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"A full summary of the Great Houses' activities over the aeons would be unimaginably long and mostly tedious..."
-The Book of the War

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Part 1 - The Dark Time
Part 5 - Later Gallifrey
Dalek Stuff
Gallifrey Biology, Culture, etc Part 2 - Time of Legend Part 6 - Future Gallifrey Dalek Timeline
Appendix and Tribute to Craig
Part 3 - Middle Gallifrey
Part 7 - Post Gallifrey

Part 4 - Modern Gallifrey

Greetings. I am know in these parts as Marnal Gate and this is the worlds largest (and most badly spellchecked) website on the Time Lords of Gallifrey. This was my first web page so I tried to follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). This page was created in March 1998.
It was last updated in January, 2010.

I have (shall we say 'an obsessive'? Yes. Yes, we shall) an obsessive interest in the history of the history of the Doctor's people from before the time of Rassilon to its apparent destruction in the Time War with the Daleks. The idea behind this web page is to trace all the little details about the Time Lord's past that we have been given over the decades. I've also added a section on the Daleks (though it doesn't cover as much material as I'd like). If you have any doubts as to the validity of the data presented, just check the color code chart at the top of each page. I've been pretty religious about sticking to it.

Exhaustive time lines of Gallifrey's history.

(the following links contains many spoilers for the TV series, audios, and novels)

(Event Zero & Ancient Gallifrey)

(Rassilon Omega and the Other)

(The Pre-Doctor Era)

(The Doctor - Renegade Era)

(The Doctor - Time's Champion)

(The Last Great Time War and the Aftermath)

Other Gallifreyan Goodies!

(Astronomy, ecology, biology, sociology, and more stuff)

(a page of lists - rather out of date)

The TARDIS Technical Index
An exhaustive collection of data on the Time Ships of Gallifrey

(the following links takes you to the home of my TARDIS Index at The Whoniverse)


(Astronomy, technology, biology, sociology and more stuff)

(A fairly complete History of the the Daleks)

I've tried to base all my information off of reliable (or at least well thought out) sources. These include the TV series (new and old), Novels, Audios, and numerous referance books. The Whoniverse and The Cloister Library have also been essential. Obviously I have a great deal of respect of the expanded universe of Doctor Who beyond the TV episodes but I've made sure to color code the text so that those with a narrow veiw of canon can still find the site useful but just following the font color of their choice. Rest assured that when irreconcilable differences appear the TV series will alway trump any other source.
If you think I've forgotten some data or just want to give your opinion on my page, then please don't hesitate to E-Mail me at willbswift@hotmail.com . (If I don't respond after week then a cybermat must have ate your email before it got to me and you should send again).

Holly and Brian

Holly and William Swift (aka Marnal)

Here a few web sites I've found useful/interesting/meaningful.

Distant Worlds.net ( http://www.distantworlds.net/viewstory.asp?ID=147 ) My first published short story can be found here.

The Whoniverse ( http://www.whoniverse.org ) An AMAZING followup to the Discontinuity Guide book. It attempts to cover all the novels and has lots of other goodies too.

TARDIS Index File Wiki ( http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page ) A very nice Doctor Who Wiki with loads of info.

New Apocrypha (http://newapocrypha.wetpaint.com/ ) A wiki site with all sorts of Doctor Who continuity all nicely integrated.

New Apocrypha ( http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/newapocrypha/ ) A Yahoo group devoted to intense and obsessive analysis of Whoniverse continuity issues. They have been very helpful at proofreading parts of my website. Its loosely connected to the New Apocrypha wiki.

Amica Temporis ( http://www.crista-galli.com/temporis/ ) A very nice site with detailed speculative drawings of Time Lord anatomy and discussions of their biology.

The DiscContinuity Guide ( http://www.tetrap.com/drwho/disccon/) Another great follow up to the book. This one covers the audio adventures and the TV Movie.

The Doctor Who Web Guide ( http://webguide.doctorwhofans.net/current ) The best guide to Doctor Who wesites on the web. They were kind enough to give my site a Website Gold award.

Doctor Who Continuity Cops ( http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/DoctorWhoContinuity/ ) A Yahoo group devoted to analyzing continuity issues of Doctor Who, Faction Paradox and all the other Whoniverse titles.

Faction Paradox (http://web.archive.org/web/20050305165229/www.factionparadox.co.uk/homepage.htm) An archived version of the definitive site for info about Lawrence Miles' Faction Paradox. Used to be at http://www.factionparadox.co.uk ) another version of it can be found here http://www.curufea.com/Wikka/wikka.php?wakka=FactionWebsite

Fluid Link ( www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~abr/drwho/tardis/ ) An amazing speculative TARDIS Technical Manual.

The Mistress of the Magical Bus (
http://www.iriswildthyme.thiswaydown.org/ ) A stylish site devoted Iris Wildthyme!

Who3D (http://www.who3d.com/) A great site filled with wonderful computer rendering of the 60's TARDIS.

The Doctor Who Image Archive (http://www.shillpages.com/dw/dwia.htm) As the name implies, a great site for Doctor Who pictures. Many of the pictures on my site come from there.

Journey through the Fourth Dimensions (http://members.tripod.co.uk/mattdurrant/) And Nerva Graphics (www.nervagraphics.co.uk) A nifty Doctor Who site created by a friend of mine. Check it out.

Edgar Governo Historian of Things That Never Were (http://www.mts.net/~arphaxad/history.html ) A wonderful site filled with chronologies to just about every Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror franchise every created.

I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas, property, or the copyrights of any of the above franchises, I only wish to promote a more detailed understanding and appreciation of their universes. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisements for all the sources that went into making it.

Oh and the myspace page http://www.myspace.com/merlin_3055 has shamelessly stolen my material and posted it in his blog as his own. May he rot in a black star!

Part 1 - The Dark Time
Part 5 - Later Gallifrey
Dalek Stuff
Gallifrey Biology, Culture, etc Part 2 - Time of Legend Part 6 - Future Gallifrey Dalek Timeline
Appendix and Tribute to Craig
Part 3 - Middle Gallifrey
Part 7 - Post Gallifrey

The TARDIS Technical Index
Part 4 - Modern Gallifrey

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