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NOTE: If you can read this line of text then the black back ground to this page didn't load. 95% of the text is colored so don't worry about it t. oo much The stuff in white is all Fan Speculation and stuff from the Benny Novels. You can read the white text by "selecting it" with your mouse. I'll try to get this problem fixed.

This timeline is in the Julian Calender (BC/AD).
I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisement for all the sources that went into making it. I plan to create a bibliography (and eventually even citations) when I get time (don't hold your breath).
Note: the following information contains many spoilers for the TV Series, and Novels.

The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
(Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie )
information from the Novels
(Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
(I put The Infinity Doctors as story about an earlier person called the Doctor. I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
(The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time [Zagreus strongly implies that DCTT is an alternate Gallifrey the Rassilon deliberatly negated])
information from 'licensed' reference sources
(The Technical Manual, Monsters, and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
(The charity anthologies, the Benny adventures, and Lawrence Miles' books)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

'might' The event was revealed under highly suspicious circumstances. There's at least a 50% chance the entry is completely false.
? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

-- Three of the Guardians of this Universe (later known as the Gods of Ragnarok) caused the end of the previous Universe in a war involving the previous Key to Time and the previous Daleks. The Old Time Lords of the previous universe shunt themselves into a parallel universe (with a slightly longer lifespan) to escape this destruction. They become the Great Old Ones.

13,500,017,903 BC (pretty close to exactly 10,000,000 years before the Qqaba mission / at least 3 or 4 cycles after the Shub-Niggurath appear existence)
Event 0
- A massive Timestation
journeys back to the beginning of Time. Due to instabilities a massive Timestation ejects its fuel from one of its engines. This ejected fuel is a condensed monoblock of matter that detonates when another timeship,named the Vipod Mor, materializes at its center creating the Big Bang.

5,000,000,000 BC (5 billion years before 4663 AD)
Skaro's sun ignites.

5,000,000,000 BC The Sol system's sun ignites.

3,500,000,000 BC The Era of the Time Lords. Gallifreyan Mythology has lots to say about the Daleks and the Klade.

?? (over 80 years before A Dalek Problem is published)
Chief of Multihistorical Research for the CIA, Professor Qualenawitvanastech begins researching the Daleks.

?? (after Genesis of the Daleks from the Dalek's POV)
The Dalek Problem: A Symposium
is published by the Chief of Multihistorical Research for the CIA, Professor Qualenawitvanastech.

?? An Alternative History of Skaro: The Daleks without Davros is written by a Time Lord.

300,000,000 BC?? (when Saturn's rings were formed)
Dalek time travelers set up a colony in the planet Saturn in the Sol System to mine ammonia.

100,700,000 BC (100,000,000 years before the first sentient Skarosian appears)
The Beginning: Two of the Outer Galaxies (beyond Andromeda) collide forming the 7th Galaxy
(probably the Maffei-1 Galaxy). From this cosmic explosion gasses solidify to form the planet Skaro.

92,700,000 BC (8,000,000 years after the two galaxies collide)
The Siletarian Age begins on Skaro. The first forms of life appears. A red lichen quickly spreads to cover the entire planet.

80,700,000 BC (20,000,000 years after the two galaxies collide)
The Planistavian Age begins on Skaro. At this point the planet is mostly swamps and jungles. Starting as one celled organisims animal life evolves untill the first snake-like creature capable of breathing air leaves the ocean.

40,700,000 BC (60,000,000 years after the two galaxies collide)
The Thalistunian Age (aka Age of the Monsters) on Skaro. Numerous giant reptiles roamed the planet battling for dominance in the jungles.

6,000,000 BC (3,500,000,000~ Local Dateline)
Tellurians (Humans) evolve on Sol III. Human beings are one of the few races in the Universe which has an instinctive understanding of time travel. Because of this the Time Lords fear the Tellurians.

1,101,000 BC (1,097,328 years before Genesis of the Daleks)
The first hominids appear on Skaro.

736,000 BC (240,000 years before historical records could have been made
/ 100,000,000 years after the two galaxies collide)
The Sparasunian Age on Skaro begins. The great reptiles die off. The Halldons relocate the humans from Earth to the planet Skaro (called Ameron by the Halldons). They modified the humans so that their evolution would be accellerated. They also apparently change their blood color from red to green. These are the first sentient Skarosians appear on Skaro.

736,000 BC??
The Crystal of Kronos is hidden on millions of worlds - including Skaro.

736,300 BC (a few centuries after gaining sentience)
The Skarosians destroy their Halldon overseers.

548,000 BC (before any recorded history / during the Skaroisian Stone Age)

A great shift in Skaro's crust occurs causing planet wide devastation. Many tribes of Skarosians are killed. A group of people known as the Dals rebel against the Thal tribal policies. Outnumbered and outvoted they break off from the Thal Tribes in the west and cross the newly formed Drammankin Range to settled on the east side of the continent. In the future both groups will tell stories of the Great Disaster and the casting out of the evil ones by the gods. Both Thal and Dal translate as "Choosen Ones."

496,000 BC~ (50,000 TL)
The Dals cease their nomadic life styles and become farmers.

496,000 BC~ (500,000 years before The Daleks)
The Thals begin keeping historical records that they will maintain for at least the next 500,000 years. At this point the Thals were a warrior race, while the Dals were
teachers and philosophers. Skaro is a beautiful world.

484,000 BC (12000 years after the Dals become Farmers)
The Thals discover agriculture.

28,703 BC (42005 TL)

Daleks from the year 3805 AD use a time corridor to vist the planet Bav in the Marli system of the Milky Way. They attempt to convert the local Ka into Daleks. They exterminate the CIA Investigator Lord Drasilinilevitaz. The Daleks realise that the Ka Daleks will renegade and destroy the Imperial Dalek Faction in the future. The attempt to destroy the planet but Time Lady Loribetcazistanopiliain of the CIA stops them and removes the all the Dalek technology from Bav.

9,300 BC (about 5300 years before Gensis of the Daleks)
Permanent towns and cities begin to emerge on Skaro. Both the Dals and the Thals begin exploring the sea.

?? The Kaled god of War has horns.

5250-4250 BC The two races develop for 1000 years. Skaro is filled with ideas, art and innovation.

5028 BC (1028 years before the War)
The Thals and Dals reencounter each other. The two races are quite hostile towards each other. Many Thals cross the mountains and settle in Dal territory.

?? The Thals offer the Dals the chance to rejoin their civilization but only if they accept that their acts of rebellion were wrong

?? (Hundreds of years before Masters of War)
The Quatch emerge from the heart of Skaro and attack the Skarosians.
The Quatch exist only partially in this dimension. There was no physical interaction with the Thals only long range attacks. This occurred during the Thal Imperial Period. The Thals used Dal slaves to operate the space vessels that fought that Quatch.

?? (after the Thal history records begin / 1000 years before the War begins?)

The Quatch provoked the Kaleds into a war with the Thals. As a statement of superiority the Dals rename themselves Kaleds.

?? The Quatch provided technology to the Kaleds to maximize the destruction of the war.

?? The Kaleds construct a reseach center to develop nuclear weapons.
This facility also houses the Kaled Goverment.

?? In response to the Kaleds' construction of a research center for their government the Thals build their own facility (unknowingly) 4 miles away on the opposite side of the
Drammankin Range.

4250 BC (the beginning of the War / 250 years before Genesis of the Daleks / After the failure of the first Quatch attack)
The Age of Unreason: The Quatch provoked the Kaleds into a war with the Thals. When Kaled Security catches a Thal spying on the military research they obtain and film a confession. The release of this confession begins the War. Both sides launch their neutron bombs at the opposing forces. In the first day of the war all the cities of both sides are destroyed and vast forests are petrified. This is Year 0 in the New Skaro Calender.

4250 BC The few surviving Kaleds and Thals retreat to their research centers and build protective domes over them. These domes are resistant to conventional nuclear attack. The war continues. After both sides have exhausted their nuclear and atomic arsenal they revert to more conventional weapons like tanks, projectile weapons, and poison gas.

4248-4150 BC (The first century after the beginning of the War)
The chemical and biological weapons used create a new subspecies called Mutos. These genetically damaged humanoids are banished to the wastelands.

4250-4000 BC
Without any infastructure to support them both the Thals and the Kaleds find themselves using increasingly primitive technology as consumables are exhausted and hardware succumbs to wear and tear.
Elite Thal units continue to use beam weapons. Kaled politicians name the war the Thousand Year War (despite the fact that it has only lasted a few centuries). By this point the Kaled race subsists only on food pills. These pills are manufactured (in part) from dead Kaleds. By this point most Kaleds don't know what started the War.

4050 BC (50 years before Genesis of the Daleks / a long time after the War started)
The Kaled leadership have a research center constructed where the
Scientific Elite Corp can work on the war effort without fear of spies. To ensure security the Kaleds build the bunker some distance to the north of the Kaled Dome. The Kaled biologist Davros becomes a member of the Scientific Elite. Davros and the other Scientific Elite are moved here. Davros first job with the Elite is using his knowledge of cybernetics to design safe ways of handling nuclear material during bomb construction. He uses his spare time to study the effects of radiation on living tissue.

?? (after becoming a member of the Elite)
The Davros becomes known as the foremost intellect of the millennium.
His specialties are cybernetics, microsurgery, and genetic engineering. Davros is made Supreme Commander of the Special Scientific Division. Under Davros's guidance the Scientific Elite Corp makes numerous scientific breakthroughs.

?? Using Skaroine electroscopes
Davros determines that it is impossible for intelligent life to exist in the surrounding seven Galaxies.

?? Davros begins experimenting with augmenting the intelligence and altering the behavior of various types of aquatic creatures.

?? Davros beings experimenting with ruby based laser technology.

?? Davros meets with the Elite Scientist named Shan. Shan has written a paper titled The Dalek Solution.
This paper reveals that Shan has discovered that the mutations induced in the Kaled people by the radiation wasn't entirely random. She predicts that within 200 years the Kaled people will have reached a new genetically stable form. These Kaled Mutants would be small clawed creatures which would in fact be dependent on the harsh radiation that poisoned all of Skaro to survive. Shan believes that the only way that the Kaled people will be able to survive on Skaro in the coming years is if they recreate their race in the form that they Skarosian species will eventually evolve into. Shan names this theoretical lifeform the Daleks (an anagram of Kaleds).

?? (before Davros's accident)
Davros presents parts of Shan's paper to the Kaled Leadership Council. He claims that these were his own discoveries.

?? (before Davros accident)
Upon learning that Shan is having a relationship with a member of the Kaled Council named Councillor Valron, Davros has Shan framed for treason and executed. Davros tells himself that she was going to betray him to ensure her place in Kaled History as justification.

4034 BC (before the war / at least 25 years after the war begins / 34 years before Genesis of the Daleks)
A Thal spy penetrates the Kaled Research Facility and learns of Davros' discoveries. The spy alerts the Kaleds to the location of the research center and the Thals bomb it with a nuclear shell. The shell impacts during one of Davros' experiments causing an explosion that irradiates more than 50 of the Kaled's finest scientists. Davros loses his eyes, left arm, and both legs. He suffers severe damge to his chest and skull. Thanks to Davros' breakthroughs in fields of cybernetics Davros and five other scientists survive.

4034 BC? (shortly after the explosion)
Within 4 months of awakening the first 5 surviving scientists die. The Kaled Psy-techs predict that there is an 86% probability that Davros will commit suicide when he awakens. When Davros awakens he views his shattered body for some time before deciding that his physical body is unimportant next to the brilliance of his mind.
Secretly Davros decides that the Kaled government was (directly or indirectly) responsible for for his injuries. He decides that the Kaled race must be reborn in the Dalek form. He promises the Kaled Leadership victory over the Thals if they give him the scientific resources he needs.

4031 BC (3 years after the explosion)
Davros has a Mark I Mobility Unit designed that allows him limited mobility and self sufficiency. This Mobility Unit is connected to his mind allowing him to control many of its functions by thought alone. With a special security force assigned to him Davros returns to his scientific studies. Davros begins studying the effects of radiation and mutations on living beings. He charts the genetic drift for several mutated animals and begins collecting mutated Kaleds to perform experiments on.

?? (after the explosion)
By this point neither the Kaleds or Thals have any functioning aircraft.

4002 BC? Working in the remains of the old Kaled Capital City Davros created the Mark II Travel Machine for the Dalek lifeform. The Mark II Machine was powered by static electricity that was drawn from charged metal floors. The Daleks never would have been developed without the Quatch technology.

4000 BC? Davros uses mutated embryos to create several Dalek mutants. He then uses chemical agents and micro-surgery to change the mutant's genetic makeup by introducing chromosomal variations. This prevents them from experiencing compassion, and love (unknown to Davros these changes also prevent the Daleks from experiancing pity and mercy). The sense of morality and conscience was removed. He programed them to have total loyalty to the Dalek Species, and to view all other species (including the humanoid Skarosians) as inferior. They have a strong instinct to destroy all alien lifeforms. They have been conditioned to survive at all costs and programmed to believe that survival can best be achieved by becoming the dominant species in the Universe. They are designed to be the Supreme Victor in the "universal war." Davros views the Daleks as the supreme species and the ultimate conqueror of the Universe.

?? (possibly before coating the Kaled Dome)
Davros invents Dalekanium armor.

4000 BC? (months before Genesis of the Daleks)
Davros reinforces the Kaled dome with a new material that will protect it from all rocket attacks.

Ferain and a Dalek

4000 BC (250 years after the start of the War)
Genesis of the Daleks: The Time Team
of Matricians (led by Recorder Jelpax) predict that the Daleks will become the Enemy that will threaten the Time Lords in a massive Time War. If the Daleks defeat the Time Lords then they will destroy all other sentient life forms in the Universe. The Time Lords violate their deal with the Daleks by declaring Time War on them. The Deliavatsud Intervention is commissioned by the CIA and Ferain sends the Doctor to Skaro to stop them from ever being created.
Davros perfects the Mark III travel machine known as a Dalek. The first 20 Daleks become fully operational. Because of the Doctor's interferance the Dalek brain modifications that Davros planned are never completed. Instead these Daleks are controled by an on board computer program. The First of these 20 has a minor mutation that allows it to realize that with the current programming that Daleks will exterminate all other life in the universe. They will also be incapable of choosing a leader because all Daleks will be viewed as equal. The First Dalek alters the programing in the embryos that are still developing to ensure that they will view him as their leader. He also programs them with a desire to enslave (rather then exterminate) lesser lifeforms. Davros betrays his people and the Kaled people are exterminated by a huge Distronic explosion. The Daleks rebel against Davros and are entombed by the Thals. Unknown to the Daleks, Davros's secondary and backup circuits keep him alive and in long term suspension, while synthetic tissue regeneration takes place.
The results of the Doctor's intervention registers as a 4.6 on the Rassilon Scale of time distortion
and considerably weaken the Dalek Empire in the future by setting their development back by about 1000 years. This is the first time the Doctor changes established history (in a major way). The High Council begins greatly restricting the CIA's autonomy because of the failure of this incident, and Deliavastud is executed (probably in the Obliuett).

Genesis of the Daleks Incident
The entire Dalek history is altered by the Doctor (working for the CIA).
In the original timeline the Time Lords do not interfere. Davros didn't rush the Daleks into service but prepared the Daleks as planned. The Dalek Prime was terminated and (in order to ensure loyalty) Davros programmed all the Daleks with a small amount of pity and compassion. Davros used the Daleks to destroy most of the Thals. Over the centuries the Dalek Empire grew but Davros was still dissatisfied. The Daleks viewed it as they job to conquer all species in the universe so that it could protect them – which is not what Davros wanted. By removing pity the Daleks would be more ruthless but every Dalek that was manufactured without pity either turned on Davros or left Skaro. Davros eventually becomes fed up and leaves Skaro. In the story Masters of War (set hundreds of years after their first attack) the Quatch attack Skaro again with the help of Davros. The Doctor insures that the dimension at the heart at Skaro suffered an implosion and was compressed into pure energy.

In this original version of the Web of Time the Daleks were involved in the following situations:

The Daleks (aka The Mutants)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth
The Chase
The Dalek Master Plan
Power of the Daleks
Evil of the Daleks
Day of the Daleks
Frontier in Space
Planet of the Daleks
Death to the Daleks.

However, when the Time Lords interfered history was changed. After being warned of the ruthlessness of the Daleks by the Doctor, Davros installs a backup system in his Mobility Unit to protect him from the Daleks weapons. Thus, in the new version of events, Davros is unable to complete the Daleks as planned. This sets Dalek development back 1000 years but unknown to the Time Lords (due to the events of War of the Daleks) the intervention doesn't prevents the Daleks from becoming the Enemy of the Time Lords. In fact it will be this action that the Daleks will reguard as the first action in the Time War. The CIA had hoped that millions of worlds would be saved from the Daleks but the planets saved only numbered in the thousands.

While it has been confirmed that the Dalek Invasion of Earth, Day of the Daleks, and Planet of the Daleks did occur (see Rememberance of the Daleks, War of the Daleks and Legacy of the Daleks). It also appears that the some of the events of War of the Daleks led to events of Power of the Daleks. So it would appear likely that all of the above stories did occur. But the fact that thousands of planets were saved because of the Doctor's mission makes it possible that the details of the other stories (listed above) were probably changed.

4000 BC (right after Genesis of the Daleks)
The First Dalek exterminates the other 19 prototype Daleks and restarts the Dalek assembly line. These Daleks are a modification of Davros' orginal design. The First Dalek will keep the secret of his unique lineage until A Meeting of Minds.

4000 BC Horrified at what has become of their planet the few surviving Thals commit themselves to pacifism and become farmers. The radiation and mutations eventually purify their race of all genetic imperfections.

?? (after Genesis of the Daleks)
Rather then emerge from the Bunkers Davros's Daleks, led by the First Dalek, hide underground. They dig massive mines for materials and construct huge embryo tanks. Numerous Daleks are cloned.

3850 BC?? (less then 200 years after Genesis of the Daleks)
As predicted by Davros the surviving Kaleds eventually mutate into the Dalek species.
They are identical to the mutant Daleks Davros bred except that they last the behavior programing that Davros introduced into his variation. These Daleks are sometimes know as the Exterminators.

3850 BC (100 years before The Daleks)
While exploring the old Kaled City the Exterminator Daleks discover the Davros's Mark II Travel Machines and research notes. The begin using these machines and rebuild the City. These Daleks appear to have a desire to become human again.

3748 BC (over a year before The Daleks)
The Thals leave their plateau to find better land.

3750 BC (a little over 500 years after the beginning of the War / millions of years after the Dalek Invasion of Earth)
The Daleks (aka The Mutants, aka etc...) This might be the first time the Doctor meets the Daleks (from the Doctor's POV). The Exterminator Daleks are destroyed by the Doctor and the Thals.
Officially, Last Contact occurs - the Time Lords encounter a species known as the Daleks for the first time in recent memory. The Daleks will eventually be responsible for the events that lead to the destruction of the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War. The image of Skaro's petrified forests will haunt the Doctor for the rest of his life.

3240 BC~ (Shortly before the return of the orginal Daleks)
The Thals develop FTL drive. They being colonizing a nearby star system.

3250 BC (500 years after The Daleks / 500 years after Genesis of the Daleks)
By this point the radiation levels on Skaro have dropped and the Thals are thriving
. The First Dalek to be created by Davros claims the position of Black Dalek. The original Daleks from the Bunker emerge and swiftly conquer the planet Skaro - devastating again it with neutronic bombs. Realizing that they are outnumbered, the surviving Thals flee Skaro to the Thal colony world.

3150 BC (100 years after the Dalek emerge from the bunker)
The Daleks build metallic cities over the ruins of several older cities. The Black Dalek takes command of the Dalek City (which was originally the Kaled City).

3042 BC (67666 TL)
The 666 Plot: Daleks from the year 3958 AD travel back in time to the planet Teth to learn the secret of the Bruul Hypnotism. The CIA realises that this could prevent the Klevits from evolving and change the history of the Milky Way. Senior Field Operative Cavoristaliteras attempts to put history back on track but ends up creating an even more deviant version of events. Cavor is recalled to Gallifrey.

3040 BC (67668 TL)
Chief CIA Field Operative Time Lady Loribetcazistanopilain travels to Teth to mend history but is betrayed by Cavor who has done a deal with the Daleks. Loribet is stranded in the Vortex. She is rescued by her cousin CIA Trainee Alistanathcalebiviteth. Loribet undertakes another trip to Teth and
succeeds in mending the timeline by defeating the Daleks.

2780 BC (470 years after emerging from the Bunker)
The Daleks achieve orbital spaceflight. They construct vast orbital space stations.

2650 BC (600 years after emerging from the bunker /
over 100 years after the Orginal Daleks take back Skaro)

Daleks discover antigravity and design anti-gravity disks for individual Daleks.
Using Thal records they build a FTL ship and begin constructing a fleet.

2650 BC (The same year they discover FTL drive / before Dalek Invasion of Earth / 1600 years after the begninng of the Neutronic War)
The Year of the Dalek: The First Dalek to be created by Davros claims the position of Supreme Dalek of the Dalek Space Fleet. The Dalek decide to conquer the Universe. Several groups of Dalek forces move out into the Milky Way. One group is dispatched to the Lesser Magellanic Cloud (aka Galaxy 5) aboard Magellanic Cloud Cruisers. A new Dalek is commissioned as the Black Dalek. Eventually there will be many Black Daleks.

2150 BC (500 years after leaving the Skaro System)
Daleks in the Milky Way Galaxy have conquered over 35 agricultural worlds, and at least 15 low tech industrial worlds. These worlds will provide the resources for their expansion throughout the Milky Way.

2075 BC (68633 TL)
The Daleks from the future use time travel to invade the Liiliti System. This alters the flow of history.

2067 BC (68641 TL from the Universe's POV / 101,193 from Gallifrey's POV / the begining of Cavor and Loribet's rivalry)
After a major argument with Lord Cavor, Time Lady Loribet succeds in stopping the Dalek invasion of Liiliti System returning history to its original course. She is awarded high honors by the CIA for her actions.

1208 BC (69500 TL)
By this point the Dalek Space Fleet rivals any other single fleet in the Milky Way.

1161 BC (1489 years after the first FTL ships)
By this point the Dalek holdings in the Milky Way Galaxy nearly reach Earth. The Dalek expedition to Galaxy 5 arrives and begins colonization.

728 BC (69980 TL)
By this point the Daleks have cut a swathe 1 third of the way across the Milky Way disk. They have invaded and conquered almost every advanced society in that swath. They begin to widen this swathe, which takes them towards the Sol System and Earth.

?? The early Humanian Era begins

1 AD~ Jesus Christ is born on Sol III.

292 AD (70092 TL)
The Dalek invasion of Galaxy 5 is stalled due to conflict with an advanced civilization.

?? (before Legacy of the Daleks)
The Master accidently destroys a Dalek hatchery on Sayomin 3.

1589 AD (20 years before Empire of Glass from the Time Lords POV)
Irving Braxiatel begins organizing the Armageddon Convention (an arms limitation conference) with several species that are at war in 1609 AD. The conference is to be held on Earth. The Daleks and Cybermen refuse to attend.

1609 AD Empire of Glass: The Armageddon Convention goes ahead as planned - without the Daleks

(before the 20th century)
The Humanian Era begins. By this point Earth will be a cosmic dumping ground for exiles from all over the Universe (the Time Lords included).

1820 AD (at least 200 years before Power of the Daleks)
The dimensionally transcendental capsule that was jettisoned from the Doctor's TARDIS lands on the planet Vulcan. Lacking power the Daleks enter hibernation.

1855 AD Daleks time travellers enter the Agamemnon System on the outer fringes of the Milky Way (coordinates 2,349 to 6,784 or 0110011 by C2 depending on they system used). They discover the planet Braah, home of the Ogrons. the Ogrons begin worshiping the Daleks as the Metal Gods. The Ogrons will eventually be used as servitors for 17 different species.

1866 AD The Evil of the Daleks: Desperate to win the Great War, Dalek time travellers trap the Doctor and use him to extract the Human Factor.

1929 AD Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks: Dalek Sec believes that Dalek culture has led to their races extinction. He tries to create a new individualized race of Human/Dalek hibryds but is betrayed by the other members of the Cult. The Doctor faces the Cult of Skaro. All of them are destroyed except Caan who escapes using his emergency temporal shift.

1955 AD~ (during the 1950s)
The Daleks arrange for Albinex the Navarino to be sent to Earth (via a time corridor) to cause a nuclear war. A spy satellite is positioned in orbit so that he can contact the invasion force (aka the Black Fleet) when the war has begun.

1962 AD One Dalek (a survivor of the Last Time War) falls through time, and landed on the Ascension Islands on Earth. He spends the next several decades waiting for orders.

1963 AD Remembrance of the Daleks: The Imperial Daleks from the future bring a fleet back in time to obtain the Hand of Omega. They are led by Emperor Davros aboard the mother ship Eret-mensaiki (Destiny of the Stars). The Original Daleks also travel back in time and set ambush in I.M. Foreman's Junkyard to obtain the Hand of Omega. Feeling guilty about failing to prevent the Daleks from ever being created the Doctor sets a trap to utterly destroy the Daleks power base. The Doctor tricks Davros into destroying the Skaro star system. It is a crucial moment in the Doctor's life. The Hand of Omega returns to Gallifrey (it doesn't arrive until Romana is President). The removal of the Daleks as a major temporal power should have prevented the Daleks from becoming the the Time Lord's enemies in the Last Great Time War.

2157 AD
When the Daleks invade Earth they find human records concerning Davros causing the Destruction of Skaro. They conceive a plot to secretly save their world without violating the Laws of Time.

1963 AD Remembrance of the Daleks: The Imperial Daleks from the future bring a fleet back in time to obtain the Hand of Omega. They are led by Emperor Davros aboard the mother ship Eret-mensaiki (Destiny of the Stars). The Skarosian Daleks also travel back in time and set ambush in I.M. Foreman's Junkyard to obtain the Hand of Omega. Feeling guilty about failing to prevent the Daleks from ever being created the Doctor sets a trap to utterly destroy the Daleks power base. The Doctor tricks Davros into destroying what they both believe is the Skaro star system. It is a crucial moment in the Doctor's life. The Hand of Omega returns to Gallifrey (it doesn't arrive until Romana is President). The removal of the Daleks as a major temporal power should have prevented the Daleks from becoming the the Time Lord's enemies in the Last Great Time War, however the Skarosian Daleks manage to secretly save their star system by tricking Davros into blowing up the wrong system.

1966 AD (July 20th 1966 AD)
The Evil of the Daleks: The Doctor is captured by Daleks from the future and taken back to 1866 AD

1965 AD~ (after the first man in space)
By this point the Dalek Uniographers have charted (but not visited) 11,073 planets with life. By this point only 50 Thals remain on Skaro, living in a vally to the north of the Dalek City.

1971 AD The Day of the Daleks: The Doctor eliminates a version of history where the Daleks became the masters of Earth. It is possible that the primary reason the CIA place the Doctor on Earth in this time zone was to prevent the Daleks from gaining control of the Gravity Control Unit.

1983 AD (December 13, 1983 AD)
Return of the Living Dad: The Doctor prevents Albinex and Issac Summerfield from starting World War III and has the Dalek spy satellite destroyed.

1984 AD The Daleks establish a time corridor to London in 1984 AD and begin replacing key political figures with duplicates. These duplicates will be used to collapse Earth society during a Dalek invasion.

1984 AD Resurrection of the Daleks: The Daleks recover several canisters of Movellan Anti-Dalek Virus.

?? Earth begins to suffer from numerous random explosions. These explosions are caused by Time Ships who are targeting points in space time that could have had great significance in the future. The people killed in these explosions are (probably by design) largely removed from the cultural context of Humanity. Thus (by definition) nobody important is ever killed. Thus their actions (even before their deaths) don't matter.

1999 AD? (shortly before This Town Will Never Let Us Go)
A Time Lord Timeship probably "crashes" on earth and is buried beneath a town.

1999 AD This Town Will Never Let Us Go: Anthropological Predictions show that Humanity was on the verge of evolving into a non-linear time-active culture capable of processing entire universes of information called Homo Imago. This is called The Younger World Theory. Humans and Gallifreyans are the only races whose cultures can not be accurately predicted by these projections. Humanity would have had a field of comprehension larger then the Time Lord’s Noosphere. It might have made them travlers in the 6th and 7th dimensions of Possibility and Imagination. The human named Valentine is working for the one of the Higher Powers (probably the Enemy) and plans on destroying a Timeship that crashed on earth. The Great Houses deploy a Ghost Cluster device on him (almost certainly to stop him from detonating the bomb). Despite this the Timeship is still accidentally destroyed. An unexpected side effect of this is that Humanity misses its first opportunity to achieve its conversion into Homo Imago. Instead of making that leap humanity slides into a state of virtual cultural and technological stasis for at least the next 10,000,000 years. Rumors suggest that this stasis might have been arranged by the Time Lords, possibly using the Jallama Reed and New Young God’s Transmissions.

1999 AD After several billion years the original Ancestor Cells end up on Earth. They feed on the chronon decay created by various Time Travel Capsules and various temporal paradoxes that pollute the Web of Time. This pollution allows the cells to grow into a "race" that is completely alien and inimical to the Time Lords. The Ancestor Cells are drawn to Gallifrey by I.M. Foreman's Universe-in-a-Bottle. The Time Lords will spend much of the Last Great Time War believing that these Ancestor Cells are the Enemy.

2000 AD The later Humanian Era begins. The Daleks attempt to mine the magnetic core of the Earth but fail because of the magenetic properites of the Earth.

2007 AD Army of Ghosts / Doomesday: The Cult of Skaro emerges from the Void between alternate timelines and attempts to take over the Earth using the millions of Daleks in the Genesis Ark. The Doctor has all the Daleks (except the Cult of Skaro) sucked back into the Void. The Cult exscapes using a built in device that allows him to create an Emergency Temporal Shift. Rose is trapped in the Alternate Earth with Micky.

2012 AD Dalek: One of the last two surviving Daleks of the future Time War exterminates itself.

2020 AD The Power of the Daleks: A human colony on the planet Vulcan discovers a Dalek Capsule from the distant future. The Daleks are destroyed.

2069 AD (2060s, probably before The Daleks)
Alien Bodies: By this point the Daleks are scattered all over the Milky Way Galaxy. The Daleks on Skaro are only just now deciding to form an Empire.

2103 AD (72811 TL)
Dalek Scouts reach the Moli System and make contact with the plant-like Velianavi. In order to obtain access to Velianavi toxins the Daleks establish an information exchange.

2115 AD (72823 TL)
The Daleks fail to find a way to produce the Velianavi toxin outside of the planet Moli Veliane. They enslave the Velianavi to produce the toxin in mass quantities for them.

2139 AD (72847 TL)
The Daleks use the Velianavi Toxin to successfully conquer 5 planets.

2142 AD (72853 TL)
The Daleks step up the production of the Velianavi Toxin.

2145 AD (72856 TL)
The blight that the Daleks use to control the Velianavi runs wild and nearly wipes out the population. The CIA Field Oprative Alistanathcalbeiviteth arrives on Moli Veliane and assists in the destruction of the Daleks and the genocide of the Velianavie.

2146.4 (10.6 years before the Daleks invade)
Using captured Thal Deep Space Telescopes the Daleks discover a world ideal for invasion - Earth. Having exhausted the mineral resources of Skaro the Daleks decide to invade Earth.

?? (shortly before Godengine)
The Daleks ally with the Martians to obtain the Godengine from Mars. In return the Martians will mantian control of Mars.
The Godengine weapon was constructed by the Osirans. It can be used to draw out and direct focused bursts of plasma from the sun - Enough to devastate entire planets. However it will not function in a planetary magnetic field. The Daleks plan to remove Earth's magnetic field in Operation De-Gravitate, so that the Godengine can be transfered from Mars to Earth. Once installed on Earth the Daleks will turn Earth into a planet sized space ship with the Godengine as its prime weapon.

2157 AD~

As the Dalek's Black Fleet approaches Earth it devastates 15 colony wolds, including Azure, Qartopholos, and Sifranos (billions of colonists on Sifranos die).

2157 AD (10 years before the Dalek Invasion of Earth)

Lacking the military might to conquer Earth by force
the Daleks bombard Earth with plague ridden meteorites diverted from near Saturn. This retrovirus enters the food chain and atmosphere contaminating 68% of the DNA over 40% of the planet. The entire populations of South America, Africa, and Asia are wiped out. Billions die before a cure is found. This is the beginning of the First Dalek War.

2157 AD (9.5 years before Dalek Invasion of Earth / explicitly 2157 AD / explicitly 2157 AD / explicitly 2000 AD / probably on or after 2164 AD)
By this point Human society is on the verge of collapse. The Daleks Earth Force (aka the Black Fleet) invade the Sol System. The Dalek's Black Fleet is made up of 12 saucers with a total of 500 Daleks. The human outposts on Callisto, Tethys, Nereid, Cassius, Charon and Pluto are exterminated. Upon reaching Earth, the Dalek Saucers destroy many of the major cities. Then the Daleks land and begin to robotize the populace. The Daleks set up an Icaron Partical Generator on Mercury to blockade the System.

2157 AD (after the Daleks invade)
Uranus' moon, Oberon, served as an underground base for the Humans during the Dalek blockade.

2157 AD Godengine: Once Earth was completely subjugated the Daleks begin Operation De-Gravitate - a mining operation to remove Earth's magnetic core. They plann to take the Godengine from Mars and install it on Earth and then turn Earth into a giant space ship. The Godengine is destroyed by the Doctor. This destruction disables the Icaron Partical blockade.

2157 AD (after Godengine / 2157)
The Dalek attempt to invade Mars but are defeated by a genetically engineered virus that attacks their wiring.

2161 AD The Daleks exterminate the United Kingdom's Royal Family and destroy Buckingham Palace.

2162 AD By this point the Daleks control all the planets in the Sol System.

2167 AD
Susan is 16 at this time)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth: The Daleks invasion force is destroyed. Susan stays on Earth and marries David Campbell. She may find the Journal that Ian and Barbara left for her in the 20th Century. They will adopt three children. The Doctor plans to return and take Susan as a companion again when she has her first regeneration. Captain David Jarvis of the Dauntless ends the Dalek blockade of the Solar System. Unknown to the humans the Dalek research facility DA-17 also serves as a backup hatchery of Dalek embryos. It has a separate power supply for its Daleks (probably static floors). It remains in operation and its scientists continue work on an experimental matter transmuter.

2169 AD (2 years after Dalek Invasion of Earth)
Alien Bodies: The Doctor's body is removed from storage.

2170-2430 AD??? (shortly after the Dalek Invasion of Earth / this last several hundred years)
The Daleks strip all the planets in the Skaro system of resources and begin constructing a massive army of Daleks. They spread to neighboring systems and strip them as well. The construction of this army will take centuries.

2199 AD? (Shortly before Legacy of the Daleks)
A Dalek spearhead for a second invasion arrives secretly on Earth.

2199 AD (32 years after Dalek Invasion of Earth from Susan's POV)
Legacy of the Daleks: The Master kills David Campbell. He attempts to seize the
Dalek matter transmuter but Susan Campbell destroys it and steals the Master's Type 45 TARDIS. Linked to a TARDIS level power source this device would have been capable of destroying entire solar systems. It seems likely that extreme power requirements prevented this device from ever being very useful to the Dalek Empire.

2217 AD By this point Earth has recovered from the Dalek Invasion.

The 128-stanza poem Lament of the Non-Operational is written by a Dalek

?? (shortly after the Dalek Invasion of Earth / before Frontier in Space)
The Daleks begin using Ogrons as servants.

2430 AD
The Dogs of Doom

?? (before Planet of the Daleks)
The Thals are known as one of the most peace loving peoples in the galaxy.

2500 AD~ (hundreds of years after the Dalek Invasion of Earth)
The Thals abandon their pacifist ways and swear to the destroy the Daleks no matter what the cost. They begin constructing Revenge Fleets. By this point the Daleks have spread their forces out too thinly and the Thals are able to mount an attack from their colony. They retake Skaro from the Daleks.

?? (during the Dalek Wars / before Frontier in Space)
The First Dalek to be created by Davros appoints himself to the position of Dalek Prime.

2540 AD~ (before Frontier in Space)
The Daleks set up a secret base on Spiridon to research invisibility and a virus that would destory all forms of life. Spiridon is many systems from Skaro.

2540 AD (right before Plant of the Daleks)
The Thals develop their first extended range ships. The Thals capture Dalek communication technology and begin monitoring Dalek transmissions. The Thals discover that the Daleks have a secret base on Spiridon and the they send a suicide team to destroy them. At this point the Thals still beleive Earth is a legend.

?? The Daleks place and army of 10,000 Daleks on Spirirdon in cryogenic sleep. At this point in history this is the largest Dalek force ever assembled.

2540 AD
Frontier in Space: The Master allies himself with the Daleks. They try to provoke a war between the humans and the Draconians. After both sides have exhausted themselves in the war the Daleks plan to invade every solar system in the Milky Way. The Doctor prevents the humans and Draconians from going to war. In response to his request the Time Lords send the Doctor to Spiridon to defeat the Daleks.

2540 AD
Planet of the Daleks:
The Doctor meets Iris Wildthyme again. The Daleks experiment with generating anti-reflecting light waves to render themselves invisible by eliminating all light wave emissions. However the effect only lasts slightly more then 2 work cycles before suffering from ray exhaustion due to a lack of power. Many of the Daleks also experience light-wave sickness. The Daleks perfect their super virus that will destroy all forms of life (except those that are immunized) on an entire planet within 1 day. The Doctor prevents the Daleks from deploying the virus and buries their army under allotropic ice. This is the biggest setback the Dalek Empire has ever experienced up to this point. The Daleks being working on freeing their army though this could take centuries. The Draconians and the Humans unite and start the Third Dalek War.

2540? (shortly before Absolm Daak...DK)
The Daleks conquer
the planet Mazam.

2540~ AD (the 26th century / probably after Planet of the Daleks)
Absolm Daak...Dalek Killer: During this time captial criminals may choose to become Daleks Killers. They are equiped with extensive weapondry and teleported to Dalek held worlds to survive for as long as they can. Abslom Daak is one very successful Dalek Killer from this period. He liberates the planet Mazam.

2543 AD
Return of the Living Dad: Admiral Issac Summerfield's ship the Tisiphone falls through a wormhole in the middle of the Battle of Bellatrix with the Daleks.

2545 AD (June 2545 AD)
300 Dalek battlecruisers invade Earth's solar system. They conquer Mars and use its population of
3 billion humans as a human shield. General Keele eventually drives the Daleks off of Mars and out of the solar system.

??? (thousands of years before A Meeting of Minds / after Frontier in Space)
The Daleks discover that Doctor is a time traveller. The Daleks begin a Time-Travel Program. The Emperor makes the capture of a Time Lord and his TARDIS a top priority for the Dalek Empire. With access to time travel the Daleks will go on to create havoc over millions of years of history and threaten at least 65 different temporal nexuses. Without the intervention of the CIA and other Time Lords the number could be as much as 100 times as high.

2550 AD?? (definitely the 26th century)
By this time Gallifrey's star has gone supernova. The blast can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98. The ruins of Gallifreyan buildings can be found at this point. Gallifrey is far from any human colonies.

?? (after Frontier in Space / possibly not to long after the Dalek Invasion of Earth)

The Chase: The Dalek Time Program produces (at great cost) the first DARDIS timeship. The Daleks attempt to destroy the Doctor but fail. The Daleks encounter and are defeated by the Mechanoids for the first time. The DARDIS is destroyed. This the first time the Daleks have deliberately acted against the Time Lords. By this point the Daleks recognize the Doctor as their greatest enemy - the Ka Faraq Gatri (enemy of the Daleks, Bringer of Darkness, the Oncoming Storm, Destroyer of Worlds).
Dalek standing orders state that the Doctor is to be killed on sight.

?? (right after The Chase)
The Daleks make destroying all Mechanoid colonies a priority. The long Mechon Wars begin.

?? (Probably centuries before Destiny of the Daleks / shortly before the Day of the Daleks)
The Daleks learn (from records obtained from their invasion of Earth) that Davros will be responsible for destroying Skaro.

?? (shortly before the end of the Mechon Wars)
The Daleks develop the Time Vortex Magnetron which could lock onto temporal transmitters to deliver and retrieve objects from history. In an attempt to prevent Davros from destroying Skaro in the future, the Daleks invade Earth in the years 2071. They end up causing a temporal paradox that the Doctor eliminates. By this point the Dalek Empire is rapidly expanding.

The Daleks use the Time Vortex Magnetron to change history by invading Earth in the year 2071. They end up causing a temporal paradox that the Doctor eliminates.
It is possible that the primary reason the CIA placed the Doctor on Earth in this time zone was to prevent the Daleks from gaining control of the Gravity Control Unit.

1971 AD Day of the Daleks: A time traveller from Earth's future accidently starts World War III

2071 AD The Dalek time fleet from the future invades Earth.

2172 AD~ Day of the Daleks: The Doctor travels to this alternate history and prevents it from occurring.

?? (shortly before the end of the Mechon Wars)
The Daleks develop the Time Vortex Magnetron which could lock onto temporal transmitters to deliever and retrive objects from history. The Daleks invade Earth in the years 2071.

?? The Mechon Wars end with the complete destruction of the Mechons.

2560 AD?? (Before or during the Time Lord's deal with the Daleks)
Last Contact occurs - the Time Lords encounter a species known as the Dalek for the first time (from the Time Lords' POV). The Daleks will eventually be responsible for the events that lead to the destruction of the Time Lords in the Last Great Time War.

2560 AD?? (before "Genesis of the Daleks" from the Time Lord's POV / thousands of years before "Dead Romance" / probably during the Games / possibly before the Armageddon Convention)
The Time Lords make a deal with the Daleks. The Time Lords agreed to let the Daleks develop primitive time travel. They also agree not to use them in the Games. The Daleks agree to do (or not do) something important in return. The Time Lords will eventually forget about their treaty with the Daleks - though they will remember that Daleks and Cybermen aren't allowed to play in the Games.

?? (probably after the anchient Time Lords make their first deal with the Daleks)
The Daleks discover that the Time Lords attempted to avert their creation. This is reguarded a the beginning of the Last Great Time War in Heaven by the Daleks. The Daleks begin carefully plotting to destroy the Time Lords.

?? (decades after the Chase)
The Daleks finally are able to be build a second DARDIS.

2570 AD Love and War: the Doctor meets Bernice Surprise Summerfield. The Hoothi return. The Dalek War is still going on in some distant quadrants.

2570 AD? (a generation after a set of Dalek Wars)
A Dalek War ends

2590 AD?? (after Frontier in Space / in the 26th Century)
The Thals begin abandoning Skaro and relocate to colony worlds.

2596 AD Dead Romance: Chris Cwej arranges treaties with several races. The races receive Gallifreyan technology in return for either allying themselves with the Time Lords or staying neutral in the coming War. Treaties are signed with the Kings of Space (through another group of Sphinxes?), the People of the Worldsphere, and the Daleks.

2606 AD (73314 TL)
The Daleks attack Skaro and the last Thals abandon the world. Not realizing that the Thals have left, the Daleks bomb all former Thal settlements with neutron bombs. The Thals continue to build Revenge Fleets for use against the Daleks.

2663 AD (2000 years before Remembrance of the Daleks)
The battle computer used by the Skarosian Black Dalek in Remembrance of the Daleks had experience that back to this point in Dalek history. This was probably when this Dalek was given its own travel machine.

2690 AD~ The Daleks displace the Anthaurk from their home planet.

2780 AD (1270 years before The Genocide Machine)
The Daleks travel back in time and construct stone temples of a "lost race" on the planet Kar-Charrat. They will hide in these tempels for 1270 years and then invade the Library of Kar-Charrat.

2800 AD (73508 TL / 25 years after a set of Dalek Wars)
Death to the Daleks: The Daleks infect numerous earth colonies with a plague. 10,000,000 humans will die without the cure, Parrinium, that can only be found on Exxilon. The Daleks attempt to seize the Parrinium and blackmail the colonies but the Doctor defeats them.
The colonies' outrage at the Daleks' actions lead to another Dalek War. This the first major Dalek offensive since the Frontier in Space incident. By this point the Daleks are the most sophisticated and advanced species in the Galaxy. The Daleks begin researching how to fight Time Lords and other time travellers.

2990 AD The Mutants: The Time Lords assist in the evolution of the Solonians. (they might be trying to strengthen the future Federation against the Daleks.)

3000 AD?
(significantly before 3950 AD)
The Humanian Era ends
and the Sensorian Era begins.

?? (when the Dalek Empire controls 100,000 star systems / after Frontier in Space)
The First Dalek to be created by Davros appoints himself to the position of Emperor. He will hold this position until Evil of the Daleks, and possibly beyond.

3000 AD (1000 years before Dalek Masterplan)
The Daleks invade Earth.

3500 AD (500 years before the Dalek Master Plan)
The Daleks disappear from the Milky Way Galaxy.

? (between 3500 and 4000 AD)
The Daleks conquer over 70 planets in the 9th Galactic System, and 40 in the Constellation of Miros.

3773 AD (74481 TL)
The Daleks develop Time Corridor Technology.

3800? (Ahistory)

A Device of Death: Time Lords send the Doctor to the Adelphine Cluster where his actions lead to the creation of a robotic race which will cause the Daleks a great deal of problems.

3805 AD (74513 TL)

Daleks use a time corridor to visit the planet Bav in the Marli system of the Milky Way in the year 28703 BC. They attempt to convert the local Ka into Daleks. They capture and exterminate the CIA Investigator Lord Drasilinilevitaz. The Daleks realize that the Ka Daleks will renegade and destroy the Imperial Dalek Faction in the future. They attempt to destroy the planet but Time Lady Loribetcazistanopiliain of the CIA stops them and removes the all Dalek technology from Bav.
This is the Daleks' first used of Time Corridors as a tool of conquest. Anti-Dalek sentiment among the Time Lord's CIA begins to build.

3885 AD
The Curse of Peladon:
The Matricians (possibly with the help of Jelpax) predict that when the Galactic Federation is destroyed, the Daleks will rule the Milky Way Galaxy. The Time Lords send the Doctor to Peladon to ensure the stability of the Federation.

3950 AD (50 years before the Dalek Master Plan)
The Daleks ally themselves with Zephon (the master of the 5th Galaxy who wears a medallion that is identical to the one War Cheif Magnus has), and the masters of the planets Gearon, Trantis, Malpha, Sentreal, Beaus, Warrien, and Celation. This gives them alliances with the powers of the 10 outer Galaxies. The last to join the alliance is the Human, Mavic Chen (Guardian of the Solar System). With the help of their allies, the Daleks begin constructing a Time Destructor. A Time Destructor might be able to destroy all life in huge areas of space. The Daleks are probably planning to use the Time Destructor on Gallifrey at some point in the future.

3958 AD (74666 TL)
The 666 Plot: The Daleks travel back in time to the year 3042 BC to the planet Teth to learn the secret of the Bruul Hypnotism. The CIA realizes that this could prevent the Klevits from evolving and change the history of the Milky Way. Senior Field Operative Cavoristaliteras attempts to put history back on track but ends up creating an even more deviant version of events. Cavor is recalled to Gallifrey but ends up going renegade.

4000 AD
Mission to the Unknown:
By this point the Dalek Empire controls 70 planets in the 9th Galactic System and 40 in the Constellation of Miros. Both of these locations are millions of light years from the Milky Way. They have prepared and invasion force of 5000 Daleks.

4000 AD
The Daleks Master Plan: With the help of their allies, the Daleks build a Time Destructor which can acclerate or reverse time over an entire planet. It is also capable of rupturing the exo-shell of a TARDIS.
The Time Destructor requires one emm of Taranium (a mineral only found in small amounts on Uranus). Taranium is the rarest mineral in this universe (but can be found relatively easily on Gallifreys moon in the Universe of Inner Time). The Doctor decides that stopping the Daleks in more important then even the saftey of his TARDIS. The Monk is stranded by the Doctor again. The Doctor is caught in the field of the Dalek Time Destructor and begins to age rapidly. The Doctor is aged about a hundred years or so and then regressed an indeterminate number of years. The Time Destructor is uncreated and the Dalek invasion plan is thwarted. The outrage at the Daleks' actions lead to another Dalek War.

4000 AD~?? (centuries before 4470 AD / at the close of the last Dalek War)
Project Infinity begins. It uses an Infinity Scan to examine temporal fissures to find an alternate universe where the Daleks were defeated. This project will take centuries to find such a universe.

4065 AD (after Resurrection of the Daleks)
Volume 19 of The Children of Davros is published.

4065 AD
Volume 20 of The Children of Davros, A short history of the Dalek Race (by Njeri Ngugi) is published. By this point the Daleks are experiencing a technological renaissance on Skaro.

4236 AD~ (probably after Lungbarrow / weeks after Romana is elected President of the Nine Gallifreys/ Matrix Date 6776.7)
A new crystal containing entropic power is discovered on the oldest planet in the universe, Etra Prime. It becomes known as the Apocalypse Element. As a result of this discovery, the planet Archetryx is host to a Time Treaty of twenty of the greatest powers in space-time. They include the Time Lords, the Virgoans, and the Monan Host,
and the People. The Daleks are not invited. President Romana and a diplomatic party of 300 Time Lords represent Gallifrey. Shortly afterward everyone arrives on Etra Prime the planet vanishes into time and space, taking 500 people with it, including Romana.

4256 AD~ (around 4256 AD / before the Daleks become Time Sensitive / centuries before Invasion of the Daleks / after inventing time travel)
The Genocide Machine: The Library of Kar-Charrat is destroyed by the Daleks. The Daleks learn some information on how to construct an Eye of Harmony.

4256 AD~ (around 4256 AD / 20 years after Romana goes missing / Matrix Date 6796.8 / 5 years after Romana becomes President / 4 years after Lungbarrow)
The Apocalypse Element (Gallifrey): Romana escapes from the Daleks and resumes her position as the 413th President of Gallifrey. The Daleks attack the Monan Host. The Daleks invade Gallifrey, kill the interim Lord President,
and (using the Apocalypse Element) recreate the Seriphean Galaxy (or Galaxy 17A53) to be devoid to sentient life. The Seriphean Galaxy is a neighbor of Mutter's Stellian Spiral and is four times the size of Gallifrey's galaxy. President Romana swears to stop the Daleks from invading the Seriphean Galaxy. Things on Gallifrey begin to "change" and many will later say that this was the beginning of the escalation of hostility that will lead to the Last Great Time War.

4257 AD~ (After Apocalypse Element / Before the TV Movie / probably right after Apocalypse Element given that Romana didn't stop the Daleks from invading the Seriphean Galaxy)
The Time Lords and the Daleks work out a peace treaty. This 30,000 page treaty states that no representative of the High Council can approach Skaro and no Daleks ship can approch Gallifrey. It also requires that individual violators of treaty receive a trial at the hands of the
victim. In short both sides promise to stay out of each others business.

4257 AD (After Apocalypse Element /Matrix Date 6798.2)
Time of the Daleks: A Dalek warfleet of 17,000 time ships is captured by a paradox in the Vortex
while trying to harvest its energy. By this point the Daleks have used the information they stole during the Apocalypse Element to create their own Eye of Harmony.

?? (shortly after the Daleks acquire the Spheria Galaxy / After Evil of the Daleks / Right before the TV Movie)
Valediction: The Master's TARDIS is captured by the Daleks on Skaro.
Having wasted his lives because of the Doctor the Master absorbs the Morg Deathworm. The Master allows himself to be captured by the Daleks and put on trial. The trial is held on Skaro but is probably observed by the Time Lords. The Master is found guilty of 157 offenses against the Dalek Empire and his execution is planned. His last request is that the Doctor take his remains back to Gallifrey. After his trial the Daleks exterminate the Master. Romana receives the request and summons the Doctor's TARDIS to have the Doctor collect his mortal remains in a cinerary urn.

4276~ AD (probably 20 years after Neverland)
Romana frees the Daleks who are trapped in a paradox.

?? (before the Mutant Phase)
The Dalek Prime gains the ability to transfer his consciousness into other bodies. The Dalek Puppet Emperors that have been mentioned might in fact serve as back-up bodies for the Dalek Prime to transfer himself into. These Puppet Emperors might also serve as decoys and distractions to the Dalek enemies.

?? (after 4253)
The Mutant Phase - Skaro. By this point it appears that all the Daleks have retreated to Skaro.

4400 AD?? (after the Day of the Daleks / 75108 TL??)
The Dalek recover Davros from Skaro and alter his memories. The Daleks then terraform the planet Antalin (located 33 lightyears from Skaro) to look like Skaro and bury the still hibernating Davros in a replica of the Kaled Bunker. They then create the Movellans as a race of robots to give them a rationale in "rescuing" Davros. Humanity will learn of the War between the Movellans and Daleks - but they will not learn that the Daleks manufactured the whole thing. Movellans are very strong and resistant to damage. A cylinder on their belt holds their power supply and controlling circuits. They are vulnerable to high frequency sound waves.

4460 AD (after Genocide Machine and Apocalypse Element / centuries after the last Dalek War / at least 200 years after Apocalypse Element)
Invasion of the Daleks: Having secured the Seriphia Galaxy the Daleks mount a new assault on the Earth Alliance. By this point Dalek Control is located in the Seriphia galaxy.

4460 AD~?? (at the same time as Dalek Empire I audios)
Dalek Empire IV Audios.

4460 AD?? (6 months after Invasion of the Daleks)
Human Factor: By this point a thousand worlds are now subjects of the Dalek Empire. The Daleks conquer the Earth Empire's biggest fossil fuel supplier, the water world of Guria. By this point the Daleks recognize that the "human factor" provides humanity with a major edge in Human-Dalek conflicts.

4470 AD?? (5-10 years after Human Factor)
Death to the Daleks! (the audio): The Daleks gain control of all planets that have the military might to resist their invasion fleets. For a time they hold Earth until repelled by a slave uprising. The Daleks have exterminated billions of people. The Daleks win 10 battles for every one that the Earth Alliance wins.

?? (before the Movellan War / before 4065 AD)
By this point the Dalek Empire controls much of known space, including large parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.

4470 AD?? (one month after Death to the Daleks!)
Project: Infinity: The use the human's Infinity Scan to locate an alternate universe where the Daleks conquered the universe. By this point many of the worlds conquered by the Daleks have regained their freedom.

4475 AD (5 years after Project: Infinity)
Dalek War Chapter 1-3: Using the Infinity Scan the Daleks allow Daleks from alternate universes to (AU-Daleks) enter the universe. However these Daleks are quite different then the Daleks of this universe. They ally themselves with humanity and begin a war against this universe's Daleks.

4477 AD (3 years after Chapter 3 / about 2 centuries after the Dalek Masterplan)
Dalek War Chapter 4: After being defeated the Daleks withdraw to the Seriphia Galaxy. This is known as the Great Catastrophy.

4500 AD Destiny of the Daleks: Davros is revivied and belives that he is on the planet Skaro (but is in fact Antalin). The Daleks (from a different time) tell him that his help is needed to save the Dalek race from the Movellans. He is captured by humans and taken to Earth for trial for crimes against the whole of sentient creation.

4500 AD Davros is put on trial by humans and found guilty of creating the Daleks. He is sentenced to be cryogenically frozen forever.

4504 AD (75212 TL /
before Resurrection of the Daleks)
The Daleks develop a method of copying information from humanoid brains and downloading it into brainwashed clones. The Daleks being duplicating humanoid leaders and soldiers to serve as more reliable slaves. These slaves allow them to conquer several new star systems.
The Daleks establish a time corridor to London in 1984 AD and begin replacing key political figures with duplicates. These duplicates will be used during an invasion.

4580 AD??
(after Destiny of the Daleks but before Resurrection of the Daleks)
The Emperor beings conducting genetic experiments on himself to make a better Dalek.

?? (sometime before Remembrance of the Daleks)
The Daleks being enslaving humanoid children and linking them with a biomechanoid control device and a battle computer. The creativity of this humanoid keeps them from becoming total slaves to rationality and logic. This might be the original Dalek Faction's answer to their lack of understanding of humanoid emotions such as pity and compassion.

4590 AD
(90 years after Destiny of the Daleks / before 4065 AD)
Resurrection of the Daleks: In order to ensure that history is fullfilled Davros is rescued by the Daleks from the the Prison Station where he was being held. Davros begins altering Daleks so that they will be completely loyal to him. In order to make the Daleks more effective conquerors Davros plans to alter the Dalek genetic programming so that they understand emotions such as compassion. The Daleks plot to send duplicates of the Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough to Gallifrey to assassinate the High Council of the Time Lords is thwarted by the Doctor. This is done give them increased freedom to use time travel and to show the Universe that the Daleks can threaten even the Time Lords. This might also be an act of revenge for the events of Genesis of the Daleks. The Time Lords decide that the Dalek Duplication process doesn't threaten them but the Supreme Council begins to take a direct interest in Dalek activities.

?? (when the CIA accessed the APC Net)
By this point the Daleks control 1,700 systems in the Milky Way Galaxy.

4600 AD (some years after Resurrection of the Daleks)
Davros: Davros is rescued and regains consciousness. He develops an equation that can predict the stock market. He plans to use this equation to destroy the galaxy's economy and they, in the ensuing chaos, take over the Galaxy. One wonders if the Daleks ever developed or discovered this equation and the plot that goes with it? The events in Bad Wolf could point to the answer being yes....

4600 AD? (before Revelation of hte Daleks)
Davros arrives on
Tranquil Repose - which is probalby located outside the Stellian Galaxy.

4600 AD (years after Resurrection of the Daleks)
Davros beings creating a new species of Daleks by converting the heads of the more intelligent humans into Daleks using mutagenic drugs. These are known as the Imperial Daleks, while the others are known as Skarosian Daleks. Presumably these Daleks have altered
genetic programming and DNA so that they understand emotions such as compassion. They do however retain their original memories and skills. The organs nessecary for survival are grown on the outside of the scull and functional appendages are grafted on them as is a cybernetic prothesis. The mutant heads are placed into transparent Dalek shells while their conditioning and training takes place. An entire army of Imperial Daleks is created, including the Ven-Katri Davrett Warriors (Imperial Dalek Stormtroopers).

?? The Daleks (probably the Imperial Daleks) collect several species
to extract genetic material in order to create a stronger and more powerful Dalek creature.

4615 AD Revelation of the Daleks: Davros tries to trap and kill the Doctor but fails. At this point Daleks still rely entirely on Dalekanium Armor (which can be penetrated by bullets fitted with bastic heads).

4615 AD (after Revelation of the Daleks)
The Master rescues Davros from the Daleks and attempts to gain control of the Daleks but fails. The Skarosian Daleks secretly allow Davros to escape and continue creating his own army of loyal Daleks. He creates a new travel machine for himself and becomes known as the Emperor. He claims the abandoned world that he believes is Skaro.

4615 AD? (After Revelation of the Daleks)
Numerous battles and civil wars are fought between the Imperial Dalek Faction and the Skarosian Dalek Faction.

?? (sometime before War of the Daleks / possibly after Destiny of the Daleks)
Skaro's radioactivity dies down to the point where it is habitable again.

?? (years before the first Special Weapon Dalek)
Imperial Daleks attempt to destroy a group of renegade time travelling Daleks by bombarding them with Astro-thesial Radiation. Instead of killing them the radiation alters the Dalek Creatures so that
their pitutiary glands became active causing massive hormone imbalances. These made them prone to bouts of extreme anger and greatly boosted the Daleks' pycho-kinetic abilities. They also cause the schrellic gland to secrete large volumes of smelly liquid which is usually vented onto the outer casing. The most shocking of the results of this mutation is that it led to the Daleks to realize their own individuality (which would be considered insane by Dalek standards). The mutated renegade Daleks escape.

?? (before Remembrance of the Daleks)
At least one of the renegade self-aware Daleks is captured. It was named the Abomination (the only Imperial Dalek to have a name).
Davros prevented the other Daleks from exterminating the Abominaiton and and subjected it to massive reconditioning and surgical coercion. Deciding to harness its increased psycho-kinetic abilities to motivate a much more massive and powerful Dalek casing, Davros ordered the creation of the Special Weapon Dalek. The shell was unique among the Daleks, for it was designed for only one single function - to transport, target, and fire its prime weapon - a massive Pulse Gun. The weapon's energy discharge is at least 50 times more powerful then a Warrior's Neutralizer set on the level of Total Exterminate and is capable of completely vaporizing multiple Dalek travel machines with a single shot. On its first firing test the backwash of Astro-Thesial Radiation saturates the mutant's control chamber mutating it even further.

?? (after the first Special Weapon Dalek is created)
At the Battle of Cairtros IV a team of 50 Daleks (including the Special Weapons Dalek the Abomination) exterminates 300 trained well armed troops. Davros orders the breeding factories to begin full scale production of the Special Weapon Daleks.

?? (before Rememberance of the Daleks)
The Abomination serves in the Pa Jass-Gutrik Campaign (the War of Vengence against the Movellans).

?? Marine Special Weapon Daleks disguised themselves as aquatic mammals to approach within firing range of planet Steraxius's planetary defense system . The system was then destroyed and the planet Steraxius was conquered.

?? (before Rememberance of the Daleks)
The Abomination serves in the Pa Jaski-Thal Campaign (the liquidation war against the Thals).

?? On the planet Junglos four Airborne Special Weapon Daleks defeat and starve an entire division of troops.

?? (before Remembrance of the Daleks)
The Abomination serves in the Pa Jass-Vortan Campaign (the Time Campaign - the War to End All Wars).

?? A squadron of Airborne Special Weapon Daleks decimate all life on MiscYam.

?? The Skarosian Daleks begin using creating and deploying Special Weapon Daleks.

?? The spy AKG04 hacks into the Minder command frequencies and over the next several years is successful in inserting false commands into the Special Weapon Daleks' orders.

?? (right before Remembrance of the Daleks)
By this point Davros has 1 billion Imperial Daleks living in city of
Mensvat Esc-Dalek on (what he thinks is) Skaro.

4663 AD (after Revelation of the Daleks / 30 years before War of the Daleks / 20,000 years after Genesis of the Daleks)
Remembrance of the Daleks:
The Imperial Daleks from the future bring a fleet back in time to obtain the Hand of Omega. They are led by Emperor Davros aboard the mother ship Eret-mensaiki Ska (Destiny of the Stars). Davros is quite confident that once he has his own Eye of Harmony the Daleks will become Lords of Time and the Gallifreyan Time Lords will be easy to defeat. The Skarosian Daleks also travel back in time and set ambush in I.M. Foreman's Junkyard to obtain the Hand of Omega. Feeling guilty about failing to prevent the Daleks from ever being created the Doctor sets a trap to destroy them utterly. He tricks Davros into using the Hand of Omega to destroy (what Davros believes is) Skaro. Both Davros and the Doctor believe that Skaro has been destroyed. It is a crucial moment in the Doctor's life. The Hand of Omega returns to Gallifrey (it doesn't arrive until Romana is President). The removal of the Daleks as a major temporal power should allow new enemies to develop and threaten the Time Lords - however the Skarosian Daleks have tricked Davros into destroying the wrong star system and the Skarosian Daleks remain in a position to threaten Gallifrey.

4663 AD (after Romana becomes President / Probably after Time of the Daleks)
The Hand of Omega returns to Gallifrey.
The CIA and President Romana observe the events of Remembrance of the Daleks. Believing Skaro to be destroyed they conclude that the possibility of the Daleks becoming the enemy has been reduced ten-fold. They believe the future Time War has been averted.

?? The Daleks also make use of their destroyed planet ruse to avoid being targeted by the Collectors.

?? The Time Lords learn that the Time War will indeed happen and that Gallifrey could indeed be destoryed. However they do not relize who their enemy will be in the Time War.

?? (Probably after the Time Treaty is put together / 2596 AD??)
Dead Romance:
Under orders from War Queen Romana and the War King, Chris Cwej arranges a new peace treaty between the Time Lords and the Daleks known as the Acts of Master Restitution. They will both be allies in the coming War with the Enemy. This treaty will have been abandoned by the time the Daleks reveal themselves to the Enemy in the Last Great Time War. Cwej also arranges a new treaty with The People at around the same time.

4690 AD?? (Some time before War of the Daleks)
The Daleks invent the "chameleon" whose exo-shell is a block-transfer construct driven by a Chameleon Circuit. Presumably the interior of the Dalek is located in its own micro-universe. This might be why (despite its tremendous capabilities) this Dalek casing is so rare - it probably costs about as much as a DARDIS to make.

?? On the moon of Oceanaron a flotilla of Marine Special Weapon Daleks is destroyed by chemical weapon bombing.

?? In the Garazone Campaign 27 squadrons of Airborne Special Weapon Daleks are tricked into flying into a sun.

?? In the Handroz Asteroid Belt a vast number of Special Weapon Daleks are destroyed using Gravitraction Stasis Mines.

?? On Lopra Minor a nest of Airborne Special Weapon Daleks is destroyed by an Earth Alliance sub-orbital assault craft.

4693 AD (shortly before War of the Daleks)
The Thals destoy half of the Daleks' 8th Fleet with a planet-buster that also destoys the populated planet of Terakis. The war on Hesperus kills thousands of Daleks and 817 Mechanoids. By this point every Thal must conceive one child before being deployed for military service. This is done to insure the survival of the species.

4693 AD (about 30 years after Remembrance of the Daleks / after the Master's Trial / 4693 AD)
War of the Daleks: The Daleks capture Davros and the Doctor discovers that he (and Davros) didn't destroy the Skaro system but rather the Antalin System. The Emperor puts Davros on trial so that he can find out which Skarosian Daleks are loyal to Davros. Once the disloyal Daleks have shown themselves the Emperor orders them to be exterminated. Upon escaping the Doctor discovers an entire Dalek factory has been placed inside his TARDIS. The Doctor jettisons the factory which which falls through time and crashes on the planet Vulcan. By this point the Doctor thinks he has finished tricking the Dalek Empire into tangling their timeline so badly that their history will collapse under the weight of the paradoxes. Unfortunately the Daleks have actually managed to escape this and will eventually become the enemy that will be responsible for destroying the Time Lords.

?? (over 200 years after the Dalek Masterplan / after War of the Daleks)
The Emperor Dalek's experiments on himself have allowed his mental capacity to grow far larger. He has himself installed in a fixed casing on Skaro.

?? (Before the War?)
A renegade Time Lord (probably the Master) is captured by the Enemy after an extensive chase/battle. His captors are humanoid representatives of the Enemy and “the first, the many, and the indivisible.” He is given the time active drug Praxis during interrogation. While under its effect he witnesses several events including an alternative beginning of the War where Gallifrey and the Eye of Harmony are destroyed.

4695 AD?? (years before the War begins)
Both the Time Lords and the Enemy begin secretly planting defensive systems and troops on strategic worlds throughout the Spiral Politic.

4699 AD?? (1 year before the War)
By this point (due to the perceived destruction of Skaro)
The Time Lords are convinced that any Enemy that could threaten them would be much more powerful then then the Daleks. The Time Lords believe they have finally discovered the identity of the Enemy. They conclude (incorrectly) that Ancestor Cell IS the Enemy. Throughout the War there will be extensive rumors among the lower ranking combatants that the Time Lord leadership don't really know who the Enemy is. This is only reinforced by the fact that many military units are deliberately not informed of the Enemy's nature to keep them from getting over confident.

4700 AD ?? (possibly 900 years before the War Ends / 15367 Drornid Dating)
The Great War begins with the Battle of Drornid.
The Daleks are the enemy of the Time Lords in the Time War. The Daleks use time-active weaponry and Representative races for their battles. They conceal their identity from the Time Lords.

?? The Time Lords assault an Enemy held world using an Attack of Ignorance. The world was disconnected from the Web of Time so that the Eye of Harmony couldn’t “see” it. This had no effect on the world and revealed that the Enemy also has their own Eye of Harmony to create its own Web of Time.

?? (less then 6 years after the war begins)
The Immaculata Formosii allies herself with the Enemy.

?? The Daleks acquire the weapons technology of the Deathsmiths of Goth.

?? (during the Time War)
The Daleks evolve to use temporal energy (artron energy) as a powersource.

5200 AD?? (half a millennium after the war starts from the Time Lords POV / centuries after the War starts / several hundred years after the Faction Audios / before the Daleks are discovered to be behind the War)
Alien Bodies: Qixotl (probably Drax) tries to auction the Doctor's body off. The invitation list is made up of the Time Lords, the Faction Paradox, the Daleks, the Humans, and the Ancestor Cell.
The Doctor's body is destroyed by a Thermosystron bomb on the planet Quiescia.

?? Because of the War the Time Lord's Gods, the Eternals, flee never to be heard from again.

? (Before the Pangea incident)
The Time Lords begin to lose the War with the Enemy.

?? (The 12th Doctor)
The Doctor is captured by the Daleks and put on trial.
He is exterminated and regenerates for the eleventh time. He splits into two different Doctors one of which is the Valyard. The Valyard is a distillation of the Doctor's Dark Side. They spend the next 100 years battling in a DARDIS. Afterward the victorious Doctor spends another 100 years trying to find his TARDIS.

? (after the launch of the Time Lord Warship / before the Time Lords learn that the Enemy is not from Earth)
A Time Lord warrior travels back to Pangea to learn the truth about the beginning of the War. He learns that he has been told lies about the nature of the enemy in the Time War. The enemy is not from Earth but is infact...the Daleks.

?? (after Alien Bodies)
The Time Lords learn that the Enemy is infact the Daleks
and not the Ancestor Cell.

?? (during the last days of the Time Lords)
The Time Lords compromise all their morals until they are just as evil as the Enemy is. The Time Lords are considered unpredictable and unreliable by the Lesser Species.

?? The Doctor witnesse the fall of the planet Arcadia on the front lines of the Time War. This incident horrifies him and will take him years to come to terms with it. This might be a referance to the events of Deceit.

?? (During the Time War)
The Time Lords imprison several million Daleks (with their Travel Machines) in what will be know as the dimensionally Trancendental Genesis Ark. This Ark requires 13 square miles of space to release its prisoners.

5500 AD ?? (about 1000 years after Dalek War Audios)
Dalek Empire III Audios

5500 AD?? (300 years before Evil of the Daleks)
The Daleks begin to lose the Great Time War for control of the Cosmos.

5770 AD?? (decades before A Meeting of Minds)
The Emperor begins planning a trap to capture the Doctor.

5800 AD?? (over 1000 years after the Dalek Masterplan / 300 years after the Daleks begin to lose the Great War / the Emperor's first face to face meeting with the Doctor from the Dalek's POV / after 4000 AD / 173851 AD)
Evil of the Daleks / A Meeting of Minds: Three humanized Test Daleks are created. They are named Alpha, Beta, and Omega. The Daleks construct a machine that can introduce the Dalek Factor into any human who passes through it. They plan to create a liquid that can be sprayed into the atmosphere to mentally convert the populations of entire planets into Daleks. The Doctor humanizes several Daleks who go to war with the original Daleks. The Emperor is severely damaged in this battle, but not destroyed.
The Emperor Dalek probably could download his consciousness into another clone of himself in order to escape destruction. By this point the Empror Dalek controls trillions of Daleks. The CIA (possibly with the aid of Jelpax) predict that the Daleks are the only race (besides the Humans) who could threaten Gallifrey's supremacy over Time with a Time War.

?? (Almost cerataintly after Evil of The Daleks / during the Time War)
The Cult of Skaro comes into existance. They are a group of 4 individualized Daleks, named Sec (a Black Dalek), Thay, Jast, and Caan. Their purpose is to provide and understanding of how their enemies (the Time Lords or Humanity???) think and imagine. They are all equiped with a device that allows them to teleport with an
Emergency Temporal Shift, but his drains their power to critical levels.

800 AD?? (after The Evil of the Daleks)
Some of the humanized Daleks escape and set up an underwater city on the planet Korr. These Daleks might fullfill the Doctor's prophecy that some great good will come of the Daleks.

~5,800 AD?? (after Evil of the Daleks / shortly before the end of the Time War)
I am a Dalek: A Dalek is sent back in time to 70 AD of Earth to infect Humanity with the Dalek Factor. It is killed upon arrival and an insignificant amount of the Dalek Factor contaminates Humanity.

?? (During the Time War / near the end of the Time War)
Having acquired the Genesis Ark from the Time Lords the Cult of Skaro enters the Void between alternate timelines using the Void Sphere. From there they wait out the end of the Time War. Construction of a Voidship is considered to be impossible by the Time Lords. It appears to have no mass and is not made of atoms. It doesn't give off any heat or other radiation.

?? (after Evil of the Daleks and any other stories set on Skaro / before the end of the Last Time War / sometime after the Hand of Omega attacks Skaro)
Skaro is devestated and obliterated.

?? (shortly before the Final Battle)
The Tenth Dalek Occupation occurs.

~5,800 AD?? (Thousands of years before Bad Wolf / after Skaro was devastated)
The entire surviving Dalek race boards 1,000,000 Dalek Timeships and vanish from their home time zone. Unknown to most races the Daleks have departed to make a direct attack against Gallifrey as their last stand in the Time War. The Emperor personally leads this fleet.

~5,800 AD?? (possibly around 900 years after the Doctor's re-birth / The Time Lords exist after 150,000,000 BC / over five hundred years after the War begins / well before 2596 AD)
The Last Great Time War in Heaven ends at the Final Battle - which the Time Lords lose. To prevent the Daleks from becoming the new Lords of Time the Doctor chooses to destroy both Gallifrey and the entire Dalek fleet of 1,000,000 timeships. The Eye of Harmony is jettisoned into Gallifrey's primary star. Gallifrey's star is destroyed in a single second by a supernova leaving only a neutron star. The blast from this nova can still be seen when viewed from Simia KK98. Because of the Quantum Barrier the planet Gallifrey is only scorched until it is nothing but rocks and dust, barren of life - The Time Lords have been destroyed. By this point the planet Skaro has also been devastated. The Doctor is the solo surviving Gallifreyan and thus makes up the entire Second Diaspora. He claims that he would know if any other Time Lords had survives. Unknown to the Doctor the Dalek Emperor's Flagship is knocked into the Vortex and the Emperor alone survies.

~5,800 AD The Time Lords cease communicating with the Galaxy at large.

~5,800 AD?? (after the death of the Time Lords)
The Laws of Time are suspended.

6,000 AD?? (before the Sumaron Era) The Manussian Era exists at this time.

9,235 AD? (Dateline 9235.3) The Sumaron Era exists at this time.

10,756 AD The Time Lords break 5000 years of silence to release the Legions from their imprisonment.

10,764 AD The Crystal Bucephalus: the Doctor visits the remains of the planet Gallifrey, now know as New Alexandria.

12,000 AD The Abbasid Era exists at this time.

15,356 AD?? (11 years before the War)
The mafia organization InCorporate sets up operations on Dronid to sell the Gallifreyan technology left over from the rival Cardinal affair. Incorporate is actually gathering intelligence for the Enemy. The organization gains power and the only criminal powers that don't join it still adapt its philosophy.

15,358 AD?? The Time Lords attempt to alter Dronids history and discover that the Enemy has crystallized its past into their own Web of Time.

15,358 AD?? (400 years after Deadly Assasin / slightly less then 10 years before the War)
Realizing that InCorporate is an intelligence gathering group for the Enemy the Time Lords have an Interventionist take control of the local Faction Paradox gang. The gang war of alliances and conceptual warfare is a small scale model of the future War in Heaven.

15,367 AD?? (The year the War begins)
The Represenatives of the Daleks assault and conquer Dronid. They plan to use it as a bridgehead for further attacks. The Time Lords of the Homeworld designate Drornid (or Dronid as its sometime known) as War Zone One and prepare to launch a big offensive. This is a pivotal point in the War.

15,367 AD??
The Great Time War in Heaven begins. The Daleks are the enemy of the Time Lords in the Time War. The Daleks use time-active weapondry and Representative races for their battles. The conceal their identity from the Time Lords.

15,367 AD?? (The first Battle of the War /15367 Drornid Dating)
The Battle of Dronid:
The Gabrielidean warships, led by a representative of the High Council (probably the Doctor) arrive at Dronid. The Doctor is the the first casualty in the War. The Time Lords fight their first battle with the representatives of their Enemy. The Gabrielidean Warships begin orbital bombardment, while a series of small ground battles erupted. The World Processor engines activate devastating the surface of the planet. Due to inexperience few members of either side survive the Battle of Dronid. The last time the Time Lords fought a battle this violent was during the Eternal Wars and for this reason the battle becomes legendary on Gallifrey. The Doctor is buried beneath Dronid's capital city.

17,000 AD (the Space Year 17,000)
Using time travel, the Daleks attack Venus. They are completely destroyed by a fleet of well arrmored war-rockets from Hyperion.

199,500 AD~? (centuries before The Long Game)
Unknown to the Doctor the Prime Dalek's Timeship survived the blast. It fell through the votex to emerge around 199,500 AD near the planet Earth. The Emperor was the only Dalek that survived. The experience has driven the Emperor mad and he now belives himself to be God. Over the next several hundred years the Dalek Emperor will quietly infiltrate the social structures and media of Earth.

199,909 AD (191 years before Bad Wolf)
The Jagrafess is hired as a representative to cover the Daleks' involvement in the affairs of Earth. The Emperor collects the prisoners, refuges, and other dispossessed humans and uses a selection of their cells to make new Daleks. A fleet of 200 Daleks ships is built. He plans to turn Earth into a new homeworld for the Daleks.

200,000 AD
The Long Game: The Jagrafess that is running the planet Earth for the Emperor Dalek is killed by the Doctor.

200,100 AD
Bad Wolf /
The Parting of the Ways: The Emperor Dalek (the first Dalek created by Davros) is discovered in Earth's future. He is turning selected members of the human race into Daleks. Rose looks into the TARDIS's Eye of Harmony and is imbuned with godlike powers of Artron Energy. She uses that Power of Creation to destroy every Dalek in the Universe. The Doctor triggers a regeneration to draw this energy out of Rose and vents it back into the TARDIS. Once this is done he allows the regeneration to proceed - purging his body of the remaining excess energy.

10,000,000 AD The Posthuman Era becomes linked with the local time on the Homeworld. Mrs. Foyle rediscovers and begins using the Labyrinth that was originally taken from Gallifrey by the Eremites. Once this is known the Time Lords, the Celestis, Faction Paradox, and even the Enemy make use of the Labyrinth for the transporting and storing supplies and for communications.

?? The Doctor and the Valeyard face each other in a final confrontation. The Doctor erases the Paradox of the Valeyard. This also brings Gallifrey and the Time Lords back into existence and erases the Daleks from history.

?? By this point the humanized Daleks from Evil of the Daleks might have completed their mutation into physically perfect humanoids. These humanoids are known as Faction Klad.

?? (year 0)
Miranda is born. That same day a revolution destroys all of Miranda’s people except the Emperor’s granddaughter, Miranda. She is hidden on Earth in the 20th Century. Prefect Zevron’s mother of Faction Klade starts the revolution. Zevron’s brother Ferran is born, but his mother is killed. Zevron becomes the new leader of Faction Kalde, and swears to kill the “Last One.”

?? The day after the revolution, the factions that made up the Galactic Empire go to war with each other. The civilization of the 12 Galaxies is laid waste. There are about 1000 different factions in this war.

?? The Universe is devastated. This is caused by the Time Lords.

?? (Not too long before Father Time)
Faction Klade acquires time travel technology.

?? (year 10) Father Time: Miranda is adopted by the Doctor.

?? (year 36) Father Time: Zevron’s brother, Ferran, ruler of the Klade Faction tracks Miranda down. They join forces to bring order to the future. She takes the title President of the Supreme Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Custodian of the Artifacts, and Head of the Galactic Bank.

?? (year 36) Miranda 1-3 .

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