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Event Zero and Ancient Gallifrey

NOTE: If you can read this line of text then the black back ground to this page didn't load. 95% of the text is colored so don't worry about it to much. The stuff in white is all Fan Speculation and stuff from the Benny Novels. You can read the white text by "selecting it" with your mouse. I'll try to get this problem fixed.
This is a Time Line of Ancient Gallfrey, based off the listed sources. It's dating system is based off the Gallifreyan year (which is the same as Earths). Year Zero (0) is the year that (according to DWM) Rassilon created the Eye of Harmony. According to the FASA RPG this happened 23 years after Omega's death.
I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisement for all the sources that went into making it. I plan to create a bibliography (and eventually even citations) when I get time.
Note: the following information contains many spoilers for the TV Series, Novels and Audios.

The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
(Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie, Scream of the Shalka)
information from the Novels
(Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
(I put The Infinity Doctors as 8th Doctor sidetrip. I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
(The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time [Zagreus strongly implies that DCTT is an alternate Gallifrey the Rassilon deliberatly negated])
information from 'licensed' reference sources
(The Technical Manual, Monsters, and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
( Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

"The secret of the Universe is wonderfully liberating. It's as if there were no boundaries at all. Like that song. On a clear day you can see forever? The state of mind is just the clear day, the secret is forever."

-The Doctor

-- (before the beginning of all beginnings)
Only two forces exist - Good and Evil

-- (before Time, Light, Space, and Matter, before the Cataclysm, / before the Doctor's Universe / before Time)
The Beast claims to have been imprisoned on Krop Tor by the Disciples of Light. The Doctor beleives that no life could have existed at this point. Sometime between the Time of Legend (when the Time Lords invent black holes) and the Humanian Era the planet Krop Tor be put in orbit of the black hole K-37 Gem 5. The Beast will be the template for evil and numerous cultures will have legends inspired by it.

-50,000,000,000 (50 billion years before Modern Gallifrey / Before the formation of the Multiverse)
The Cataclysm??: An Ur-Universe
forms in the first Big Bang. Time is born as is matter and space. The forces of Good and Evil shatter leaving only echos. This Universe was “open” and expanded until heat death and beyond. Secondary universes bud off from the Ur-Universe. The Ur-Univers is like a series of russian dolls. Inside each universe is another. This budding process is probably an act of deliberate creation by sentient beings. It occurs throughout the Ur-Universe, producing a sea of isolated universes. The lifeforms, called Intercreationals, are composed of these universes exist and in this sea. These Swimmers are far more powerful than Chronovores (and Gaurdians) and can destroy universes by touching them.

Doctor Who?

“Always the same.”
-The Doctor

?? Event 0 - A random fluctuation of energy creates a Big Bang, which produces the Normal-Space Universe. This Universe begins collapsing and expanding over billions of years. One of the physical constants of this universe might be the Doctor as he appears in several very different Universes that were spawned at the same time as this one. It should be noted the Brigadier, Liz Shaw, and Benton all appear in other universes and thus are also constants. The Great Old One, Fenric, believed that the Doctor was a Great Old One. The Kingmaker claims that the Doctor is able to transcend death because ideas cannot die. This implies that the Doctor is conceptual entity. The Doctor exists in 3 forms: the Other, the Renegade, and Guardian of Justice and Morality. In every cycle the Universe goes through, the Doctor begins as the Other, becomes the Renegade, and eventually evolves into the Guardian of Justice and Morality.

Hastur the Unspeakable

-- (The Beginning of all Beginnings)
Hastur the Unspeakable
(Fenric) is formed out of the anti-life impulses inherent in the new Universe. He will become a Great Old One and will be responsible for the creation of the Fendahl.

-- (The Time before Time)
The Seven Shadows are created. They will later be put into a flask and used to imprison Fenric.

-- After an unknown number of cycles, the gestalt entity known as the Nestene Consciousness or Shub-Niggurath comes into existence.

"For there was Time before this; and there was Being before this; and there was Space before this. And there were Things Damned in that place, and there were Things Remarkable"
-The Book of the Old Time

-- The Shub-Niggurath (Nestene Consciousness) and perhaps other beings (probably Nyarlathotep) survived the creation of the previous Universe. In this Universe, space was green instead of black, and stars looked like giant doughnuts. There are Time Lords in this universe. The Shub-Niggurath becomes the Director of the CIA of this Universes Time Lords. She holds sway over this universe.

-12,000,000,000 (shortly before the Cathedral was built)
The Grey Man's People observe the evolution of the First Humanoids in a star system 30,000,000,000 light years from Sol.

-12,000,000,000 (15 billion years before the 20th century)
They Grey Man builds the Cathedral Metahedron. This Cathedral will survive into the next universe.

-- A war breaks out involving the previous Daleks and the previous Key to Time. Relizing that the end of this Universe is upon them, the Old Time Lords of the previous universe shunt themselves into a parallel universe (with a slightly longer lifespan) to escape this destruction. They become the Great Old Ones. None of them remember the previous Universe. The sentient void left in the old universe will become the Dark when it reforms (after the Big Bang).

-10,000,000,000 (13,500,017,903 BC / pretty close to exactly 10,000,000 years before the Qqaba mission / at least 3 or 4 cycles after the Shub-Niggurath appear existence)
Event 1
- During the war three of the Guardians of this Universe (who will become the Gods of Ragnarok) caused the end of the Universe by creating instabilites in one of the engins of a massive Timestation. This Time Station has a Main Space Time Element (the Heart of a TARDIS) that is virtually identical to the one in TARDIS and probalbly belongs to the Old Time Lords of the previous Universe. In response to this the Timestation's single large humanoid pilot ejects fuel from the unstable engine. This ejected fuel from the is a condensed monoblock of matter that detonates when another timeship (from the next Universe), named the Vipod Mor, materializes at its center creating the Big Bang. The Big bang knocks the Timestation into the future and leaves it floating at the precise center of the Universe. Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy will form around the Timestation and it will later be given the name Terminus by Terminus Incorperated. The Time Lords will refer to the Big Bang as the Kinetic Dance.
Note: the idea that the Timestation came from the previous Universe is from the script for Terminus.

-10,000,000,000 (right after the Big Bang)
The 11 dimensions begin to solidify from the chaos. The three spatial (dimensions 1-3) and two temporal dimensions (4-5) form first. The remaining 6 dimensions curled up to become the Six-Fold Realm (aka Calabai-Yau Space). The Space-Time Vortex (dimension 5) is also known as the Astral Plane and Two of the dimension might be named Possibility and Imagination. The realites of other dimensions can manefest themselves in the N-Space universe as works of fiction. There are 4 forces in the universe, Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear. It is the Weak Nuclear Force which allows the existance of the 5th Dimension. The universe has 9 corners. Some minor Paradoxes form within the first picosecond of the Universe's existence.
Causality is largely structureless at this point.

Number Dimension Color Gaurdian Key to Time
1 Length N/A N/A N/A
2 Width N/A N/A N/A
3 Height N/A N/A N/A
4 Time/Thought N/A N/A N/A
5 Space-T. Vortex N/A N/A N/A
6 ?? White Structure / Order / Light 1 Segment
7 ?? Black Chaos/Darkness/Entropy 2 Segment
8 ?? Red Justice/Morality/Doctor 3 Segment
9 ?? Azure Equilibrium 4 Segment
10 Imagination Crystal Toymaker / Dreams 5 Segment
11 Possiblity Gold Sentience/Life 6 Segment

-10,000,000,000 (At the time of the Big Bang)
The beginning of the Old Time. The Old time will last untill arround the time the Time Lord society is founded.

-10,000,000,000 (moments after the Big Bang)
The Great Old ones enter this new Universe
through the Blind Idiot God of Chaos known as Azathoth (a sentient black hole), aka Ezu, the Gate of a Million Spheres. They emerge to discover they have amazing powers in this universe.

The Guardians of Light, Chaos, Dreams and Justice?

-10,000,000,000 (Earlier then the Time Lord historical records reach)
The Great Old Ones
that were High Council of the Old Time Lords become a elemental forces and an integral part of the new Universe. They become the Council of Guardians. There are six Gauridans: Light (Structure / White), Chaos (Entropy / Black), Justice (Red), Dreams (the Toymaker/Crystal), Equilibrium (Azure), and Life (Gold). Together they are the Six-Fold God. They essential for cosmic balance because they serve as conduits through which the fundamental essence of the Universe can act. On of there jobs is to ensure that the Time Lords do not abuse their abbilites to manipulate the Weak Nuclear Force. A balance between ridged order and total chaos is needed to ensure a dynamic living cosmos. For this reason the Guardians can only act in unison otherwise cosmic balance will be upset and they answer only to the Greater Old Ones known as the Grace. The Grace is probably a huge and pan-dimensional being with amazing powers and is even capable of banishing the Guardians. The Guardians nurture the early civilizations of the universe. The Black Gaurdian is responsible for 50% of the reality of the Universe. If the Black Guardian were ever to defeat the White he would become the undisputed ruler of Reality. The Gaurdian of Structure appears less likely to lie then the Gaurdian of Chaos. The Black Gaurdian is strongest as the far end of the universe and the white is weakest at this point. Among the Time Lords, only those who have served (or are serving) as President know of the true nature of the Gaurdians. They can only contact lower primates when the primate's brain has been knocked into an altered state. Other transendental beings include the Chronovores, the Eternals, Sirens of Time, the Time Vortex Wraiths (which number in the billions), and the Temporon. Vortisaurs are scavengers that inhabit the 5th Dimension and feed on temporal energy. They are uncomfortable in the 3 dimensional universe but can survive for some time. These beings exist in the Six-Fold Realm (Dimensions #6-11 aka the Center of Time) or the Space-Time Vortex (Dimension 5). The member of the Old Time Lord High Council known as the Renegade enters this Universe and becomes the Other. He will eventually become the The Red Guardian of Justice. The Great Old One, Hastur the Unspeakable, believed that the Doctor was a Great Old One.

The Key to Time

? (before Electra and Prometheus)
The Key to Time was built by the Grace. The Key to Time is created
out of a nearly industructable artficially matricized structure consisting of a substance with a variable atomic weight that borders on magical. This abstract material embodies the fundamental nature of the universe and exists simultaneously at every point in time. This property prevents is from being analyzed. The substance is sometimes used by the Guardians to fashion communicators for lower lifeforms as well as the Crystal of Kronos and Enlightenment. The Key is a perfect cube (6x6x6) made of six parts and holds the elemental force of the Universe. These segments maintain the equilibrium of Time itself. It can stop and start the Universe, re-write matter , and change the states of quanta. The sixth segment is the most important of the set. The Key might be some form of Time Manipulator? <>The Key represents the powers of the Six-Fold God (aka the six Guardians). The Guardians use the compleate Key to maintain universal balance between order and chaos. Any being that has the complete Key has absolute power over every partical in the Unvierse. To prevent any one being from having this much power the six segments of the Key are disguised and scattered to specific points in space and time. If one has 5 of the 6 segments a temporary segment can be made out of specific materials. Chronodyne is 74% compatible and can be used (with the other 5 segments) to put the whole Universe into a 3 second time-loop for 3.25 minutes before the Chronodyne burns out.

The Gods of Ragnarok

-10,000,000,000 Three of the Guardians from the previous Universe become the Gods of Ragnarok (Raag, Nah, and Rok). They have relatively little power in this universe and exist in a bubble of their own universal laws. They later create the Land of Fiction. The other three Guardians from the previous Universe become the Arma, Gedd, and Onn. One of these last three was the Renegade from the previous universe.

Yog-Sothoth, Lloigor, and Shub-Niggurath

<>-10,000,000,000 The other Great Old Ones (Old Time Lords from the Previous Universe) become the Transient Beings (or Sub-Gaurdians). The greatest and darkest is Nyarlathotep. Other Great Old Ones include the Time Lord military stratagist Yog-Sothoth (the Great Intelligence which lives in the Astral Plane known as the Vortex), Senior Watcher Lloigor (Animus), Dagon, Azathoth, Cthulu, Director of the CIA Shub-Niggurath (whose daughter will become the Nestene Conciousness), Hastur the Unspeakable (Fenric), Melefescent, and Gog (Gog and Magog). Other 'Things Unspeakable' from the Dark Times: the Cerrunos, the Valdemar, the Primeval Beings, the Dark, the Chlutu, and Narytholotep. Of the Great Old Ones, both Hastur the Unspeakable (Fenric), and the Shub-Niggurath (Nestene Consciousness) survive the creation of this Universe just as they survived the last. Most if not all lose their memories from the previous universe. Gog and Magog probably become the Ogri of Ogros in the Tau Ceti system.

NOTE: There is some evidence to support the idea that the Doctor Who takes place in the same Universe as the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Most notably the book Origins of the Universe by Oolon Coluphid appears to exist in both franchises. However the Earth is destroy in every single timeline in the book Mostly Harmless which means that something more complex than just an alternate timeline is separating the two Multiverses.

-10,000,000,000 The Transendental Beings are bound by the Great and Ancient Covenants.

-10,000,000,000 The Chronovores (aka Kronovores) were created by the Council of Guardians on the artifical planet Darkheart. The Chronovores used a nearby neutron star to create the Darkheart Feeding system. It allowed them to sustain themselves with the raw energy of stars while they learned to evolve into two transcendental beings.
, but at the time of their birth, the Chronivores fail to meet the Council's standards. They are considered to be vampires (because of their feeding habits) and are segregated from the Eternals to become the Dark Caste.

The Chronovores live in the Space Time Vortex but feed in off the Lux Aeterna in the Six-Fold Realm. They exist as six-dimensional polymorphic lattices of non-baryonic matter (such as photinos and chronons), bound by superstrings. Their life-energies are inimical to humanoid existance. They feed on time (specifically chronons) and are essential to the ecology of the Universe. They prefer to devour temporal paradoxes, parallel universes, and other time problems. Though they are above the laws of the universe and are magic personified they work to maintain the laws of physics by removing the stresses and strain on the laws. They are led by their Matriarch, Lillith. The Reapers appear to be a sub-type of chronovore (they do feed on time). They cauterize temporal paradoxes preventing the the damage from turing into universe wide changes in History.

-10,000,000,000 (after the Chronivores are created)
The Eternals have existed since they were created by the Council of Guardians. They were abandoned by their parents at the beginning of this Universe. They exist outside Time in the Domain of Eternity as six-dimensional polymorphic lattices of photinos and chronons, bound by superstrings. The Guardians seek fullfillment through the Eternals and the Eternals seek fullfilment through the thoughts of Ephemerals and feed on imagination. The Patriarch of the Eternals is Sadok. Other Eternals appear to be the Gallifreyan Gods
Pain, Death, Time, Light, and Life. Every Eternal has a mortal Champion. The Council of Guardians and other Old Gods will often arrange games and tournaments for the Eternals. The Eternals are cousins of the Chronivores. The Temporon is a distant cousin of the Chronivores.

-10,000,000,000 (near the beginning of the Universe)
The Weeping Angels (aka Creatures of the Abstract, the Lonely Assassins) come into being. Their physiology is quantum-locked meaning that when any sentient being observes them it crystalizes history freezing them in place. They can't even look at each other. These hunters change history by sending their victiums back in time and then feeding on the potential temporal energy that makes up the original timeline. Not even the Time Lords know where they come from but their feeding habbits, appearance, and abbility to shift people through time indicated that they are almost certainly another cousin to the Chronovores.

? (the dawn of time)
The Eternal Elektra and the Chronivore Prometheus conceive a child in defiance of the Ancient Covenants. That child, Kronos is the greatest of the Chronivores. He is imprisoned in the Crystal of Kronos by the Council of Guardians.

-10,000,000,000? (from HOU)
The Gods of Ragnarok and the Eternals wrote down the rituals that constrain the Chronivores. The Daemons eventualy copy these texts.

-10,000,000,000 (The big bang / earlier than a TARDIS can safely go)
The Old Ones exist, including Valdemar

?? (before the Time Lords)
The energy beings known as the Constructors of Destiny come into existance. They might also be know as the Halldons.

-9,999,997,000?? (a few millennia after coming into being)
The Celestial Toymaker grows bored with nurturing the early civilizations of the universe, and startes to destroy them instead. He eventually founds distraction in the world of games.

-9,999,996,500?? (Possibly the coordinates given by the Master to Head of the Presidency / 13,500,014,400 BC)
The Gods of Ragnarok (Raag, Nah, and Rok) create the Land of Fiction.

-9,999,996,500?? (Possibly the coordinates given by the Master to Head of the Presidency / 13,500,014,400 BC)
All naturally evolving life in the Universe descended from a single Ancestor Cell that existied in a time zone of formative continuum outside the Noosphere of a normal TARDIS's capabilities. These cells were not the first living things. But the organisms that evolved from them were. These organisms spawned all naturally evolving (ie non-deliberate) life in the Universe before they died out. While the first living cells died out, the Ancestor Cells remained and over the next several billion years it feeds on the time pollution from various TT Capsules.

-9,999,996,500~ (3,500 years after Event 0 / 13,500,014,400 BC)
This time zone of formative continuum is the location where the Head of the Presidency traveled in search of the Enemy. Though outside the Noosphere of a normal TARDIS's capabilities, the expedition was expected to be successful. The President never returned. The Ancestor Cells are drawn to Gallifrey by I.M. Foreman's Universe-in-a-Bottle. The Time Lords will spend much of the Last Great Time War beleiving that this Ancestor Cells are the Enemy.

-5,110,000,000 (4.6 billion years before life evolves / 8,112,027,893 BC)
Gallifrey's system formed relatively early in galactic history.
It is one of the first of what will eventually be 650 million systems with planets that have G-Type enviroments (ie Earth-like). It is located very near the center of Mutter's Spiral. (TID implies it is located very near the edge of the Mutters Spiral.)

-5,000,000,000 (5 billion years before the 1980s)
A star supernovas creating the gas cloud that will eventualy form Earth Sun.

-3,000,000,000 (6,502,027,893 BC)
Gallifrey's sun ingnites.

?? (before the Rassilon Era / billions of years before the 20th century / at or before 4.6 billion BC / before the Time Scoop is created / after Gallifrey is born)
The beginning of the the Dark Time (aka the Dark Days).
It will last untill the beginning of the Rassilon Era.

?? (during the Dark Times)
On of the Great Old Ones has a space ship known as the Infinite. The Heart's Desire would be granted to anyone who entered the ship. Untill at least the 40th century people would go on quests for the Infinite.

-1,500,000,000 (5,000,000,000 BC Timelink / 6,500,000,000 before the Eye of Harmony from HOU??)
Event 1 occurs. Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy (aka the Milky Way) forms out of a huge in rush of hydrogen. The time force of this event is so immense that it is almost impossible for a TARDIS to escape its field. It will be named after a famous Gallifreyan explorer named Mutter Stellian. The

-1,500,000,000 (5 billion years before 4663 AD)
Skaro's sun ignites.

-1,500,000,000 The Sol system's sun ignites. Sol is located in Sector 8023 of the Third Quadrant of Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy.

-1,100,000,000 (during the Dark Times / 4.6 billion years before the 20th century / probably when Gallifrey had an Empire)
The Racnoss are are species of carnivores and omivores who devoure entire planets (prossibly related to the Great Vampires). The Fledgling Empires of the universe (including the Gallifreyans) went to war with the Racnoss and all but destroyed them. The Secret Heat, a fleeing Racnoss ship, becomes the center of the planet Earth as if forms. (Since Rassilon comes to power in 3.5 billion BC, its possible that the Time Lords traveled back in time to help in this war)

-600,000,000 (600 million years before the Eye of Harmony / 4,012,027,893 BC)
Life from the Ancestor Cell arrives on Gallifrey and begins to evolve.
These lifeforms move quickly up the evolutionary ladder. The planet might have been very much like Alzarius from E-Space and possibly had a mistfall every 50 years.

?? The Stolen TARDIS: The Saurian Age exists on Gallifrey. Great lizards like the Gargantosaurs will continue to exist untill the Time of Legend.

-11,010,007 The last Population III star, Qqaba, ignites.

-10,000,000?? (1-5 billion of years before 2003 AD)
The ancestors of the Constructors of Destiny (one of the first Great Races to appear) guide and instruct the more primative races of the Universe.

-10,000,000? (Prehistoric Gallifrey)
Neanderthal Gallifreyans evolve. Before this event causality was largely structureless. Because they are the first sentient beings to evolve naturally from the Ancestor Cell they have a direct effect on all of the Space-Time Continuum. Only sentient beings can collapse quantum phenomenon and crystallize history. Biodata is a space time map of this crystallization, thus only sentient beings (organic or technological) have biodata. It is a form of “time DNA” which defines a sentient being's reach/span in space as well as time. As a sentient observes the quantum flux of the universe, he collapses the uncertainties into facts. Thus it is the perception of the universe that defines it – making the meaning of the universe its primary foundation. As a sentient lives, he creates strands of meaning and understanding that mark out all he sees perceives. These are his bio-data strands. The Gallifreyans are beings made of Biodata and they are the first to impose “meaning” on the universe by their observations. The Constructors of Destiny modify the Gallifreyan Neanderthals to fulfill their destiny. These Neanderthals did not evolve from anything embarrassing (like apes). The Gallifreyans create the first civilization as we understand the term.

-10,000,000? Null-Space (N-Space) isn’t part of the space time continuum, but it is coterminous to the Normal Space-Time Continuum. Every sentient being has a parallel N-Body leaves their corporal body at the moment of death. This N-body travels through Null Space to reach the Light. However if the sentient is still attached to the real world, usually through excessive negative emotions, then the N-Body will become trapped in Null Space in its attempts to keep return to the real world. Most of these N-bodies eventually realize their mistake and continue on. The Doctor speculates that the nightmares of beings in Null-Space might have become the Great Vampires. According to some legends the N-bodies that continue on might become Eternals. This light that the souls travel too might be the City of the Saved.

-10,000,000 (3,512,027,893 BC / ?????)
The first Gallifreyans
(one of the first Great Races) evolved. They are the first sentient humanoids to appear in the Universe. As such their morphic fields increase the chances of humanoids evolving on other planets. The Gallifreyans are however only party responsible for the number of humanoid species in the cosmos. Morphic fields don't follow the normal rules of the universe and are so complex that that a living minde is required to compute their mathmatics. These war-like humanoids called themselves Gallifreyans, which means "they that walk in shadows." As these early Gallifreyans observed the Universe they set down laws to predict its actions. In doing so, their Observations physically began to create the rules by which the Universe operated. It is possible that early Gallifreyans might have developed a way of measuring time instinctively as a survival trait. This could explain why the species is later obsessed with conquering Time.

?? The Khorlthochloi are one of the oldest races in the Galaxy. They guide developing speices and eventually ascended to a higher dimension. The Doctor believes that the Khorlthochloi's acheivements outweigh even Rassilon's. Other ancient races are the Spraxis Jelloids.

-7,508,850 (502,000 years before manned spaceflight)
The beginnings of Gallifreyan civilization.
The early Gallifreyans build numerous walled cities all over the planet.

-8,014,500 (4250 years before hyperdrive)
The enter the Bronze and then the Iron Ages.
The early Gallifreyans had many wars, periods of regression, and periods of progress. Telepathy becomes common among Gallifreyans. Each city develops its own Academia to train these telepathes. The Academia's are run by Priests of the Menti Celesti . The Menti Celesti are Gallifreyan Gods and are made up of Pain, Death, and Time (aka the daughter of the Timewyrm). The Gallifreyan Gods have the following colors attributed to them: Red and Black for Pain, White for Death, and a shifting Gray color for Time. Prayer to the gods is usualy conducted by individuals in a privet setting. The Menti Celesti are abstract universal conceptual entities, a non-corporeal beings that can control time, and fate. Early in their history the Gallifreyans came to believe that if they killed all the evil people in the universe then the good people who remained would become evil. Light can not exist without darkness. If evil were destroyed then good would vanish as well. Sin is not a concepts that can be found in Gallifreyan culture.

-8,013,900 (3650 before hyperdrive)
The walled cities of Gallifrey become the capitols of various city states that are ruled by City Warlords.

-8,013,800 (3550 years before hyperdrive)
The abbilty to see the future becomes an abbilty that can only be attained by female telepaths. In the City of Prydos the Order of the Sisterhood gains such power and foresight that it comes to dominate the cities of Gallifrey's southern continent.

-8,011,500 (1250 years before hyperdrive)
The Age of the Pythias beings with the rule of City by the First Pythia. She is also The Symbol of the planet's fertility, Mouthpiece of the Gods, and Guardian of the Great Book of Future Legends. To see the future, a Pythia sits in a wicker cage in the Cavern of Prophecy, under the adytum of Temple. She is suspended over the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. The smoky vapors allow her to acheive the state of clairvoyant and the state of clairaudiant. Attendants of the Pythian Order wear rust red robes. Pythian seers eat fish tongues. The Court of Principals governs under the Pythia. The Councilors of this court form a meritocracy. This City often suffers from a bitter wind from the Northern Lakes.

?? The Book of Future Legends might have predicted that a vampire would be entombed on Ravalox and rise to lead his people as the Vampire Messiah.

?? (After the First Pythia comes to power but before hyperdrive)
Gallifrey moves quickly through the Bronze, Iron , and Steel Ages.

-8,010,890 (640 years before hyperdrive)
Gallifrey quickly moves from steam to nuclear power. The atmosphere becomes quite polluted.

-8,010,850 (600 years before Hyperdrive)
The Gallifreyans develop manned space flight and interplanetary probes.

-8,010,550 (300 years before Hyperdrive)
The first Pythia unifies the entire planet Gallifrey under her rule.

-8,010,650 (200 years after space flight)
The Gallifreyans launch the first manned interstellar probe.

-8,010,250 (10,250 years before the Empire)
The Gallifreyans develop hyperdrive.

-8,010,000 (millions of years befor TID / 250 after hyperdrive)
The City of Gallifrey (which will become the Capitol) is reconstructed by order of the Pythia. It is a hodge-podge of various architectural styles. The buildings are made of stone and are decorated with sculpted bird wings and curlicues. Archways and overwalks are tangled with pillars. The City is protected by the Council Police. The Pythia's temple is in the west district of the City. Devotions take place in the temple in the evening. The City often suffers from a bitter wind from the Northern Lakes.

?? (before The Five Doctors)
The City/Capitol might be named Gallifrey.

-8,000,000 (They've had absolute power for 10,000,000 years / 10 million years before TID)
Time of Empire begins when the first Pythia creates the Gallifreyan Empire. The Pythia is the Guardian, Embodiment, and Crown of the Gallifreyan Empire. The Chancellery Watch is formed as part of the Council Police.

-4,580,000?? The Epiphany Scrolls of Soneuramos are entrusted to the 217th Pythia in the sacred Firelake of Rag-Fraish.

-3,990,000?? The 254th Pythia declare that all technology should be abandoned (or maybe technological advances are forbidden).

-3,420,000?? (During time of the 290th Pythia)
The Gallifreyans split into two major factions: The Colonialist (who belive that Gallifrey's eco-system has been killed and they should begin again on a new world), and the Restorationists (who believe that the planet can be brought back to life). The 290th Pythia favors both factions with ships and funding to accomplish their goals. Many of the colony ships that left Gallifrey ended up becoming "lost" and founding several of that Galaxy's ancient humanoid civilizations. This could include the Union of Traken, the Logopolitans, and the Elders???

-3,420,000?? (before the Rassilon Era / billions of years before the 20th century / at the time of the Colonialist and Restorationists)
The Pythia call this era
the Bright Past. It will last untill the beginning of the Rassilon Era.

-1,850,000?? (during the time of the 389 Pythia)
The 389th Pythia orders that massive fleet be constructed and sent into space to annex all civilizations of beauty or sophistication into the Glorius Gallifreyan Empire. This becomes known as the War of Enlightenment.
The Legendary Hero Ao gives the 389th Pythia a jeweled talisman.

?? The Consellation of Ao is named after the famous Hero Ao (or maybe this happend the other way arround?).

?? Gallifreyan Heroes fight campaigns against the Gryffnae, lacustrine Sattisar, and the Batworms of the Asteroid Achipelego.

-1,640,000 (During the time of the 430rd Pythia)
The 403rd Pythia decrees that all prisoners of war shall be transported to Gallifrey,
and forced to fight each other to survive. The survivors would gain their freedom. This became known as the Games. Death Zone (or Forbidden Zone) is created
in a valley in the southern hemisphere as an arena for the Games. The games are considered holy and serve as an outlet for the stresses of the telepathic group mind of Gallifreyans. Gallifreyans watch these Games on their Public Access Channels. The Death Zone is about the size of North Wales and is surrounded by a powerful forcefield that can trap even a TARDIS.

-10,000 The Logistomancer of A32K foresees an Empire of Logic that lasts for 10,000 years.

-5,023~ (before Time's Crucible / 5000 years before the Quaba mission)
By this time, Gallifrey is the center of the mighty Gallifreyan Empire.
The culture is similar to Earth's Hellenic Greece period. The Gallifreyan Empire focuses most of its energies on exploring undeveloped planets. It encompasses: Ezmion VI, Pen-Shoza, Jagdagian, Oshakarm, the Star Grellades, Mirphak 2, Drornid (or Dronid), the Aubert Cluster and many others. The Gallifreyans convince all alien races to view them as gods. Gallifrey has a population in the millions at this point. The Empire is governed by a Pythia. The Pythia is the Guardian, Embodiment, and Crown of the Gallifreyan Empire. She is also The Symbol of the planet's fertility, Mouthpiece of the Gods, and Guardian of the Great Book of Future Legends. They see their heritage as the Bright Past. To see the future, a Pythia sits in a wicker cage in the Cavern of Prophecy, under the adytum of Temple. She is suspended over the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. The smoky vapors allow her to acheive the state of clairvoyant and the state of clairaudiant. Attendants of the Pythian Order wear rust red robes. Pythian seers eat fish tongues. The Court of Principals governs under the Pythia. The Court has a Council made up of 100 Councilors (which includes at least one Cardinal). Gallifreyans are educated at the Academia which is located in the City's Olmesian Quarter. The Academia is controlled by the Court of Principals. It teaches philosophy and strategy sports, swordplay, and military maneuvers. Very little emphesis is made on recording and documenting thier own history. Students are called cadets and live in barrack rooms. Military Cadets are called Young Heroes. Military Officers are called Heroes. The Watch continues to act as the police force. People who are stoned have their heads put on pikes. People who are convicted of minor crimes work at the suet factories. Gallifreyans have abolished racism. Treazants are the form of currency used. The Gallifreyans speak and write Old High Gallifreyan (10,000,000 letters in alphabet), and Middle Gallifreyan. The nobles of Gallifrey have estates in South Gallifrey. The superstitious people worship the Menti Celesti (heavenly minds) as Gods. These Gods are Time, Death, and Pain. Ancient Gallifreyans belive that Evil can be used to repell Evil.

-5,000 (3rd Century Gallifrey dating)
The great philosopher Pelatov writes Pelatov's Collected Sageries.

?? Astrafoils begin being used for space travel.

The Other

?? The member of the previous universe's High Council known as the Renegade enters this Universe and becomes the Other. The Other's father might have been the Doctor. The Other will become Patience's future lover. Patience's grandaughter Susan will be related to Rassilon. The Other might have been a CAT (Calculating Animal with a Tail). According to the "Scrolls of Rassilon" the Other is a renegade/criminal Time Lord from well after the Time of Legend. Some say he had powers that exceeded any that Rassilon may have had. Others believe he was not of Gallifrey at all. Some say he never served on the High Council at all. He might have been one of the "Morbius Doctors." The only thing which is consistant in all the myths is the title by which he is known: "The Other." It is known that he was rather short, has thin legs, black hair, and often wears a black cloak with a hood. He doesn't look like any of the first 7 Doctors (Hartnell-Mccoy). By the time of the first Otherstide the Other will still claim he can not regenerate and Rassilon will still belive him. Asside from the traditional incarnations the Doctor has at least two other bodies/identities. On of these is the Other. The remaining identity might be a referance to the Guardian of Justice, or the Morbis Doctors....

?? The Other has a vast estate right outside the Capitol. It looked like a giant rose garden from 1913 AD Earth.

?? (during the Old Time)
There was a theory that stated that if all the magic of the universe became science and everything about everything was understood then all the science and technology of the universe would fail.

?? (probably earlier then 4,000,000 BC / before Time Travel / possibly less then 240,000 years before the 1980s AD/ Must be after the Racnoss ship forms the nucleus of Earth)
The humanoid Laima live on the
drab, and, hot planet Trion (located near the center of Mutter's Spiral, about 20,000 light years from earth). The word "Laimee" means happiness. They have great knowledge and power and discover the secret of Unified Field Theory, which gave them the ability to travel through time and to alternate universes. But to traverse these dimensions, they needed to stop the gravitational constant from decreasing. Desiring to travel to the next highest Universe (a dimension of Thought), they create the Gravity Generator Control Unit and place it on Earth. It stops the decay of the Gravitational Constant and stabilizes it at 6.672x10^-11 N (m/kg)^2 throughout the universe. This Gravity Generator makes physics operate differently around Earth (thus it took humans a long time to discover FTL drive) and attracts the attentions of several other races. This is the catalyst for the hundreds of alien invasions that Earth experiences throughout the Human Era. The Matrix also predicts that near the end of the Universe (Event 2), the Time Travel Technology of the Tellurians (Humans), will surpass the Time Lords. All of this makes Earth an important Nexus World (like Solos, Tylers Folly, and possibly Gallifrey). Many Time Lords will keep a close eye on Earth for these reasons, though some Time Lords (including the Doctor in his 6th incarnation) don't know that the Gravity Control Unit is on Earth.
The Earth's gravity control unit might be buried beneath the Indian ocean's gravity distortion (this is a real distortion that cause a deformation in the ocean)
Or it might be located at stone henge which is where the Monk built a monument and it was the first place Tanis seized when he attacked.

?? (after the Gravity Control Unit is operational)
For thousands of years Gallifreyans based their technology on idea that gravity affects all temporal phenomenon.


?? (aeons.billions of years before 1982 / before the Time Lords / after the Gallifreyans evolve)
Due to a tailored virus,
entropy begins inceasing at an accelerated rate. The people of Logopolis being using the Block Transfer Computation to save the Universe from Heat Death. They drain entropy into Charged Vacuum Embodiments. This stops the destruction of the Universe by preventing the Emerald Wave of Entropy. In this way the planet Logopolis becomes one of the anchoring points for the entire causal nexus. The people of Logopolis are driven not by individual need but by mathematical necessity.

?? (after the people of Logopolis exist)
The Constructors of Destiny
have a better understanding of Block-Transfer Computations than the people of Logopolis.

Omega and the Seal of Omega

-200~? (he doesn't expect to live more then a century after the detonation of Quaba)
Peylix the
Gallifreyan is born. He will later be know as Omega the Greatest Hero Gallifrey ever produced. Omega and Rassilon will form and lead different Chaptershouses but Omega is Rassilon's cousin. By they time of the Doctor records will indicate that the Omega was an ancestor of the House of Lungbarrow.

-136.3 (169 years before the the Curse)
The 508th Pythia begins her rule. She has a mask like face, streaked with gold, and long grey hair coiled with silver wire. She reeks of wood smoke and wears blue furs with dangling talismans.

-133 The siege begins on the Winter Star.

?? (when the Time Lords are young / before the end of Games)
The Raston series robots are created by a race that has been arround long before the Time Lords came into existance. The devoted themselves to building super weapons and then vanished, leaving robots with many different fuctions.

?? (a long time before the Curse)
he 508th Pythia foresees the point when the veil of Time will not be breached by thought but instead will be physically traveled. She instigates the Time Program. The Time Program is an Academia project.

-153 (130 years before the Qqaba Mission)
Taranium is discovered and mined from Gallifrey's moon Pazithi. This rare element will be essential to Gallifreyan temporal science. Gallifreyan temporal science is based on the fact that revolution-induced gravity exists and affects all temporal manipulation.

The Dark Tower

-153 (the days before Rassilon / well before the Curse / probably before Susan leaves Gallifrey / at least few centuries after the Eye of Harmony / the same year as Taranium is discovered on Pazithi)
The Time Scoop,
which uses psychic powers and Taranium, is created. Using Transmission of Matter Through Interstitial Time (aka a purely muon based drive) the Time Scoop creates Interstital Motive Bridges that collect items and aliens from across time and space and bring them to Gallifrey. But the trip is strictly one way. Time Scoops have only a 39.7% chance of being able to scoop a TARDIS. Races throughout the cosmos are kidnapped using the Time Scoop and forced to fight in the Games for the entertainment of the Time Lords. The Dark Tower (or the Great Tower) is located in the center of the Death Zone. Raston Warrior Robots are know to be used extensively in the Games. It will eventually be known as the Time Scoop of Rassilon.

?? (before the time of Rassilon / probably after the Time Program started)
Data-Extracts are taken from Gallifreyans (such as Omega).

?? (before the Universe was half the size it is in 1000 AD / about 6,800,000,000 BC)
The Time Lords surpass transmats.


-130~?? (he is young when he fights the Vampires)
Rassilon (full name Rassil Onasti Prydonius is born.
Rassilon's father is a suet shredder. His House is a member of the Prydon Chapter. He is probably a member of the House of Fordfarding. Rassilon is considered to be the single greatest figure in Time Lord History and the Father of Gallifrey. His symbol will be an owl. Rassilon is short even for a male, but the Time Lords of the future will believe that Rassilon was very tall, wore bodystockings, and had well developed muscles. Omega and Rassilon will form and lead different Chaptershouses but Omega is Rassilon's cousin.

?? (he outranks Amnoni)
Quennesander Olyesti Pekkary of the House of Fordfarding is born. He is Rassilon's nephew

-120?? Amnoni Distuyssor Lorizhon, oldest daughter of the ancient House of Blyledge is born. Amnoni might have been one of the daughters of the Doctor and Old Patience. She eventually becomes Second Officer of the Chronoscaphe. Blyledge is one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. The House of Blyledge is an angular small dark building that is older than the hill it sits on. It has a walled garden of silver trees in its center and is within visual sight of the Capitol.

-110~? (she was young when the Revolution took place, several "generations" before the 'Infinity Doctor' was born)
Patience is born from a womb. She is a Gallifreyan with dark hair, green eyes, and freckles on her shoulders. There is a birth mark on her foot. Her DNA is of the same ancestry, but different then the Doctors. She is born from the House of Blyledge, one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. She might have become a member of the Pythia's Order and thus be immune to the Curse?

-110~? (right before he becomes Omega)
Paylix (Omega) hides a Warp Ellipse Field Generator in his desk - which gives him 3 years to compleate a 3 hour examination. His teacher, Cardinal Louvis chooses not to punish him.

-110~? (before turning in the paper)
Paylix (aka
Omega) discovers that to make unlimited time travel possible a nearly endless power source will be needed.
He develops the Genfranies(sp??) Theory of Temporal Aging based on a theory created by a lesser species. The theory states that time itself ages and becomes more curved. If one could control the oldest part of Time then one could control and map out all of history. He knows the oldest part of time is in the Sector of Forgotten Souls (probably where the Terminus Timestation is located) and belives that detonating a star in that sector would give the Gallifreyans control of History.

-110~? (before the revolution / when Omega is at the Academy)
Student Paylix (soon to be Omega) turns in his Cronological Studies paper on
the Genfranies(sp??) Theory of Temporal Aging into Cardinal Louvis. Louvis is so offended by Paylix ignoring his teachings and worried about how dangerous the theory is that he gives Palix the lowest possible grade ever given at the Academy - Omega. No one in the history of the Academy has ever scored this low and Palix goes from being a nobody to being famous for his score of Omega. Palix becomes known universaly by the name Omega.

?? Rassilon appears to be the first Gallifreyan to relize that matter and energy are interchangable.

? (long before she meets the Doctor)
Patience meets Omega.

?? Young Patience and Omega fall in love.

?? (probably before entry into the Vortex)

One of the earliest Time Lords, Omega, discoveres De-materialization Theory and
learns to make Dematerialization Circuits using the steady state micro-welding technique developed by the Lamadines.

?? Palix (Omega) becomes a Time Plumber. His job might have been to remove temporal energy from the vortex tubes.

?? (a while before the Qqaba mission)
The Temporal Scientist named
Vanderkerian begins working with Omega. They become good friends.

?? The first Prototype Space-Time Capsules capable of traveling in the Vortex are launched with Gallifreyan Womprats as crew. These capsules can only enter and leave the Space-Time Vortex not travel through time. They exist in the Vortex and require power to leave it.

-102 (102 years before the Eye of Harmony)
The first Space-Time craft capable of carrying a Gallifreyan into the Vortex is constructed by Palix (aka Omega). Palix (aka Omega) is the first Gallifreyan to survive the Space-Time Vortex.

-102? (at least a few years before the return from the Odyssey / )
Patience's lover
is a pioneer among the Time Lords. He becomes one of the first Time Lords to enter the Space-Time Vortex after its discovery. By the time of the Doctor, no one remembers this pioneer's name. Nobody will remeber what Omega's real name was.

-70~? (he is barely an adult in Time's Crucible)
Vael Voryunsti Sheverell is born in his family's home in Soonwell Valley (about 500 leagues from The City). He comes from a family of merchants. He has older sisters who later marry and have children of their own.

?? The Pythia, having foreseen that the next ruler of Gallifrey will be a male, chooses Vael Voryunsti Sheverellas as her successor. She has the Academia single Vael out for special treatment, which is good because he didn't fit in at the Academia. He was the only one to study Time Theory and he failed his final assessments. Vael was a Temporal Physicist. He got the Highest exam quota ever in Temporal Manifold Physics.

?? (at least a few years before the return from the Odyssey / 19 years before returning according to Homer)
Patience's lover embarks on the Odyssey into Deep Time.

?? (more then a week before the Qqaba mission)
The Popuation III Q star Qqaba (also known as
Jartus) is discovered by Omega in the Sector of Forgotten Soul (the area of of Mutter's Spiral where the fabric of time is the oldest). This area is located 9.6 LY from Gallifrey in the constellation of Ao and will become known as the Sector of Forgotten Souls. Omega reconfigures the star to prevent its imminant death.

-57 (the time right before the Pythia's curse / 24 years before the curse)
The Time of Chaos begins. The Neo-Technologists begin opposing the Old Order and the Pythia. They believe the technology was a useful tool, and not a a nescessary evil (as describe by the Pythia). The saw themselves as heralding the Age of Reason and want to free all slaves and have the government provide free food for everyone.
Rassilon becomes the leader of the Neo-Technologists. Rassilon is a supporter of reason as opposed to the Pythia's superstition.

-57 (probably the year of the Curse / 24 years berfore the Curse)
The Gallifreyan Colony worlds begin demanding independence.

-43 (10 years before the Curse)
Rassilon wins his freeman servant, the Tersurran Factotum named Thrift, for a few treazants in a market place brawl game.

-42 (9 years before the Curse)
Rassilon renounces the rest of his name (as a protest againt the Pythia) and from this point on is known only as Rassilon.

(shortly before the lover gets a seat on the Supreme Council / after or at the same time as the Time of Chaos begins / probably before the Time Scaphe launches)
Patience's lover is hailed as a hero upon his return from the Odyssey.
Omega marries Patience on the day of his return to Gallifrey.

?? Omega also rebels in the name of science. Omega is also considered to be the first real scientist of the Gallifreyan people.

?? Despite just getting married, Patience's husband spends most of his time 'shaping a new future' for Gallifrey.

?? (probably before the Curse)
Omega has at least one child who is probably an ancestor of the Doctor.

-38~ (a few years before the fall of the Pythia)
Workers (slaves) from the Star Grellades cease to be sold by Pen-Shoza. However workers from Oshakarm continue to be sold.

-36.7 (4 years before the Curse)
Shonnzi is born. He has red hair and before he grows up he is gifted in piloting a ship through the Astral Vortex.

-36.5 (3 years before the Launch)
The Chronauts begin training for their first mission on the Time Scaphe by doing hundreds of simulations. The Crew consists of Captain Quennesander Olyesti Pekkary, first son of the House of Fordfarding (his mother is Olyes Dryanasor, grandmother Dryana Shylvarsor, great grandmother Shylvar Karyesti. His uncle is Rassilon.), Second Officer Amnoni Distuyssor Lorizhon oldest daughter of the ancient House of Blyledge, Regulator Chesperl, Reogus Telleem Lacott (the Battery), Quantum Theorist Taspar and the one year old Pilot Shonnzi.

-35 (35 years before the Curse)
Construction begins on the first Time Scaph.
The Time Scaphe is made of real matter but uses forced-matter calculation to travel in time. It is powered by the mental artron energy of its Chronaut Crew.

? Amnoni plans to have children after the launch of the Time Scaphe. She is also named as the next Kithriarch of the House of Blyledge.

?? During the Time War the Time Lords created the several TARDIS to use as tools to try to free the Fendal. The surviving TARDISes become the the Sphinxs who a know as the Kings of Space. The Sphinxes absorb energy from other dimensions and excrete raw space-time. The Kings of Space are a male and female Sphinx who are the parents of all the others. One is black and one is white. Having no interest in the other Gods they set themselves up in an area of space on the opposite side of Mutter's Stellian Spiral from Sol III. This area is called Sphinx Space. They get a bunch of human worshippers to take care of their little Sphinxes.

-33.3 (1 year before the Curse / day 0)
Haclav Agusti Prydonius is a mighty Hero and Space Voyager. He has black hair and his ship is the Apollaten. He returns from overthrowing the reign of a marauding Sphinx on the distant world of Thule. Of all the augurers within the nine corners of the Universe, the Sphinx sees the farthest. It is rumored that this event fulfilled one of the Future Legends. At this point Prydonius dislikes Rassilon's political views. The Pythia has Taspar killed in what appears to be a freak skimmer accident, and the Pythia has Vael Voryunsti Sheverell replace him on the Time Scaphe's Crew. Vael supports the Neo-Technologsts, but agrees to be the Pythia's agent because he wants to rule Gallifrey.

-34~ (1 year before the Curse)
The Pythia abolishes sales taxes on slave trade

-34~ (1 year before the Curse)
There are riots and two public stonings in the cities in the South.

-34 (1 year before the Curse / day 61)
The Time Scaphe is launched.
The first Temporal Transportation System (aka time machine) to use the Space-Time Vortex is called the Time Scaphe or Chronoscaphe. The first time travel is planned to be ninety minutes in the Astral Vortex, and ninety days into the future.

-33 (3 years before getting funding for the Hand of Omega project)
With Omega's support, Rassilon begins conducting preliminary research into mapping an controling History.

? Omega begins calling Rassilon 'Rass.'

?? Omega becomes the first Solar Engineer. He and future solor engineers will be scoffed at for their interest in providing for Gallifrey over exploring the Universe. Omega is also considered to be the first real scientist of the Gallifreyan people.

?? A solar engineer discovers that the square root of negative three is impossible to calculate. They have Gallifreyan biological engineers create a creature that has that knowlege breed into it. It instinctualy know what was possible and impossible and could thus prevent inventors and theorists from wasting their time for foolish projects. It is known as a Calculating Animal with a Tail (CAT) and was the Gallifreyan Empire's greatest acheivement to date. Cats become the symbol of intelligence in Gallifreyan culture. It should be noted that Rassilon's CAT described in the "Legacy of Gallifrey" is almost certainly the Other.

?? The Gallifreyan science vessel known as the Starkiller Class is designed. A few hundred Starkillers collapse a star into a singularity. They might have been golden corkscrew shaped vessels.

?? (after Omega became the first Solar Engineer)
Rassilon works in the office above the west wing of the Academia Library.
At this point, Rassilon is primarily regarded as an great architect and a Stellar Engineer. Rassilon is a scientist and has an impeccable political record. He plans to make the Gallifreyans Lords of Time.

The Yssgaroth Vampire King

?? (possibly before the Pythia puts restrictions on the fleets / a long time before the Qqaba mission / over 2.3 million years before the 20th century / the Dawn of History / when Rassilon is young / when the continuum is new)
Rassilon decides to harnass a singularity as a power source for Gallifreyan time travel. This would supply the Gallifreyans with power for centuries.
Omega serving as his engineer but the Other is not part of this mission. Despite not having developed a stellar manipulator, Rassilon takes a fleet of hundreds of Starkillers and tests his theory by exploding a device within a yellow star. The star collapses into a singularity (not a Black Hole as Rassilon has yet to invent event horizons). This punched a hole in the Space-Time Vortex that served as a foundation for the star. It creates a gap in history itself. The explosion creates a dent in the space-time continuium which opens dimensional holes throughout the galaxy.
In the space beneath space is a "dark universe" made up of the extra-continuual alter-matter state of the Vortex’s Under-History. In this dark universe are the Old Ones/Elder Gods known as the Yssgaroth. Some Time Lords theorize that Yssgaroth weren't a species, but a side effect of the two continual strata trying to coexist. Others theorize that they might be a distillation of the nightmares from Null-Space and that it might be on single gestalt lifeform, but infact they are Time Lords from the dark universe. The civilizations on that side are very different from those in Normal Space and believe that monsters exist in Normal Space. The idea of a breach beween the universe fills them with fear.
Vast tracks of the dark universe are devastated and thousands of Yssgaroth (or Great) Vampires use these dimensional holes to enter N-Space (Normal Space) and swarm across the part of the cosmos that would become the Spiral Politic. They can take any form in this universe but most appear as the Great Vampires (aka Giant Vampires) which are hundreds of feet tall. They had incredibly efficient cardiovascular systems and could transmute almost any energy directed at them. The Yssgaroth feed on the blood and souls making them an anathema to all forms of life and meaning. Just standing within a few meters of a Yssgaroth will drain even a Gallifreyan's life force. A single one could drain all life from a planet. If a Time Lord was to venture into the dark universe they would drain the life force of the Yssgaroth in much the same manner. Their symbols include a bloody thorn bush overrunning a planet, a bleeding, eyeless lamb on a divine throne, and a skin of desperate devouring faces. They specialized in pain and were known for torturing to death the inhabitants of entire planets - sometimes stretching their (still living) victim's nervous systems out over several kilometers. Few of Starkillers survive the first attack. Rassilon ensures that nobody knowes that it was his experiment that released the Yssgaroth.

? Since the Yssgaroth are Time Lords (ie history incarnate) of the "dark universe" they contaminate this universe's life and history simply by interacting with this universe's Time Lords. This contaminaiton takes the form of the V-Factor which infects all life that comes in contact with, making it immortal provided it has the lifeforce of blood to feed on. These vampires are servants of the Yssgaroth and the are responsible for killing trillions. Their only (apparent) ambition is to cause pain and despair and they spread across the spiral politic, enslaving and destroying whole star systems.

-33.7 (arround the time when Rassilon meeds with the Pythia)
An Ice Age begins. In the beginning the Ice Age will cause a partial collapse of Gallifreyan society - this collapse is known as the Darkness. The Ice Age might last for 10 million years and only end arround the time the Doctor is in his 8th body. .

-33.8 (1 year before the Curse / day 151)
The 508th Pythia meets with Rassilon. Afterwards, she discovers she can't see the future anymore. She refuses to leave her cage. This fuels the Neo-Technologist moment. The Time Scaphe fails to return and is presumed lost. The Pythia's inability to see the future might be related to the weakening of the hypothalamus organ in all humanoid brains. This organ allowed humanoids to see the higher dimensions and gave them powerful telepathic abilites.

?? The Pythia's health begins to fail.

-33.8 (1 year before the Curse / day 166)
The Pythia has a dream about being unable to see the future. The Chronoscaph fails to return.

-32.8~? (1 year before the Curse / precisely 1 year after Rassilon meets with the Pythia)
The Council has the Admiralty imprisoned because they protested the restrictions the Pythia put on the space fleets.
Despite the Admiralty's bad relationship with Rassilon, Prydonius and the rest of the Admiralty side with Rassilon. The Hero Prydonius, publicly pledges allegiance to Rassilon. In response, the Court of Principles makes Prydonius a noble and makes him observer of the Ruta III and Sontara Warburg dispute and stations him on the distant post of Funderell.

-32.7~? (the year of the Curse)
Rassilon is temporarly held under house arrest for misappropriation of Academia revenues.

-32.7~? (the year of the Curse)
The Aubert Cluster demands independence. The Pythia has the Eye of the Sphinx stolen. She uses it to contact Vael.

-32.7~? (probably around the time that the augurers adn oracles of the Universe die)
A Guardian decrees that foresight is impossible and later establishes limits to what can be done with time machines.

-32.7~? (the year of the Curse)
As the Gallifreyans begin to define the universe on "rational" terms, the augurers and oracles of the Universe die. The Logistomancer of A32K crashes. The Core Sybilline of the nest worlds of Klanti succumbs to a male which weakens her power. The Sosostris of the West Spiral dies, The-Nameless-That-Sees-All in the Northern Constellations goes silent. The Shadeling Gods die. This could be a reto-time affect from the Anchoring of the Web of Time in the future.

"Now, See what we have created. We have built a world of Reason Triumphant. And it is Good"

-32.65 (32.65 years before the Eye of Harmony / day 128 of the new calender / the beginning of the Rassilon Era / Intuitive Revolution Night is probably not New Year's Day)
Rassilon, the Other, Lord Dowtroyal head of the Court of Principals,
General Gimel and the rest of Neo-Technologists start the Intuitive Revelation/Revolution. The Inquisitors begin rounding up everyone who doesn't belive in Rationality. Rassilon and Omega climb up something (probably a mountain - maybe Mount Cadon). They look down and watch as the west district of the Capitol (which includes the Academia) burn. Omega objects to the violence of the revolution. The Temple is invaded. Vael uses his psionic powers to kill himself and hurt the Pythia. Realizing that that she has lost, the 508th Pythia curses Gallifrey and drops into the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. The Pythia's Curse is known as the Great Schism. The Curse renders all of Gallifrey (and its Imperial Colonies) sterile. Rassilon's daughter is born dead and his wife mourns. The Great Schism causes shock-waves in the space-time continuum (Patience and her children are immune to the Pythia's Curse - possibly because was a member of the Pythia's order?) and channeles Gallifrey's procreative impulse to Earth. Rassilon might have ended centuries of tyranny and blood shed on Gallifrey. The Time Scaphe returns, and it is seen as a good omen. It's captain, Pekkary, is made a Young Hero. This is the end of the Dark Time and the beginning of the Time of Legend. The term Old Time continues to apply.

?? (before the Panoptican)
Six heroes are considered the Founders of Gallifrey. This led to the Six Cardinal Colleges or Chapterhouses.

The Founders of Gallifrey
Prydon Rassilon (the First Earl of Prydon and Grandmaster of the Prydon Chapter)
Apeiron (a warrior)
The Other
Pandak the First

(possibly) Yassinbur (the Hero)
The Doctor (from The Infinity Doctors) is one of the Founders in an altered version of history

The Six Colleges (aka Chapterhouses)

Prydon (represented by Rassilon)

Maren, Reverend Mother of the Sisterhood of the Flame

-32.5~? (the year of the Curse)
The followers of the Pythia Heresy go to Karn where they discover the Elixer of Life that is produced by the Great Flame of Life. The Elixir is produced by volcanic numismaton gases and the chemicals in the rocks. It can heal almost any damage and keep a person alive forever. It tastes like a cross between apricots and custard. They set up the Sisterhood of the Flame of Life, a cult that worships the Great Flame. Their mental powers are dependent on their proximity to the Flame. Reverend Great Mother Maren is already quite old when the Elixer is discoverd. Given the emphesis on motherhood and fertility it is possible that the Sisterhood is immune to the Curse and breeds frequently. If this is so then Patience might have been a member of the Sisterhood. The rituals of the Pythia survive in the form the Sisterhood of the Flame though they the use the title Great Mother instead of the title Pythia.
The Great Mother controls Sisterhood. Under the Great Mother of the Sisterhood is High Priest Cassandra of the House of Jadedreamers. Lady Peinforte will be a member of the Sisterhood. By the end of Brain of Morbius there will only be 70 members of the Sisterhood of Karn.

-32 The Council of the Court of Principles continues to rule Gallifrey. The Council is mostly made up of Arcalians. The Leader of the Council is the Tussan of the Arcalian Chapter. Lord Dowtroyal is another leader of the Court of Principles. They interpret the Pythia's mention of "He" to mean that Rassilon is to be the next Pythia/Crown of Gallifrey.

?? (before Rassilon is entombed)
becomes a member of the Council.

-32 (the year of the Curse)
The Council gives Rassilon two crowns probably making him
Crown of the Gallifreyan Empire (the Title held by the Pythia). Rassilon doesn't want to be the sole ruler of Gallifrey because he is afraid of his own corruption.

?? (before the Qqaba mission)
Patience, the Other
(but probably not Omega) are all
immortal, barring accidents and could live for millions of years. This immortality is not due to Rassilon. By the time of the first Otherstide Rassilon probably believes that the Other is not immortal.

? (the time of the Other)
Astrofoils are the standard space transport used by Gallifreyans.

-32 (the year of the Curse)

The Council gives Rassilon a third crown. Rassilon suspends the Time Program. The Other has Pekkary meet with Omega at the Science Facility.

-32 (probably the year of the Curse)
The Ice Age that began last year continues. It might last 10 million years.

-32? (before his artfacts were created)
Rassilon creates the Foundry to preform his research.
Eventually his Foundry will be temporally displaced by a few seconds to make in invsible and insubstantial. Almost everyone of Rassilon's breakthroughs and artefacts are created here. The Black Scrolls of Rassilon are Rassilon’s research notes. They date back to before there were Time Lords and will continue to be updated untill Rassilon is entombed.

?? (before Rassilon becomes President)
Omega becomes Chief of the Scientific Fraternity.

-32? (after the Curse but before the Looms)
The Sisterhood of Karn try to regain power in exchange for offering the Gallifreyans the
Elixer of Life to reverse the effects of the Curse. Rassilon refuses this solution.

The Special Executive

-32? (arround the time of the Intuitive Revelation)
Rassilon creates the genetic banks known as Looms which can create a new species of Gallifreyans. His first experiments produce a wide range of exotic beings with amazing powers. The results of these experiments become known as the Special Executive or the Bastards of Rassilon. They server as Rassilon's personal agents and assassins.

-32 (at least a few years before Omega's death)
Rassilon perfects the Genetic Looms to
weave new Gallifreyans called the Newborn. Rassilon eventualy chooses to have future Gallifreyans adopt a humanoid form (that physicaly resemble the Womb-Born Gallifreyans) for the new Gallifreyan species despite their radicaly non-human nature. Rassilon also creates the sentient living Houses (with bio-architecture), which, with the Looms, stabilize the population after the Pythia's Curse. This leads to the founding of the Great Houses of Gallifrey which will live for millions of years. Each House is controled by a Housekeeper who is married to the House. Each family receives a Family Loom which produces a set quota of family members as determined by the Honourable Central Pollution Directory in the Capitol. All family members are Cousins to one another and are lead by a Kithriarch. All the Houses are organized into six different Chapterhouses, each of which is led by one of the six Founders of Gallifrey.

-32 (There have 422 Kithrarchs by the time of Lungbarrow)
The House of Lungbarrow is formed.
Lungbarrow is one of the original five Great Houses.

?? (probably less then 800 years before the First Diaspora / after Rassilon begins sharing the Legacy of Rassilon / at least 16 years before the First Diaspora) The Gallifreyan who will be known as I.M. Foreman is loomed. He never attends a Gallifreyan Time Academy. Instead he becomes a Priest. He might have stayed in the monasteries and churches in a valley at the foot of a mountain. The chief belief of the old order is that of "no direct action." Foreman will aquire the abbility to regenerate before leaving Gallifrey.

-31 (1 year after the Curse)
Court of Principles allows all the Gallifreyan Colonies who want independence to have it. They declare an end to the Gallifreyan Empire.

? (before the Tempesh Incident)
The Sisterhood still refuses to use aircars and other technology, but their leadership accepts that science can explain their sorcery

?? (when the Sisterhood was formed / The Time of the Stones)
Rassilon signs
the Pact (or Treaty) of Rassilon with the Reverend Mother of the Sisterhood of Karn. The Treaty states that the Time Lords will provide protection to the Sisterhood for as long as they share the Elixer of Life with Time Lords need it during certain rare cases of regenerative trama.

-31? (1000 years before the Eternal War ended / probably not long after the Curse / Before TARDISes are invented / during the Dark Times)
The Gallifreyans discover other races whose view of the universe is so alien to the Gallifreyan views that their mere observations threaten Gallifreyan life. The Time Lords declare war on these beings and try to eliminate them.
The Eternal War begins. The Gallifreyas will ally with the Fledgling Empires to fight the Great Old Ones (including the Yssgaroth), The Racnoss, the Vampires, and the Nestenes. This is the first and greatest of the Vampire Wars that take place during this period.

?? The Gallifreyans appropriate Block-Transfer Mathematics from the Logopolitans.

?? (at the Time of Legend)
The Gallifreyans deveople Tribophysics. This is the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Studies of Tribophysics will eventually allow the Gallifreyans to slip through dimensions.

?? (during the Time of Chaos / when Rassilon and Omega were alive / Before Rassilon becomes President / possibly after the Triumvirate is created / after the revolution)
Rassilon, and the Other create Validium as the Ultimate Defense for Gallifrey. Validium is living metal with DNA, that becomes sentient when it achieves critical mass (probably about 300 kg). Its sole function is to cause destruction however it also might also be able to turn items into water or other elements. It generates an aura of chaos that causes violence and destruction on any world it passes near. It can shape itself into whatever its owner asks it to be. Validium is probably used to create the Cold - A substance that exists as a liquid gateway/buffer between the Normal Space and the Yssgaroth-Space of the Vampires. Validium might be related to the Casts or the N-Forms.

?? (Before the Eternal Wars ended)
The Ship (later to become the Doctor’s TARDIS) and Lolita (later to become the Master's TARDIS) were 2 of 13 Events born within a picosecond of each other. It is likely that all of these events are critical masses of Validium. The Ship was looked upon as being psychologically deficient at the time of its birth. This deficiency might have been caused by the Eternal Wars. Lolita, on the other hand, determines what the Eternal Wars MEANT when she is hours old. Her Mother (probably the Matrix) praised her for this.
The Doctor's TARDIS will be half timeship and half ancient sentient tech from the time of the Vampire Wars. The Doctor's TARDIS 's Exo-Shell is made (in part) of Validium an ancient sentient tech from the time of the Vampire Wars. Thus it is likely that the Doctor's TARDIS is half Validum and half Timeship.

?? (before Omega decides to shape the universe)
They build a statute of Omega in the great hall of the Academy. The statue is made of ebonite. While watching the construction of this statue Omega decides to shape the universe.

-30~? (3 years after Rassilon and Omega begin privately researching time travel /the year Rassilon becomes President / after the begining of the Eternal Wars / before the Quaba Mission)
Rassilon forges a fragment of The Book of Future Legends to gain popular support for the Time Program and his other reforms. This fragments covers the years from the Curse to the end of the Qqaba mission.
The Council is very disinterested in the Time Program but the CAT (the Other) and the Fragment convinces Council Leader Tussan and the Consortium to fund the project. Omega, the first of the Solar Engineers, and Rassilon, begin developing a Stellar Manipulator that will be called the Hand of Omega. Their goal is to achieve time travel by using a singularity for a power source (not a Black Hole as Rassilon has yet to invent event horizons). .

?? More advanced Time Scaphes are created (which continue to use Interstital Motive Bridges instead of the Vortex)

?? (before the end of the Eternal Wars)
After years of work,
Rassilon claims to have designed the Omniscate, that will be called the Great Seal of Rassilon (See above). It symbolizes infinity and eternity. Part of the Omniscate is a stylized version of an Ouroboros (i.e. a garter eating its own tale) twisted into an infinity symbol. This symbol has a negative effect on the neurosystems of the Yssgaroth. The Seal of Rassilon eventually becomes the Seal of the Time Lords and is believed to be a symbol that wards off evil. The Time Lords use the Omniscate to decorate rooms with great power. The most significant of thes is the 200 foot diameter one made of Machonite inlaid with bone-white marble that sits in the Panoptican over the Eye of Harmony's Power Mast. A few Time Lords of this time believe that the Seal predates the Eye of Harmony by thousands of years.

?? The Vogans use the Seal of Rassilon as their own. This is probably an accidental side affect of the creation of the Web of Time (Or maybe the Vogans ARE Gallifreyans from the past or the future? Or did the Time Lords help Voga during the Cyberwars?).

?? The Starbreakers and Omegan Sunskipper ship classes are created. They use Vworp Drive for interstellar travel and fusion engines for sublight manuvering. They have temporal grace curcuits and dimensional stabilizers.

Bow Ship

?? (probably before the Time Lords seal the dimensional holes)
The Bow Ship is invented to destroy the Vampires.
The steel projectiles launched a Vampires are called Bowspikes. Rassilon might have taken credit for the invention. Rassilon orders the construction of 700 Bow Ships to destroy the Vampires. The Bow Ships are crewed by 16,000 Prydonians and Arcalians. The Eternal Wars are organized by Rassilon's personal guard (who will later become the CIA). The fleets are led by General Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu, Lord Defender of the Faith of the Peoples of Gallifrey. These ships turn the tide of the Vampire War. Unlike species infected with the V-Factor the bodies of Great Vampires do not crumble to dust upon death.

?? (At the height of the Eternal Wars)
Despite protests from the Prydonians and the Arcalians, the Patrex Chapter and Lord Rassilon secretly develop
sub-matter block-transfer drones called N-Forms to fight the Vampires. They are scattered throughout the Cosmos and exist in pocket dimensions and are anchored into N-Space via carrier molecules. They are remotely controlled from Gallifrey but their intelligence can be raised to near sentience. They usually remain dormant untill they detect a V-Stet (Vampiric Waveform caused by the V-Factor). When activated they burst through the carrier molecule via a dimensional rent and take on a beutiful metalic form. They can take on any shape and can use dimensional shifts to teleport themselves. An activated N-Form will home in on the Vampire brain-wave patterns and exterminate any species that has a trace of contamination. It will also destroy and planets which show signs of the V-Factor. N-Forms will not attack Gallifreyans. It is secretly used against the Vampires and helps with the Bow ships' victories.

?? The Other probably witnesses the death of at least one of the Great Vampires first hand.

? (During the Eternal Wars)
General Mirraflex becomes famous. He later becomes the Grandfather (founder) of the House of Mirraflex. Possibly fearing the eventual War in Heaven, Grandfather Mirraflex structures the House into an esoteric martial lodge.

?? (after the start of the Eternal Wars / after they started on the hand of Omega / before the holes are sealed)
Rassilon might have allowed himself to become a Vampire. If so, then half of the High Council believed that he had become a Vampire. In the modern era some Gallifreyans worship Rassilon the Vampire.

?? (probably before the Hand of Omega is finished / after the Bowships / probably right before heading back to Gallifrey / before Tepesh discovers the Foundry)
Rassilon and Omega seal all the dimensional holes that allowed the Yssgaroth to enter N-Space.
Forced-matter shells are constructed around the node points where the Yssgaroth entered Normal Space. These shells were designed to look like planets on the outside. Given the events of Inferno it is possible that Earth is one of these shell-planets. The Gallifreyans continue to montior these planets incase the shells should be breached. By this point the Great Vampires numbers are reduced to a mere thousand.

?? Omega returns to Gallifrey.

-24.06 (the year before Omega dies / day 344 / before the Qqaba mission / after the holes are sealed)
Rassilon convinces the Vampire King into beleiving that he is an ally of the Yssgaroth. He then tricks the King into falling out of space and time thus ending one of the Vampire Wars. The Vampire King is severly wounded ends up in the Exo-Space Universe.
The battle with the King Vampire is probalby held in the Cassiopeia system. The Eternal War continues however.

?? (after the Vampire King is delt with)
In order to protect Gallifrey from Vampires, the solar engineer Omega constructed a new Second Sun,
which he added to Gallifrey's system. This Second Sun is probably a small artificial one for Gallifrey is usually described as having only one sun. Because of the twin suns the planets in system have very short nights.

-24.02 (after Rassilon is declared a Hero of the Eternal War / the year of the Qqaba mission / Day 1)
Rassilon returns to Gallifrey and is hailed as a hero. B
y this point in the Eternal War only 34 Bowships and 1200 crewmembers still survive. The Time Lords of the future will believe Rassilon fought heroically in the Eternal Wars.

?? (right after Rassilon dies and revives / Almost certainly before the first Otherstide)
Tussan is removed from the Council and Tussan's CAT (the Other) joins Rassilon saying "I am the cat that walks by himself and all places are alike to me."

-23.99 (the year Omega dies / day 3)
and the Other begin the final stages of constructing the prototype remote stellar manipulator, called the Hand of Omega for political reasons. It has the ability to customise stars. Rassilon, Omega, and the Other have a great deal of trouble with the prototype.

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