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Pre and Morbius Doctors Era

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This Time Line covers the period leading up to the Doctor's birth. It begins 2,000,000 years after Rassilon assumes power on Gallifrey (based off The Infinity Doctors and The Gallifrey Chronicles). All dates are given in Gallifreyan years (which are the same as earth years) and are based off the looming of the William Hartnell Doctor (see Modern Gallifrey), hence they are all negative.
I have no intention of infringing on anybody's ideas or property. This Web page should be viewed as an advertisement for all the sources that went into making it. I plan to create a bibliography (and eventually even citations) when I get time.
Note: the following information contains many spoilers for the TV Series, Novels and Audios.

The following color code and terms are used:
information from the TV Series
(Including the Dimensions in Time, and Universal/BCC Telemovie, Scream of the Shalka)
information from the Novels
(Virgin, BCC, I Who (which isn't a novel but it's source material is))
information from The Infinity Doctors and some of Cold Fusion
(I put The Infinity Doctors as 8th Doctor sidetrip. I admit I could be wrong.)
information from deliberately created alternate version of Doctor Who
(The Unbound Series, Death Comes to Time (Zagreus strongly implies that DCTT is an alternate Gallifrey the Rassilon deliberatly negated))
information from 'licensed' reference sources
(The Technical Manual, Monsters, and The Gallifrey Chronicles)
information from 'unreliable' sources:
(FASA's role-playing game, the Nth Doctor, Destiny of the Doctors (I don't trust them either, but you never know))
information from unofficial sources
( Lawrence Miles' books, the Benny adventures)
information from speculative sources
(my own speculation, and other fan speculation. Includes ideas from sites listed on my home page.)

? The event occurred approximately in this interval.
?? A pretty wild guess as to when this event took place.

"Through the Millennia, the Time Lords of Gallifrey led a life of peace and ordered calm, protected against all threats from lesser civilizations by their great power. But this was to change. . ."
-The Doctor

After 2,000,000 years the Time Lords become the one of the longest lived culture in the History of the universe. Gallifreyans often claim to have had complete power for 10,000,000 years but many lesser species believe that the often-quoted 10,000,000-year figure for Time Lord power was simply made up to suggest a very long time. At the end of the Time War Rassilon will claim that the Time Lords have been around for 1,000,000,000 years. Its likely that this too is War Era propaganda. Anthropological projections indicate that it is utterly impossible for a society such as Gallifrey’s to remain stagnant for any of the above mentioned numbers. It is possible that the Time Lords being linked to the Fifth Dimension might explain this inconsistency. Humans and Gallifreyans are the only races whose cultures can not be accurately predicted by these projections.

?? Patience lives in the House of Lungbarrow for countless generations, posing as a loom born Gallifreyan.

-309,456 (Probably 309456 years before the Doctor's looming)
The Date Index method of dating goest into use

-249,000 (250,000 before TID)
The Blank Plague is eradicated. Despite this the chambers of the High Coundil and the Supreme Council are sterilized before each session.

-156,403 (Date Index 1-5-3-0-5-3)
Pengallia (aka Pandora) is one of the Prestes of the Sisterhood of Karn and
a decendent of the Great Mother of Sisterhood of Karn. She renegades from the Sisterhood and arrives on Gallifrey with a large amount of Elixir. She convinced the High Council that she could find a solution to the Curse of sterility and was made a Time Lady. She takes the name Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana (aka Pandora). The name Pandora shows up in the mythology of lots of planets. In every case she unlocks things that should have remained hidden.

?? Time Lady Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana develops a theory that states that if the psychic reduplication processes used by the Friars of Pangloss were every used in an area of space on the fringe of normal space and/or unsimple special interfaces the process would suffer a severe dysfunction.

-156,400~ (a few years after becoming a Time Lord)
Pandora begins serving on the High Council and
takes the title Majestrix.

-156,381 (200 years before her fall / Ancient Gallifrey before the Civil War / possibly 10 years before Pandora's execution)
The Time Lady Pandorastrumnelliahanfloriana becomes the first female President of Gallifrey. According to the book of the Old Time it is permissible for a Lady President to declare herself Imperiatrix. This Edict allows the Imperiatrix exclusive access to the Matrix, the Great Key, and the biodata of the every Time Lord on Gallifrey. She is not answerable to the High Council and has the authority to disband the Chapters. Pandora took the title Imperiatrix and begins overthrowing the traditions of Rassilon, with a plan to take Gallifrey to War.

-156,190~ (10 years before her fall / before TID)
Pandora begins secretly collecting artefacts of power from across the cosmos. She also sneaks off Gallifrey (no doubt violating the Protocols of Lininerity) to set up a vast secret Empire of the Silver Queen in Normal Space. This Empire consisted of hundreds of systems. Pengallia is a Time Lord tyrant causes lots of trouble. The Imperiatrix begins to build an army to restructure history. During this time she had her alien bodyguard kill most of the High Council.

-156,181?? (thousands and thousands of years before Lungbarrow)
An event occurs that is as important as Romana's talks with the Sisterhood of Karn.

-156,181 (10 years after becoming President / Date Index 1-5-3-2-7-5)
The surviving members of the High Council learns that Pandora has violated the 1st Law of Time. The High Council bribe Pandora's body gaurd to betray her.
The Civil War occurs destroyes the ancient capitol. Afterwards the bodyguard was trapped on her home planet with an 6.8 second timeloop. Pandora was executed via D-Mat dispersal. Ledgends claim that the soul of the Imperiatrix lives on as a ghost in the Vaults. In reality she lives on in a partition in the Matrix which has an access point to the Matrix. The Imperiatrix manipulates the genetic House of Hartshaven down through the ages in an effort to recreate Pandora in the future. This sort of genetic manipulation is an old trick from the dark days (see the first Otherstide). The new capitol is build on the ruins of the old one leaving the Vaults below.

-156,181?? (Generations before the Morbius Crisis)
The Capitol Guard is forced to fight. This is the last time it will engage in combat for generations.

?? (Aeons after the Matrix is created / Date Index 310333 / Almost certainly before the Master steals the Doomsday Files )
The Time Lords delegate maintance of the Matrix to the Elzevirs of the Moon of Leptonica (in the Daedalus Constellation). The Elzevirs are experts at micro-technology and are responsible for servicing and refurbishing the micro-circuity of the Matrix. They often have access to the Key of Rassilon (which allows full access to the Matrix).

?? (thousands of years ago)
Verne is loomed.

?? Verne regenerates into a handsome body.

?? (probably at least 2,000 years after looming)
Verne becomes a Councilor.

?? (eons ago, during "a Dark Time")
During the early exploration of the universe, Time Lords would occasionally be forced into runaway chain regenerations in alien environments. These Time Lords would turn into horrid monsters. If they managed to return to Gallifrey, they would be killed, walled up in there own TARDISes, or hidden away by their cousins.

?? Verne votes wrong and is lynched. Verne regenerates 4 times, finishing as a monster and is killed by the Watch.

?? (A long time before the Babels are invented)
The family of the House of Catherion become extinct. Their loom and house are maintained by a caretaker line.

?? (Over 10,000 years before House Paradox / before Morbius or the Master, possibly after the Doctor left Gallifrey)
The House of Dvora (or the House of Devouring Hounds) is the first of the Newblood Houses. Several other Newblood houses are founded at this time. The Cousins of the most refined Newblood Houses, such as Dvora,
are loomed with two hearts, and have excellent control of their regenerations.
Originally part of the Patrex chapter they later became Prydonians.

-109,456 (Date Index 2-0-0-0-0-0)
The Time Lords discover the existance of the Doomsday Weapon on the plane Exerius.
The Time Lord's file on Exerius is just as big as the file on Sol III.

?? Torkal the Great becomes Lord President of Gallifrey. His term in office is second only to Rassilon in legendary greatness.

-99,000 A particularly successful Lord President resigns.

? (after the new bloods)
Research into altering the Regeneration is forbidden.

?? Reverse Tachyon-Chronons (RTC) are smuggled onto Gallifrey in the form of books. They were banned by the Time Lords. Reverse Tachyon-Chronons can be used to move time forwards and backwards. They can be used to make objects and materials that never age.

?? The Type 39 is created. It is very similar to the Type 40. Salyavin will later steal a Type 39 from a scrap heap.

?? (thousands of years before Salyavin is imprisoned)
The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey is misfiled in the Academy Library.

?? The Decoupling Era occurs on Gallifrey. Lord Wratfac begins lecturing at the Patrex College.

?? Patience teaches the Doctor's Great Grandfather.

-10,000~ The Hermit is loomed. He becomes a Time Lord and a monk of the Eremite order (just like I.M. Foreman)

-10,000~? (He is at the end of his 13th incarnation in The Time of My Life)
The Doctor's Grandfather is born. His name might have been Borusa or Pandak III. Patience lives in his House and tutors him. He will become the Doctor's Grandfather. He is one of the many Gallifreyans who worships Omega.

?? The Doctor's grandfather marries Varda.

?? Varda and the Doctor's Grandfather have a son who will be the Doctor's father. (they could have been decendants of the Time Scaphe Crew, and thus exempt from the Pythia's curse). Publicly he was from the House of Lungbarrow. The Doctor's father was a powerfully built Gallifreyan with rugged features, white hair, clipped beard, and dark eyes. Patience tutors the Doctor's Father. He will evenually uses the alias Ulysses (as well as John Smith and Danial Joyce) and enjoys exploring the unknown.

-9,000?? (the same generation as Ulysses)
Lady Zurvana, the Time Lord Chancellor (probably Umbast) who is to become The President, the historian Hedin (son of Hedin) are loomed.

-9000~ At this point it is unthinkable that any species would attack Gallifrey.

-9000~?? Azmael is loomed. He is a Prydonian.


?? (Casmus is near the end of his life in Death Comes to Time)
Casmus is loomed.

-9000? (about 11 incarnations before the Doctor's birth)
Marnal is loomed. He will probably be the Master's "father." If so then he is probably from the House of Oakdown. He dreams of the day that all Time Lords explore the Universe and help those who need help.

-9000~?? (he's in his 10th incarnation in Omega)
Whedol-Ertikus is loomed. He will become a
Time Lord Broadcaster and Professor of History.

-9000? (a generation befor TID)
The Gallifreyan who will become the President in TID (possibly Umbast) is Loomed. He believes that it is impossible for the Time Lords to have too much power. By the time of TID he has completly changed this view and become an obstructionist.


-9000?? (Salyavin is a boy when Type 40 were constructed)
is loomed. He uses an abacus when he is a Time Tot.

?? (before Savar's mission)
TARDISes are designed to be male or female. They can telepathically communicate with their operators.

-8982 (built in year 1995733 / Salyavin is a boy at this point)
305 Type 40 Time Travel Capsules (aka Mark I TARDIS) are created and registered, including The Doctor's.
One of the major complaints about the Type 40 is that its kitchen is a long way from the control room. The Type 40 quickly becomes known as a renegade model. The TARDISes of the Ship and Lolita’s generation know about the War and the Enemy.

-8982 (Before the “Academy” / when the Type 40 is created / built in year 1995733 / Probably when all the other Type 40's are created / the TARDIS is due for its 3000 year checkup when doc is 749 / The Doctor's TARDIS is well over 5000 years old)
At this point, Time Lord engineers are a little more innovative in designing TARDISes.
In a secret experiment a group of Time Lords (possibly the House of Oakdown) take those 13 units of Validium and graft Timeship equations (spawned by the Caldera womb) onto them creating the 40 through 49 Forms. Lolita and the Ship were bound to inside their exo-chronoplasmic shells. The Ship is created in the style of a Type 40 TARDIS, while Lolita is created as a Type 45. The Ship's (the Doctor's TARDIS) Exo-Shell is made (in part) of Validium an ancient sentient tech from the time of the Vampire Wars. Thus the Doctor's TARDIS will be half timeship and half ancient sentient tech from the time of the Vampire Wars. They were probably half Validium on their father's side. Being only half TARDIS on their Mother (probably the Matrix)’s side made them unique. They were “destined” for taking a name for them themselves and to evolving into a humanoid form. The newly registered Type 40 TARDIS known as the Ship instantly knew that she was superior to the other TARDISes. Lolita made sure that Mother was the only one who knew that the two of them weren’t like other TARDISes. The Type 40 Ship will become the property of Marnal of the House of Oakdown (and later the Doctor). The Type 45 Lolita will become the property of Koschie of the House of Oakdown (aka the Master). The Doctor's TARDIS developed a reputation among the Time Lords and other TARDISes of being a disobedient renegade. However she deliberately chooses to hide her more extream abbilites despite Mother’s plan for her. The Doctor’s TARDIS has a name but she keeps it a secret from everyone.

?? (a long time before the 4th Doctor / a very long time after the last alien visited Gallifrey)
The Stolen TARDIS: The alien Sillarg attempts to steal Lord Kairel's TARDIS but its had been removed and Sillarg ended up traveling into Gallifrey's past. The Gallifreyan Technician Plutar stopped Sillarg and the alien's memories of Gallifrey were blocked. As a reward Plutar was allowed to reapply to the Academy to become a Time Lord despite his interventionist politics.

?? Ulysses becomes a Time Lord. Ulysses is interested in wars and other projects. He is the greatest explorer of that age.

-8860? (While Salyavin is young man)
Salyavin becomes known as a hotheaded, brilliant Gallifreyan.

-8797~ (one Gallifreyan generation before Movers)
House Ixion predicts the coming Time War. The predict how the Time Lords will have to change to fight the War. They belive they are the first House to do this.

?? (Millions of years after the First Diaspora)
The House Ixion finally dies out after millions of years of decline.

?? (this journey probably lasts at least a few years / well over 10,000 years before the time of the 5th Doctor)
Ulysses (the Doctor's Father) begins the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a famous journey into Deep Time which visted every corner of the Universe. The term Deep Time has been used to refer to alternate universes that no longer "exist" due to alterations to the time line.

?? The Doctor's Father begins working with Mr. Saldaamir - a survivor of the ancient Time Wars.

?? The Time Lords fight a war with the descendants of the Great Vampires.

?? (before the Doctor is born / after the Master leaves Gallifrey)
Salyavin is wrongly accused of Mind Crimes.
Salyavin has the ability to project his mind into the minds of others. Because of this he is tried and found guilty of Mind Crimes. He is imprisoned on Shada.

<>?? (probably less than 10,000 years before Mindbomb)
Humpcheck the Frail becomes the next President of Gallifrey. Hel drops dead of food poisoning before finishing his acceptance speech and is forced to regenerate.

?? Ulysses makes his first trip to Earth to research Unified Field Theory. He visits Copernicus, Newton, and Einstein. He believes that he has a mission on Earth to keep the world on the path of peace and progress. On Earth he becomes a member of the OSS.

?? (not long after the Type 40)
The Record of Rassilon is no longer placed in TARDISes.

Iris's TARDIS disguised as the Number 22 to Putney Common

?? (possibly newer than the Type 40)
Iris Wildthyme's TARDIS is created. It is the same size on the inside as the out. This experimental TARDIS design is later abandoned.

?? (ruled for 900 years / must be after -9250 / during the modern era)
Pandak III becomes President of Gallifrey. He holds power for 900 years making him one of the longest serving Presidents in the last 10,000 years.

?? (while Pandak III is President / Millennia before The Spiral Scratch)
Coodrinator Rellox of the Arcalian Council for Temporal Research writes a report on the Lampreys to aid in the Time Lord's attemts to keep the Lampreys from interacting with reality. The Lampreys are sentient beings that live in the Spiral at the axis of the Space Time Vortex and feed off of chronon energy. Under certain conditions they can escape into the rest of the universe. Pandak III has this report suppressed.

?? (while Pandak III is President)
Bottles of
Orneilian Wine of this vintage are well reguared by Gallifreyans (but depised by lesser speices).

-6600~ (over 9 incarnations before Invasion of Time)
Gomer was loomed.

-6660~ Quences is loomed. He might have been the brother of the Doctor's Great-Granduncle. Throughout Quences's life the House of Lungbarrow will produce only servants and petty clerks.

?? (less than 10,000 years before the Doctor is loomed)
Drall is loomed.

-6000?? (the archivist can remember him and he still has a few incarnations left as of Lies)
Pandak VIII is President.

?? A roaming group of CIA agents rescue the Catuvelauni from the Romans. There King Constantine is given technology that allows him to create a dreamland for his people to live in.

?? Minatorius: A Time Lord visiting the planet Minatorius is killed preventing the explosion of a reactor.

-5251 All Type 40 TTCs undergo a checkup.

-4000~?? The Hermit begins living in a cave on the peak of Mount Lung.

-4000~?? Gallifreyans become aware that acceleration affects temporal manipulation.

-3323~?? (299, or 3462 or 4332 before Lungbarrow)
Jobiska of the House of Lungbarrow is Loomed.

-2855 (4000 years before TID)
Norval becomes a Time Lord.

"How far, Doctor? How long have you lived? Your puny mind is powerless against the strength of Morbius. Back, back to your beginning . . ."
- Morbius

The earliest known face worn by the Doctor (Christopher Barry)

-2400?? The Other emerges from the looms as the Chris Barry Doctor.

NOTE: The mystery of the Morbius Doctors is a tricky problem. They appear to exist before the Doctor left Gallifrey, and yet the Doctor and most (if not all Time Lords) reguard the Hartnell Doctor as the Doctor's first body. It is know that the Doctor was married to Patience for much of this time and that both he and his sons served on the High Council. It is known that the Doctor had not regenerated and had no interested in romance when he turned 200 at the Academy. In order to get married and have a son that served on the high Council it would seem likely that the Doctor would be at least 330 when he was in the Camfield body. However the Doctor's leaving Gallifrey would have had to occur at this point. For now I'm assuming that the Morbuis Doctor's were a reincarnation of the Other that occured shortly before the birth of the Hartnell Doctor. He married Patience, raised a family and the Doctor (and his son) served on the High Council. When the Council discovered that the Doctor having naturally born children the Watch attacked and the family was scattered. After experiancing at least 8 incarnations the Other again enters the loom distributor and was woven into the biodata of the hatnell Doctor, who was conceived with the help of the Loom of Lungbarrow. Thus the Hartnell (and all subsequent Doctors) are a mix of the Other/Morbius Doctors and the half human half Gallifreyan conceived by Ulyssess and Penelope.

?? Patience is the Doctor's nurse and tutor. She is a Gallifreyan with dark hair, green eyes, and freckles on her shoulders. There is a birth mark on her foot. Her DNA is of the same ancestry, but different then the Doctors.

?? (she is 302 at the time)
Satthralope becomes Housekeeper of the House of Lungbarrow.

?? (he was a contemporary of the Doctor when the Doctor was at the Academy)
Savar is loomed.

?? (at least a 50 years after his birth / 2 million years after the Curse)
Patience teaches the Doctor to dance, which causes a minor scandal with his family.
The Doctor believes that his tutor is one of the most attractive people he's ever seen.

-2251 All Type 40 TTCs undergo a checkup.

-2167~ (probably 3010 years befrore Mawdryn Undead)
Mawdryn and seven other Kastron scientists steal a Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator from Gallifrey. They are caught by the elders of their planet and exiled to a ship in a warp ellipse, where they will regenerate perpetually. Are the Kastrons related to Kasterborus? Or are they from Drornid?

?? The Doctor is considered to be a pioneer among Gallifreyans. By the time of the Doctor, no one remembers this pioneer's name.

-1395 to -1928 (or maybe at -72)
The old Keeper of the Matrix is loomed

?? Patience and the Doctor fall in love. She is the Doctor's first love.

?? (before Unearthly Child / 2 million years after Omega's death - Lance / before the Hartnell Doctor)
The Doctor and Patience are married in a secret ceremony. Savar was present at the wedding. The Doctor believes that he was rubbish at his own wedding.
Patience acquires a pendent with an identical stone. The blue ring and an identical blue pendent are the wedding 'rings'. The Doctor acquires the ring with the blue stone and can interface with a TARDIS powers systems. Mortimus will also wear an identical ring. These pieces of jewlry have amazing powers and appears to serve as a back up Artron Energy source, that can be used to jumpstart the TARDIS and assist in regeneration. Once the Time Lord has regenerated the ring might be useless.

The Doctor (George Gallacio)

-1900?? The Doctor regenerates for the first time.

?? The Doctor and Patience live in the House of Blyledge, one of the senior houses in the Prydon Chapter of Glorious Gallifrey. The House of Blyledge is an angular small dark building that is older than the hill it sits on. It has a walled garden of silver trees in its center, and is within visual sight of the Capitol.

?? (before his first regeneration)
The Doctor paints Patience's portrait. When he finishs she informs him that she is pregnant.

?? Much to everyone (including Patience's) surprise Patience becomes pregnant with with Doctor's child. Patience and the Doctor's first child, a son, is born.
This son will eventually marry. The woman he marries probably was the Other's daughter. Their child (Susan) is the Other's grandaughter. At the time of the son's birth the Doctor, claims he is getting old.

?? (Several 1000 years before TID )
There is a prophecy that sometime during the next 10,000 years the Time Lords will face many enemies - one of which will destroy Gallifrey.
Matrix predictions list possible identies for the Enemy. These include: the Omega, the Sontarans, Tannis, Vore, Faction Paradox, Catavolcus, Varnax, and Timewyrm. It is said that a Time Lord of this generation will be central to these events. He will find the lost Scrolls of Rassilon and lead Gallifrey from darkness. Only the President and the Supream Council know of the this prophecy and they never talk of it to others. A sub-committee dealing with the Gallifrey's future War with the Enemy begins deliberation. These discussions will last at least until TID and presumably beyond.

The new Doctor (Robert Banks Stewart)

-1400?? (after the birth of his son)
The Doctor regenerates. His new body has a beard.

?? (before the grandaughter's Birth / 2 million years after the Curse)
Patience and her husband (the Doctor) have children, 13 sons and daughters. They wear blue clothes most of the time. None of them become Housekeeper of Blyledge but they all live and grow up there. None of their children are named Miranda.

?? Patience's father-in-law becomes a Cardinal on the Council. The Doctor might have been hiding his regenerations by pretending to be succeding generations of people from the House of Blyledge.

?? (sometime after graduation)
The Doctor spends many years as a councillor on the High Council.

-1241~ (2000 years before Stones of Blood)
The Time Lords abandon teaching interspacial geometry and hyperspace theory.

-1099~ (2000 years before Trial of a Time Lord)
The future Coucillor Xeroniam is loomed.

?? (before TID)
The Doctor's grandfather writes many volumes on the subject of Omega.

The new Doctor (Phillip Hinchcliffe)

-900?? The Doctor regenerates. His new body has dark hair.

?? (before the birth of the grandaughter)
Patience's husband sits on the Supreme Council and
may have been a Doctor.

?? Patience's first born son becomes a Cardinal, a Time Lord of the First Rank.

?? (Before Divided Loyalties)
Rannex becomes Castellan.

-743 (-1711?? years before Lunbarrow?)
Glospninymortheras is loomed.

?? (he is older then the Doctor)
Irving Braxiatel
is loomed from the House of Lungbarrow. He is the Doctor's brother. At some point Brax aquires the Newblood ability to (with great concentration) control his appearance during regeneration.

?? Irving Braxiatel of the House of Lungbarrow graduates from the Academy with several Firsts. He investigates several research projects and makes several proposals.

?? (before the Morbius Crisis)
A Prydonian Time Lord named Pandad becomes President. The Prydonian Azmeal is his Chancellor.

The new Doctor (Douglas Camfield)

-400?? (centuries before TID / hundreds of centuries after the Curse / the day before the Granddchild is supposed to be born)
Patience's husband, the Doctor, regenerates. His new body has light colored curly hair and a dark beard. The Doctor and Patience's first born son's wife is is going to give birth to the Doctor's grandchild tomorrow. Susan's mother thinks that the Doctor is a bad influence on Susan. One of Susan's parents was related to Rassilon.

<>-400?? (during the Womb-Loom riots / right before Susan in born / After the Panoptican is created / possibly centuries after the Odyssey)
There is a riot in the Capitol. Fearing that they would lose control when the Doctor's children started having children, the High Council and President uses the Legacy of Rassilon to issue a warrant for the arrest of Patience's husband. The Watch are to search for the Spawn of the Pythia (naturally born children) and investigate allegations that Patience's husband has been consorting with aliens and sharing the secret of Regeneration with naturally born children. The Loom-Born attempt to kill the Womb-Born. Patience's husband, the Doctor, is in the Capitol while it is partially burned during a riot. Patience doesn't know if her husband has been arrested or not. The Doctor tries to stop the Watch's arrest of his family but is to late. The Watch tracks Patience down at the House of Blyledge. The Watch kills the Housekeeper of Blyledge, captures Patience, her children, and their associates and hauls them off. Patience's first born son's granddaughter is threatened with abortion.
NOTE: Lance Parkin has stated that the Loom/Womb riots seen in Executive Action are different then the Loom/Womb Riots seen in at the time of Susan's birth.

The Other's and the Doctor's granddaughter Susan

-400?? (the Odyssey was finished 'recently' / centuries after Patience marries / the day after the Doctor regenerates / possibly at the moment of the Pythia's Curse - see note below / less than 16 years before Marco Polo from Susans POV / more then 50 years before Here be Monsters / 38 years before Dalek Invasion of Earth from Susans POV / in the 49th century)
The Hand of Omega brings the Hartnell Doctor back in time to save Patience and her granddaughter. The Hartnell Doctor (whom Patience doesn't recognize - except for his ring) witnesses the birth of Susan. Susan has very strong telepathic potential (more then the Doctor's) that will develop in adolescence but will require training to be perfected. Susan appears to have innate sense of the passage of time and never wears a watch. She probably has two hearts (though a few novels give her only one). Her lifespan is much longer then a human's. Susan's mother was killed. A few minutes after Susan's birth the person with the ring (the Hartnell Doctor) finds Patience in the Capitol and takes her to safety. Susan and her father ends up fleeing into Gallifrey's past, probably with Patience.
NOTE: Susan was arrived in Ancient Gallifrey shortly after Rassilon made the Pythia's Curse a prosecutable law. Her mother's ghost told her this telepathically but she misunderstood it to mean that she'd been born at the time of the Pythia cursed the Gallifreyans.
Since the Hartnell Doctor failed to take Susan with him
the Hand takes him back into Gallifrey's past again so that he can take Susan with him.

-400?? The High Council wipes the Doctor's memory of the above events. The Doctor beleives that Patience is dead or permanently lost the Doctor and he leaves Gallifrey? Patience suspects that some of her children escaped and hide for centuries (probably refering to her son and granddaughter) Lance Parkin suspects that the rest of the Doctor's family is killed by the Loom-Born.

-400?? (probably after I.M. Foreman leaves Gallifrey / the Doctor knew some but not all of the members of the Fraction / aeons before DCTT)
A group of four Time Lords known as the Fraction leave Gallifrey to use the Power of Creation for the good of the Universe.
This group probably included the Doctor, Casmus, Valentine, Antenor (Tannis claims that Casmus, the Saints, and the Doctor are not members of the Faction). Of the four, Casmus is the oldest and most powerful of the group.

-340 The Colonel is loomed. He is a Prydonian

-300~ (Centuries before the Morbius Crisis)
Councillor Morbius beings plotting to take over the Universe.

The new Doctor (Graeme Harper)

-300?? The Doctor regenerates. His new body also has a beard.

-241~ (50x older then he looks in Lungbarrow)
Damon is loomed

The new Doctor (Robert Holmes)

-200?? The Doctor regenerates.

-150~ (a millenia before Hot Ice)
The Ventrosians of Ventros Prime want to share Time Lord technology. The offer is refused because of the arrogence of the Ventrosians.

-150~ (she's over 900 when the Doc is probably 749 / older than the Doctor)
Iris Wildthyme is born
(could be a descedent of Patience or the Time Scaphe Crew) . Her mother abandons her for an off-worlder. She is raised in a matriarchy with dozens of older 'Aunts' in a House in the mountains of southern Gallifrey. Iris's favorite Aunt was named Baba. She was not raised to be part of Gallifreyan culture.

-139? Kelaphaludner is loomed. He is a Prydonian.

-107 (1008 years before Trial of a Time Lord)
One of the Councillors at the Doctor's Trial is loomed.

?? One by one, Iris's Aunts die until she is alone. She goes to the Citadel to become a Time Lord, but the President at the time (a female) won't let her enroll in the Academy. (this is not the only female president that Gallifrey has had, but there have not been many). She ends up living in one of the New Towns under the Capitol.

The new Doctor (Chris Baker)

-100?? The Doctor regenerates for the last time before becoming the First Doctor (ie the William Hartnell Doctor). He has dark hair and a dark mustache.

-73 (573 years before Colony in Space)
is loomed. He is not a Prydonian.

-39? Rollonovaradnavashir is loomed.

?? (Possibly older than the Doctor given that became a Junior Time Lord first)
Rallonwashatellaraw of the House of Stillhaven (Rallon) is loomed. He is a Prydonian.

-8.3 (probably before Morbius was Exiled / 10-20 years before the final battle on Karn)
A Witch-Queen of the Pythia and a Sister of the Flame named Lady Peinforte becomes a renegade and attends Morbius' rallies. She share's his vision though they argue a lot. She becomes Morbius' mistress and lover. Morbius and Peinforte secretly have two children knows as the Children of Contempt. Their son became known as Cardinal Grandier on Gallifrey, and Leofric DeSable elsewhere in the cosmos. His chosen title was the Chaplin of Spite. Their daughter was known as Madame Clacice Beauvier.

Chatelain Thessalia

-8 (879 years before the War began / before Morbius becomes President?)
Patrexian Councilor Morbius secretly orders the creation of the Order of the Weal
(aka the Order of the Good), which becomes the Time Lords first counter intelligence service. This ruthless group of rationalists wasn’t allied with any particular House or Chapter. Chatalaine Thessalia of the abandoned House of Ixion becomes its first Chatelaine director if the Order, and the Order was based at the House of Ixion. It is rumored that Morbius is romantically involved with Thessalia.

-8~ (around the time that the Order of the Weal is created)
There are rumors that the Interventionists might have altered Gallifrey’s mythology using the Eye of Harmony.

-8 (879 years before the War / 10 years before Morbius becomes President /almost 900 years before the 101-Project)
House Arpexia begins Catherion Imprimatur experiment (probably at the request of Morbius). They attempt to produce a sentient type of Casts called Babels. The Babels would be able to control the Casts without relying input from Gallifrey, making them an independent military force. The Babels were produced using the disused Loom of the House of Catherion, wich was purchased from its Chapter. The Order of the Weal probably has a hand in their creation.

?? (Possibly older than the Doctor given that became a Junior Time Lord first)
Sevansellostophossius (aka Vansell) is loomed. He is a Prydonian. He prefers to be known as Vansell because ostophossius is terribly common.

?? The Time Lord known as the War Chief (and nicknamed Magnus) is loomed. He is a Prydonian.

?? (before the Doctor is loomed)
At least
one of the 45 Cousins of the House of Lungbarrow dies.
Throughout Quences's life the House of Lungbarrow has produced only servants and petty clerks.

? (Shortly before the Doctor is born)
It becomes fashionable
for "independent" (ie Renegades) Time Lords to renounces their given name and give themselves a new name.

? The Doctor's father Ulysses meets a human named Penelope Gate and marries her. She is a slightly plump human from Sol III (Earth) with gray eyes, long red hair and a cut-glass voice. She comes from the Victorian Era and 'invented' a time machine when she was 27 years old.The Doctor's mother might be British. She might have had a weakness for Ethanol.

The Temple of the Fourth and the Oath of the Fraction

"We serve the many till the many are one. Till twilight falls and Death comes to Time"
-The Oath of the Fraction

-1?? (possibly 5,000-10,000 years before Death Comes to Time)
The Fraction travels to Micen Island in the Orion Nebula. Unfortunately other species competition for the Fraction's assistance leads to the destruction of the entire population of the planet. In response to this the Fraction construct the Temple of the Fourth Dimension on Micen Island. Inscribed inside this temple is the Oath of the Fraction. They forswear the Power and continue to serve the Universe as mere men. The Fraction scattered throughout the Universe to live.


?? (after the Micen incident)
Two of the Time Lords responsible for the Micen Island incident,
and Antenor become known as the Saints because they renounce all forms of violence. They settle on Sol III (Earth). Valentine's epitath will be "If there is blood on my sword, let it be my own." Casmus will resolve to fight evil but not to use the Power to end it.

?? The Magician becomes a Hermit on Regal. He is also known as Pagd and Magus.

?? (a long time before The Infinity Doctors / more then a year after the begining of the Odyssey)
The Doctor's Father returns from the Odyssey.

(shortly before the Doctor is born)
The Doctor's dad gives himself the new name Ulysses after an adventurer from his wife's planet.

?? (before the attack on the Shoal)
By this point Marnal has already become known mockingly as a "crusader."

?? (probably shortly before Marnal attacks the Vore / before TID)
The Time Lady Larn leaves the future and travels back into Gallifrey's relative past (from her point of view). This is a violation of the Laws of Time. She does this as part of her Project to help Gallifrey survive various dangers so that it falls at the correct time. She also helps Ulysses study the Vore's
Temporal Cicatrix Scar. The High Council knows of Ulysses secrete researches but don't know about Larn.

-0.74 (probably arround 270 days before the Doctor's birth)
The Time Lord Ulysses and Human woman Penelope Gate use the Loom of the House of Lungbarrow to facilitate an interspecies pregnancy and conceive a child. Possibly as a result of the Micen Island incident the Chris Baker Doctor jumps looms and is woven into the biodata of Penelope and Ulysses's child. This child will become the Doctor. The Other/Doctor loses all memory of Patience and and his time as the Morbius Doctors. Ulysses will arrange to have the Doctor "loomed" into the House of Lungbarrow. The Doctor comes from a family of explorers.
NOTE: The 7th Doctor claims that he as been born from a Womb twice.
This probably referes to the the birth of the Other and the birth of the Doctor (via Ulyssess and Penelope)

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