

?? One group of the “gods,” the Kings of Space are worshiped by the Sphinxes. The Sphixes feed on extradimentional forces and excreates raw space-time. The War TARDIS's used in Taking of Planet 5 could become the Sphinxes known as the Kings of Space.

?? The early Humanian Era begins

?? (long before Turlough is exiled) The Tractators invade Trion but are successfuly repelled.

400 BC (before the “gods” were on Dellah) The God of the People expels the “gods” from the World Sphere and genetically engineeres the need for “gods” out of the People. These “gods” are imprisoned on Dellah.

400 BC (3000 years before Where Angels Fear) The “gods” infulance the development of the indigenous population of Dellah.

?? The People become one of the most advanced and peacful races in the Universe. They have a population of 2 trillion beings. The Worldsphere is managed by God, a planet sized computer.

?? (over 300 years before The Also People) The People sign a treaty with the Time Lords, that states that the People will not try to develop time travel technology.

?? (After the treaty?) The Time Lords geneticaly engineer beings in the Mutter’s Spiral so that they are time-sensitive. The chromosomes of these beings are incompatible with the People. This is done so that these beings can serve as an early warning system it the People try to manipulate time.

?? (probably before the Android Invasion) The Kraalian Era exists.

1 AD (3489806629.2 Local Dateline) Jesus Christ is born on Sol III. By this time there is no sign of Gallifreyan civilization. TARDISes are unable to enter the Constellation of Kasterborous after a certain date. By this point the planet New Alexandria may be the locations of the ruins of ancient Gallifrey.

1398 AD Robin Wright of Hamborn village England is born. It is likely that he is the product of biomass contamination between a human and a Regen-Inf solider of the Time Lord’s House Military.

1426 AD Robin Wright is burned at the stake for being a witch.

?? Justine has a biodata connection with the Web of Time. One of her Ancestors (or descendents) might be a Time Lord.

1462 AD The Celestis becomes the first war time power on Earth when they establish an outpost at the site of the Wallachia called Gragov. Valad III makes contact with the Celestis there.

1500~ AD The Order of the Dragon acquire the Head of the Lord President of Gallifrey. They believe that the President to be one of the first warriors who stood at the gates of Ubar/Heaven at the dawn of the world. He was killed by the Enemy and they Order was charged with holding the Head until it was returned to Ubar at the end of the Universe.

1550? AD (during the 1500s) Stattenheim and Waldorf construct a working TARDIS.

~1750 AD The Tellurians Stattenheim and Waldorf create a working grey-print for a TARDIS.

?? J.S. Bach inspired to begin his great compositions by Professor Chronotis who provides him with samples of the Jaggaroth’s block transfer music.

?? J.S. Bach is given a taste of the block transfer mathematics that governs ever event in the universe by Professor Chronotis. Using this Bach created the Musical Offering contains the code and tones necessary to enter the Eleven Day Empire. To do this the music had to be programmed into Babbage’s Analytical Engine.

1834 AD J.S. Bach composes the Musical Offering for the Star Chamber as a way of breaching the Eleven Day Empire. This canon per tonos (aka the Endlessly Rising canon) serves as a generic key to breaching non-worlds.

1883 AD The Time Lord Marnal is dropped of in England with his memory deleated. Penelope Gate's mother cares for him. Marnal takes on the name Marnal Gate and begins writing novels that chronical the history of the planet Gallifrey. Most, (but not all) will be published.

?? (before the 20th century)The Humanian Era begins. By this point Earth will be a cosmic dumping ground for exiles from all over the Universe (the Time Lords included).

1900~?? AD Professor Aaron Blinovitch solves the Agathon equations. This causes him to age in reverse. Aaron Blinovitch’s timestream overlaps. A younger and older version of him both live in Russia. The older one lives in St. Petersburg. The younger one dies because of his stolen theories. Professor Aaron Blinovitch, will become a member of Faction Paradox.

1928 AD?? (the year 1928)
he famous Russian Human? Time Lord scientist, Aaron Blinovitch, develops and later publishes his famous Limitaiton Effect in Temporal Mechanics in the British Museum's reading room in 1928. He also invents a primitive time machine known as a Chronal Displacer.

1945 AD~ The Humans of Sol III develop postmodernism.

1950 AD~ (the 20th Century)
By this point the Trions have agents on every civilised planet.

?? AD Marnal Gate writes an episode of Star Trek but the in house writers change the story so much that he has his name removed.

1970 AD~ The Three Doctors: The Black Hole that Omega tries to return through might be the one he created.

1975 AD
Richard Macduff starts college under Professor Chronotis.

1977 AD
Richard finishes college
under Professor Chronotis.

1979 AD Svlad Cjelli (Dirk Gently) is at St. Cedd's and meets Professor Chronotis.

? (before Zagreus)
By this point Braxiatel has returned to Gallifrey and become a Lord Cardinal on the High Council. He is head of Watchtower Command on Gallifrey.


1976 (300 years after Salyavin escaped from Shada form Salyavin's POV / 1979 AD / after the TV Movie from the Doctor's POV / after Romana becomes President from her POV / Professor Chronotis has heard all about Romana's future)
Skagra tries to find Salayvin and take over the Universe but the Doctor stops him. The Doctor keeps The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey and sends it back in time to his 7th self. The Time Lords rediscover Shada. There are thousands and thousands of prisoners in Shada at this point.

1981 AD (3,503,414,370.119 Relative Date)
The Doctor's prefered time in the 20th century.

1981 AD Logopolis: The Master stops the Block Transfer Computation on Logopolis which causes the Universe to begin dying of heat death. Vast amounts of stars are extingished before the Doctor and the Master stabilize the only remaining Charged Vacuum Embodiment in the constellation Cassiopeia. This stops the destruction of the Universe. The Doctor is forced to regenerate for the fourth time.

1987 AD Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Chronotis's TARDIS breaks down .

1988 AD
The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.

1996 AD (about 3,000,000,000 years after launch)
The Time Lord Warship arrives at Earth.

1997 AD By this point a Time Lord (probably not the Doctor) is working as MI6's scientific advisor.

?? Earth begins to suffer from numerous random explosions. These explosions are caused by Time Ships who are targeting points in space time that could have had great significance in the future. The people killed in these explosions are (probably by design) largely removed from the cultural context of Humanity. Thus (by definition) nobody important is ever killed. Thus their actions (even before their deaths) don't matter.

1999 AD? (shortly before This Town Will Never Let Us Go) a Timeship probably "crashes" on earth and is buried beneath a town.

Michael Brookhaven and Chris Cwej

1999 AD After several billion years the original Ancestor Cells end up on Earth. They feeds on the chronon decay created by various Time Travel Capsules and various temporal paradoxes that pollute the Web of Time. This pollution allows the cells to grow into a "race" that is completely alien and inimical to the Time Lords. The Ancestor Cells are drawn to Gallifrey by I.M. Foreman's Universe-in-a-Bottle. The Time Lords will spend much of the Last Great Time War beleiving that this Ancestor Cells are the Enemy.

1999 AD (9/3/03 or 1999 AD)
Hollywood Bowl Shooting/Mount Usu Duel: Cwej performs his most recent mission for the Time Lords by thwarting Michael Brookhaven’s Faction Paradox activities. Unfortunately his attempt to destroy Faction Hollywood probably leads to the release of the Enemy from a work of fiction being run on a CGI. The Enemy appears on Earth in 1999 during the meme-mime/CGI Processor creation of Mujun: The Ghost Kingdom. This happens because the narrative structure of the story had been destroyed, allow it to appear. The Enemy takes the form the God of the Ainu. Chris Cwej observes this event and afterwards takes the CGI Processor.

1999 AD (Sept 6th 1999)
By this time Hollywood is cut off from the rest of Sol III by barriers of broken, abandoned culture that has been collecting since the 1920’s.

2000 AD (3,503,414,398.9 Relative Time)
The end of the 20th century.

2001 AD This Town Will Never Let Us Go: Anthropological Predictions show that Humanity was on the verge of evolving into a non-linear time-active culture capable of processing entire universes of information called Homo Imago. This is called The Younger World Theory. Humans and Gallifreyans are the only races whose cultures can not be accurately predicted by these projections. Humanity would have had a field of comprehension larger then the Time Lord’s Noosphere. It might have made them travlers in the 6th and 7th dimensions of Possibility and Imagination. The human named Valentine is working for the one of the Higher Powers (probably the Enemy) and plans on destroying a Timeship that crashed on earth. The Great Houses deploy a Ghost Cluster device on him (almost certainly to stop him from detonating the bomb). Despite this the Timeship is still accidentally destroyed. An unexpected side effect of this is that Humanity misses its first opportunity to achieve its conversion into Homo Imago. Instead of making that leap humanity slides into a state of virtual cultural and technological stasis for at least the next 10,000,000 years. Rumors suggest that this stasis might have been arranged by the Time Lords, possibly using the Jallama Reed and New Young God’s Transmissions.

2001 AD The later Humanian Era begins.

2116 AD The Doctor claimed that he was born "sometime soon" after this date.

2367 AD Walton Winkle is put into stasis in Uncle Winky's Wonderland.

?? In the Home Galaxy several races unite and spend several thousand years building the WorldSphere around a white dwarf star.

2560 AD The People go to war with the Great Hive Mind of The Universe. The Hive mind is made up of insectoids religious fanatics from C-Mita-Cmita-Rho. The war will destroy 26 billion people and 15 planets.

2570 AD Love and War: the Doctor meets Bernice Surprise Summerfield. The Hoothie return.

2586 AD The Also People: the Doctor visits the People.

2591 AD (a year before Cold Fusion) Patience and her prototype TTC is discovered by Terrans.

2592 AD The Cold is discovered on St Augustine City on the Earth Colony of Ordifica.

2592 AD Cold Fusion: Patience is killed and revived by Omega.

? (before Lungbarrow) The Doctor fights the Kings of Space. Afterwards he takes a bottle of Sphinx shaped space containing an entire universe.

2593 AD The Dying Days: Bernice Surprise Summerfield accepts the Edward Watkinson Chair of Archaeology at St Oscar’s University on the planet Dellah.

2593 AD Oh No It Isn’t!: The God of the People ask Benny to join the Tiny But Interesting Interest Group. The groups purpose is to investigate items for the People that would be forbidden by there Treaty with the Time Lords.

2593 AD The Dragons Wrath: Benny meets the Time Lord Irving Braxiatel for the second time (the first time for Braxiatel). Braxiatel is head of the Theatrology Department at St Oscar’s University.

2594 AD Walking to Babalon: The God of the People invites Benny to the World Sphere. WiGro!xu and !Ci!ci-tel of the People create a Time Path in violoation to with the People’s treaty with the Time Lords. The Time Lords might have secreatly given the them time travel technology just to see if they knew how to develop it. WiGro!xu and !Ci!ci-tel want to start a war with the People and the Time Lords so that the People will learn humility. The Time Path is shut down and the God of the People makes a private deal with the Time Lords to smooth things over.

2594 AD Laura Compassion Tobin is shipped to from Earth to Ordifica by her family. She becomes one of the Remote.

2596 AD Where Angels Fear: The God of the People withdraws all of it’s agents from Mutter’s Spiral to abide by the Treaty with the Time Lords. This is known as Operation Ragnarok. The Time Lords order Irving Braxiatel back to Gallifrey, and take his TARDIS when he refuses. The remaining “gods” wake and spread there faiths across Dellah. 4,000 people are evacuated from Dellah and Dellah is quarintined. Bernice Summerfield is missing, and presumed dead by the Time Lords

2596 AD The 26th century and possibly all of space time are threatened by the “gods.”

2596 AD (after Lungbarrow, before Dead Romance) The Universe in a Bottle created by the Sphinx and taken by the Doctor falls into the hands of the Time Lords. They take it to there fortress on Simia KK98 and make a plant to hide a group of themselves inside the Bottle. This group will carry on their culture incase the “gods” attack Gallifrey. Khiste sends Chris Cwej into the Bottle to prepare the way.

2596 AD Dead Romance: An army of Sphinxes prepares to attack Simia KK98 to retreive the Bottle. Khiste sends for a fleet of warships. Chris Cwej negotiates an agreement with the Sphixes. The Time Lords can use the Bottle in return for samples of the Rassilon Imprimature. Chris Cwej arranges treaties with several races. The races receive Gallifreyan technology in return for either allieing themselves with the Time Lords or staying neutral in the coming War. Treaties is signed with the Kings of Space (through anorther group of Sphinxes?), the People of the Worldsphere, and the Daleks. When way is prepared millions of Gallifreyans enter the Bottle to escape the “gods.” The Time Lords destroy Gallifrey in an attempt to convince the “gods” that the Time Lords never existed.

2596? (definitely the 26th century) By this time Gallifrey's star has gone supernova. The blast can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98. The ruins of Gallifreyan buildings can be found at this point. Gallifrey is far from any human colonies.

? (end of Dead Romance) Christine Summerfield writes and leaves Dead Romance in the ruins of Gallifrey.

?? (After Dead Romance) Christine Summerfield will later escape from the Universe in a Bottle and join Faction Paradox under the name Cousin Eliza.

2596 AD The Time Lords destroy the Earth colony of Ordifica because it has been infulanced by the Faction Paradox.

2596 AD Tears of the Oracle: Even with Time Lord technology the People have trouble developing feisible time travel. The God of the People believes that there is still an 87% chance that the People and the Time Lords will go to war and that Benny and Braziatel will play a vital role in the war with the “gods” Because of the damage he suffered in the Bottle Universe Chris is force regenerated. Benny releases a creature that causes uncertianty on Dellah which reduces the probablility of the war.

2597 AD Twilight of the Gods: The Time Lords and the People agree to destroy Dellah and sterilze the surrounding sector with a Doomsday Probe. A plan is made to send the planet Dellah to the Alternate Universe that is the home of the “gods.” The Doomsday Prob is released but before it can reach its target Dellah is shifted into the Alternate Universe. The Ferutu physicaly regressed Chris to age 13. The also capture Jason and threaten to kill him if Benny doesn’t let them invade her Universe. Benny escapes and leaves the Ferutu and Jason trapped in the alternate universe. Braziatel establishes a University on Vremnya and Benny is appointed head of the Archeology department. Both the Time Lords and the People retreat to there respective hideouts in fear that the “gods” might appear again.

?? The Intergalactic Medical Association turns Castle Karn into the Hospice of Karn to capitalize on Karns reputation as a planet of healing.

2966 AD Morbius is exiled to the planet Darkeen in the year 2966 AD. The Cult of Morbius is created recuiting many Gaztak pirate fleets. Their mission is to couquer the Mutter's Stellian Spiral. The Cult is funded by resources stolen from the CIA. He promises his mecenary followers eternal life. Over a dozen planets were destroyed by his army. By this point no one relizes that the other Class M planet in the Karn system is Gallifrey, instead they belive that Gallifrey is quite far from Karn.

2967 AD Warmonger Part 1: At the Doctor (age 850)'s request the Time Lords form an Alliance to fight Morbius. The Doctor is named Supreme Coordinator of the Alliance against the Cult of Morbius. The Alliance is composed of Cybermen, Sontarans, Draconians, Humans from Martak, Martians and even some Ogrons. The Alliance is funded by the CIA.

2968 AD Warmonger Part 2: Morbius and his army try to capture Karn, but they are defeated by the Alliance and the Sisterhood of the Flame and the Time Lords. The civilization on Karn is devastated and most of the people living there move away. Many species came to witness Morbius's trial. One of Morbius's followers was Menhandri Solon, and he was a Terran doctor specializing in Micro-surgical techniques in tissue transplants. Morbius is executed, but Solon saved Morbius' brain from disintegration. In the aftermath there is talk by Acting President Saran about creating a United Planet Organization to ensure peace in the Galaxy. The Morbius crisis becomes a major turning point as species all over the Universe now know of the Time Lords' existance.

2973 AD The Eremites survive long after the other renegades of the first Diaspora die out. The Sisterhood of Karn is still alive in the Humanian Era.

2973 AD (considerably after the 20th century)
Brain of Morbius

3000 AD? (significantly before 3950 AD)
The Humanian Era ends
and the Sensorian Era begins.

~5800 AD The Time Lords cease comunicating with the Galaxy at large.

6000 AD?? (before the Sumaron Era) The Manussian Era exists at this time.

~9,000 AD The Cyber Lords create the ArcHive; one of the most powerful computers in history of the Universe.

9235 AD? (Dateline 9235.3) The Sumaron Era exists at this time.

10,744 AD Humans discover a wrecked TARDIS in the Terran asteroid belt.

~10,750 AD Lassiter and Monroe discover the basics of Time Lord technology.

10,756 AD The Time Lords break 5000 years of silence to release the Legions from their imprisonment.

10,764 AD The Crystal Bucephalus: the Doctor visits the remains of the planet Gallifrey, now know as New Alexandria.

12,000 AD The Abbasid Era exists at this time.

32,246 AD (93 year before Alisheer dies)
The time-tot Handramit is Loomed in the House of Mirraflex.

While still a childe the time-tot Handramit leaves Gallifrey because of the biodata purge of the House Mirraflex.

32,312 AD Allisheer St Marx is born in the Onesian Emirate. He mother is Dr. Lewu St. Marx and her father is the Time Lord Handramit. Due to her inherited temporal lobes, she has the abbility to see the time traces of people when she concentrates. For Alisheers whole life, the Time Lord Handramit is her friend and educator but they both keep secret that he is her father from the rest of the Onesian Emirate.

32,320 AD (when Allisheer was 8)
Alisheer becomes an archemathicist (ie block transfer math), and a chronic theorist.

32,327 AD (while in her teens)
Alisheer creates her fist micro-universe using archemathics.

32,339 AD Alisheer is killed by a Seeker Pellet sent by the Time Lords to kill Handramit. The Pellet had gotten its target confused due to Alisheer having Handramit's gentic material in her DNA.

32,631 AD (at the time of the City of the Saved / 385 years after being loomed / 48 years after the War begins)
Handramit is still teaching a Onesia High Seminary in the Onesia Emirate. By this point he has survied a dozen assasination attempts.

2,000,000 AD~ The Ravolox Startagem occurs and the Time Lords move Earth a few light years and rename it Ravolox to protect their Matrix secrets.

~5,000,000 AD (somewhat less then 5 million years after the first Cybermen come into existance)
The Cybermen of Mondas become being of pure thought. They are known as teh most peace loving and advanced culture in the Universe and bring about the ultimate salvation of sentient life.

10,000,000 AD The Earth's sun expands but the National Trust protected Earth with gravity satellites. However Earth is considered unreachable for millions of years.

10,000,000 AD (3,500,000,000 Local Dateline)
Frontios: The forward limit TARDIS Time Parameters. This is the edge of the Gallifreyan Noosphere - the outer limit of TARDIS time travel.
Beyond this point there are many regions that TARDISes can not reach. The Enemy often uses these regions as hiding places and staging areas.

10,000,000 AD (at the very edge of the forward Time Parameter of the Time Lords)
The End: After spending a great deal of time on the project the Doctor finaly finishes creating the Institue of Time on a planet orbiting a black hole (possibly Gallifrey??). The planet has an artificial atmosphere generator. Members of the Institute of Time include the Doctor,
Radregh the Alsheen, the Hive, Hactrix, Kom; and Reesha.

?? Study of the PostHumanian era is forbidden in the Academy, because it is outside Gallifrey's range of influance.

10,028,000 AD (the 58th Segment of Time /just outside the traditional Noosphere parameters)
The Well-Mannered War: This is the end of the Late Humanian era and the begining of the PostHumanian Era. Post Humanity era officially comes into existence.
Post Humanity consists of (among others) New Humans, Proto-Humans, Digi-Humans, and the Humanish. Some Posthumans view Time Lords as being inferior to them, because Time Lord biodata is connected to the Web of Time and thus are at the mercy of the Web. Thus they aren’t really a sentient species any more.

?? New Alexandria (aka Gallifrey) is terraformed by the Galactic Commission and Uncle Winky’s Wonderland is relocated there.

? (Post Human Era)
Five different TARDIS disappear while traveling in this era. Only one of these TARDISes is ever found. The hideously damage TARDIS was located on an empty planet. Its operator was still alive, but with all his major organs missing. He died a few hours after being returned to the Homeworld.

? Zo la Domini is a Frontier World right on the very edge of the Spiral Politic. It is watched carefully by the Time Lords.

? (Just outside the traditional Noosphere parameters)
The Uptime Gate exists. An enforced truce between all the wartime powers exists at this timezone. It probably only exists for 292 years before closing permanetly.

? The Immaculata Formosii allies herself with the Enemy.

12,000,000 AD Humanity (without any outside aid) develops stable time travel.
The most powerful post humans exist at this time. One of their most important cities is the capital of the “decadent” faction, Siloportem. The extensive confusion created by so many time active races prevents the Time Lords from located any Enemy forces in these Frontier Worlds. These post human time travelers will interfere and observe many battles in the War.

The Cold Fusion Time Line (might be the Justin Richards Time Line too!)
1,000,000,000 AD (4,500,000,000 Gallifrey time) In an alternate universe a humonoid race called the Ferutu evolve. This happens because Gallifrey is destroyed in this Universe. The Ferutu are the first race to discover the secrets of Time and wear robes similar to the Gallifreyans. They can use magic to for telepathy, memory retrievel, telekinesis, force bolts, time acceleration and reversal, super-speed, and teleportation. The Ferutu use their powere to create a universal utopia.

~1,000,000,000 AD (~4,5000,000,000 Gallifrey time) Cold Fusion: The Doctor wages a Time War on the Ferutu to save N-Space. The Ferutu’s Universe is rendered impossible to exist. The Ferutu use their combined powers to prevent there universe from collapsing after the Time War with the Doctor. They manage to slow down the collapse but not stop it. Their universe has different physical laws then N-Space. A group of rebles flee to N-Space (The Doctor’s Universe). Once there they discover they have godlike powers and become know as “gods”.

~1,500,000,000 AD (5,000,000,000 IR / a few billion years after TID)
This is the farthest into the future that the Matrix can predict.

2,500,000,000 AD (6,000,000,000 IR)
The Time Lords expect Gallifrey's sun will burn out by this time if a solar engineer doesn't extend it's life span again.

?? (the distant future)
By this point the Time Lords are merely legands.

?? The National Trust re-arranged the Earth's continents and recreated the "Classic Earth."

?? Cassandra is born on Earth

5,000,000,000 AD The National Trust's money runs out and the Earth is evacuated in preparation for its destruction.

5,000,000,000 AD (the year 5.5/apple/26 or circa 5 billion AD)
The End of the World: The Earth is destroyed.
The last genetically pure human, Cassandra, dies.

5,000,000,023 AD
New Earth is set up on planet almost identical to Earth in the M87 Galaxy.

?? (about 8 billion AD / 1000 years before Miranda is born)
The decendents of a surviving male Time Lord (almost certainly the Doctor) create
a race that is genetically identical to the Gallifreyans. These people create the Galactic Empire.

?? The Galactic Empire ruthlessly subjugate billions of people. They construct massive archives of genetic records, art, and technological blueprints called the Labyrinth on Savar’s Needle. Their irresponsible actions cause the deletion of large chunks of history, the evacuation of entire galaxies, and the death of millions. The Empire is ruled by the greatest of the surviors who becomes the Emperor.

?? Trial of Time Lord (The Doctor/Valyard): The Valyard is contacted by the High Council of the past. He travels back in time to prosecute his sixth incarnation in return for his remaining incarnations.

?? Mission: Impractical: The Valyard (the Doctor) will illegally sell Time Lord technology and Vraxoin. He will hire assassins to kill the Doctor.

?? Matrix

?? (year 0)
Miranda is born. That same day a revolution destroys all of Miranda’s people except the Emperor’s granddaughter, Miranda. She is hidden on Earth in the 20th Century. Prefect Zevron’s mother of Faction Klade starts the revolution. The Klade are a future evolution of the Daleks. Zevron’s brother Ferran is born, but his mother is killed. Zevron swears to kill the “Last One.”

?? The day after the revolution, the factions that made up the Galactic Empire go to war with each other. The civilization of the 12 Galaxies is laid waste. There are about 1000 different factions in this war.

?? The Universe is devastated. This is caused by the Time Lords.

?? (year 10) Father Time: Miranda is adopted by the Doctor.

?? (year 36) Father Time: Zevron’s brother, Ferran, ruler of the Klade Faction tracks Miranda down. They join forces to bring order to the future. She takes the title President of the Supreme Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Custodian of the Artifacts, and Head of the Galactic Bank.

?? (year 36) Miranda 1-3 .

?? (After the Death of the last Time Lords)
A new age of Balance begins in the Universe.

?? (just before Event 2 / before the extinction of humanity)
Post Humanities Time Travel Technology is now superior to the Time Lords. This event was predicted by the Matrix.

334,961,140,138 AD Mesh Cos is born. This is the last generation of humans. Her parents are Mod Kale Har and U Plest Har. By this point her people know that this is they are the last decendents of humanity. They also know the exact day and time of their species' extinction and that the Time Lords will be responsible. Having existed for 334 billion years Humanity reguards Gallifrey as a young, petty, and arrogent civilization whose power is derived only from being the first to anchor history. But the Time Lords technology is still far superior to Humanity's.

334,961,146,600 AD~ (6-7 thousand years after Mesh is born)
Mesh Cos and her contemporaries plan to leave a legacy of humanity that will outlast their species. Over several centuries they created the Universal Machine from skeins of light, thought, and aether. The almost infinitely complex machine will have the abbility to mimic any tool devised by humanity from stone calculators to aethernetic soulware - it is the sum total of all Human knowledge, technology, art, society, and language.

334,961,147,104 AD~ (after spending centuries creating the being / a week before the death of humanity)
Mesh Cos stows away on a TARDIS and sneaks onto Gallifrey. She steals methodologies of temporal scanning but the theft is discovered by cousins of House Mirraflex. The stolen information is made part of the Universal Machine allowing it to reach into history and copy and record all of the artifical beings humanity have ever had a hand in creating.

334,961,147,104 AD (8 billion AD?)
As the Universal Machine is completed the War TARDISes of Time Lords attack the last human beings. It takes only a few minutes for the last of humanity to be destroyed. The Universal Machine becomes human culture incarnate and is the maifestation of human understanding that almost occured in 1001 in This Town will never let us Go. Its first words (and the last words that Mesh hears before her death) are "Mesh Cos, I will remember you." The Univeral Machine escapes the attack but remains on its creator's planet.

?? For a very long time the Universal Machine struggles to learn how to uses its powers. It the begins resurrecting all the machine intelligences in the history of the Universe. The Universal Machine makes contact with Compassion V (the 102 Form TARDIS) and (after a shaky start) begins a dialouge that lasts decades. The planned designed to work together to become the City of the Saved: a compendium of all humankind that would last forever.

400,000,000,000 AD (a few dozen times ten billion years after TID)
something happens

400,000,000,000 AD~?? (several billion years after Logopolis)
The CVE stabilized by the Doctor and the Master closes.

?? As the Universe dies of heat death many speices commit suicide from the horror of witnessing the end of the Universe.

? (as the universe dies of heat death)
Causality in the universe starts to break down and the flow of time is disrupted, moving at different rates randomly.

<>99,999,999,999,983 AD (17 years before Utopia)
The Master (aka Professor Yana) comes to Malcassairo.

100,000,000,000,000 AD (100 Trillion years after the 21st century)
The Doctor arrives on Malcassairo where the last coporeal members of Post-Humanity are attempting to travel to the planet Utopia to be part of the Utopia Project. When the reach Utopia they find massiver furnaces that turn them into mental children (perhapse to boost creativity levels to the point where a solution to the end of the Universe can be found). The Master arrives and recuits the Post-Humans to help him found a new Gallifreyan Empire. By this point the Post-Humanity doesn't even have legends of the Time Lords.

?? The People of the WorldSphere probably leave this Universe.

?? The Children of Kasterborous (the decendents of the Empire created by the surviving Time Lords) live on the Needle (Savar's TARDIS).

?? According to legand the Sycorax would be one of three species left at the end of the Universe. Post-humanity would one of the other two species. The Sycorax came from the world Fire Trap in the JX82 system and are feared by speices all over the Milky Way. The Sycorax are quite possibly a splinter group from the Faction Paradox.

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a few decades before Event 2)
The Infinity Doctors: The Doctor meets Omega on the Needle

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (when the last human dies)
Singularity: the minds of the last Post-Humans try to escape by transfering their minds into the bodies of people in 21st century Earth. The Doctor stops them and witnesses the death of the last human (a man named Xen) on the planet Ember. The Doctor knows that there will be someone to watch over the last humans after they die.

? The Black Gaurdian is strongest as the far end of the universe and the White is weakest at this point.

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,010 (before the flashforward scene in Zagreus)
All life in the Universe dies out.

(at the end of the Universe)
A book with reptile skin and and the Seal of Rassilon on its cover will survive till the end of the Universe. This book contians a last prophacy that terrifies the Doctor. See below for what it might have said...

"One mad prophet martyr journeyed too far and saw the Timewyrm. He saw it in a timeline that he could not be sure of, devouring Rassilon or his shade, during the Blue Shift, that time of final conflict when Fenric shall slip his chains and the evil of the worlds shall rebound back on them in war."

100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,030~ (the VERY end of the Universe / Feb 14th / 60,000,000,000 AD / 100,000,000,000,000 AD)
Event 2: The end of the Ultiverse. The universe freezes up and heat death finaly ocurs. This is a time of conflict and darkenes. The Gods of Ragnarok cause the end of this Universe. While this is happening the Timewyrm absorbs the first and last Time Lords, cause the final inrush of matter and breaks the continuity structures in all of the dimensions. The causal nexus will explode, space-time will collapse and the laws of physics will become meaningless.
Do You Love Anyone Enough?: The Doctor and Romana observer the end of the Universe.

Zagreus: Walton Winkle awakens on the remains of Gallifrey and the Divergence's Pocket Universe rejoins with the Normal Space Universe.
Sometime Never: The Last Museum and the Council of 8's Vortex Palace exist.
Apocalypse Angel: Romana and the Master create God.

NOTE: According to Zagreus the Universe ends in the year 60,000,000,000 AD. According to The Infinity Doctors the Universe ends in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 AD. And according to Utopia the Universe ends in the year 100,000,000,000,000 AD. I suspect that these alterations to the lifespan relate to the changing of history. If history is changed enough to spawn a completely new universe then the remaining lifespan of the universe is halved. Thus the total lifespan of the universe at any given time is a good measurement of how much damaged has been done to history at that relative point in history. The decrease from Infinity Doctors to Utopia of is a factor of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 which indicates that a approximately 60 different completely independent alternate timelines have been created from changes in history.

NOTE: The changes between heat death and the big crunch as possible ends of the universe could be indicative of whether the Black or White Gaurdian is currently in prominance for control over the fate of the Universe.

“[The City of the Saved is] at best a partial Omega Point for the universe,
a poor and paltry thing compared with what we might one day help it become.”

-Grandfather Halfling

1 AF (After Event 2)
The City of the Saved exists. It can be accessed via the Uptime Gate. The City is a micro-universe within which all the humans (including post and pre humans) that have ever existed in any version of history have been recreated as Homo Imago using a combination of Biodata and Warp Matrix Engineering. The Homo Imago are biomemetic structurs comprised of the original human DNA, psychological makeup, physical tramas, and awareness of somatic processes. The Citiy's 10 to 38 power inhabitants live galaxy sized (10
18 kilometres in diameter ) city within a state-of-grace where death, wounds, and pain is impossible. By this point Compassion V (the City of the Saved) is over 10 million years old. She might even be a few billion years old.

1 AF After dying on Drornid the the first battle of the Time War, the Doctor is re-incarnated in the City of the Saved after his death on Drornid. He probably becomes the half human, half Time Lord citizen known as Grandfather Halfling. NOTE: 0 AF will be the baseline for dating the Doctor's age in the new series at this website.

1 AF Mesh Cos is reincarnated in the City of the Saved.

?? Antipathy creates the humankind Manfolk who will be reincarnated in the City of the Saved.

3 AF Manfold declars its independence from the rest of the City.

<>40 AF?? (before 84 AF)
House Halfling is established in the Godsdice District by a Time Lord/Human halfbreed known as Grandfather Halfling (almost certainly the Doctor). Its political goal is to ensure fair and equal treatment of the various halfbreeds of the City.

100 AF~ (100~ AF)
Grandfather Halfling (probably the Doctor) befriends Amanda Legend Lefcourt.
?? (by the time Omophalos! is published)
By this point there are over 23 million clones and re-imaginations of Elvis Aron Presley.

?? House Halfling is established by a Time Lord/Human halfbreed (almost certainly the Doctor). Its political goal is to ensure fair and equal treatment of the various halfbreeds of the City. Amanda Legend Lefcourt largely handles actual leadership of the group. Grandfather Halfling is rarely in the City.

209 AF
Alisheer marries Professor Anthony Fisher (aka Claudius Ceaser).

262 AF
The Time Beast Assault: Lady Mantissa decides that the City of the Saved would make the ultimate defensive location for the House of Mirraflex. She mounts an attack on the City with over 100 Type 91 War TARDISes. After the complete failure of the attack (and the destruction of 11 TARDISes) Mantissa retired from the post of Lady Armourer and relocated to a different clone of Gallifrey.

267 AF
Amanda Legend Lefcourt largely handles actual leadership of House Hafling. Grandfather Halfling (probably the Doctor) is rarely in the City.

280 AF (12 years before Of the City of the Saved / 280 AF)
Alisheer meets with the Time Lord Handramit for the last time for 12 years. He will regenerate between now and then.

282 AF
Mesh Cos becomes a Councilor

?? Antipathy leaves this Universe and travels beyond the City of the Saved. Once there he turns himself into a new universe that will appear to be the Next Universe.

?? The Universal Machine begins working on the Next Universe Colony. It provides the technology and culture for the humans who are traveling to the colony. Unbeknownst to the Universal Machine the Downtime Gate isn't actually accessing the Next Universe, but rather the Universe of Antipathy.

?? The colonist Lon Shel is infected by the soul Antipathy and brings him back from the Next Universe Colonly into the City via the Downtime Gate. The Next Universe Colony is left without any trace of Antipathy's personality.

292 AF (48 years of the War / 292 AF)
Of the City of the Saved: Compassion's first son, Antipaty, begins destroying and re-creating parts of it. The parts he creates are undetectable by Compassion and thus capable of killing humans. Every human that dies is recreated by Antipathy. The Time Lord Handramit visits the City of the Saved but is eventually thrown out when it is learned that he is Counciler Alisheer St. Marx's Father. Antipathy begins raising an army of Manfolk to go to spread his pain and misery throught the City. Godgoather Avatar of the Faction Paradox's Rump Parliment destroys Antipathy with an Annihilation Bomb. Part of the City of the Saved undergoes a Civil War and the Universal Machine sends the last of the colonists to the Next Universe Colony, and the Downtime Gate is permanently sealed. The Next Universe Colony might be named Home, and it is
predicted to last several quadrillennia.

The New Universe is born.

-- Here there be Laima. .

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